Decorating your home can be an exciting and rewarding experience. One trend that is gaining popularity is using book pages and book prints as wallpaper. This unique decor style allows you to infuse personality and visual interest into any room. Here is an in-depth look at how book wallpaper can transform your rooms.

What is Book Wallpaper?

Book wallpaper, also sometimes called “novelty wallpaper,” utilizes pages from books, sheet music, maps, and more as a wall covering. While regular wallpaper often has repeating patterns, book pages are unique pieces that create an eclectic, one-of-a-kind look.

Book page wallpaper first emerged in the 1970s but has seen a major revival in recent years. Today, you can find book pages applied in a variety of ways to create stunning accents walls or to paper entire rooms.

Benefits of Using Book Wallpaper

There are many reasons to consider using book pages as wallpaper in your home:

Visual Interest

Book paper brings loads of visual intrigue to walls. The pages often feature a mixture of text, illustrations, and other graphics that catch the eye. The layers create dimension and the varied pages make for an organic, free-flowing look.


Decorating with book paper allows you to highlight your interests and personality. Wallpaper your room with pages from your favorite novel, sheet music of beloved songs, a collection of vintage postcards, or old encyclopedia entries. The choices are endless!


Many book page wallpaper projects utilize old, discarded books. This makes the wallpaper extremely budget-friendly. Even if you purchase new book page rolls, it is still an affordable option compared to many designer wallpapers.

Easy Application

Applying book paper as wallpaper is surprisingly simple, even for novices. The pages go up with wallpaper paste or removable adhesive just like regular wallpaper. The lightweight paper is also easy to cut and shape to walls.


Book page wallpaper can be tailored to your exact specifications. Pick and choose the pages you want and arrange them in whatever pattern you desire. Mix colors, textures, page orientations – anything goes!

How to Apply Book Wallpaper

Now that you know the unique benefits of book wallpaper, let’s look at how to apply it:

Select Pages

Thumb through books and select pages that catch your eye. Seek out pages with colors, graphics, shapes, fonts, or content that appeals to you. Gather at least 50% more pages than you think you’ll need.

Prepare the Pages

Use scissors or a paper cutter to cut pages down to size. Cut along text or image edges for a seamless look. Remove any staples or bindings. Sort pages into color schemes if desired.

Adhere the Pages

Apply a thin layer of wallpaper adhesive to the back of each page. Carefully align on the wall, smoothing out any bubbles or wrinkles. Use a wallpaper scraper to ensure strong adhesion. Adhere pages edge-to-edge or overlap slightly.

Consider Sealing

Once dried, the pages can be sealed with a matte or satin sealant. This protects the paper and prevents staining or damage. Sealing is optional but recommended for kitchens, baths, and high-traffic areas.

Design Inspiration

Book page wallpaper provides so many creative possibilities! Here are some striking ways to implement this unique wall covering:

Accent Wall

Make a bold statement by wallpapering one accent wall in a room. Use eye-catching oversized pages or vivid colors to draw attention to it. Weave contrasting pages together for added drama.

Patchwork Style

For a funky patchwork aesthetic, arrange mismatched pages in a random collage pattern. Mix different paper types, colors, graphics and textures for lots of diversity.


Select book pages in shades of a single color to create a tone-on-tone monochromatic effect. It’s clean, modern and chic. Add visual variety with different page orientations and fonts.

Shelves Integration

Incorporate book spines wallpaper seamlessly into built-in shelves. Continue the pages right over the shelves for a cohesive, built-in look. Use related book titles or binding colors.

Statement Ceiling

Take book pages right overhead for a ceiling that makes a statement! Use a page montage, comic strips or sheet music to enhance a powder room or reading nook ceiling.

Tips for Success

To execute book wallpaper flawlessly, keep these top tips in mind:

  • Use pages from old, discarded books whenever possible. Check thrift shops and library sales for book selection.
  • Pre-trim pages to fit your wall space prior to adhering. This prevents frustration and wasted paper.
  • Overlap pages slightly so seams are barely visible. Seamless transitions look best.
  • Work top to bottom in small sections for easier page alignment and smoother application.
  • Use removable adhesive like wallpaper paste so pages can be repositioned if needed during application.
  • Opt for satin or matte sealants that won’t alter the appearance of pages. Glossy sealants can create glare.


Still have questions about creating bookish wallpaper? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What types of book pages work best?

Text-heavy pages and pages with large artwork or prints work very well. Avoid thin, transparency pages prone to ripping.

Is special adhesive required?

Regular wallpaper adhesive will suffice in most applications. For ceilings or heavy books, stronger adhesive may be needed.

How durable is book wallpaper?

Sealed book paper can hold up well on walls in most rooms. Use sealant and avoid moisture to prevent stains or damage.

Can book pages be removed?

If installed with removable, non-permanent adhesive, the pages can be taken down when desired and walls restored.

Where is book wallpaper appropriate?

It’s well-suited to accent walls, hallways, offices, and bedrooms. Use sealant if installing in kitchens, baths or kids’ rooms.

Revive Your Rooms with Bookish Wallpaper

Book page wallpaper opens up amazing design possibilities for remodeling or revitalizing rooms. Visually appealing, meaningfully sentimental and full of customization potential, walls of book paper create focal features that reflect personal style. With some imagination and creative book selections, you can craft wallpaper that tells a vivid visual story while sprucing up your living spaces. Let your rooms take a page from books and see how this hot trend transforms your home decor.


Book wallpaper offers a fresh, artistic approach for decorating walls in any room. The eclectic, free-flowing look of book pages creates visual interest and allows you to infuse walls with personalized style. This on-trend wall covering is also budget-friendly and easy to install. With limitless options for selecting and arranging book pages, the design possibilities are endless. Wallpaper your space with pages that inspire you and enjoy the creativity, self-expression and intrigue book paper wallcoverings can bring into your home.