Having a place for everything in your kitchen is crucial for an organized, efficient, and stress-free cooking experience. With thoughtful custom storage solutions, you can maximize every inch of space and keep items neatly tucked away, yet easily accessible when needed. Here are some tips for creating custom storage so this kitchen has a place for everything.

Evaluating Your Needs

The first step is taking stock of what you need to store in your kitchen. Make a list of ingredients, appliances, cookware, serveware, and other essentials. Consider how often you use certain items and in what quantities you typically buy or prepare foods. This will help determine the right amount, size, and configuration of storage.

Take measurements of cabinets, drawers, pantries, and open wall space. Note the dimensions, existing organizational components like shelves and hardware, and any dead space. This inventory will reveal opportunities for new storage solutions.

Think about your workflow and how you move through the kitchen while cooking and cleaning. Come up with ideas to streamline the process via strategic storage placement. Frequently used items should be most accessible.

Custom Cabinet Solutions

Kitchen cabinets provide excellent opportunities for customization to maximize every inch. Here are some ideas:

  • Install pull-out shelves or drawers for easier access to items in back. Optimize corner cabinets with lazy susans or vertical tiered shelving.
  • Use interior organizers like cutlery dividers, spice racks, pot lid holders, and tiered shelves for everything in between.
  • Add cabinets to blank walls, install extra deep upper cabinets, or replace standard depths with extra deep ones.
  • Use vertical dividers in drawers to create custom compartments for utensils, servingware, or anything that needs separation.
  • Install under-cabinet organizers for items like cutting boards, cookie sheets, and appliances to get them off the counter.

Pantry Perfection

An organized pantry makes preparing meals much more efficient. Here are tips for creating custom storage in the pantry:

  • Mix shelving types like traditional full-width shelves along with narrower spice racks and tiered racks to maximize vertical room.
  • Incorporate slide-out shelves and drawers to access items in the back more easily.
  • Install specialty pull-out systems like narrow racks for baking sheets or slide-out bins for bulk ingredients.
  • Use baskets, containers, and organizers to divide items into categories like snacks, canned goods, baking supplies, etc. Label everything clearly.
  • Add utility storage like hooks for utensils and paper towel holders inside pantry doors to utilize all free space.

Other Kitchen Storage Solutions

Beyond cabinets and pantries, consider these other ideas:

  • Add open shelving to display cookbooks, small appliances, serveware collections, and frequently used ingredients. Style it to suit your decor.
  • Install racks or pegboards for pots, pans, and utensils to get them off counters and out of drawers.
  • Under-sink pull-out storage keeps cleaning supplies neat and handy. Use adjustable bins to separate items.
  • Repurpose drawer organizers, hanging racks, over-the-door storage, and other products originally made for closets to maximize kitchen space.

With some creativity and customization, you can give everything in your kitchen a dedicated place. Evaluate your needs, utilize all available space efficiently, and incorporate specialized storage products to create a kitchen tailored to your cooking and organizational style. This kitchen can have a place for everything and help make cooking smooth sailing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Kitchen Storage

What are some key things to consider when designing custom kitchen storage?

Some key considerations include evaluating your frequently used items, measuring existing cabinet and drawer space, factoring your cooking workflow, and utilizing all possible space efficiently including walls, inside cabinet doors, and vertical room. Think about specialized storage needs for knives, pans, appliances, bulk goods, and more.

How can I add more storage to existing kitchen cabinets?

Some easy DIY ways to add storage to existing cabinets include installing pull-out shelves, corner lazy susans, vertical divider systems, under-cabinet racks, and interior organizational products like cutlery dividers, spice racks, pot lid holders, etc. You can also have cabinet makers add new standard or extra deep cabinets to blank walls.

What types of materials should I use?

Durable stainless steel, powder-coated metal, and finished hardwoods are ideal materials that provide longevity and allow for easy cleaning. For baskets, bins and canisters, opt for transparent acrylic, glass, or mesh for visibility. Plastic storage options are affordable but tend to be less sturdy.

How can I maximize vertical storage space?

Utilize vertical space efficiently with floor-to-ceiling shelving, extra tall cabinets, tiered shelving or racks, hanging pot racks, wall-mounted rail systems for utensils, and space-saving organizational products like vertical dividers for drawers and pull-out cabinet racks.

How do I incorporate an organizational system?

Decide how you want to group items – by food type, cooking process, frequency of use, dishware type, etc. Label bins, baskets or shelving accordingly. Keep like items together and frequently accessed items most accessible. Maintain consistency once you establish a system.

What are some smart ways to organize the pantry?

Mix shelving types, incorporate pull-outs for rear access, install slide-out bins for bulk goods, use containers to categorize items clearly, and add utility storage inside doors. Keeping the pantry organized streamlines cooking preparation and makes grocery trips easier.


Creating customized kitchen storage solutions tailored to your cooking style, family needs, and space allows you to maximize every inch efficiently. Use a combination of smart builtin cabinetry, specialty pull-outs and racks, containers and baskets, and vertical storage space to give everything a dedicated home. A place for everything makes cooking and meal prep seamless and enjoyable. Evaluate your kitchen needs, get creative with storage ideas, utilize professional help if needed, and transform your cooking space into a highly functional area with a spot for all your essentials. This kitchen can have a place for everything!