Powder rooms are often the smallest rooms in a home, but they can pack a lot of style into a tiny space. Homeowners have been getting more creative with powder room design lately, embracing bold colors, patterns, textures, and materials to make these petite bathrooms pop. Read on to discover some of the hottest trends for powder rooms this year.

Vibrant Colors

Neutral color palettes have dominated bathrooms for years, but powder rooms are the perfect places to go bold with vibrant hues. Painting the walls, ceiling, cabinets, or fixtures in saturated colors like emerald green, cobalt blue, and mustard yellow infuses energy and life into the space. These vivid tones are eye-catching and convey a sense of fun.

Some popular color combination ideas include:

  • Deep blue walls with brass fixtures and white wainscoting
  • Kelly green vanity with a black and white geometric floor
  • Robin’s egg blue ceiling with navy blue walls and crisp white trim
  • Sunny yellow walls paired with white beadboard and black accents

Powder rooms tend to be used by guests rather than daily, so bright colors are easier to embrace. Be sure to opt for paints with an eggshell, satin, or semi-gloss sheen for easy wipe-downs. Matte finishes show scuffs too easily.

Bold Wallpaper

Another way to incorporate vibrant color and pattern is with bold wallpaper in the powder room. From floral prints to geometric tiles and nature motifs, wallpaper options are nearly endless for making a statement.

Some wallpaper ideas for powder rooms include:

  • Retro floral patterns: These fun prints look charming and provide vintage flair.
  • Vivid jungle prints: Lively tropical prints featuring palms, monkeys or toucans make great powder room decor.
  • Moroccan tiles: Tile-effect wallpaper in vivid blues, greens and yellows evokes Moroccan motifs.
  • Geometric patterns: Angular black and white designs or colorful diamonds add visual interest.
  • Nature scenes: Wallpaper with scenic vistas, leaves or branches liven up the space.

When selecting wallpaper, opt for washable materials like vinyl that will stand up to moisture. Install wallpaper on the vanity wall or the wall behind the toilet to minimize wear and tear.

Textured Tiles

Tile can transform a plain powder room by adding texture, pattern and visual interest. Subway tiles are a classic choice, but textured tiles with high variation provide even more depth.

Some textured tile ideas include:

  • Moroccan tiles: These vibrant patterned tiles infuse exotic flair. Glossy surfaces reflect light.
  • Herringbone tiles: The zigzag pattern has dimension and guides the eye.
  • Fishscale tiles: Interlocking curved tiles add organic texture. Use blue or green for a subtle aquatic vibe.
  • Hexagonal tiles: The six-sided tiles interlock to form bee-like patterns with visual depth.
  • Pebble tiles: Rounded natural stone tiles in earthy hues create a mosaic effect.

Mixing tile sizes, shapes and patterns provides contrast. Use textured tiles on the floor, shower walls or as a vanity backsplash. Grout color impacts the overall look too. Dark grout makes the tile pattern pop while light grout blends.

Black Elements

Black finishes provide a bold, dramatic contrast in powder rooms when paired with light walls and fixtures. Black creates an elegant, chic aesthetic that works with a variety of styles from modern to traditional.

Some ways to incorporate black into powder rooms include:

  • Black vanity: A glossy black vanity makes a statement against light walls. Opt for wood, ceramic or lacquered finishes.
  • Matte black fixtures: Faucets, shower heads, towel bars and other hardware look stylish in black. Matte is less harsh than a shiny finish.
  • Black floor tiles: Glossy or matte black tile floors immediately ground the space. Use large format tiles for minimal grout lines.
  • Black grout: When combined with light-colored stone, glass or ceramic tiles, black grout outlines and defines the tile shapes.
  • Black ceiling: Painting the ceiling black can make a small powder room feel more intimate.
  • Black cabinets: Floating black wooden cabinets keep things light while providing closed storage.

Go for high-contrast with mostly white and a few black accents, or create a moody noir space with black vanity, walls, ceiling and floor.

Natural Wood Finishes

Wood brings warmth and texture to powder rooms. Natural wood vanities, shelves and mirrors add elegance and tie into other wood details throughout the home.

Some ways to incorporate wood include:

  • Wood vanity: A classic wooden vanity made from oak, walnut or teak makes a timeless statement. Opt for stone or concrete counters to offset the wood.
  • Wood basin: A powder room is the perfect spot for a sculptural wooden wash basin rather than a standard vitreous sink.
  • Wood shelves: Floating wood shelves made from reclaimed barnwood, maple or cedar provide open storage.
  • Wood mirror frame: An oversized round mirror can be framed in chunky natural wood for contrast.
  • Wood flooring: Sparse powder rooms are ideal for showing off beautiful hardwood floors.

Minimize wood tones with crisp white walls, black accents, stone and marble to keep the powder room feeling light and bright.

Marble & Stone

Natural stone surfaces like marble, travertine and limestone bring elegance and luxury to small powder rooms. The organic veining patterns and swirls make each piece unique.

Some stone and marble ideas include:

  • Marble vanity top: A marble vanity top makes a luxe statement. Pair with gilded fixtures for glamorous contrast.
  • Travertine tiles: For the walls or floor, travertine tiles in creamy hues add subtle pattern and texture.
  • Stone vessel sink: A carved stone sink shaped like a bowl sits atop the vanity surface for an organic look.
  • Limestone flooring: Light brown soft limestone floor tiles complement white bathrooms.
  • Pebbled shower floor: Round river rocks create a spa-like experience underfoot.

The key to working with natural stone is selecting complementary materials like wood, black metals, concrete and white walls so the spaces don’t feel too heavy. Provide plenty of lighting to show off the stone details.

Mirrored Surfaces

Mirrors help bounce light around and make small powder rooms feel more spacious. But they also serve as stylish decorative focal points, especially when paired with other on-trend finishes.

Some mirrored surface ideas include:

  • Mirrored wall tiles: Covering one wall in mirrored tiles amplifies light and space. Use smoky gray mirrored glass for moodiness.
  • Mirrored vanity: A sleek lacquered vanity with mirrored drawers and doors reflects light. Keep other finishes matte.
  • Mirrored shelves or cabinet: Floating shelves backed with mirror add discreet storage and double the light.
  • Antiqued mirrored cabinet: An antique gold mirror with distressed edges has a glamorous vibe. Use it to conceal toiletries.
  • Mirrored pedestal sink: A pedestal sink covered in mirrors feels bright and glamorous.

Place mirrors across from windows to create an infinity effect. Don’t cover every wall in mirror or the space may feel cold.

Ultra-Compact Toilets & Sinks

Powder rooms are often tight on space, so compact fixtures allow you to maximize every inch. The latest space-saving toilets and sinks take up minimal floor area without sacrificing style.

Some options include:

  • Wall-hung toilets: These toilets mount directly to the wall with no tank or bowl touching the floor. Great for small spaces.
  • Compact pedestal sinks: These slim sinks stick out from the wall just 12-16 inches including the pedestal base.
  • Petite wall-mount sinks: Wall-mounted rectangular sinks with barely-there shelves are about 8 inches deep.
  • Vessel sink on a shelf: A glass vessel sink can sit on a narrow wall-mounted shelf instead of a full vanity.
  • Corner-hugging sinks: Wedge-shaped corner sinks utilize awkward empty spaces.

Look for options with clean-lined contemporary designs to keep the powder room feeling light and streamlined.

Smart Storage Solutions

While powder rooms lack large vanities and cabinetry, clever storage hacks provide discreet places to tuck toiletries out of sight.

Some savvy storage ideas for powder rooms include:

  • Floating shelves: Wall-mounted floating shelves made of wood, marble or glass hold neatly folded towels and other necessities. Stash small items in baskets.
  • Wall-hung cabinet or medicine cabinet: Conceal toiletries and supplies behind a mirrored or wood cabinet mounted to the wall.
  • Under-sink storage cart: Roll a small wire cart under wall-mounted sinks to stash extra toilet paper and cleaning products.
  • Slim floor cabinet: Tuck a narrow floor cabinet next to pedestal sinks to hold rolled towels and toiletries. Opt for open shelving or add a door.
  • Ladder shelves: Lean a vintage ladder against the wall and add baskets or trays to the rungs for instant open shelving.
  • Niche shelving: Built-in cubbies recessed into the wall provide discrete storage opportunities without clutter.

Built-in or freestanding storage options allow for neatly organizing necessities without cramping the petite powder room space.

High-Impact Wallcoverings

Powder rooms may be small, but they provide great spaces to experiment with daring wallcovering materials that make huge visual impact.

Some eye-catching wallcovering ideas include:

  • Textured 3D tiles: Dimensional tile pieces cover walls in abstract sculptural patterns with relief and shadows.
  • Faux grasscloth: Textural woven wallcoverings like jute or faux grasscloth add organic interest.
  • Cork wall tiles: Natural cork tiles create soft contrasting rectangles floating on the walls.
  • Faux stone: Faux stone wall panels made from concrete, wallpaper or tile provide rugged texture without weight.
  • Wood planks: Mixing vertical and horizontal reclaimed wood planks makes walls feel polished yet rustic.
  • Pegboard: Covering walls in white perforated pegboard creates contemporary industrial contrast.

These materials bring pow to plain drywall. Consider surrounding statement walls with crisp white paint or tile to let the finishes pop.

freestanding Tubs

While powder rooms lack full bathing facilities, some luxury designs incorporate petite freestanding tubs for a spa vibe. Compact soaking tubs can transform the space.

Some freestanding tub ideas include:

  • Slipper tub: Extra-short in length, these solo soaking tubs fit tight spaces and evoke vintage style.
  • Pedestal tub: For small spaces, a tub on a central pedestal base provides complete 360 degree access.
  • Space-saving corner tub: Wedge-shaped corner bathtubs maximize awkward empty spaces in powder rooms.
  • Stand-alone tub: A standalone tub doesn’t require extensive plumbing or tile work. Just place it on the floor!
  • Japanese soaking tub: Theseminimalist wooden tubs with clean lines are designed just for soaking and look serene.
  • Petite clawfoot tub: A compact clawfoot tub adds timeless elegance and doesn’t overwhelm.

Be sure to waterproof flooring and consider moisture-resistant finishes when incorporating freestanding tubs.

Creative Floors

Powder room floors see less wear than other rooms, so they present fun opportunities for using creative finishes you wouldn’t want elsewhere.

Some unique flooring ideas include:

  • ** penny tile floors:** For vintage charm, arrange penny tiles in geometric patterns like zigzags, diamonds or concentric squares.
  • Bold geometric tiles: Make a graphic statement by laying tile in contrasting triangles, chevrons or eye-catching stripes.
  • Striped floors: Alternating dark and light floor planks, tiles or wall-to-wall carpet creates bold direction.
  • Painted floors: For affordability and color, paint the floors in bright colors or dynamic patterns using floor paint.
  • Concrete floors: Raw polished concrete floors contrast beautifully with walls in vibrant hues.
  • Outdoor stone pavers: For organic texture, bring the outdoors in using irregular stone pavers inside.
  • Faux fur rugs: A fluffy faux sheepskin rug adds playful novelty underfoot.

Have fun playing with color, texture and shapes to make floors part of the overall powder room design.

Futuristic Fixtures

Powder rooms serve as great places to embrace ultra-modern metallic fixtures that might feel overly cold elsewhere. The latest fixtures have futuristic edge.

Some cutting-edge fixture ideas include:

  • Geometric faucets: Faucets made from simplified spheres, cylinders and cubes feel minimalist. Matte black or brass finishes look sharp.
  • Architectural sconces: Avant garde wall sconces with asymmetric shapes show off sculptural style.
  • Industrial lights: Simple pendant lights or sparse wall sconces in raw metals and glass emit an edgy vibe.
  • High-tech toilets: The latest toilets feature integrated bidets, heated seats, automatic lids, and foot flushers for total indulgence.
  • Touchless faucets: Faucets turn on automatically with just a wave of the hand for maximum hygiene and convenience.
  • Smart mirrors: Tech-enhanced mirrors offer custom lighting settings, defoggers, Bluetooth speakers and touch screens to view content.

Embrace technology and permit yourself to appreciate high-design futuristic bathroom fittings in the powder room.

FAQs About Hot Trends for Powder Rooms

What are some of the hottest color trends for powder rooms right now?

Vibrant, saturated hues like emerald green, cobalt blue and mustard yellow are extremely popular. Black accents and finishes also make dramatic style statements.

Should I use wallpaper or paint in my powder room?

It’s really a matter of personal preference and style. Wallpaper makes more of an impact with bold patterns and colors. But paint is easier to change if you want to update things seasonally.

What type of tile works best in powder rooms?

Textured tiles with dimension and pattern are great choices. Moroccan tiles, fishscale tiles, herringbone and hexagons all add visual interest underfoot.

How can I add warmth to my powder room?

Natural wood finishes bring a welcoming warmth. Wood vanities, shelves, mirror frames and floors all help infuse organic texture.

What are some good alternatives to upper cabinets for storage in powder rooms?

Floating shelves, wall-mounted medicine cabinets, under-sink carts and slim floor cabinets maximize storage without dominating the small space.

Should I install a tiny bathtub in my powder room?

Petite freestanding tubs can provide a luxurious spa-like feel. Be sure to have adequate space and waterproof surfaces. Corner tubs maximize tight footprints.


Powder rooms may offer diminutive square footage, but they present the perfect opportunity to embrace bold colors, daring patterns, innovative finishes and ultra-trendy fixtures. Vibrant hues, textural tiles, natural wood elements, and statement wallcoverings are some of the top trends for powder rooms this year.

Clever storage solutions like floating shelves, niche cubbies and under-sink carts allow you to neatly tuck away necessities. Space-saving toilets, sinks and freestanding tubs maximize every inch while adding style.

The versatility of powder rooms means you can take risks with eye-catching materials and finishes you may not choose elsewhere. So embrace your inner design daredevil and create a scene-stealing powder room that packs personality and wow-factor into the smallest of spaces.