Adding bright, sunny colors like yellow and orange to your home’s interior can instantly liven up the space. These cheerful hues promote feelings of happiness and warmth, making them excellent choices for painting accent walls, furniture, front doors and more. Here are 7 fresh ways to use vibrant yellow and orange paint colors in your home.

Incorporate Yellow Accents

Using yellow as an accent color is a simple way to add a burst of brightness to any room. Try painting a single wall yellow in living rooms, bedrooms and dining spaces for a fun pop of color. Yellow also works well on front doors, cabinets, bookshelves and other built-in storage pieces. Some creative ways to use yellow accents include:

  • Paint an accent wall in a rich golden yellow hue to make it stand out. Complement it with neutral furniture and accessories.
  • Give your front door a cheerful update by painting it yellow. Try a bright lemon or daffodil shade.
  • Paint built-in bookshelves or cabinetry yellow for a playful pop of color in a neutral room.
  • Use yellow on the back of bookshelves or open cabinets to add a vivid accent when the cabinet doors are open.
  • Paint a base kitchen cabinet or island yellow while keeping the upper cabinets a neutral white or wood tone.

Use Orange as an Inviting Accent

Orange paint colors add energy and warmth to a space. They work perfectly as accents in most rooms of the home. Consider using orange in the following ways:

  • Paint a deep burnt orange accent wall in a living room or bedroom. It provides a cozy, welcoming backdrop.
  • Give dull kitchen cabinets new life by painting them orange. Try a retro orange shade on lower cabinets.
  • Paint a home office wall orange to energize the space and boost creativity.
  • Add a burst of orange to a gray dining room by painting one wall in a vibrant citrus tone.
  • Paint the back wall of built-in bookcases orange to create a dramatic focal point when the shelves are styled.
  • Freshen up kitchen open shelving by painting the back panel a bright orange hue.

Create an Energizing Gallery Wall

An orange and yellow gallery wall makes for an eye-catching accent in any room. Fill the wall with a mix of brightly colored and black and white framed art, prints and photographs. The bold wall will uplift any living room, bedroom, kitchen, entryway or hallway. Here are some tips:

  • Choose one bright color as an accent, like orange or yellow, and use it on a few frames or mats. This ties the eclectic gallery wall together.
  • Alternate black and white prints with vivid pops of yellow, citrus orange, bright persimmon and other playful shades.
  • Opt for square and rectangular frames in a mix of sizes like 8”x10”, 11’x14” and larger 24”x36” pieces.Overlap them asymmetrically.
  • Hang the gallery at eye level so guests can admire the details. Leave some negative space between frames.
  • For kitchens and family spaces, include bright colored drawings or paintings by kids in the gallery wall.

Make a Statement With a Yellow Accent Chair

Bring a burst of sunshine into a room with a happy yellow accent chair. The colorful chair immediately livens up living rooms, bedrooms, offices and other spaces. To make it work beautifully:

  • Choose a bold yellow chair in a mid-century modern, wingback or slipper style. The unique silhouette will draw attention.
  • Incorporate orange and yellow accent pillows on nearby sofas or beds to tie the whole space together.
  • If the surrounding room décor is neutral, the yellow chair truly stands out as a focal point.
  • In colorful bohemian style rooms, a yellow chair blends right in with patterns and vibrant colors.
  • Place a brightly colored chair near a window to create an inviting reading nook.

Paint a Breakfast Nook Yellow

The breakfast nook is the perfect small space to paint a brilliant shade of yellow. Because you only have to cover one or two walls, you can use a more saturated, intense yellow hue. Some cheery ideas include:

  • Paint the back wall and side wall of a breakfast nook yellow. Use the same hue or a slightly darker shade on the window trim too.
  • Add pattern with a yellow and white geometric wallpaper on the main wall. Paint the opposite wall a matching solid yellow.
  • Pair bright yellow walls with furnishings like a white pedestal table, retro turquoise vinyl chairs and colorful patterned curtains.
  • Hang artwork featuring oranges, yellows or other citrus shades to complement the walls.
  • To make a dark nook brighter, use a light lemon or creamy daffodil yellow on the walls.

Paint a Powder Room or Small Bathroom Yellow

A vivid yellow paint color transforms even the smallest bathroom into a cheerful oasis. Choose a sunny, saturated yellow or soft buttercream – either option adds warmth. Decorate your yellow powder room or bathroom with these tips:

  • Opt for a darker yellow hue like amber or gold on the walls. Then accent with bright citrus hand towels, soap dispensers and decor.
  • Paint a lemon yellow vanity to contrast with neutral walls. Hang an oval mirror above.
  • Use a creamy yellow on the walls and paint the ceilings a pale robin’s egg blue for a unique color combination.
  • Paint the lower half of walls a bold yellow then use white paint above the chair rail molding to break up all that color.
  • Add pops of yellow and orange with flowers like marigolds or chrysanthemums in a vase or windowsill.

Create a Vibrant Yellow Entryway

The entryway is often guests’ first impression of your home. Make it memorable with a vibrant yellow paint color. Paint the walls, front door, built-in storage and more in the dramatic yellow hue. Some eye-catching ideas include:

  • Paint the front door a shiny lemon yellow for serious curb appeal. Add a yellow wreath for extra impact.
  • Use daffodil yellow paint on entryway walls, built-in cabinets and coat racks for a cheery welcome.
  • Paint the ceiling an energetic yellow hue. Keep walls and trim neutral white for balance.
  • Use golden yellow paint on the walls and add fun touches like a tufted yellow bench or rows of floating ledges painted citrus orange and sunshine yellow.
  • For a small entryway, coat the back of the front door in a brilliant hue. It will show through the glass door as guests arrive.

Balance Bright Colors With Neutrals

Bright yellow and orange paint colors work best when balanced with plenty of neutral shades. Try using a neutral backdrop in soft hues like cream, beige and gray to let the vivid accents pop. Some ideas to keep spaces from feeling overwhelming:

  • Stick with neutral walls, then paint just one accent wall or piece of furniture yellow or orange.
  • Choose neutral furnishings like a beige sofa, then add punches of color with orange and yellow throw pillows and area rugs.
  • In a kitchen, use gray or white cabinets and backslash tile then paint the island a fun yellow or retro orange hue.
  • Pair bright colorful art and decor with simple neutral frames, curtains, bedding and seating.
  • Add pops of vibrant color to open shelving by painting the back panel orange or yellow and styling with a neutral color palette of décor.

Complementary Color Combinations

Some effective color pairings to try with vibrant yellow and orange paint include:

  • Yellow and gray – From soft dove gray to charcoal, gray beautifully balances lively yellow.
  • Yellow and navy blue – Nautical navy blue has a preppy vibe when combined with sunny yellow.
  • Orange and light blue –Citrus orange pops against a sky blue backdrop. Turquoise works too.
  • Orange and green – Burnt orange and sage green or lime make an energetic earthy color pairing.
  • Yellow and violet – Plum or lilac create a fun, unexpected pairing with lemon or mustard yellow.
  • Orange and brown – Rusty oranges, terra cotta and chocolate browns have an organic look.
  • Yellow and black – Bold high-contrast pairings of black accents and bright yellow.

Bright Paint Color Ideas for Every Room

Here are some creative ways to use radiant yellow and orange paint colors in each room of your home:

Living Room Paint Ideas

  • Sunny yellow accent wall
  • Bright persimmon orange built-in bookshelves
  • Deep burnt orange feature wall
  • Yellow entryway and coat rack

Kitchen Paint Ideas

  • Daffodil yellow lower cabinets
  • Glossy orange kitchen island
  • Yellow backsplash tiles
  • Vintage orange soda shop-inspired dining space

Bedroom Paint Ideas

  • Mustard yellow headboard wall with white trim
  • Burnt orange accent wall
  • White and yellow horizontal striped accent wall
  • Vibrant marigold yellow ceiling

Bathroom Paint Ideas

  • Black and yellow geometric floor tiles
  • Glossy marmalade orange vanity
  • Sunflower yellow walls with gray wainscoting
  • Yellow ceiling with white beadboard walls

Home Office Paint Ideas

  • Tangerine orange feature wall
  • Bright yellow desk backdrop
  • Yellow and white geometric wallpaper accent wall
  • Yellow open desk bookshelves

Entryway Paint Ideas

  • Vivid lemon yellow front door
  • Orange coat rack and built-in cubbies
  • Sunny yellow ceiling
  • Bright persimmon entryway bench

Hallway and Stairs Paint Ideas

  • Yellow staircase risers with white treads
  • Orange hallway runner carpet
  • Sunflower yellow wainscoting
  • Mustard yellow door frames

8 Pro Tips for Pulling Off Bright Paint Colors

If you’re nervous about taking the plunge with bold yellow or orange paint, these pro tips will help you use them successfully:

  1. Test samples first. Paint large sample swatches and view them in both natural and artificial light at different times of day before fully committing.
  2. Balance with plenty of neutrals. Don’t paint every surface orange. Use calm neutral shades on walls, drapes, rugs and decor to prevent overwhelm.
  3. Choose the right sheen. Flat paint hides flaws but shows scuffs. Eggshell is durable and velvety. For cabinets and furniture, opt for satin, semi-gloss or high-gloss for easy cleaning.
  4. Consider light. North-facing rooms handle deeper shades better. South-facing spaces look best in lighter tints. For medium to dark yellow or orange shades, make sure the room gets ample natural light.
  5. Prep properly. Remove outlet covers, clean the walls, fill holes, sand glossy surfaces and prime before painting for best results.
  6. Use high quality paint. Invest in premium interior paints from brands like Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams or Behr. The higher price equals better coverage and durability.
  7. Envision the completed space. Mentally picture how a bright color will look in the finished room before starting. Don’t judge it when half painted.
  8. Add accents later. Paint the boldest elements first like an accent wall. Then style and accessorize to complete the look over time.

Answers to Common Questions About Yellow and Orange Paint

Still unsure about decorating with vibrant yellow and orange paint? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Is yellow paint uplifting?

Yes, the color yellow evokes feelings of joy, optimism and energy. Studies show it boosts mood and mental clarity. Use it in spaces where you want to feel happier like living rooms, offices or bedrooms.

Does orange make a room look bigger?

Orange can help create the illusion of more space when used strategically. Painting the walls a light tint of orange reflect light. Deeper shades like burnt orange work well on accent walls in open floor plans where the small doses of color won’t overwhelm.

What are the negatives of yellow paint?

Yellow can be overpowering if overused. Stick to yellow accents instead of painting an entire room. Soft buttercream or daffodil yellows are more versatile than neon varieties. Avoid painting small, dark spaces completely yellow.

Does orange go with grey?

Yes, orange pairs beautifully with shades of grey. Try bold orange accent walls, furniture or décor against soft dove grey backgrounds. Charcoal grey also balances vibrant orange nicely.

What colors make yellow paint pop?

White trim, ceilings and wainscoting make vibrant yellow walls stand out. Shades of grey, black, navy blue and violet also make yellow pop. For a more subtle contrast, pair with beige, blue-green or soft pink.

What colors complement burnt orange?

Burnt orange looks great with sage green, terracotta, cream, grey-brown and teal shades. For high-contrast pairings, accent it with navy blue, charcoal grey, crisp white or light yellow.

Creative Painting Inspiration

Need more ideas for decorating with radiant yellow and orange paint colors? Here are some gorgeous rooms to inspire you:

  • A bright sunflower yellow media room with sections of bold black and white geometric wallpaper for artsy contrast.
  • A bedroom with spicy paprika orange walls, crisp white trim, bedding in natural linen and pops of orange in glass lamp bases and vase decor.
  • A kitchen with a retro orange quartz waterfall island, brass accents, white cabinetry and a complementary sage green ceramic backsplash.
  • A mustard yellow accent wall made of exposed brick paired with charcoal grey walls and furniture for an industrial vibe.
  • A palm springs style powder room with glossy marmalade walls, terrazzo floor tile and fun banana leaf print wallpaper on the ceiling.
  • An entryway with lemon yellow built-in cabinetry and coat hooks, a cheerful yellow front door and an area rug in oranges, yellows and navy.
  • A stenciled yellow and white Moroccan tile-inspired pattern on a fireplace wall or staircase risers.
  • An office with tangerine orange bookshelves and desk back wall plus decorative paper honeycomb balls in coordinating sunny hues.

In Summary

Yellow and orange paint colors instantly energize a space and create feelings of joy when used thoughtfully. Opt for these cheery hues on accent walls, front doors, furniture and architectural details throughout your home. Balance the bright colors with plenty of neutral shades and natural light for the best ambiance. With so many vibrant ways to use them, yellow and orange paint is guaranteed to turn up the sunshine in your rooms!