In designing and organizing your kitchen, storage and views are key elements to consider. Like a game of chess, you need to plan your moves carefully to maximize function and aesthetics. This article explores clever tips and ideas to help you play the trading game of balancing storage and views in your kitchen remodel or redesign.

Why Kitchen Storage and Views are Crucial

Your kitchen is often the busiest room in the house and the heart of your home. You likely spend a good deal of time cooking, eating, socializing and even working in this space. Having adequate and smart storage is essential for keeping your kitchen organized and clutter-free. The layout and views create the backdrop and ambiance for these daily experiences.

When storage is insufficient or poorly planned, it can lead to messy countertops, overstuffed drawers, and wasted space. Limited views make the room feel closed in and smaller. By optimizing both form and function, you can create a kitchen that is highly functional, comfortable, and visually appealing. Approach your kitchen design like a chess match, strategically trading off storage and views.

Play the Trading Game with Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets provide abundant storage but can dominate visually. Here are some ideas for smart cabinetry design:

Mix Open and Closed Cabinets

Too many upper cabinets can make a kitchen feel dark and closed in. Include some open shelving to lighten up the look. Glass-front cabinets also maintain views while neatly storing items.

Use Wall-Hung Cabinets

Hanging wall cabinets higher opens up views and makes ceilings appear taller. You can fit more items on the wall while maintaining openness.

Incorporate Glass Doors

Glass-front cabinet doors maintain views while concealing contents. For a lighter look, have glass doors on just the upper cabinets.

Try a Glass Corner

Instead of a blind corner cabinet, use a glass corner unit. This maintains views while neatly storing items.

Opt for Shallower Depth

Standard depth for upper cabinets is 12 inches. Choosing cabinets with 9-10 inch depth minimizes visual bulkiness.

Include Pull-Outs

Roll-out trays, lazy susans and pull-out cabinetry maximize storage while taking up minimal space. Strategically use these items.

Make a Statement with Color

Colorful cabinets make a bold statement while creatively concealing contents. Try vibrant blue or green glass fronts.

With smart cabinetry design, you can have abundant, organized storage while maintaining light, open views. Creatively play the trading game.

Open Shelving – The Great Storage vs. Views Debate

Open shelving is very popular for its airy, unobstructed views. But it also comes with some downsides:

  • Displays every item, requiring disciplined organization
  • Provides no concealment, showing clutter
  • Offers no protection from grease, dust or spills
  • Has limited storage due to smaller surface areas

If planning open shelves, consider:

  • Locating them away from cooking splatter zones
  • Using them sparingly for accent, not primary kitchen storage
  • Storing only attractive, decorative items on them
  • Keeping them well-organized at all times

You may wish to do open shelving in just certain zones like an accent beverage station or plate display area. Play the trading game wisely when incorporating open shelves.

Island Storage – A Tricky Balance

The kitchen island often becomes the focal point, making storage and views here particularly important. Here are some island storage ideas:

Try Open Shelving Below

This combines ample views with accessible storage for items like cookbooks. Keep the shelves well styled.

Incorporate a Wine Rack

Displaying wine bottles makes an attractive accent while storing an everyday item.

Use Baskets or Bins

House items like fruits or baking supplies in decorative baskets to corral clutter.

Include a Recycling Center

Designate part of the island for sorting recycling. Use bins or a pull-out caddy.

Opt for Drawers Over Doors

Drawers efficiently utilize every inch while keeping a clean, integrated look.

Carefully weigh open shelving versus closed cabinetry in your island design. Be selective about displaying versus concealing.

Play with Pantry Storage

An organized pantry is essential for keeping kitchen items out of sight. Maximize your pantry storage with these tips:

  • Install floor-to-ceiling shelving to use every inch possible.
  • Incorporate pull-out drawers for storing canned goods and other items.
  • Use lazy susans or turntables for easier access to items.
  • Include deep drawers to hold appliances like stand mixers.
  • Place a tension rod across the width for hanging utensils.
  • Use clear canisters to identify contents while maintaining views.
  • Incorporate a combo of open and concealed areas.

With creative pantry storage, you can keep a spacious, uncluttered kitchen while housing every item out of sight.

Trading Views and Storage with Windows

Windows provide beautiful views and natural light but can also limit wall storage space. Some window ideas:

  • Place windows above wall cabinets or shelving. This doesn’t disrupt storage.
  • Use glass-front cabinets below windows to reflect more light.
  • Incorporate a window seat with storage inside.
  • Opt for smaller accent windows instead of large spans.
  • Add high clerestory windows near the ceiling.

Carefully place windows to balance views with storage. Locate them in areas where cabinets aren’t essential.

Views and Storage with Countertops

Your countertops need to provide ample workspace while remaining clutter-free. Some ideas:

  • Keep counters clear by storing appliances in cabinets or on backsplashes.
  • Use deep drawers or roll-out trays below counters for concealed storage.
  • If open shelving below, keep items in attractive containers.
  • Incorporate a pop-up outlet strip to reduce appliance clutter.
  • Design multiple work zones like snack bars or drink stations.

Strategically use countertops as clean, streamlined work areas. Conceal rather than display.

Final Thoughts on Trading Storage and Views

Your kitchen remodel involves many complex decisions. Storage and views significantly impact form and function. Creatively play the trading game to achieve both.

  • Use glass cabinets, open shelving and drawers strategically.
  • Conceal clutter in pantries and deep drawers.
  • Allow light and views with carefully placed windows.
  • Display decorative items yet corral everyday clutter.

With thoughtful design, your kitchen can delight both the eye and your organizational needs. Don’t settle for either-or; skillfully play the trading game to master kitchen views and storage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Trading Kitchen Storage and Views

Kitchen storage and views involve some key questions. Here are helpful answers to some FAQs:

What are some good guidelines for balancing kitchen views and storage?

Some general tips are: use glass cabinetry selectively to maintain views while concealing clutter; incorporate a variety of storage solutions like drawers, pull-outs and open shelving; keep counters and islands clear with hidden storage; position windows carefully to allow light while maximizing storage opportunities. Play the trading game with each design choice.

How much emphasis should be placed on views versus storage?

Storage should take priority since ample places to put items are essential. But views are also very important for providing an open, airy ambiance. Seek to creatively incorporate both. You may need to trade some views to gain storage around windows or other openings. Have concealed storage like drawers to allow open views.

What kind of storage solutions are best for a small kitchen?

For a small kitchen, storage density is crucial. Options like pull-out cabinets, corner lazy susans, drawer organizers, and multi-layer pull-outs maximize storage in compact footprints. A pantry can house lesser-used items. Shelving to the ceiling provides more space. Glass-front cabinets maintain views. Prioritize smart, space-efficient storage.

Should everything be concealed behind cabinet doors?

While concealed storage is ideal for clutter, some open shelving can provide a lighter look. Glass-front cabinets also maintain views. Have a plan for keeping openly displayed items tidy and well-styled. Use open storage in strategic accent areas, not for your entire kitchen.

How do you determine the best placement for windows to balance views and storage?

Avoid placing large windows directly above sinks or counters where you need storage. Position them higher, such as clerestory windows near ceilings. For longer spans, break up the opening with some wall cabinets or shelving. Place windows where cabinets or wall storage aren’t essential like adjacent to a dining table.


Play the trading game skillfully when designing your kitchen storage and views. Maximize function while retaining beauty by creatively concealing clutter and allowing light. With a thoughtful, strategic approach, you can have the best of both worlds – a kitchen that operates like a well-oiled machine while providing a bright, inviting ambiance. Keep the end goal in sight and make your moves carefully.

Advantages of Glass Tabletops to Enhance Your Home

Glass is an on-trend and versatile material that can create a beautiful, light-filled look in your dining room or kitchen. Glass tabletops provide a range of benefits that make them a popular furniture choice. Here are some of the key advantages of incorporating glass tabletops to enhance your home:

Clear Views

Transparent glass maintains open views, making spaces feel more expansive. Since you can see right through the surface, the room appears more open and airy. This can provide a refreshing, modern ambiance. Glass tops allow you to appreciate lovely features like wooden bases or designer chairs.

Reflects Light Beautifully

The reflective nature of glass beautifully captures and amplifies natural and artificial lighting in a room. Sunlight radiates through a glass dining table, making the space glow. Glass tops also reflect chandelier or pendant lights above for dramatic sparkle. The light-transmitting properties contribute to the spacious feeling.

Sleek, Streamlined Look

Glass has a light, weightless appearance that creates a clean-lined, contemporary style. The sleek transparency flatters many decors from industrial to traditional. A glass top dining set coordinates well with open concept kitchens and minimalist rooms. Mixing glass and wood can achieve a modern yet warm look.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Glass tops are very simple to clean – just wipe with a soft cloth or use a glass cleaner. The smooth surface won’t trap grease and residues like porous materials can. Spills and messes are quickly cleaned up. You don’t have to worry about sealing, polishing or refinishing glass regularly.

Great for Small Spaces

The lightweight, slender profile of a glass table makes it a perfect choice for modest rooms. Glass tops take up less visual space than bulky wooden or stone tables, opening up cramped dining areas. The airy transparency contributes to the effect.

With its aesthetically-pleasing and practical qualities, glass is a prized choice for tabletops. Take advantage of the merits of glass to create an elegant, fuss-free dining space. A glass top instantly escalates the décor.

Smart Solutions for Maximizing Kitchen Storage

Kitchens tend to attract mounds of supplies, appliances, dishes and more. Without sufficient and intelligent storage, these items can quickly lead to clutter and frustration. Maximize your kitchen’s storage potential with these savvy solutions:

Pantry Perfection

A well-designed pantry should be the storage command center for your kitchen items. Maximize every inch with:

  • Shelving from floor to ceiling
  • Pull-out drawers for canned goods
  • Adjustable shelves for varied heights
  • Deep drawers for appliances
  • Turntables for corner access
  • Tension rods for utensil hanging
  • Open and closed storage areas

Aim for functionality over just a pretty pantry aesthetic. Focus on smart, space-efficient storage.

Cabinet Elevation

Raising wall cabinets higher opens up views and storage space. You can:

  • Hang lower cabinets at standard height
  • Install upper cabinets closer to the ceiling
  • Place glass-front uppers even higher

This provides abundant concealed storage while keeping the room open.

Drawer Domination

Drawers efficiently use every inch of available space while also keeping items organized and accessible. Incorporate drawers:

  • Under sinks, cooktops and prep areas
  • For pots, pans, cooking utensils
  • For cutting boards, trays, foil, wrap
  • Deep drawers for stand mixers, electric fry pans

Let drawers be your primary cabinetry rather than just doors.

Pull-Out Possibilities

Roll-out trays, racks and sliding storage provide easy access to items tucked away. Try pull-outs for:

  • Spices, oils and condiments
  • Waste and recycling bins
  • Baking sheets, cooling racks
  • Mixer storage
  • Breakfast bar items

Pull-outs maximize use of each inch of space.

Multi-Task Islands

Make kitchen islands work triple time as dining, prep and storage space. Incorporate:

  • Hanging utensil racks
  • Shelving for cookbooks
  • Drawers for kitchen tools
  • Wine racks
  • Recycling bins
  • Baskets for fruit or baking items

Make every island inch do some storage work.

With creative solutions, you can have a kitchen that’s optimized for function while still providing beautiful and open views. Don’t settle for clutter – play the trading game to win at kitchen storage.

Making a Statement with Fun Kitchen Backsplashes

While often a smaller element, your kitchen backsplash provides a prime opportunity to infuse personality and artistry. From vibrant colors to eclectic materials, a fun backsplash can capture attention. Here are inspiring ideas for backsplashes that make a stylish statement:

Play with Vibrant Color

Colorful backsplashes are a daring yet delightful way to pumpkin spice up your kitchen. Try:

  • A graphic pop of chartreuse or citron yellow
  • An ombre blend of soft pastel hues
  • Handmade subway tiles in rich emerald green
  • An vibrant orange glossy ceramic herringbone

Don’t be afraid to go bold with exhilarating color. It can bring energy and creativity.

Make a Textured Statement

Dimension and texture provide visual flair. Consider:

  • A 3D tile pattern for sculptural depth
  • Slate or hand-chiseled stone for organic texture
  • River rocks or pebbles in a polished concrete niche
  • Ruffles and flutes in ceramic tile shapes

Move beyond flat and sleek for tactile appeal.

Display Vintage Character

Weathered elements like reclaimed wood or antique bricks can provide a charming vintage vibe. Ideas include:

  • An accent wall of varied old bricks or stones
  • Cladding lower zones in reclaimed barnwood
  • Salvaged tin ceiling tiles as geometric medallions
  • Rustically carved and whitewashed beams

Show off the old to create new character.

Say It with Shapes

Geometric, artistic or sculptural shaped tiles make for an eye-catching mosaic. Consider:

  • Hexagons, triangles and diamonds
  • Interlocking circles and curves
  • Three-dimensional cube or pyramid tiles
  • Freeform cracked glass tile designs
  • Metallic arrow, leaf or flower-shaped inserts

Shape and form add flair.

Feature Natural Beauty

Natural materials like wood, stone and shells exude organic beauty. Try:

  • A stone: slate, travertine, quartzite, marble
  • Wood planks, shingles or 3D boxes
  • River rock tiles or pebbles in concrete
  • Seashells, sea glass or agate slices

Earthy elegance shines through.

With limitless options for materials, textures, colors and shapes, you can design a truly distinctive kitchen backsplash. Make it a standout piece of art.

Clever Storage Solutions for Tricky Kitchen Corners

Kitchen corners tend to become wasted space or trap clutter due to poor accessibility. But you can transform useless corners into highly functional storage with these clever solutions:

Install Rotating Corner Shelves

Also called lazy susans, these spinning shelves make items easily reachable in corner cabinets. Great for dishes, spices, cans and condiments.

Use Vertical Dividers

Place adjustable vertical dividers to hold baking sheets upright and separate lids from pans. Keep similar items together.

Opt for Cabinet Diagonals

Diagonal cabinetry, like in a sink base, fully utilizes awkward spaces. Handles are easily accessed.

Try Pull-Out Racks

Install pull-out metal racks to neatly hold pans, cutting boards, trays or appliances. Efficiently uses every inch.

Get a Tiered Organizer

Multi-tiered corner organizers with step shapes maximize vertical storage. Ideal for spices, snacks, or craft supplies.

Incorporate Drawers

Consider drawers instead of cabinet doors. They provide full access instead of limiting your view and reach.

Add Under-Shelf Rails

Mount rails with S-hooks under shelves to hang utensils, pots or towels. Utilizes unused space below.

Consider Open Shelving

If the corner will stay neatly organized, open shelving displays items decoratively. Use bins or baskets.

Include Wasted Wall Space

Use wasted narrow walls for shallow shelves, magnetic strips, picture ledges, or pegboards.

With a bit of creativity, you can transform every awkward kitchen corner and alcove into a storage hot spot. You’ll reclaim space while keeping items organized and accessible.

Choosing the Optimal Kitchen Island Size

The kitchen island is often the focal point, so choosing the ideal size is key. Consider these tips:

  • Allow Minimum 36″ Clearances

Islands under 36″ wide can create bottlenecks. Allow at least 42-48″ circulation space.

  • Size for Room Proportions

A monstrous island in a petite kitchen overwhelms. Scale appropriately for room size.