With just a few simple changes, you can give your bathroom a whole new look and feel. Here are three easy ways to transform your bathroom without a full remodel.

Replace the Fixtures

Updating your faucets, showerhead, and other fixtures is one of the easiest ways to update a bathroom’s style.

Consider swapping out:

  • Faucets – New faucets can completely change the look of your sinks. Go for a sleek, modern style or traditional elegance. Polished chrome and brushed nickel are popular finishes right now.
  • Showerhead – Upgrade to a rainfall showerhead for a spa-like experience. They come in round and square styles. Choose a finish to match your faucets.
  • Towel bars, toilet paper holders, etc – Match the finish on your new fixtures. Stick to the same metal for a cohesive look.

Even just changing the fixtures can give your bathroom a more luxurious, high-end feel with little effort.

Fresh Paint Color

Painting walls, trim, and ceilings is an affordable way to give your bathroom a new ambiance.

Some popular paint color options include:

  • White – Bright white paint makes your bathroom look clean and crisp. Use it on walls, trim, and ceilings for lots of light and brightness. White also makes your space look bigger.
  • Light gray – For a soothing vibe, light gray is a great neutral. Pair with white trim for contrast.
  • Navy blue – Navy is a bold but classic color choice for bathrooms. It looks especially chic with polished chrome or silver fixtures.
  • Green – Sage green is a tranquil and refreshing bathroom color. For brightness, opt for a mint green.

Painting the walls and ceiling the same color makes the room look bigger. Consider white or light gray to open up a small space.

Swap Out the Hardware

Replacing your cabinet and drawer hardware offers a simple but noticeable change. Swapping in new knobs and pulls updates the look without replacing the whole vanity.

Some popular options include:

  • Matte black hardware – For a modern, sophisticated look
  • Brushed brass – Warm and elegant
  • Chrome or stainless steel – Match chrome fixtures for a cohesive metallic scheme
  • Glass knobs – Add some subtle sparkle

Make sure the scale and style of the new hardware fits the vanity. Keep it cohesive by choosing finishes already in the bathroom – like chrome, brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze.

How to Make Your Bathroom Feel Like New

Giving your bathroom an upgrade doesn’t have to mean a major renovation. With just a few easy changes, you can make your bathroom look and feel brand new.

Update the Lighting

Better lighting can make a big difference. Consider:

  • Replacing outdated fixtures with new vanity and ceiling lights. Pick contemporary styles like drum pendants or rectangular sconces.
  • Adding accent lighting, like recessed lights to brighten up the shower or sconces on each side of the mirror.
  • Installing new light bulbs, like bright white LEDs.
  • Adding mirrors to reflect more light around the room.

Proper lighting eliminates any dark corners and makes the room feel bright and open.

Add Fresh Accessories

Accessories give an easy refresh. Try:

  • New bath mats in colors that pop, like teal or mustard yellow.
  • Fluffy white bath towels for a spa-like feel.
  • A ceramic soap dispenser and toothbrush holder to replace old plastic ones.
  • Floating shelves or wall-mounted macrame plant hangers for greenery.
  • Candles, fuzzy blankets, and other decor to create a soothing retreat.

Keep accessories minimal for a clean, calming look. Choose textures like wood, ceramic and woven accents.

Improve Storage

More storage creates a tidy, organized bathroom. Ways to add storage:

  • Install floating shelves or wall-mounted cabinets. Great for extra towels, toiletries, and decor.
  • Add a freestanding storage cabinet or shelving unit. Provides concealed storage.
  • Use under-sink organizers and drawer dividers. Keep items tucked away but easy to access.
  • Add a bath caddy. Corrals shower essentials for a clutter-free look.

Edit down items so everything has a place. Use baskets, bins and matching containers to organize.

Deep Clean Everything

A thorough deep cleaning makes your bathroom sparkle like new:

  • Scrub surfaces like tile and grout with a strong cleaner. Use a grout brush for grout lines.
  • Clean soap scum and mildew from the shower and tub. Spray with vinegar and scrub.
  • Use baking soda and lemon juice to make chrome fixtures shine.
  • Replace shower curtains every 3-6 months to keep them fresh.
  • Vacuum dust from hard to reach areas and vents.
  • Organize cabinets and drawers so they look tidy. Throw out old products.

A spotless bathroom seems brand new. Develop a bathroom cleaning routine to maintain.

Tips for Updating Your Bathroom on a Budget

Giving your bathroom a fresh new look doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are budget-friendly ways to update your bathroom:


A new coat of paint is an inexpensive way to change the look of your bathroom.


  • Limit yourself to 1-2 colors to save money. Stick with neutrals like white, light gray and beige which hide flaws well.
  • Use semigloss or gloss paint in humid areas like above the shower. It withstands moisture and cleans easily.
  • Paint walls, trim, cabinets and vanity the same color to streamline the look.
  • Use painters tape for clean lines and apply 2-3 thin coats of paint for best coverage.

Update Fixtures

Replace outdated fixtures with new, budget-friendly versions:


  • Swap light fixtures. Low profile LED flush mount lights work well.
  • Buy a new showerhead. Many styles under $30 can provide a spa-like shower.
  • Switch out faucets for simple, sleek designs like widespread faucets under $100.
  • Replace cabinet knobs with inexpensive glass, matte black or metal knobs.

Shop stores like Amazon, Wayfair, IKEA and hardware stores for very affordable options.

Use Accent Tiles

Add some tiles as accents to spruce up existing tile:

Ways to add:

  • As a backsplash behind the sink. Choose a muted glass, marble or stone mosaic tile.
  • Inside the shower niche. Use a brighter color like blue or green glass tile.
  • As a border strip near the floor. Contrast with white or neutral floor tiles.
  • On the lower half of walls with paint above. Creates a stylish two-tone look.

Stick to one colorful tile for pops of color. Install with remodeling adhesive.


Fun accessories add personality on a budget:

Cheap ideas:

  • Woven baskets under the sink to hide clutter.
  • Floating shelves for more space, using brackets and boards.
  • Framed art prints or inexpensive photographs.
  • Ceramic containers for cotton balls and q-tips.
  • Scented candles to create a calming vibe.

Keep it simple and decluttered. Change out accessories seasonally for an easy refresh.

FAQs about Updating Your Bathroom

Get answers to common questions about updating an outdated or dated bathroom:

What are the best DIY projects for a bathroom makeover?

Some of the easiest DIY bathroom updates include:

  • Painting the walls, cabinetry and trim
  • Replacing light fixtures
  • Installing new faucets and shower fixtures
  • Adding accent tiles or backsplashes
  • Hanging new shelves
  • Adding storage baskets and organizers

Focus on quick cosmetic fixes for the most impact. Always turn off water and electricity before replacing fixtures.

What should I change first in my bathroom remodel?

Focus first on essential repairs and safety issues in any bathroom remodel. Some top priorities include:

  • Fixing leaks and improving waterproofing.
  • Replacing worn out caulking and grout.
  • Updating electrical wiring, switches and outlets if needed.
  • Checking for mold and mildew and remediating if present.
  • Ensuring exhaust fans meet code requirements.

Addressing these issues right away prevents bigger problems down the road.

How do I give my bathroom a spa-like feel on a budget?

Some inexpensive ways to give your bathroom a relaxing spa vibe:

  • Paint walls a tranquil color like light green, gray or blue.
  • Display greenery with hanging plants or potted plants on shelves.
  • Use natural elements like woven baskets, wood shelves and linen towels.
  • Add a rainfall showerhead and new shower curtain.
  • Light candles and keep only essentials in sight.
  • Play soft background music and limit noisy ventilation fans.
  • Use calming scents like eucalyptus and lavender.

Creating a simple, peaceful ambiance is key for a home spa bathroom.

What paint finish should I use in a bathroom?

Use semi-gloss or high-gloss paint in bathrooms:

  • It resists moisture well on walls near showers and bathtubs.
  • It’s easy to wipe clean of splatters and smudges.
  • The shine reflects light to make the room seem brighter.

Use 100% acrylic latex paint since oil-based won’t cure well in steamy bathrooms. Prime walls first for best coverage.

How do I give my bathroom floor a new look?

To update a bathroom floor:

  • Refresh grout lines with new grout or grout pen. Choose a lighter color.
  • Use peel-and-stick tile over existing floor as an affordable overlay.
  • Paint tile floors with epoxy paint formulated for bathrooms.
  • Replace bath mats and rugs with fresh colors and styles.
  • Stencil a pattern with paint or use decals for a geometric accent.

Be sure underlayment and subfloor meet bathroom standards if you replace the flooring entirely.


With some creativity and effort, you can give your outdated or boring bathroom a fresh new look. The key is focusing on high-impact changes that provide the most visual change. Things like new paint, updated fixtures, better lighting and accessories make a noticeable difference without the need for a full demolition. Complete essential repairs and maintenance first. Then use these DIY-friendly tips to create a beautiful new bathroom space on any budget.