Redecorating and remodeling a room can feel like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. With some strategic planning and the right focal piece, you can easily remake a room by starting with just one big, statement-making furniture item or architectural element.

Why Start With One Big Piece?

Beginning your room remake with a single impressive piece as the inspiration has many advantages:

  • It instantly becomes the heart of the space and sets the tone for the rest of the design.
  • It helps anchor the layout and makes planning the remainder of the room easier.
  • The right statement piece catches the eye and makes the room feel curated.
  • It’s often easier to choose one focal item vs. many accessories.
  • The big item can influence other design choices like color palette, materials, and styling.
  • It creates an opportunity to build the rest of the room around something you love.

How to Choose That Special Piece

Selecting the right scene-stealing piece to build your room around is an important first step. Here are tips for choosing it:

  • Consider your style: Is your aesthetic modern, traditional, rustic? Match the piece to your overall decor goals.
  • Think about function: Choose an item that will work well for the purpose of the room. For living rooms, it may be a statement sofa or eye-catching shelving unit.
  • Evaluate the size: Make sure the scale of the piece suits the proportions of the space. Measure to ensure it will fit!
  • Look for quality: A focal item should be well-made and durable since it will get so much use.
  • Add unique character: Seek out something that expresses your personality and tastes through unusual shapes, bold colors, or interesting materials.
  • Skip matching sets: Standalone statement pieces often have greater design impact than sets or suites.
  • Check the budget: Big splurges aren’t required. Even small rooms can star a fabulous focal item on a budget.

Statement Pieces for Different Rooms

Every space offers possibilities for rebooting your style with a wow-factor main event piece. Consider these ideas:

Statement Pieces for Living Rooms

The living room is one of the best places to showcase a bold signature item since it’s a natural gathering spot. Focal point options include:

  • Sofa: A curvy velvet sofa in jewel-tone emerald or an extra-long midcentury sofa in orange leather makes a lounge-worthy statement.
  • Chair: Whether it’s a striking barrel chair, unusual shaped accent chair, or modern molded armchair, a singular seat steals the focus.
  • Coffee table: A marble-top brass coffee table, carved wood trunk table, or colorful mosaic table draws attention.
  • Media cabinet: A retro credenza, ornately carved cabinet, or stark painted unit gives wow-factor to TV storage.
  • Fireplace: For rooms with existing fireplaces, refresh the style with a new natural stone or tile surround.
  • Bookcase: An architectural bookcase in glossy lacquer or with distinctive details provides a conversation starter.

Statement Pieces for Bedrooms

Bedrooms deserve special statement-makers to create an inviting oasis. Lead with magnificent beds, dressers, or seating:

  • Bed: Make the bed the star with styles like a canopy bed frame, upholstered headboard, or turned-wood poster bed in a bold color.
  • Bench: An extravagant bench at the foot of the bed lends drama – try carved woods or velvet.
  • Armoire: A large distressed wood armoire packs visual punch, especially flanking the bed.
  • Dresser: A dresser in an exaggerated shape (bombe), chic lacquer, or with antiqued mirror provides bedroom allure.
  • Chairs: Style a sitting vignette around a striking barrel chair, chaise lounge, or slipper chair.
  • Headboard: Just upgrading the headboard makes a statement – try leather, tufted, Lucite, or metal designs.

Statement Pieces for Kitchens

Kitchens are great spaces for one bold piece to take the lead since cabinetry and appliances can blend together. Make a statement with:

  • Island: A kitchen island on casters with a marble or butcher block top and plentiful seating space instantly becomes the workhorse centerpiece.
  • Range hood: Swap a basic range hood for a restaurant-worthy focal point version in sculpted metal, rich wood, or gleaming tile.
  • Sink: Farmhouse, hammered copper, stone vessel, or sculptural metal sinks make the everyday feel extraordinary.
  • Lighting: A dazzling pendant like a crystal chandelier or retro sputnik becomes the shining star over the island or dining table.
  • Cabinetry: Lacquered cabinets in gleaming black or hand-painted sage green make that storage space say wow.
  • Refrigerator: Choose an eye-catching pro-style fridge in stainless, vibrant color or with wood panels for flair.

Statement Pieces for Dining Rooms

The dining room deserves special statement treatment as a gathering place for family and friends. Lead with:

  • Dining table: A substantial wooden table with inlaid stone or metal bases makes dining dramatic.
  • Chairs: The chairs become the focus with styles like acrylic, grand velvet host chairs, or vintage painted wood seating.
  • Buffet: A bold buffet like an antique server or painted shabby chic sideboard provides function with flair.
  • Lighting: A sparkling crystal chandelier impresses onlookers from above and casts magical light.
  • China cabinet: Store china and display collectibles within a stately lacquered cabinet with glass doors.
  • Bench: An upholstered bench makes a cushy statement for seating at the head or foot of the table.

Statement Pieces for Home Offices

Working from home is more pleasant with an inspiring focal point:

  • Desk: A massive wooden executive desk, Modernist metal and glass design, or colorful lacquer workspace motivates.
  • Chair: Sit pretty at a distinctive desk chair like an Eames lounge, club chair, or fur-embellished seat.
  • Bookcase: Make a smart storage statement with an architectural bookcase in wood, metal and glass, or with funky colors.
  • Cabinets: Retro wood file cabinets, industrial metal laterals, or glossy storage in surprising colors amp up organization.
  • Lighting: An eye-catching pendant light like a midcentury starburst, gleaming orb, or colorful blown glass provides illumination with flair.

Design Strategies to Build Around a Statement Piece

Once you’ve selected that special star item, now the fun begins! Build out the rest of the room around the piece using these design strategies:

Compliment Without Competing

Choose additional items in the space that enhance your statement piece rather than competing with it. They should complement, not distract from the star.

  • Repeat colors: If your statement furniture features bold teal velvet, echo the color in pillows, drapes, and accessories.
  • Play up textures: If your focal point has an interesting nubby or reflective texture, introduce more items with tactile appeal.
  • Mimic shapes: If your statement chair has curved oval arms, find oval mirrors, lighting, rugs, and wall decor to reference its shape.
  • Tie-in materials: If the statement piece uses marble, add more marble accents throughout with trays, vases, lamps bases, etc.

Scale is Crucial

When decorating a room around a statement piece, scale is an important consideration. Chose accent items of an appropriate size so the room doesn’t feel off balance.

  • Big furniture: Pair oversized statement sofas or sectionals with substantial coffee tables and large format artwork.
  • Small furniture: Petite chairs or dainty dressers look best balanced by smaller side tables and decorative objects.
  • Ceiling height: Size lighting, art, and window treatments up or down depending on your room’s vertical proportions.

Provide Contrast

While you want accents that complement your statement piece, don’t match everything. Contrast is important for visual interest.

  • Lighter and darker: Pair a dark dramatic piece like an ebony wood buffet with lighter chairs and window treatments.
  • Smooth and textural: Combine a sleek modern glass coffee table with nubby rugs and textured pillows nearby.
  • Matte and shine: With a lacquered furniture focal point, introduce antiqued metals and matte fabrics into the room for contrast.

Strategic Placement Is Key

Carefully consider where to place your statement piece so it becomes a natural focus.

  • Focal walls: Position the statement piece on a main focal wall, avoiding cluttered corners or floating off on its own.
  • Entryways: Placing a statement piece where it greets you when entering a room makes it more impactful.
  • Gathering areas: Centrally locate statement sofas or dining tables where people are sure to gather around.
  • Beds: Put an eye-catching bed in a bedroom as the main feature you see upon entering.

Remaking a Room By Category

Ready to start your room remake? Here are inspiring ideas for bold statement pieces organized by category:

Lighting Statements

Illuminate your space in style with a singular lighting focal point:

  • Oversize pendant light suspended above a kitchen island
  • Linear midcentury chandelier over a dining table
  • Sculptural arc floor lamp in a sitting room
  • Sputnik orb lighting as the star of a bedroom
  • Bold black drum shade suspended low in an entry hall
  • Industrial cage pendant light in a kitchen or workspace
  • Eye-catching oversize sconces flanking a focal wall

Furniture Statements

Make a memorable furniture statement with these ideas:

  • Tufted velvet sofa as the anchor of a living room
  • Dramatic four poster bed in rich wood for a bedroom retreat
  • Marble topped bar cart that steals the show in a lounge area
  • Extra long wooden dining table with metal tapered legs
  • Curvaceous swivel barrel chair accented with lush pillows
  • Distressed wood buffet punctuated by carved details
  • Vintage persimmon leather club chairs facing each other

Architectural Statements

Alter architecture and surfaces to transform a room’s style:

  • Exposed brick wall that adds an industrial vibe
  • Arched doorway connecting two rooms for open plan drama
  • Tiled wall in the kitchen as splashy focal point
  • Vaulted or wood beamed ceiling that makes a style statement from above
  • Wood paneled accent wall lending warmth behind seating
  • Palette-shaped tile floor mosaic stealing the focus underfoot
  • Floor-to-ceiling built-in bookcase for maximum storage style

Textile Statements

Employ textiles as transformative room centerpieces:

  • Oversized Moroccan carpet with colorful geometric motifs
  • Patterned fabric roman shades in vibrant colors at the windows
  • Tufted circular ottoman upholstered in eye-catching metallic velvet
  • Custom swagged velvet curtains puddling onto a hardwood floor
  • Statement throw pillows in a mix of beaded, embroidered, and tapestry styles
  • Wall of fabric featuring arranged embroidered kilim pillows
  • Extra wide-stripe upholstered headboard in bold contrast shades

Art & Accessory Statements

Make artwork, mirrors or displays your room’s star:

  • Oversized gallery arrangement of abstract art prints
  • Vibrant oversize still life painting above a sideboard
  • Large gilded oval mirror reflecting light dramatically
  • Metal tree-shaped floor sculpture injecting organic style
  • Display of collected vintage pottery creating visual interest
  • Round stone vessel fountain lending serene bubbling auditory accents
  • Horizontal composition of frame photos touring a year of travel

Wall Treatment Statements

Reimagine walls with special treatments and finishes:

  • Peel-and-stick wallpaper with stylized floral motifs
  • Warm wood planks arranged in a geometric herringbone pattern
  • Faux stone or exposed brick treatment transforming a basic wall
  • Paint technique like ombre tones fading from light to dark
  • Metallic grasscloth wallcovering lending subtle glimmering shine
  • Salvaged barnwood arranged artistically as a textured accent wall
  • Wall of framed art prints that makes a colorful statement

Tying It All Together

After selecting your statement piece and building out the room around it, remember to step back and look at the space as a cohesive whole. Ask yourself:

  • Do all the colors, textures, shapes and styles work together in harmony? Make adjustments if items seem disconnected or random.
  • Is there visual balance between large and small elements? Add more substantial items or scale down pieces if needed.
  • Does the statement piece still stand out or does it blend in too much now? Edit accessory items if necessary.
  • Does the room appropriately reflect your personal style and design goals? Make changes to better match your aesthetic.

The Impact of a Strong Statement

Redesigning a space by starting with one special statement piece can make a dramatic difference. This focused approach helps rooms feel curated vs. haphazard or matchy-matchy.

By leading with that singular wow element you love as the anchor, then thoughtfully layering in well-selected complementary accents, you can give any room in your home an elevated, pulled-together look. Choosing the right statement piece reflects your personality and gives your space that special dose of you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best statement piece for a living room?

Some top options for bold living room statement pieces include sofas, sectionals, large mirrors, media cabinets, coffee tables, accent chairs, and fireplaces. Choose whichever piece most reflects your personal style.

How do I choose a statement piece?

When selecting a statement piece, consider your style, the room’s size and proportions, quality, character, budget, and how it will be used. Choose something that excites you and fits the space.

Should a statement piece be colorful?

Not necessarily. It’s fine for a statement piece to be neutral if it commands attention through spectacular style. Color is one way to make it stand out, but an item can also wow with its shape, size, details, or materials.

Is it better to start with a large or small statement piece?

There are no set rules! You can lead with large or small. Just ensure a small piece packs a visual punch and a large piece suits the room size. Scale between the statement and other items should feel balanced.

How much should you spend on a statement piece?

Spend what fits your budget. A statement piece doesn’t have to be wildly expensive. Even inexpensive items like paint, wallpaper, or cleverly styled flea market finds can make sensational (and wallet-friendly) statements.


Reimagining a tired space by starting with one special statement piece can be a fun, achievable DIY project. Thoughtfully planning that eye-catching focal point purchase allows you to reboot your room’s style in a fresh new direction.

By strategically designing and decorating around your bold statement piece, suddenly your room looks pulled-together and polished. The final effect is a curated, collected space that reflects your personal vision.

So don’t be afraid to take that first big step with one dramatic statement-maker you adore. Let it lead the way in remaking your room into a personalized oasis!