The Cooking Hearth Never Looked So Good with today’s amazing options for fireplaces and hearths. From sleek modern designs to traditional styles, you can achieve your dream hearth and customize it to perfectly match your home’s decor. With the right materials and expert installation, the cooking hearth provides warmth, ambiance and a touch of luxury.

Modern and Contemporary Hearth Designs

Contemporary fireplaces feature clean lines and minimalist styles that feel fresh and current. Consider a wall-mounted electric fireplace with a floating appearance and realistic flame effects. Or opt for a linear see-through gas fireplace for a seamless modern look. Edge-to-edge screens in black, white and stainless steel finishes give a streamlined aesthetic. For a contemporary cooking hearth, select a wall-mounted hood or chimney-style extractor hood in brushed metal or matte black.

Sleek fireplace surrounds in stone, tile, metal and glass elevate the contemporary vibe. Opt for floating shelves or minimalist mantels in the same finishes. Keep lines and forms simple for a refined modern feel. Incorporate smart home technology such as app controls, ambient lighting and temperature regulation. Contemporary styles allow you to highlight the fireplace itself as a work of art.

Rustic and Farmhouse Hearth Designs

For a cozy, inviting hearth, rustic and farmhouse styles are perfect. Look for traditional brickwork and natural stone. Distressed wood mantels and butcher block accents enhance the country charm. Try a freestanding cast iron wood-burning stove for an authentic rustic arrangement. Include vintage elements such as repurposed barn boards or tin tile backsplashes.

For the hood, consider a raw wood cover or exposed beams. Wrought iron fixtures and antique-inspired accents bring in old-world character. Incorporate artisan pot racks, wine glass racks and bread proofing boxes for a true culinary hearth. Layer in plush rugs, comfy seating and natural greenery to complete the farmhouse vibe. The rustic hearth warms up a space both physically and aesthetically.

Combining Materials and Textures

The interior design options are endless when combining natural materials for depth and texture. Mix stone or brick with wood and metal for contrast. Stacked stone, marble, travertine and limestone create show-stopping hearths. For wood options, hickory, oak, cedar and fir add gorgeous grain patterns. Use reclaimed barn wood for a rustic accent wall.

Warm up a sleek fireplace surround with a rich wood mantel. Try a hand-forged iron fire screen or hood fittings as metallic accents. Mosaic tile in natural hues provides an earthy complement around the firebox. The blending and balance of various textures give a custom, one-of-a-kind look to your hearth.

Color Palettes for Maximum Impact

Strategic color schemes can make the cooking hearth the stunning focal point of your space. For a cozy feel, look to moody hues like navy blue, forest green, rich brown and burgundy. Earthy, organic shades like beige, tan, cream and sand mimic natural clay and stone. For a nostalgic cottage vibe, incorporate buttery yellows, sky blues and cherry red.

Sophisticated grays, brilliant whites and sleek black provide an airy, gallery-like feel. For a pop of color, add vibrant turquoise, verdant emerald or sunny orange as an accent. Extended hearths and mantels offer opportunities for a color-blocked or mosaic tile design. Experiment with ombre-fading or color-pooling techniques. The fireplace can reflect light differently than surrounding walls, so test out paint samples to ensure the perfect palette.

Fireplace Shapes and Sizes

With an array of shapes and proportions, you can customize your hearth size and configuration. Standard fireplaces range from 24 to 48 inches wide. For a grand statement, extend the width to 6 feet or beyond. Floor-to-ceiling fireplaces make a towering impression. Consider multiple fireplaces on separate walls for a unique focal point.

For shelving and display, select an expanded depth up to 2 feet. Freestanding stoves provide cozy heat without built-in installation. Any fireplace width accommodates a cooking grate across the front. Include interior accessories like log holders, fireplace doors and removable screens. your local building codes dictate safety requirements, but creativity makes each hearth one-of-a-kind.

Personalized Details

Infuse personal flair and experience your hearth with customized details. Display family photos, meaningful souvenirs and collected treasures across the mantel. Paint or stencil the surround in favorite colors. Adorn with greenery like flowering orchids or garlic braids. Add eclectic candle displays, woven baskets or a homemade quilt for rustic ambiance.

Install interior amenities like beverage chillers, inglenook seating or a pizza oven. For an intimate dining space, build out a sectional seating area with the fireplace at its heart. Mount a TV or artwork above to complete your personalized retreat. The hearth reflects your passions, memories and style. Surround yourself with little luxuries.

Perfecting the Fireplace Hood

An excellently crafted hood provides the ideal finishing touch for your cooking hearth’s form and function. Choose materials that complement your design, like stainless steel for sleek modern or antique copper for old-world charm. Look for precision welding, quality hardware and sound dampening insulation. Include lighting fixtures for optimal illumination.

Maximize ventilation effectiveness with the properly calculated hood width, capture area and cubic feet per minute of air flow. Quiet, multi-speed fans effortlessly keep pace with cooking smoke and odors. Easily cleanable baffle filters trap grease. Special features like warming lights, wine glass racks and hidden storage provide unexpected bonuses. Install it at the ideal mounting height for your space. With an outstanding hood, your culinary hearth is complete.


What are the most popular fireplace styles right now?

Some of today’s most popular fireplace styles include contemporary linear designs, electric fireplaces with realistic flame effects, see-through glass gas fireplaces, traditional brick fireplaces, and rustic wood-burning stoves. Stacked stone and reclaimed wood are also trending.

What maintenance does a fireplace require?

Proper fireplace maintenance includes clearing ash from wood-burning units, cleaning the glass doors on gas fireplaces, inspecting the flue annually, caulking cracks, repainting the surround if needed, and calling a professional for any repairs. Chimney sweeps can regularly clean and inspect.

What types of fuel can you use for a fireplace?

Fireplace fuel options include wood logs, manufactured firelogs, propane or natural gas, and electric power. Each type has different installation considerations. Local environmental regulations may restrict certain fuels in some areas.

Should you decorate the mantel or leave it bare?

The mantel decor is a personal choice – some prefer it bare to highlight the architecture, while others adorn it with art, mirrors, greenery and candles. If decorating, group items symmetrically and keep them properly scaled. Never hang anything directly above the fireplace opening.

What are ways to make a small fireplace feel larger?

For a small fireplace, minimize clutter on the mantel, use a wall-mounted mirror above, paint the walls a light color, choose glass fireplace doors, and decorate with tall vertical elements. Built-in shelving alongside can also expand it visually.

What should you not do with a fireplace?

Avoid burning certain materials like trash, painted wood or pressure-treated lumber. Never leave a fire unattended or let it smolder overnight. Do not close the flue prematurely. Avoid placing furniture too close. Do not hang flammable decor above a working fireplace. Ensure the chimney is clean and properly ventilated.


With stunning style options from modern to rustic, the customized cooking hearth makes a spectacular centerpiece. From the fireplace itself to the surrounding accents, create an inviting, luxurious look that reflects your personality. Choose colors, textures and materials that harmoniously combine for visual impact. Ensure proper installation and care to enjoy your investment. With imagination and skill, your perfect cooking hearth awaits. Let this cherished space become the warm heart of your home.