Home design trends are constantly evolving as styles and tastes change over time. Some trends come and go quickly, while others have more staying power. Lately, there has been an emergence of global influences shaping interior design. Homeowners today are looking to add worldly elements and exotic details inspired by far-off places. Diverse cultural styles blended with modern aesthetics are hugely popular right now. From bold colors and patterns to natural materials and textures, the hottest home design trends pull inspiration from across the globe.

Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian design is known for its simplicity, functionality, and understated elegance. This trend brings the beauty of Nordic style into the home with light, airy decor and a muted color palette. Crisp whites, earthy neutrals, and subtle pastels create a calm, cozy atmosphere. Scandinavian style focuses on clean lines, minimal ornamentation, and high-quality craftsmanship. Natural wood finishes and organic textures add organic warmth. Key elements of this trend include:

  • Light woods like oak, ash, and beech for floors, furniture, and millwork
  • Cotton, wool, jute, and sisal rugs and textiles
  • Woven baskets and rattan accents
  • Pale walls and ceilings to maximize light
  • Large windows and skylights for natural illumination
  • Simple furniture silhouettes without excessive detail
  • Functional yet elegant ceramic, glassware, and decor

This trend is perfect for small spaces as the minimalist aesthetic helps rooms feel more open and airy. Scandinavian style creates a laid-back vibe that manages to feel both rustic and refined.

Japanese Design

Serene Japanese style has become popular for its clean, clutter-free approach to interior design. The calming philosophy of Japanese aesthetics shines through in the deliberate carefulness of each design choice. Neutral backdrops with thoughtful, meaningful accents are key features. Other elements include:

  • Natural materials like bamboo, linen, cotton, silk, and wood
  • Crafted paper for lampshades, room dividers, and sliding doors
  • Tatami straw mats used as area rugs
  • Zen rock gardens and bonsai trees
  • Fresh flower arrangements and simple pottery
  • Platform beds low to the ground
  • Low-profile seating like floor cushions, poufs, and ottomans
  • Shoji screens for room separation and filtered light

The tranquility of Japanese style creates a relaxing retreat. Neutral walls allow accent pieces to take center stage. By keeping ornamentation to a minimum, what is present holds more significance. The calming simplicity provides an antidote to modern chaos.

Bohemian Style

Bohemian style embraces free-spirited global accents for a relaxed, eclectic look. Vibrant colors, bold patterns, and rich textures fuse together to create a vibrant, exotic feel. Bohemian interiors mix and match elements from Moroccan, Indian, Turkish and other cultural influences. Common traits include:

  • Deeply saturated colors like ruby red, emerald green and sapphire blue
  • Intricate patterns on rugs, pillows, drapes and upholstery
  • Textured bamboo shades and woven accent pieces
  • Gleaming metallic accents in gold, silver, copper and brass
  • Curved arches, medallions and arabesque motifs
  • Elaborate tilework on floors, walls and backsplashes
  • Plush floor cushions and poufs for casual seating
  • Macrame wall hangings and beaded curtain dividers
  • Vintage furniture, lighting and collected artifacts

The bold, carefree attitude of bohemian style brings exotic flair. Rich details create an immersive, transportive atmosphere. This is a trend for the free-spirited and design daring.

Moroccan Style

Inspired by the intricate patterns and vivid colors of North Africa, Moroccan style is making its mark in homes across the globe. The fusion of Berber, Arab, and European influences result in ornate, textural decor. Luxurious materials, vibrant hues, and exotic motifs define this trend. Typical features include:

  • Colorful geometric tile patterns on floors, walls and backsplashes
  • Intricately carved wood furnishings with metal inlay accents
  • Brilliant jewel tone colors like ruby red, sapphire blue, and emerald green
  • Shimmering metallic finishes in gold, silver and copper
  • Elaborate lighting fixtures like lanterns, pendant lamps and sconces
  • Handwoven wool rugs with tribal patterns and motifs
  • Sheer fabrics like silk, linen and cotton for canopy beds and drapes
  • Patterned wallcoverings or faux plaster finishes
  • Carved wood screens and latticework for added privacy

Moroccan flair brings a global spirit. The mix of colors and patterns makes for an eye-catching statement. From glamorous to bohemian, this trend has broad appeal for contemporary interiors.

Global Bazaar

Drawing cultural influences from across the world, the global bazaar trend mixes exotic flair with vintage charm. Rich colors from India pair with Turkish textiles and Moroccan tilework, while European antiques add a well-traveled look. Key features include:

  • Turkish kilim pillows and poufs
  • Indian block print fabrics
  • Moroccan lanterns and mosaic tile accents
  • Middle Eastern mirrored furniture
  • French, Italian and Swedish antiques
  • Vintage Persian rugs
  • A mix of carved wood furnishings like Indonesian teak
  • Global artifacts like masks, statues and tapestries

By fusing favorite finishes, patterns, and artifacts from around the globe, the global bazaar look allows you to add character and cultural flavor. Personal treasures and travel mementos display your style story. The varied combinations make for chic personalized decor.

Tropical Style

Tropical design brings the lush beauty of equatorial landscapes indoors with verdant plants, rattan furniture, and exotic wood finishes. This trend features the rich textures and vibrant colors of the tropics for an adventurous, retreat-like feel. Key traits include:

  • Abundant greenery like ferns, palms, and orchids
  • Woven banana leaf, rattan and bamboo furnishings
  • Organic materials like jute, cotton, silk and linen
  • Striking prints and patterns reminiscent of Hawaiian shirts
  • Rustic teak, mahogany or driftwood accents
  • Accents in brass, lava stone, and semi-precious stones
  • Backsplashes and tile in green and blue hues
  • Natural light and indoor greenery to purify the air

Tropical style infuses energizing warmth and brings the outdoors in. Lush landscapes contrast with sun-bleached driftwood and ocean-hued tiles. Balmy color palettes keep the carefree island vibe going year-round.

Modern Farmhouse

The modern farmhouse trend blends contemporary comfort with vintage rural charm. Natural materials and classic detailing evoke the coziness of traditional homesteads. Fresh white walls and clean finishes keep the look light and casual. Typical elements include:

  • Barn doors, shiplap walls, and rustic wood beams
  • Natural stone and brickwork fireplaces
  • Timeworn furnishings like farm tables and woven chairs
  • Vintage-style ceramic sinks and metal or enamel tubs
  • Gauzy natural linen drapes and cotton textiles
  • Wire basket light fixtures wrapped in jute or burlap
  • Accent walls in reclaimed wood planks
  • Buttery yellows, sky blues, and charcoal for color
  • Black, white, and natural wood tones

This trend brings farmhouse character into open floorplans for a laidback look. Mixing distressed and sleek creates contrast while keeping the palette neutral. The cozy vintage vibe feels perfectly at home in modern spaces.

Hollywood Glam

Make a dramatic statement and live like an old Hollywood star with this trend’s luxe flair. Bold metallic finishes, mirrored and glass surfaces, and exaggerated silhouettes craft a sense of vintage decadence. Main attributes include:

  • Mirrored furniture like consoles, vanities and headboards
  • Metallics like brass, gold, silver and chrome
  • Reflective glass tables and cabinetry
  • Sleek lacquered finishes in black and white
  • Tufted velvet sofas and chairs
  • Furry rugs and bold animal prints
  • Crystal chandeliers and sconces
  • Canopy beds with luxurious linens
  • Black and white palette with pops of emerald, ruby or sapphire
  • Art Deco inspired wallpaper and lighting

This trend brings back Hollywood Regency style with a modern edge. Glamorous vintage style blends seamlessly into contemporary spaces for a room that makes a stunning impression.

Industrial Style

The industrial trend brings gritty urban edge with exposed brick, weathered wood, and reclaimed factory furnishings. Simple forms, raw textures, and utilitarian materials create an edgy warehouse aesthetic. Key features include:

  • Distressed wood plank floors or concrete floors
  • Exposed brick walls, ductwork, and piping
  • Metal furnishings like factory carts and stools
  • Reclaimed barn wood for tables and shelving
  • Galvanized metal, copper, or stainless steel accents
  • Vintage rugs and factory lighting fixtures
  • Chesterfield leather sofas
  • Minimalist color palette of black, white, gray and tan
  • High ceilings and large windows or skylights

Industrial interiors blend well with modern and mid-century styles. The structured sturdiness contrasts nicely against refined surfaces for an appealing mix of textures.

Boho Chic

Boho chic style brings eclectic blend of vintage, modern and global accents for free-spirited interiors with plenty of personality. Rich colors like ruby red and sapphire blue mix with exotic patterns in this vibrant trend. Typical boho elements include:

  • Turkish kilim pillows and poufs
  • Woven wall hangings like macrame and dhurries
  • Distressed Persian rugs layered on top of sisal or jute
  • Woven furnishings in rattan, bamboo and abaca
  • Vintage furniture mixed with modern silhouettes
    -Striking global patterns and vivid color combos
  • Plush floor cushions for casual lounge seating
  • Fringe, tassels, embroidered tapestries
  • Beaded curtains, canopies and lampshades
  • Collections of found objects like sea glass or feathers

The laidback boho mix-and-match approach allows you to add bold personality. Global accents, vibrant hues, and free-flowing decor blend in welcoming livable rooms.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern style combines vintage 1950’s inspiration with contemporary minimalism. Clean lines, graceful curves, and natural wood finishes create a sophisticated casual look. Key mid-century elements include:

  • Iconic furnishings like Eames chairs and Noguchi tables
  • Abstract art, graphic prints and gallery walls
  • Blanket ladders, worn leather trunks and bar carts
  • Slatted wood screens and room dividers
  • Floating open shelves in walnut or ash woods
  • Fiber cement siding on built-in cabinetry
  • Retro knobs and pull handles in silver, gold or black
  • Pops of citrus orange, turquoise blue and cherry red
  • Patterned woven rugs and sheepskins
  • Indoor greenery like snake plants and potted palms

The mid-century aesthetic works well in modern minimalist spaces. Vintage designs feel fresh again and add warmth with natural wood tones and earthy accents.


If minimalism leaves you wanting more, try maximalism. This trend embraces saturated colors, bold patterns, and striking collections of accent pieces. More is more in these vibrant, engaging interiors. Key maximalist elements include:

  • Contrasting patterns and textures like plaids, florals and animal prints
  • Vintage rugs layered atop distressed Persian carpets
  • Bookcases brimming with collectibles and ephemera
  • Walls of curated art, photos, tapestries and accessories
  • Canopies, curtains, pom poms and textural layers
  • Vibrant accent walls in emerald, ruby or sapphire tones
  • Antique, modern and handcrafted furnishings
  • Global artifacts, sculptures and found objects
  • Abundant indoor plants of different varieties and sizes

Maximalism celebrates creative self-expression. Jam-packed interiors brim with eye-catching details that reveal stories and inspirations. This trend is vibrant, welcoming and anything but boring.

Organic Modern

The organic modern trend brings the textures, warmth and shapes of nature indoors for an earthy contemporary look. Natural materials and finishes blend seamlessly into minimalist spaces. Key organic elements include:

  • Raw wooden surfaces in oak, walnut and elm
  • Natural stone accents like marble and travertine
  • Jute, seagrass, sisal and hemp rugs and baskets
  • Woven rattan, bamboo and abaca furnishings
  • Concrete, clay and limestone finishes
  • Reclaimed wood walls and shelving
  • Glass, metal and ceramic accents
  • Neutral color palette of warm beiges, taupes and grays
  • Creamy off-white walls and light natural wood tones
  • Abundant potted plants and fresh flowers

This trend brings calming textures and cozy natural elements into modern decor. The palette stays neutral to let the wood tones and textures shine. Simple contemporary shapes mix effortlessly with organic materials.

Global Eclectic

Showcase your design daring and global travels with this trend. Global eclectic interiors incorporate a dynamic mix of patterns, textures, colors and furniture from around the world. Diverse cultural pieces blend together in bold, imaginative ways. Eclectic elements include:

  • Persian kilim rugs layered atop Turkish oushak carpets
  • Reclaimed teak furnishings next to modern Lucite chairs
  • Indian textiles paired with Japanese ceramic tableware
  • Colorful Guatemalan pillows atop neutral Danish sofas
  • Moroccan lamps mixed with Swedish antiques
  • Ankara and mudcloth accents from West Africa
  • Handcrafted artisan pottery displayed on Mid-century credenzas

The eclectic look allows you to pick your favorite furnishings and finishes from across styles, periods and cultures. Display what speaks to you – the bolder the mix, the better.

English Cottage Style

Charming English cottage decor brings cozy vintage character to contemporary homes. Floral fabrics, painted wood furniture, and collections of books and art cultivate old-world charm. Key cottage elements include:

  • Upholstered furnishings with chintz, toile or damask
  • Window seats flanked by frilly curtains and roman shades
  • Painted wood cabinets, sideboards and armories
  • Plush vintage carpets over hardwood floors
  • China hutches and cabinets displaying collectibles
  • Framed botanical art and still life paintings
  • Baskets of fresh flowers on rustic wood tables
  • Stacked books, vases, and objects decorating tabletops
  • Cast iron clawfoot bathtubs and pedestal sinks
  • Paneled walls, arched doorways and vaulted beamed ceilings

English cottage interiors feel casually elegant yet cozy. Pretty floral patterns, bookshelves and fireplaces craft a welcoming lived-in charm.

Modern Traditional

This trend artfully blends old and new, resulting in spaces both elegant and livable. The mix of vintage and contemporary elements makes decor feel curated. Key aspects of this look include:

  • Antique furnishings and lighting mixed with modern silhouettes
  • Traditional patterns on pillows, drapes and area rugs
  • Classic millwork like crown molding paired with clean walls
  • Vintage rugs layered over hardwood or concrete floors
  • Linen, wool and silk textiles in neutral palettes
  • Black framed botanical art and antique maps
  • Built-in bookcases sectioning off sitting areas
  • Carved wood screens and room dividers
  • Tall ceilings with rustic exposed wood beams
  • Large windows for abundant natural light

When vintage is blended with modern edits, traditional details feel fresh. This versatile look adapts well to both formal and laidback spaces.

Art Deco Glam

Inspired by 1920’s luxury, the art deco trend makes a glamorous statement with sleek lacquered surfaces, metallic geometrics, and exotic materials. Sophisticated black and white palettes allow accent colors to pop. Key elements include:

  • High-gloss black, white and metallic lacquer
  • Fretwork screens and room dividers
  • Geometric patterns on rugs, drapes and upholstery
  • Mirrored furniture and gleaming chrome accents
  • Exotic woods like ebony and Macassar
  • Ostrich leather chairs and tufted velvet sofas
  • Elegant furnishings with curved forms
  • Abstract art, sunburst mirrors and marble sculptures
  • Ornate molded ceilings and faux bois treatments
  • Pops of emerald, sapphire and ruby

Make a sleek, refined statement with art deco style. The combination of exotic materials and striking silhouettes crafts luxurious vintage glamour.

Modern Mediterranean

Inspired by seaside villas of Italy, Spain and Greece, the Mediterranean look blends old-world charm with breezy coastal minimalism. Light and airy decor with pops of ocean blue cultivate relaxing vacation vibes. Key traits include:

  • Neutral color palette of white, beige and tan
  • Textural natural materials like linen, seagrass and wood
  • Terracotta tile floors and backsplashes
  • Wrought iron and woven furnishings
  • Ceramic garden stools and planters
  • Arched doorways and window niches
  • Ceiling beams and rafters in natural wood
  • Billowy linen drapes and canopy beds
  • Oceanic accent colors like turquoise, cobalt and teal
  • French doors opening onto patios or balconies
  • Rustic dining tables perfect for alfresco meals

Bask in the laidback luxury of seaside living. Mediterranean style brings tranquil, sun-washed sensibilities to contemporary homes.


Interior design trends offer endless inspiration for crafting stylish