Roosters have long been a symbol of the early morning rise, bringing a cheerful start to the day with their crowing. These colorful birds can also lend their cheery presence to home decor when incorporated through artwork, figurines, textiles, and more. With a wide range of rooster-themed items available, it’s easy to add a touch of farmhouse flair to any space.

Reasons to Decorate with Roosters

There are many reasons rooster decor has become so popular:

Nostalgic Farmhouse Appeal

  • Roosters evoke feelings of nostalgia, reminding many of childhood visits to grandparents’ farms or quaint rural getaways
  • Decorating with roosters and chickens taps into the wildly popular farmhouse aesthetic
  • Adds a cheerful, down-home vibe to kitchens, living rooms, porches and more

Bold Colors & Patterns

  • Roosters naturally come in vivid hues like red, orange and gold
  • Their tail and hackle feathers lend themselves beautifully to graphic, geometric patterns
  • Rooster motifs stand out when used on dishware, drapes, throw pillows and other accessories

Whimsical Accent Pieces

  • Ceramic and metal rooster figurines provide unique accent pieces on shelves and tabletops
  • Fun rooster prints, signs and wall clocks add playful bursts of color and personality
  • Adds an air of lightheartedness to formal or minimalist decor

Tips for Incorporating Rooster Decor

Decorating with roosters is flexible and can range from subtle to bold statements. Here are some tips:

Start with Small Touches

Ease into the look with rooster accents like throw pillows, curtains, or lampshades in rooster fabrics. Vintage-style signs, ceramic figurines and tabletop decor provide small doses without overdoing it.

Choose Colors Carefully

While red and orange roosters are most iconic, rooster decor is available in diverse colors like white, black, blue, yellow and more. Choose colors that pair well with your existing decor.

Mix & Match Patterns

Layer rooster prints with gingham, floral, plaid or graphic patterns on pillows, table linens and curtains. The busy mix evokes cozy, timeworn charm.

Repurpose Vintage Finds

Old crates, baskets and tins can be upcycled with rooster artwork or fabrics for one-of-a-kind accent pieces full of rustic appeal.

Carry the Theme Throughout

For a cohesive look, incorporate rooster designs on drapes, dishware, lampshades, throw blankets, garden flags and more. Keep colors and patterns complementary.

Rooster Decorating Ideas for Every Room

Roosters can crow their way into any room with the right decorative touches. Here are some inspiring ideas.

Kitchen Rooster Decor

  • Ceramic rooster canisters on countertops
  • Rooster dish towels hanging from oven handles
  • Wall clock with rooster silhouette
  • Rooster salt and pepper shaker set
  • Vintage-inspired coffee & tea signs

Living Room Rooster Accents

  • Throw pillows in a rooster print fabric
  • Area rug with colorful rooster motif
  • Metal & wood rooster sculpture on end table
  • Large rooster wall art or gallery of rooster prints
  • Rooster welcome sign next to front door

Bedroom Rooster Themes

  • Rooster quilt or shams on bed
  • Coverlet with rooster pattern at foot of bed
  • Rooster figurines on dresser or bookshelf
  • Large rooster wall decal with inspirational phrase

Bathroom Rooster Touches

  • Shower curtain with rooster print fabric
  • Ceramic rooster soap dispenser
  • Rooster motif bath mat on floor
  • Small rooster sculptures on sink or shelves
  • Framed rooster artwork on the walls

Outdoor Rooster Decor

  • Large rooster garden statue visible from window
  • Rooster weathervane on garden shed or barn
  • Rooster welcome plaque by front walkway
  • Outdoor wall art or metal cutout rooster silhouette
  • Rooster mugs and dishes for patio dining

Tasteful Touches: Avoiding Rooster Overload

While roosters can infuse cheer and vintage appeal, it’s important to practice restraint. Too many rooster tchotchkes and busy rooster fabrics quickly become overwhelming. Avoid these pitfalls:

  • Don’t use rooster designs on every surface – leave some neutral solids and textures
  • Select one or two statement rooster pieces; others should blend in as accents
  • Choose rooster decor items in a cohesive color family so they work together
  • Balance rooster motifs with non-themed decorative elements
  • If using rooster wall decals or murals, choose smaller sizes to avoid dominating a space

Rooster Decor for a Crowing Good Time

With their bright colors, bold patterns and nostalgic farmhouse vibe, decorative roosters can infuse any room with cheerful inspiration. By choosing complementary accents in moderation, rooster designs retain their whimsical, vintage-chic appeal. Just add a few tasteful touches to awaken your decor with some crowing good style.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rooster Decorating

Rooster themes are a popular way to infuse some farmhouse charm into your home. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about incorporating rooster decor.

What are some small ways to start adding rooster accents to my home?

Some easy ways to start adding rooster flair include using rooster dishes and kitchen textiles, displaying ceramic rooster figurines, hanging rooster artwork, placing rooster throw pillows on sofas or beds, using a rooster tablecloth, or setting out rooster floral arrangements.

What are rooster decor ideas for a living room?

For rooster-themed living rooms, try a large rooster wall mural, an area rug with a bold rooster motif, rooster throw pillows on the sofa, rooster-shaped bookends or end table sculptures, and a tabletop rooster centerpiece.

What are some good rooster decor ideas for a kitchen?

Fun rooster kitchen accessories include rooster dishes, canisters, towels, and potholders. Also consider: a rooster wall clock, rooster salt and pepper shakers, a rooster welcome sign by the door, and floral arranging in rooster-themed vases.

How do I avoid going overboard with rooster decor?

Stick to just a few statement rooster pieces, then weave in smaller accents. Rooster wall murals and full print fabrics can overwhelm a space, so opt for smaller rooster artwork and pillows instead. Let non-themed items balance out the look.

How do I pick rooster decor colors?

Traditional barnyard roosters come in red, orange, yellow, black and white. But rooster decor is also available in diverse colors like blue, green, pink and more. Choose rooster colors that coordinate well with your existing furnishings for a pulled-together look.

Are rooster motifs only for a farmhouse style home?

Not at all! The bold colors and graphic patterns of rooster decor can inject cheerful vibrancy into any style, from modern to cottage, vintage to rustic. Rooster accents can be tailored to complement your current aesthetic.

What are creative ways to use vintage items for rooster decor?

Great vintage finds for DIY rooster projects include old crates, wagons, and containers painted or stenciled with roosters. You can also upcycle an antique dresser or buffet by replacing knobs with rooster pulls and displaying rooster artwork on top.

Where can I buy high quality rooster decor items?

Many major retailers like Target, Walmart, and Amazon carry rooster home decor in various price ranges. For unique handmade rooster decor, visit Etsy shops and local craft fairs. Signature boutique lines like Cracker Barrel offer themed rooster collections.

Are there any cons to decorating with a rooster theme?

The main pitfall is overdoing it. Too many rooster motifs can quickly look tacky and haphazard. Focus on a few statement pieces, then embellish with modest accents. Rooster decor also won’t suit everyone’s taste – make sure your style tends toward vintage farmhouse before going all in.


With their vibrant colors and farmhouse vibe, roosters offer a fun, cheerful theme for brightening up your living space. By choosing tasteful accents that complement your existing furnishings and avoiding design overload, you can easily achieve a cohesive look that crows about your great style. Embrace your inner early bird and give your decor a wake-up call with rooster flair that rises to the occasion.