Bring otherworldly style into your home with these far-out space age decorating ideas. From sputnik chandeliers to cosmic wallpaper, it’s easy to create an intergalactic interior that’s lightyears ahead of the curve.

The History of Space Age Design

The space age style has its roots in the late 1950s and 1960s, when the Space Race between the US and USSR sparked a fascination with all things cosmic. Space age motifs like rockets, planets, and nebulae appeared everywhere from textiles to tableware as the public became enamored with the idea of space travel.

Midcentury modern designers embraced these futuristic themes in their atomic-inspired furniture and decor. Pieces often featured boomerang, starburst, and wing shapes meant to evoke speed and movement. Plastics, fiberglass, and aluminium were materials of choice for their sleek, shiny, and modern qualities.

Today, these retro-futuristic pieces are back in vogue and give any room a playful interplanetary look.

Use Metallic Accents

Metallics instantly give a space age vibe. Look for accessories in silver, gold, and copper tones to scatter light and create a cosmic look.

  • Sputnik-style chandeliers with spiky arms radiating from a central orb add drama and interest to any room.
  • Metallic throw pillows in starburst, moon, and planet shapes bring in literal space references.
  • Glass table tops, lamps, and wall art with gleaming metallic frames or accents shine like distant galaxies.
  • Paint a single focal wall in a dark, metallic silver, bronze, or gold for an eye-catching effect.

Incorporate Nebula and Galaxy Prints

From bedding to curtains to artwork, prints depicting colourful nebulas, galaxies, and clusters make a breathtaking statement. These swirling motifs create a mesmerizing, dreamlike backdrop.

  • Look for galaxy print shower curtains to transform your bathroom into an astronomical wonderland.
  • A duvet cover or throw pillows sporting cosmic or nebula prints add a pop of interstellar colour.
  • Abstract wall art and murals depicting colourful galaxies create focal points and visual interest.
  • Wrap furniture pieces like dressers in galaxy print contact paper for an otherworldly makeover.

Display Space Memorabilia

Vintage space-themed collectibles are a fun way to showcase your fascination with the celestial. Hunt down originals or quality reproductions for unique decorative flair.

  • Frame an antique moon landing poster or vintage NASA photograph.
  • Display models of iconic spacecraft like the Apollo lunar module or a Sputnik satellite.
  • Use colourful vinyl collectible figures of retro aliens and robots as accents.
  • Show off space age tin toys, lunchboxes, and thermoses from the 50s-60s.

Create a Starry Ceiling

One of the most transportive space age looks is a star-filled ceiling that mimics the night sky. Use strings of LEDs, optical fibers, or glow-in-the-dark paint to simulate floating constellations.

  • Adhere tiny white LEDs to the ceiling in swirling nebula patterns.
  • Paint constellations or nebula shapes with glow-in-the-dark paint.
  • Install fiber optic strands to dot the ceiling with tiny “stars” that sparkle.

For the biggest impact, paint the ceiling a dark navy and highlight “stars” in lighter shades of blue, purple, and green.

Use Cosmic Wallpaper

Make a bold statement by covering accent walls in eye-catching galactic wallpaper. From subtle textures to colorful graphics, options range from playful to mesmerizing.

  • Understated textured wallpaper with metallic fibers gives walls a subtle cosmic shimmer.
  • Graphic wallpaper showing retro space illustrations like astronauts and sputniks has a Pop Art vibe.
  • Photographic wall murals of swirling galaxies and nebulas create hypnotic focal points.
  • For impact, use cosmic wallpaper inside shelving cabinets or on the ceiling.

Incorporate Modern Materials

While midcentury designers embraced futuristic plastics and metals, today’s spaces can take advantage of new materials for an updated space age feel.

  • Fiber optic floor tiles contain embedded LED lights that give floors a glittering starfield effect.
  • Iridescent tile adds shimmering, prismatic accents behind sinks or showers.
  • Concrete floor stains that change color under light have an otherworldly morphing effect.
  • Holographic wallpaper contains micro-prisms that reflect light in shifting rainbow hues.

Embrace Unexpected Silhouettes

Space age style extends beyond obvious rocket and flying saucer shapes. Look for furniture and decor with unexpected or exaggerated silhouettes that feel futuristic and fun.

  • Egg chairs or pod loungers with wider tops and narrow bases are space age classics.
  • Acrylic tables and chairs with transparent legs seem to float, defying gravity.
  • Look for lighting and decor pieces with sprouting branches or spike shapes.
  • Tables or room dividers with angled, asymmetric shapes also evoke movement.

Think Beyond Chrome

The space age look certainly embraces gleaming metallics, but don’t be afraid to incorporate bolder pops of color too. Vibrant hues reference the electromagnetic spectrum and add energy.

  • Use lacquered furniture or bright plastic pieces in fiery reds, sunny yellows, and neon greens and blues.
  • Paint one wall an intense violet, orange, or green as an electrifying accent.
  • Look for carpets and wall art pulling in darker cosmic shades of purple, blue, and teal.
  • Add whimsical touches like a Sputnik mobile suspended from the ceiling.

Let your imagination soar with these starry decorating ideas. Bring in a few key space age pieces or go all-out cosmic for an intergalactic interior that feels wonderfully futuristic and retro.

Out-of-This-World Decorating: Space Age Style for Today – FAQ

What is space age style?

Space age style refers to midcentury modern design and decor from the late 1950s to 1960s that was influenced by the Space Race and space exploration. It featured futuristic motifs like rockets, planets, and stars, and embraced materials like plastic and fiberglass. The style has a retro-futuristic vibe.

What are some key features of space age decor?

  • Metallic accents like sputnik lighting
  • Nebula and galaxy prints on textiles
  • Vintage space memorabilia and collectibles
  • Glow-in-the-dark or fiber optic starry ceilings
  • Cosmic and galactic wallpaper
  • Silhouettes with boomerang, orb, or sprouting shapes
  • Vibrant pops of color like bright red and sunny yellow

What furniture works with space age style?

Some furniture styles that complement space age decor include:

  • Egg chairs and cocoon lounge chairs
  • Tulip tables and space age molded plastic chairs
  • Tables with metal bases and glass tops
  • Low, modular sectionals and sac chairs
  • Scoop chairs in bright lacquered colors
  • Acrylic and lucite furniture pieces

How do you create a space age bedroom?

Make a bedroom space age with:

  • A starry fiber optic ceiling
  • Nebula duvet covers and throw pillows
  • Sputnik hanging lamps
  • A wall mural of colorful galaxies
  • Metallic and iridescent accents
  • A lacquered dresser in a bold shade like orange

What are some budget-friendly space age ideas?

Cheaper ways to get the space age look include:

  • Metallic spray painting existing lamps and accessories
  • Hanging a rocket mobile or Sputnik ornament
  • Using galaxy print contact paper to cover furniture
  • Displaying framed vintage space posters
  • Adding acrylic table accessories like trays and vases

How can you give a space age feel to a rental?

For renters, try:

  • Peel-and-stick wallpaper with cosmic graphics
  • Nebula print shower curtain and bath accessories
  • Fun fiber optic lamp thrifted and added to existing lighting
  • Metallic plastic storage bins instead of dresser drawers
  • Frameless mirror mounted on the ceiling for “floating” effect

Final Thoughts on Decorating Space Age Style

The space age look lets you turn any room into your own “final frontier” with its nostalgic retro-futurism and breathtaking starry motifs. Don’t be afraid to really let your imagination soar – this style is all about dreaming big. Whether you add in just a few stellar accents or go full-on rocket ship, space age decor offers endless inspiration for cosmic interiors that feel wonderfully otherworldly.