Adding color to your bathroom can completely transform the space and make it feel fresh and inviting. With just a few simple updates, you can give your tub area an instant facelift. Here are some ideas for adding color to your tub surround.

Paint or Re-glaze the Tub

One of the easiest ways to update the look of your tub area is to paint or re-glaze the tub and tile surround. White tubs are classic, but painting it an accent color like deep blue or emerald green can add personality. Re-glazing kits come in tons of glossy colors from vivid primaries to pastels. This is a budget-friendly way to make it look brand new. Focus the color on the tub basin itself or extend it onto the tile around the tub.

Vibrant Bath Mat

An inexpensive way to test out a fun color is with a new bath mat. Lay it inside the tub as a splash of color when not in use. Or place a plush mat on the floor as a colorful anchor in your neutral bathroom. Mats come in every color imaginable, so pick one that sparks joy!

Bold Bathroom Rug

Trade in your blah bath rug for one that makes a color statement. Having a rug next to your tub is both practical and decorative. Choose one that complements your towels or shower curtain. Bold stripes or geometric prints look great. Or pick a single color that contrasts nicely with your floor tile and walls.

Colorful Shower Curtain

Your shower curtain is like a blank canvas waiting for color. Swap out a tired white liner for one in a vivid shade like cherry red, lime green, or sapphire. Or pick a patterned shower curtain that incorporates multiple colors. There are endless options when it comes to shower curtains, from abstract designs to nature prints. The bonus is they are inexpensive and easy to switch out.

Towels in Complementary Colors

Bring color into your tub area with a set of plush, brightly hued towels. Solid towels in colors like coral, seafoam, and lilac are spa-like. Or pick towels with stripes or patterns for extra visual interest. Then fold them neatly on the towel racks or hooks next to your tub. Bonus points if you coordinate towels with your shower curtain or bath rug!

Fun Wallpaper as Accent

Wallpaper is back in a big way and is perfect for making a color splash in your bathroom. Use removable wallpaper to cover a small section of wall near your tub. Geometric prints, floral designs, and nature motifs all work beautifully. The options range from subtle patterns to bright and bold colors. Go for an accent wall that contrasts the other walls or pick something that ties into your overall color palette.

Paint an Accent Wall

Painting one wall a different color than the others is a simple DIY way to add interest. Choose a rich shade that contrasts the rest of your bathroom. Deep blue-greens, burgundies, and navy are nice next to white tile. Or pick a light, bright color like peach, mint, or sunflower yellow for a cheery accent wall. Focus the color behind or next to your tub for maximum visual impact.

Colorful Storage Baskets

Fill plain wicker or wire baskets with rolled towels, bath products, or bath toys. Then tuck them neatly on shelving or in nooks near your tub. Pick baskets in a rainbow of colors to coordinate with your bathroom. Or choose patterned baskets that add both color and texture. Bonus if you find some with fun shapes like circles, ovals, or octagons for visual appeal.

Soap Dispenser and Canisters

Small accessories in colorful hues can make a big impact. Swap out your basic soap dispenser for one in a shade like cobalt blue, rich purple, or lime green. Glass canisters for cotton balls and Q-tips also come in every color, so coordinate them with your towels or shower curtain. Place near the tub on a small shelf or ledge so they stand out.

Bold Artwork

Hang some vibrant artwork on the wall above your tub or opposite it to really catch the eye. Choose a painting, print or photograph in bright jewel tones or warm shades like coral and mustard yellow. Abstract designs tend to work well to contrast all the hard surfaces. Or pick a piece that pulls in some of your accent colors for a cohesive look.

With a little creativity and color, your humble tub can be the star of your bathroom. Liven things up with paint, accent tiles, rugs, wall decor and more. Don’t be afraid to experiment with vibrant hues or patterns to make your tub area a standout space.

Frequently Asked Questions about Adding Color to Your Tub

How do I paint my tub?

Carefully clean and lightly sand the tub surface. Apply a bonding primer meant for glossy surfaces. Then apply at least 2 coats of high-quality acrylic latex tub paint, allowing proper drying time between coats. Use long, even brush strokes and maintain a wet edge to reduce brush marks.

What are some good accent colors for a bathroom with white tile?

Some excellent accent colors for white tile are deep reds, blues and greens, vivid yellows, dark purples, and warm metallics like bronze and gold. Contrasting shades will really make the white tile pop.

How do I choose a shower curtain to match my towels?

Pick a shower curtain that has some of the same colors as your towels. Solids, stripes, and prints are all great complementary options. Focus on finding similar hues, tones, and color saturation.

Should my bath mat and towels match?

It’s not mandatory but can create a pulled-together look. Use bath towels and mats with similar colors and patterns. Solid white always pairs nicely with any color mat. Contrasting colors can work too for an eclectic vibe.

How do I decorate the wall behind my tub?

Some good options are removable wallpaper, paint in a contrasting color, peel-and-stick tile backsplash, framed artwork, floating shelves, and decorative hanging baskets or planters. Focus on water-resistant materials.

What kind of rug is best next to a bathtub?

Cotton, nylon, polyester, acrylic, microfiber, and olefin are good rug materials for moisture-prone areas. Avoid silk or wool rugs. Opt for a short pile height under 1 inch. Use a rug pad to prevent slips and add cushioning.


It’s easy to breathe new life into your tub area with a variety of simple, colorful updates. Experiment with paint, accessories, towels, rugs, wallpaper and artwork in vibrant shades. Focusing on one main accent color and repeating it throughout creates a cohesive feel. The result is a cheerful, spa-like space you’ll love soaking in. With just a splash of color, that humble tub can transform into a relaxing oasis.