The bathroom, once merely a utilitarian space for taking care of necessities, has now become a luxurious retreat for relaxation and rejuvenation. With innovative technologies and high-end features, today’s bathrooms offer comfort, convenience, and connectivity like never before. From smart toilets and faucets to integrated sound systems and radiant heated floors, the high-tech bathroom has arrived.

High-Tech Toilets Provide Ultimate Comfort and Hygiene

The centerpiece of any high-tech bathroom is the smart toilet. Today’s luxury toilets come packed with features that take your bathroom experience to the next level.

Heated Seats Provide Extra Comfort

One of the best features of high-tech toilets is a heated seat. Warming to your desired temperature, the heated seat keeps you comfortable while taking care of business. No more getting jolted by an ice-cold toilet seat first thing on a winter morning! Heated seats are a small luxury that make a big difference in comfort.

Bidets Offer Superior Hygiene

High-tech toilets come equipped with a built-in bidet for improved hygiene. Adjustable temperature and pressure settings allow you to customize the bidet to your preferences. By offering a thorough yet gentle cleansing, an integrated bidet leaves you feeling fresh and clean. Going beyond just toilet paper, a bidet offers superior hygiene.

Touchless Flushing Adds Convenience

Touchless flushing is a hallmark of high-tech toilets. Flushing is activated by sensors or the push of a button, so no need to reach for a germy handle. Touchless flushing helps maintain a more hygienic bathroom environment. Some models even include a UV light inside the bowl for further germ killing.

Self-Cleaning Functions Save Time

Smart toilets have self-cleaning functions that save you time scrubbing the bowl. Automatic cleansing before and after each use along with anti-bacterial coatings cut down on cleaning time. More time relaxing, less time scrubbing!

Nightlights Guide the Way

Find your way easily to the toilet in the middle of the night with a nightlight. Softly glowing LED lights illuminate the bowl, so you can take care of business without having to turn on harsh overhead lighting. Nightlights on high-tech toilets are a useful feature for middle-of-the-night trips.

Automatic Lid Lifting Offers Extra Convenience

Never touch a toilet lid again with models that automatically open and close the lid for you. Motion activated lid lifting means the toilet is ready to use as soon as you approach it. Automatic lids add an extra level of hands-free convenience.

Warm Water Washing Takes Comfort Up a Notch

High-end bidets have options for water temperature adjustments, often allowing you to choose a precise degree for optimal comfort. Heated water washing avoids unpleasant surprises from cold water. Customizable temperature settings let you find your perfect comfort zone.

From soft-closing lids to built-in air dryers, high-tech toilets offer the latest in luxury and convenience. Once you experience the comforts of a smart toilet, you’ll never want to go back!

Touchless Faucets Increase Hygiene

Touchless faucets help increase bathroom hygiene by reducing contact with dirty surfaces. These innovative faucets turn on and off with just a wave of your hand or a tap of your arm.

Motion Sensors Are Ultra Convenient

Motion sensor faucets detect when your hand is near, starting and stopping the flow of water for you. There’s no need to touch any part of the faucet during hand washing. The hands-free operation helps reduce the spread of germs in the bathroom.

Adjustable Sensors Prevent False Triggers

High-quality touchless faucets allow you to adjust the sensor range to your liking. This helps prevent false triggers from people walking by or objects like towels getting too close. Well-calibrated sensors mean the faucet responds when you want it to.

Sleek Styling Looks Great

Touchless bathroom faucets feature clean, modern styling with concealed sensors. They come in a range of finishes like chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, and matte black to coordinate with your bathroom’s decor. Form meets function with thesehygienic yet stylish faucets.

Water Conservation Is a Plus

Touchless faucets can help conserve water usage in a bathroom by shutting off promptly when not in use. Precision sensors make sure water flows only when needed. Water isn’t wasted with unintended drips or extra run time.

With touchless operation, great styling, and water efficiency, today’s bathroom faucets offer the ultimate in modern convenience and cleanliness.

Smart Showers Enhance the Experience

Your daily shower can become a spa-like retreat with innovative smart shower systems. High-tech showers allow you to fully customize your experience with the perfect temperature, lighting, and luxurious water effects.

Digital Controls Simplify Temperature Adjustments

Digital temperature controls rather than old-fashioned knobs or dials make it easy to set your desired water temp. Smart showers often include options for preset temperatures for different users. No more fiddling with finicky handles to get the water just right!

Adjustable Body Sprays Target Sore Muscles

Body spray jets placed at strategic heights across the shower can target aching muscles for pain relief. Adjustable nozzles let you customize the water pressure and direction for a therapeutic water massage. It’s like having your own personal masseuse in the shower!

Overhead Rainfall Faucets Set the Mood

Nothing beats the feeling of warm water streaming from overhead like summer rain. Rainfall style faucets help set a relaxing, spa-like mood. The wide gentle spray fully envelops you for a soothing experience.

Color-Changing Lights Create a Sanctuary

Programmable LED lighting transforms an ordinary shower into a sanctuary for the senses. Customize color, brightness, and effects to match your mood. Adding color-changing lights brings a wow factor into the shower.

Built-in Audio Lets You Sing Along

With a built-in audio system, you can stream your favorite playlists right into the shower. Waterproof speakers allow you to listen to music or news while you wash up. Now you can sing along without having to keep the door cracked to hear your portable speaker.

From steam-infused aromatherapy to cascading waterfall faucets, today’s high-tech showers offer total customization for an invigorating sensory experience.
Pamper yourself with all the luxury shower amenities right at home.

Heated Floors Take Comfort Underfoot

One of the best places to splurge on radiant heated floors is in your bathroom. Warm floors underfoot enhance comfort and reduce heat loss from bare feet.

Adds Luxury Underfoot

Imagine stepping out of a warm relaxing bath or shower onto deliciously heated floors. Radiant heated floors add luxury and comfort throughout your bathroom. No need to shuffle around in socks or slippers to try to stay warm!

Multiple Control Options Give Flexibility

Programmable thermostats allow you to set heated floors on timers or automate them based on your schedule and use of the bathroom. Some systems can integrate with smart home controllers for voice or app-based controls. Flexible controls let you customize your heated floor experience.

Reduce Heat Loss from Bare Feet

Bare feet on cold tile can make a bathroom feel chilly. Heated bathroom floors help maintain a comfortable ambient temperature by reducing heat loss through your feet. The warmth radiates upwards keeping your whole body more comfortable.

Tiles and Natural Stone Work Well

Heated floors work well with many flooring types like tile, stone, and resilient flooring. Water-resistant materials like luxury vinyl plank can also carry the warmth of heated floors throughout the bathroom. Many aesthetic options are available.

With programmable temperatures and thermostats, heated bathroom floors provide underfoot luxury and whole body warmth whenever you need it.

Smart Bathroom Mirrors Reflect Tech

Smart mirrors bring high-tech features to an often overlooked part of the modern bathroom – the humble mirror. Internet-connected smart mirrors allow you to view helpful information while reflecting your image.

Touchscreen Controls Allow Customization

With an LCD touchscreen interface, smart mirrors allow you to customize the display. Stream your playlist, see the weather forecast, view your schedule, or control other smart devices in your bathroom. Display the info you need while getting ready.

Integrated Audio Boosts Sound Quality

High-quality built-in speakers in smart mirrors let you listen to music or news without fogging up the mirror. Rock out with clear audio while you get ready without compromising the mirror’s reflective surface during a shower.

Digital De-Foggers Keep Mirrors Clear

Deal with fogged-up mirrors from steam with smart mirrors featuring integrated digital defoggers. Keep the mirror clear with an interior heating element to prevent condensation from ruining your view.

Motion-Activated Lighting Adds Convenience

Some smart bathroom mirrors offer motion-activated lighting for brightening up your visage in the wee hours. Nighttime lighting lets you use the bathroom easily without blinding yourself flipping on overhead lights.

Internet Connectivity Enables Upgrades

With built-in WiFi and internet connectivity, smart mirrors stay up to date with automatic software and feature upgrades. As developers add new capabilities, your mirror improves over time with the latest in mirror tech.

From ambient lighting to mirror-edge displays and voice controls, smart mirrors reflect the power of technology in the bathroom.

High-Tech Hardware Brings Futuristic Style

The high-tech bathroom makes a statement with futuristic hardware and fixtures ranging from faucets to showerheads, towel warmers, and more.

Geometric and Minimalist Designs Add Interest

Look for fixtures with unique shapes and finishes that add artistic flair. Geometric patterns, cylinders, spheres, and asymmetric forms catch the eye. Stunning in their simplicity, minimalist fixtures make a statement through precision design.

Matte Black Finishes Offer Sophistication

Matte black is the new premium finish gracing high-tech bathroom hardware. The dark, non-reflective surface provides depth and sophistication. Popping against white tiles or natural stone, matte black fixtures lend a modern vibe.

Warm Metal Finishes Provide Contrast

While cool hues like matte black predominate, warm metallic accents can provide an inviting contrast. Rose gold, brass, and copper finishes add softness and a touch of shine to balance sleek minimalism.

Nature Inspires Fluid Forms

Natural shapes and forms inspire bathroom fixture designs. Flowing curved spouts, globe lamp shapes, and organic patterns add quiet elegance. Natural inspiration merges with modern in today’s high-style bathrooms.

Backlit Cabinets Make a Glowing Statement

Backlit vanities and mirrored medicine cabinets provide a stunning focal point. Concealed LED lighting casts a soft glow for dramatic effect. Illuminated cabinets make ordinary bathrooms extraordinary.

Add high-tech polish with cutting-edge bath fixtures and lighting for showstopping modern style with a hint of the future.

Voice Control Adds Hands-Free Convenience

Controlling your high-tech bathroom features by voice takes convenience to the next level. Voice assistant integration allows hands-free operation of smart home devices throughout the bathroom.

Control Lighting with Your Voice

Smart lights and switches that respond to voice commands allow hands-free control over your bathroom’s lighting. Adjust brightness, change colors, create lighting scenes or turn lights on and off with a simple request.

Operate Music and Audio by Voice

Voice activated audio lets you request favorite playlists, internet radio stations, audiobooks, and podcasts. Adjust volume levels or skip tracks hands-free. Voice controlled audio makes shower sing-alongs a breeze!

Voice Adjustments Enhance Shower Experience

In smart shower systems, request your ideal water temperature orSaved Presets by voice. Some high-end showers even allow you to adjust settings like rainfall simulator levels with a voice command.

Access Information with Ease

Ask your voice assistant about weather, news and calendar events to stay up-to-date as you get ready. Set reminders, alarms or make calls hands-free as you multitask in the bathroom.

Control Smart Devices with Voice Commands

Depending on smart home devices installed, you may be able to voice control towel warmers, heated toilet seats, televisions, and other integrated technologies throughout the bathroom.

With voice as your control interface, your bathroom becomes an intuitive, convenient smart home command center.

High-Tech for Improved Health and Wellness

The bathroom of the future focuses on health and wellness with high-tech features that pamper your body, purify the air, and provide therapeutic relaxation.

Air Purifiers Clear Away Impurities

Integrated air purifiers with HEPA filtration remove pollen, mold spores, bacteria and microparticles. Enjoy cleaner, healthier air free of odors, allergens, and irritants as you shower. Improved air quality provides wellness benefits.

Steam Units Boost Relaxation and Health

Inhalation steam units infuse your shower with therapeutic steam. Breathe in steam vapors to moisturize your airways, relax muscles, and clear nasal congestion. Steam capabilities turn an ordinary bathroom into your own home spa.

Chromatherapy Uses Color for Balance

Color-changing LED lighting pre-programmed with chromatherapy settings bathes you in therapeutic colored light. Chromatherapy uses color wavelengths to restore mood, energy, and well-being. A quick light immersion provides total mind and body balance.

Far Infrared Saunas Detoxify

Some luxury bathroom suites include private far infrared saunas. FIR waves gently raise the body’s core temperature to mobilize toxins and increase blood flow. A regular infrared sauna routine provides full-body detox and other wellness perks.

The wellness bathroom takes a holistic approach, integrating technologies to nourish body, mind and spirit.

High-Tech Bathroom Installation Considerations

If you’re dreaming of a high-tech bathroom transformation, careful planning helps ensure your remodel goes smoothly. Keep these tips in mind for your bathroom’s integration of innovative technology.

Have a Clear Vision in Mind

Consider how you want to use the space and identify must-have features before finalizing plans. Determine your budget and order of priorities early in the process. Know the high-tech elements you want to showcase in your new bathroom.

Electrical Load is Crucial

Many smart technologies require hardwired electrical connections and adequate amperage. Work with electricians to calculate electrical load and wiring needs early in the remodel planning. Account for circuits required by appliances like heated floors and towel warmers.

Water Supply Lines Require Attention

With high-flow shower systems, bidets, and more, increased water pressure may be necessary. Assess current water supply lines and update inadequate plumbing to support smart plumbing fixtures.

Proper Ventilation Prevents Mold

Moisture from extensive steam capabilities calls for proper ventilation. Ensure adequate exhaust fans, humidity-sensing fans, and exterior airing to keep moisture under control. Good ventilation prevents mold problems down the road.

With good prep and planning during the design phase, you can avoid hassles during installation. Careful attention to infrastructure like electrical, plumbing and ventilation ensures your high-tech bathroom thrives.

Making Technology Disappear into Design

With all its complex capabilities, it’s important high-tech blends into a holistic, aesthetically pleasing design. Here’s how to harmonize tech and beauty in your bathroom.

Conceal Wires and Controls

Good designers will conceal the electronic guts powering your bathroom tech within the walls. Electrical, cables, piping and controls should be hidden from view for a streamlined look.

Undercounter Installation Cleans Up Clutter

Fixtures like touchscreen smart mirrors and vanities with integrated lighting often have components installed under the counter or behind the mirror. This technique neatly hides technical elements from view.

Sleek Minimalist Fixtures Keep Focus on Function

The most stylish high-tech fixtures don’t draw attention to themselves with excessive bling. Clean, minimalist designs seamlessly provide smart functionality without visual clutter.

Neutral Palettes Let the Tech Shine

Monochromatic color schemes like all-white bathrooms provide a neutral backdrop for high-tech metallic finishes and accents. The tech elements can take center stage in a palette of neutrals.

Natural Materials Soften the Space

Natural textured materials add softness to balance shiny surfaces and metal finishes. Wood vanities, stone tiles, woven accent rugs create harmony with high-tech components.

A holistic approach to design means your bathroom feels like a tech-integrated oasis. With careful planning, you can have the best of both worlds: innovation and beauty.

High-Tech Bathroom Products to Enhance Your Retreat

If you’re ready to upgrade your bathroom into a smart, high-tech retreat, today’s products offer more options than ever. Here are some of the top technologies transforming modern bathroom luxury.

Toto Neorest NX2 Intelligent Toilet

Loaded with features like dynamic temperature controls, automatic flushing and cleaning, and heated seats, this high-end smart toilet provides the ultimate in comfort.

Moen U Smart Shower System

Digital valves allow you to control your personalized shower environment, with app and voice activation capabilities for controlling temperature, music, lighting and more.

Kohler Touchless Response+ Toilet

Gesture-activated lid lifting, flushing, and more bring no-touch convenience to the bathroom. It also includes a heated seat and built-in LED nightlight for comfort.

DXV SpaLet Bidet Toilet

With heated seat, temperature controlled washing, warm air drying, and deodorizing features, this luxury bidet toilet provides a spa-like experience at home.

Bio Bidet Supreme BB-1000

Its adjustable heated seat, warm air dryer, massage wash modes, retracting wands, and LED night light transform your basic toilet into a smart throne.

Kohler Mirror TV

This mirrored TV blends into your van