Bathrooms are notorious for clutter and disorganization. With their small spaces and multitude of essential items, keeping bathroom storage organized is an ongoing battle. However, optimizing your bathroom storage is possible with some clever solutions and strategic planning. Read on to learn professional tips and tricks for maximizing your bathroom storage space.

Declutter Regularly

The first step toward optimized bathroom storage is decluttering. Go through all your cabinets, drawers, shelves, and other storage spaces and take out anything you don’t use regularly or at all. Be ruthless in deciding what to get rid of – if you haven’t used it in months and have no concrete plans to use it soon, toss it or donate it.

Some items to watch for when decluttering bathroom storage:

  • Old makeup and skincare products that are past their prime
  • Hair products you no longer use
  • Old prescriptions that are expired
  • Extra towels that don’t get used
  • Duplicates of items you already have open and in-use
  • Old toiletries from hotels or free gift bags

Once you’ve thoroughly decluttered, your remaining items will fit into your storage spaces much more efficiently. Make decluttering a habit by doing a quick purge every 1-2 months.

Categorize and Consolidate

Once you’ve decluttered, take the time to categorize the items that remain. Group together items that have similar uses – for example, a drawer could contain all hair styling products. Or a cabinet could be dedicated to first aid and medicine storage.

Consolidating items into categories makes them easier to organize within storage spaces. It also streamlines your daily routine since you’ll know exactly where to find certain items.

Some common bathroom storage categories:

  • Makeup and skincare
  • Hair care – shampoo, conditioner, styling products
  • Dental – toothpaste, floss, mouthwash
  • First aid – bandages, medicines, thermometer
  • Personal hygiene – feminine products, incontinence pads
  • Towels and washcloths
  • Cleaning and household supplies

Take inventory of what you have and group them accordingly. This transforms a jumbled mess into a purposeful system.

Use Clear Containers

Transparent containers are a bathroom storage must-have. When everything is visible at a glance, you avoid forgetting items hidden away in dark spaces. Clear bins, canisters, boxes, and jars neatly show off your categorized items.

Label each container so you don’t have to open them to know the contents. Some labeling ideas:

  • Masking tape with handwritten categories
  • Chalkboard labels you can erase and rewrite
  • Printed labels
  • Vinyl decals and stickers

Group containers together on shelves or in drawers by category. This creates visual uniformity for a clean, streamlined look. The clear view of what’s inside optimizes your ability to grab items quickly.

Install Shelving Strategically

Lack of adequate shelving is a common bathroom storage downfall. Make the most of the wall space you have by installing shelves designed for the available room.

  • Corner shelves are great for tight spaces and “dead” areas.
  • Narrow shelving between wall studs works for squeezing in extra storage.
  • Hanging wall shelves add storage without taking up floor space.
  • Tiered shelving doubles the storage capacity.

Place frequently used items on easy-to-access shelves. Reserve top shelves for things not needed daily.

When planning shelves, carefully measure available space and purchase shelves to maximize every inch. Built-in cabinetry also takes advantage of all possible storage real estate.

Use Space Efficiently

With a small room, you have to make every bit of storage space count. Here are some tips to efficiently use every possible inch:

  • Install over-the-toilet shelves for extra storage that doesn’t take up floor space.
  • Use hanging wall organizers inside cabinet doors to double storage space.
  • Store items vertically whenever possible – upright bottles, folded washcloths, files, etc.
  • Invest in slide-out cabinet shelves and drawer organizers.
  • Attach hooks on the walls and cabinet doors to hang towels, loofahs, and more.
  • Buy two-tiered storage carts with wheels for easy portability.
  • Store extra toilet paper rolls and cleaning supplies in decorative baskets on top shelves.
  • Use an over-sink shelf for more storage without sacrificing counter space.

Evaluating the room layout and getting creative can reveal untapped storage potential. Figure out how to exploit all possible vertical and horizontal space available.

Minimize Bathroom Clutter

No matter how well-organized your storage is, bathroom counters still inevitably collect clutter. Trimming down on these space invaders is key for maintaining the optimized storage.

Have only the essentials out on counters – toothbrushes, soap, tissues, etc. Store cotton balls/pads, Qtips, and other non-essentials in drawers or cabinets.

Designate specific zones on your counter or purchase caddies for each category. For example, a tidy tray for dental tools and a cute organizer just for cosmetics. This concealed storage clears counters without sacrificing access to necessities.

Baskets under sinks stash extra rolls of toilet paper and small cleaning items. A hanging wall file organizer next to the toilet provides easy access for reading material without taking up counter space.

The less miscellaneous clutter sitting out, the more optimized your overall storage system will be. Establish homes for everything not left out on purpose.

Add Dividers and Trays

The best way to optimize vertical drawers and cabinets is with dividers and trays to section off storage. Wide drawers become neatly divided compartments for a place for everything.

Adjustable drawer dividers customize spaces to fit the contents. These come in materials like wood, acrylic, and metal. Trays and small baskets within drawers also effectively subdivide space.

Vertical dividers transform cabinet space into rows of organized storage. Insert dividers where you want separators and customize the sizing. These are great for creating cubbies to hold categories of items.

Small trays and baskets stack vertically to optimize cabinets. They come in all different sizes to perfectly fit your space when grouped together.

Using dividers and trays allows you to see all your items without digging. Sections naturally encourage neat organization instead of just tossing everything in.

Invest in Quality Furniture

Well-made bathroom furniture truly optimizes storage space. Look for solid wood cabinets and shelving along with soft-closing hardware. These last for years and have features like:

  • Adjustable shelves and interior organizing components
  • Built-in storage nooks and inserts
  • Spacious drawers and cabinets
  • Pull-out cabinetry maximizing space

Higher end furniture tends to have functionality allowing you to customize storage to your needs. The spacious compartments keep your belongings organized with no wasted space.

When shopping, inspect the storage amenities inside cabinets and drawers. High quality bathroom furniture is worth the investment to make the most of the available area.

Keep Things Fresh

No matter how organized your bathroom storage, it needs regular refreshing to stay optimized. Do a review every couple of months to keep things maintained.

Go through supplies to toss expired products and restock amenities. Revisit your decluttering to ensure unnecessary items haven’t accumulated.

Also re-categorize if needed. As you switch products or gain new items, storage zones may require a refresh. Make sure everything has a proper home.

Do a deep clean annually to clear out dust and grime. Take everything out, wipe down the empty cabinets, then replace items neatly. Doing an entire reset helps optimize organization.

Just like tidying other home areas, optimized bathroom storage requires ongoing effort. Keep up with regular maintenance and your systems will serve you well.

Optimize Your Bathroom Storage

The small square footage of most bathrooms makes it crucial to make the most of every inch of storage space available. Luckily, there are many clever solutions for opening up more room and keeping bathrooms tidy.

Follow the tips above to start optimizing your bathroom storage. Focus first on editing down your supplies and establishing categories. Then incorporate specialized organizing tools and high-quality storage furniture to maximize space.

Remember, even the best systems need periodic maintenance. Stay on top of decluttering, keeping things clean and tidy, and adjusting your setup as bathroom needs evolve. With some strategic planning and routine upkeep, you can achieve a bathroom oasis that’s both neat and easy to navigate.

Frequently Asked Questions About Optimizing Bathroom Storage

How can I add more bathroom storage?

If you are lacking sufficient storage space, there are creative ways to add more. Install corner shelves, hanging wall shelves, over-the-toilet shelves, or an over-sink shelf. Maximize cabinet space with additions like pull out shelving, hanging door organizers, and storage carts.

How should I organize my bathroom cabinets?

Group like items together into categories to organize cabinets. For example, all hair products together, all dental care together, etc. Use containers and trays to corral smaller items into neat sections. Adjustable cabinet dividers customize spaces. Labels clearly identify contents.

What are the best ways to declutter my bathroom?

Thoroughly decluttering is key to optimizing storage. Discard very old products, extra towels, duplicate items, unneeded hotel freebies, and expired medicines. Do an annual deep clean to purge forgotten items. Establish a regular decluttering system to prevent re-accumulation.

How do I store bathroom essentials conveniently?

Keep daily essentials within reach, like hand soap and toothbrushes on the counter. Store backup supplies, cotton balls, Q-tips, etc. in hidden spaces. Use caddies, tidy trays, and baskets to coral items on counter tops. Install hooks for convenient access to loofahs and towels.

What types of containers are best for bathroom storage?

Clear plastic bins, canisters, and jars allow you to see contents easily. Labelling each container avoids guessing games. Matching containers create a uniform look. Stackable options optimize vertical storage. Purchase containers in different sizes to perfectly fit the space.

How can I add storage without taking up floor space?

Opt for vertical storage when possible. Install hanging wall shelves and organizers inside cabinet doors. Mount over-the-toilet shelves or an over-sink shelf. Use two- or three-tiered carts. Purchase tall cabinets with spacious shelves. Hang a wall file organizer for reading material.

Should I invest in new bathroom furniture?

Higher quality solid wood furniture with soft-close hardware optimizes storage and lasts for years. Well-made cabinets have adjustable features, pull-out shelving, and built-in organizing amenities. Carefully evaluate the storage capacity when shopping for new furniture.


Optimizing bathroom storage is an essential organizing project for making the most of small square footage. Start by thoroughly decluttering and establishing smart categories to consolidate items. Invest in quality storage furniture and specialized organizing tools to maximize space. Maintain tidiness with routine decluttering and cleaning. With some strategic planning, it’s possible to create a luxuriously organized bathroom oasis even in tight quarters.