Technology is transforming bathrooms like never before, with innovative new features that can make your daily routines easier, more convenient, and more enjoyable. From high-tech mirrors and shower systems to smart toilets and faucets, today’s bathrooms can incorporate cutting-edge innovations to create a space that’s as stylish as it is functional. Upgrading your bathroom with the latest tech can provide both practical benefits and an added “wow” factor when you want to impress guests.

Voice Activated Assistants

Just like in other rooms of your home, Tech Features That Can Improve Your Bathroom like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri can now be integrated seamlessly into your bathroom. You can install smart speakers or interactive mirrors with built-in voice assistants to help you turn on lights, play music, get weather updates, set timers and reminders, or control other connected devices in your bathroom hands-free. This allows you to multitask more easily while getting ready in the mornings.

Some key benefits of bathroom voice assistants include:

  • Hands-free control of lighting, music, and other devices so you don’t get smartphones dirty or wet.
  • Easy access to news, traffic, and weather updates to help plan your day while getting ready.
  • Setting reminders for medications, skincare routines, or other daily bathroom habits you want to track.
  • Voice control for baths, showers, and other bathroom fixtures like faucets and toilets in smart bathrooms.
  • Quick access to your schedule, alerts, and other personal data to keep your morning routine moving.
  • Entertaining podcasts, audiobooks, or music playlists to make your time in the bathroom more enjoyable.

High-Tech Mirrors

Smart mirrors are quickly becoming a popular bathroom upgrade. Today’s high-tech mirrors do far more than just reflect your image. Models like the Home Depot’s Bluetooth Mirror, the Simplehuman Sensor Mirror, and the Kohler Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror have advanced features that can enhance your bathroom experience, like:

  • Tech Features That Can Improve Your Bathroom like built-in lighting for perfect visibility while applying makeup or grooming. Backlit LED panels create even, shadow-free illumination.
  • Fog-free technology prevents mirror fogging from steamy showers. Hydrophobic coatings repel condensation.
  • Pairing with smartphones via WiFi or Bluetooth to display notifications, text messages, and calendar events directly on the mirrored surface.
  • Touchscreen controls to adjust lighting color, brightness levels, and more with digital precision.
  • Voice assistant integration for hands-free help while getting ready.
  • Streaming music directly through built-in premium speakers to set the mood.
  • Built-in anti-fog warming elements to keep the mirror clear.

Advanced smart mirrors take the functionality of your average bathroom mirror to the next level for a more futuristic daily routine.

High-Tech Robotic Toilets

Toilets are likely the last thing in your home you’d think of as high-tech. But today’s newest smart toilets boast innovative features that can completely transform your bathroom experience. Cutting-edge options from brands like Toto and Kohler include:

  • Tech Features That Can Improve Your Bathroom like dynamic sensor-activated lids that automatically open when you approach and close when you walk away.
  • Built-in bidets with adjustable water temperature, pressure controls, and directional wands for superior cleaning.
  • Deodorizers that activate after every use to keep bathroom odors at bay.
  • Heated seats that warm to your desired temperature for added comfort and luxury.
  • Touchscreen remotes to control bidet, temperature, air dryer, and other settings.
  • Modern wall-hung designs for sleek, space-saving style.
  • Self-cleaning capabilities including UV light sterilization, antimicrobial glazes, and automated flushing/rinsing.
  • High-efficiency flushing systems that conserve significantly more water than conventional toilets.
  • Integrations with smart home systems allowing voice or app control.

Smart toilets provide the ultimate in comfort, hygiene, and convenience with settings customizable to your preferences. And high-end models that include all the bells and whistles can even look like stylish, minimalist fixtures rather than tech-laden ones.

Digital Faucets

Bathroom faucets are also getting smarter. Digital faucets with electronic features and touchless controls provide greater precision, convenience, and hygiene for hand washing and bathing. Top high-tech faucet capabilities include:

  • Tech Features That Can Improve Your Bathroom like touchless on/off activation using motion sensors or infrared proximity detectors to turn water on and off hands-free.
  • Precise digital temperature controls, allowing you to set an exact desired water temperature.
  • Digital flow controls for setting water pressure and flow levels with custom presets.
  • Programmable electronic limits to control temperature and prevent scalding or excess water use.
  • Modern minimalist designs with single-hole and wall-mount options.
  • Self-cleaning touchless faucets resistant to mineral buildup and mildew.
  • Wifi and app connectivity to control faucet functions remotely.
  • LED faucet indicators that signal set temperature and availability of hot water.

Touchless, programmable faucets create a cleaner, more futuristic look and feel in the bathroom while optimizing comfort and convenience.

High-Tech Showers

Your shower is primed to become a personalized spa-like retreat with the integration of smart high-tech features such as:

  • Tech Features That Can Improve Your Bathroom like digital interfaces to pre-set and program temperature, pressure, lighting, music, and more for an customized bathing experience.
  • Full-color LCD touchscreens built into shower walls to control all settings and functions.
  • High-precision thermostatic valves that maintain accurate temperatures.
  • Full-body spray jet systems with easily adjustable nozzles.
  • Built-in lighting like LED panels or chromatherapy mood lighting.
  • Integrated audio systems with waterproof speakers and device docking stations.
  • Vapor-steam generators for spa-like relaxation and respiratory benefits.
  • Foot massaging spray jets.
  • Automatic disinfection cycles to sanitize the shower between uses.
  • Motion-activated faucets and soap/shampoo dispensers for touchless convenience.
  • WiFi connectivity for controlling all digital functions via smartphone or voice assistant.

With programmable digital controls and luxury features for entertainment and relaxation, today’s high-tech showers blur the lines between utility and indulgence.

Automatic Soap Dispensers

Automatic and touchless soap dispensers represent a small but impactful Tech Features That Can Improve Your Bathroom. These dispensers use infrared or motion sensors to detect hand placement and dispense the right amount of soap without needing to touch a pump or push a plunger.

Key advantages of automatic soap dispensers include:

  • Promoting better hygiene by minimizing contact with high-touch surfaces.
  • Dispensing the optimal amount of soap for washing to avoid waste.
  • Loading from the top so you don’t have to touch a filmy soap bottle.
  • Modern, sleek designs that are more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Convenience of not having to pump soap manually.
  • Fun, futuristic user experience.
  • Options for battery-powered or hardwired models.
  • Cost-effective way to incorporate a smart touch.

Even small smart upgrades like automatic soap and sanitizer dispensers can make hand washing and bathrooms cleaner and more advanced.

Smart Bathroom Lighting

From smart bulbs to custom lighting scenes, new lighting technology can make your bathroom smarter and more stylish. Smart lighting features include:

  • Tech Features That Can Improve Your Bathroom like app and voice controls to adjust colors, brightness, and lighting effects.
  • Automation for scheduled or sunrise lighting programmed to your routines.
  • Motion sensor activation so lights turn on automatically when you enter.
  • Ambient lighting options like LED strips to set a relaxing mood.
  • Mirror lighting for perfect visibility during grooming.
  • Chromatherapy colored lighting to set an energizing or unwinding vibe.
  • Integrations with smart security systems; lights activate with alarms.
  • Dimming capabilities to set the perfect brightness for any activity.
  • Scene control to program lighting for different needs like applying makeup.

With smart lighting, you can customize your bathroom’s ambiance for both function and mood.

Heated Bathroom Floors and Smart Radiators

For chilly mornings, tech features that can improve your bathroom experience include heated floors and programmable radiators that can warm your space.

Heated Floors

Heated flooring uses electric wiring or hydronic piping underneath flooring materials like tile, laminate, or vinyl to gently warm the floor. Models include:

  • Electric radiant floors with heating wires embedded under the floor surface.
  • Hydronic radiant floor systems with hot water piping to warm the floor.
  • Thermostats to adjust and program floor temperature.

Benefits of heated bathroom floors include:

  • Warm floors that are comfortable under bare feet, especially in colder climates.
  • Programmable options allow you to wake up to a warm bathroom floor.
  • Can complement other heating systems by distributing warmth evenly.
  • Stylish and unobtrusive; integrated seamlessly into floors.

Smart Radiators

Smart radiators take standard radiant heating and allow you to digitally program and control it through smart technology. Benefits include:

  • Control heating remotely via smartphone/tablet app.
  • Voice control integration with smart assistants.
  • Scheduled heating based on routines, with geofencing that activates when you come and go.
  • granular comfort with room-by-room temperature zones.
  • Efficiency by targeting heating where and when you need it.

With both heated floors and smart radiators, you can program custom heating to keep bathrooms comfortably heated during colder seasons.

Bathroom Security Features

Safety and security are just as important in the bathroom as other areas of your home. Smart security tech features that can improve your bathroom include:

  • Tech Features That Can Improve Your Bathroom like motion sensors to detect movement and activate lighting and alerts.
  • Door sensors that alert you when someone enters the bathroom unexpectedly.
  • Flood sensors to detect rising water levels and leaks before damage occurs.
  • Memory buttons on walk in tubs that allow users to quickly drain tubs if too hot.

-slip-resistant flooring materials.

  • Temperature limiting valves on faucets to prevent scalding accidents.
  • Fogless mirrors and defogging shower features to maximize visibility.
  • App connectivity to monitor sensors and receive alerts if anything is amiss.
  • Easy access temperature controls on tubs and showers.

Advanced monitoring sensors and access features allow you to see and control your bathroom environment for greater comfort and safety.

Air Quality Monitoring

Indoor air quality is important for health, and today’s smart bathroom tech allows you to monitor and improve it. Options include:

  • Tech Features That Can Improve Your Bathroom like built-in air quality sensors that detect humidity, mold spores, VOCs, radon and other pollutants.
  • Bathroom vents and fans that activate automatically when sensors detect excessive humidity or contamination.
  • Smart air purifiers to remove allergens, chemicals, and odors.
  • Smart dehumidifiers that turn on when preset humidity levels are exceeded.
  • Apps and voice assistants to report air quality levels and control connected devices accordingly.
  • Automatic venting that activates during and after showering to remove humid air.
  • Real-time air quality reports and notifications so you’re aware of potential issues.

Advanced monitoring provides peace of mind while smart bathroom features automatically adjust environments to maintain healthy air.

Bathroom Entertainment Tech

Entertainment technology makes it easy to enjoy music, TV, news, and more from the comfort of your bathroom. Tech entertainment options include:

  • Tech Features That Can Improve Your Bathroom like waterproof Bluetooth speakers to stream audio from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Smart mirrors with built-in premium audio speakers.
  • Integrated TVs mounted at sink-level or even behind shower glass wall panels.
  • Digital displays that stream personal media.
  • Tablet stands and docks to securely position mobile devices.
  • Waterproof cases that allow you to use phones and tablets in the tub or shower.
  • Soundbars mounted underneath bathroom fixtures or cabinets.
  • Wireless streaming from devices using standards like AirPlay or Chromecast built into displays.
  • Voice assistant speakers to request music, news headlines, audiobooks and other streaming content.

With the right amenities, you can enjoy all your favorite entertainment hands-free while bathing, showering, and primping.

High-Tech Bathtubs and Hot Tubs

For ultimate luxury, today’s high-tech tubs provide immersive, spa-like relaxation at home. Top features include:

  • Tech Features That Can Improve Your Bathroom like tub-integrated touchscreen controllers to operate jets, temperature, lighting, and music or TV audio.
  • High-powered air and water jets for therapeutic massage relief.
  • Programmable experience presets to activate multi-sensory ambiance at the touch of a button.
  • Chromotherapy and full-spectrum lighting environments.
  • Heated air bubbles in air baths for effervescent relaxation.
  • Integration with smart home systems for app and voice controls.
  • Self-cleaning and sanitizing cycles using technologies like UV light.
  • Variable speed pumps for

With high-end tubs, you can customize hydrotherapy, massage, and multi-sensory experiences for the ultimate home spa relaxation.

Energy Efficient Bathroom Tech

There are a number of energy efficient tech features that can improve your bathroom while saving water, electricity, and money:

  • Low-flow faucets and showerheads conserve water with aerating flow while still feeling luxurious.
  • WaterSense toilets use only 1.28 gallons per flush or less. Dual-flush models offer partial and full flush options.
  • Tankless water heaters heat water only on demand rather than maintaining a full tank temperature.
  • Motion activated faucets, soap dispensers, toilets and lighting means they’re only on when needed.
  • LED bulbs, including emerging OLED options, maximize light brightness using minimal electricity.
  • Low-energy heating systems like hydronic radiant flooring provide warmth only where needed.
  • Smart thermostats that auto-adjust to conserve energy based on time of day and room occupancy.
  • Programmable and app-controlled features let you customize operating only during required times.
  • EPA WaterSense-certified products rated to conserve 20% more than standard models.

With smart and eco-friendly upgrades, you can build a high-tech bathroom that also saves precious resources.

Key Questions and Answers About Tech Features for Bathrooms:

Q: What are some of the most useful tech features to have in my bathroom?

A: Some of the most useful tech features for bathrooms include smart lighting you can control by app or voice, heated floors for comfort, digital mirrors with anti-fogging, entertainment features like waterproof Bluetooth speakers, and voice assistants for hands-free help while getting ready. Touchless faucets and toilets, shower systems with programmable settings, and automatic soap dispensers also add convenience.

Q: Which tech upgrades provide the best return on investment for a bathroom remodel?

A: Tech upgrades that can provide the best ROI include water saving fixtures like low-flow toilets and faucets, energy efficient lighting like LEDs, and programmable thermostats. Features that significantly improve daily use like touchless faucets, automatic soap dispensers, and heated floors can also be worthwhile investments. More lavish features like expensive standalone tubs may provide less ROI.

Q: How much does it typically cost to incorporate smart technology into my bathroom?

A: Costs can range dramatically based on which features you choose. Some entry-level upgrades like smart lighting, automatic soap dispensers, and basic waterproof Bluetooth speakers may only be a couple hundred dollars. High-end options like fully digital shower systems or advanced toilet/bidet combinations can be $5,000 or more. Most bathrooms can incorporate some smart technology on a budget under $2,000.

Q: Are smart bathroom tech features difficult for me to set up on my own?

A: Many basic features like smart lightbulbs, Bluetooth speakers, or basic voice assistants can be installed with minimal expertise. However, integrating more advanced whole-bathroom systems can require professional installation. Fortunately, any competent bath contractor, electrician, or handyman service should be able to handle connected tech features you want built-in during remodeling.

Q: How can I make my high-tech bathroom more accessible to elderly or disabled users?

A: Focus on touchless and hands-free features like automatic faucets, soap dispensers, and lighting to reduce physical effort. Select adjustable settings on multi-function showers and tubs tailored to limited mobility. Install grab bars, non-slip surfaces, and accessible height toilets. Integrate smart technology like voice controls, large print displays, and video chat screens to reduce reliance on buttons and touchscreens.


Incorporating smart technology into your bathrooms is an exciting way to enhance convenience, comfort, and style. With everything from high-tech toilets and shower systems to intelligent mirrors and lighting, innovative bathroom tech can simplify your routines while providing added luxury and relaxation. By integrating the latest advanced features that suit your needs and lifestyle, you can create a soothing, spa-like oasis and make a mundane space genuinely cutting edge. With so many options for upgrading old-fashioned bathrooms to more intelligent connected spaces, there’s never been a better time to add some