Decorating the wall space above a bed can be challenging. Unlike other walls in a room, this area is often overlooked and underutilized. However, with a bit of creativity, you can transform that blank space into an eye-catching focal point that makes your bedroom truly unique. Here are some tips for one-of-a-kind decor ideas for above the bed.

Introducing Decor Above the Bed

The wall area above the headboard provides an excellent opportunity to showcase your style. This space draws the eye upwards and helps anchor the bed as the central focus of the bedroom. When decorated thoughtfully, it can add visual interest, color, texture and a touch of your personality to the room.

Decorating over the bed is also a great way to maximize wall space in a small bedroom. Rather than leaving the area blank, utilize it to create a stunning display. Almost anything you hang or arrange on the wall will be highlighted in this prime location.

When deciding on decor for above the bed, consider the size of the wall space, the height of your ceiling, and the style of your room. Work within those parameters to choose pieces that enhance the overall aesthetic. Keep reading for truly unique decor ideas to inspire your own over-the-bed display.

Unique Wall Decor Ideas

Textiles and Tapestries

  • Hang an intricately patterned tapestry or large weaving over the bed for a bohemian vibe. Look for detailed designs and rich colors to add visual impact.
  • Display a collection of colorful saris, scarves or textiles from your travels for a global eclectic feel. Arrange and overlap them neatly on the wall.
  • Add layers of sheer or gauzy fabric over the bed to create a soft, dreamy canopy effect. Choose neutral shades or pale pastels to complement your room.

Wallpaper or Large Patterned Wall Decals

  • Cover the wall in a lively wallpaper print, like florals, geometrics or nature themes. This transforms the space above your bed into an accent wall.
  • Apply large removable wall decals in unique shapes like botanical motifs, feathers or scrollwork for romantic whimsy. Metallic decals add glam flair.
  • Use washi tape to create bold stripes, concentric rectangles or other graphic designs. Mix up colors and patterns for visual punch.


  • Anchor the space with an oversized mirror with an ornate or distressed frame for an elegant focal point.
  • Cluster smaller mirrors in different shapes and sizes for lots of reflective light and interest. Arrange asymmetrically for a gallery effect.
  • Go for a set of antiqued mirrors or ones with unusual silhouettes like sunbursts, ovals or curved edges. Lean against the wall rather than hanging for a casual vibe.

Collections and Photo Displays

  • Create an eclectic gallery wall showcasing framed photos, artwork and treasured objects. Include mementos from trips and hobbies.
  • Neatly align and adhere a collection of sea shells, colored glass bottles, or coffee cups you’ve acquired in your travels.
  • Display rows of postcards in colorful patterns held in place with map pins. Alternate orientations for visual variety.
  • Fill a photo ledge shelf with framed pictures, meaningful books, candles and other decorative items. Anchor it high on the wall over the bed.

Unexpected 3D Elements

  • Mount a set of antlers or horns for an organic statement. Spray paint them black for a more modern edge.
  • Affix a collection of trailing fake vines across the wall with thumbtacks for a botanical treat. Add tiny fairy lights for a magical glow.
  • Attach bold metal cutouts like oversized stars, botanical shapes or initials using industrial brackets. Opt for contrasting metal finishes like brass on white walls.
  • Install shelving ledges to display sculptural objects, rolled textiles or artwork. Try different ledge depths and asymmetric placement.

Complementary Bedroom Accents

Once you’ve decked out the space above your bed, add coordinating touches throughout the rest of the room to tie the look together.

  • Use matching nightstand and dresser decor like table lamps, rugs and artwork in similar colors and materials.
  • Paint or paper the walls in a color drawn from the headboard or wall decor palette. Accent with trim or molding.
  • Incorporate overhead lighting like pendants, sconces or track lighting to play up the decor above the bed.
  • Add sheer curtains, a textured blanket at the foot and plenty of cozy pillows in related hues and patterns.
  • Include secondary furnishings like a bench, chair or ottoman near the bed in a similar aesthetic.

Decorating with High Ceilings

For bedrooms with very high ceilings, utilize the extra vertical space to make your over-the-bed decor really shine.

  • Hang long draperies that puddle on the floor to draw eyes upwards and make the room feel grand.
  • Affix tall curtains rods extended well past the window frame and hang sheers and textured curtains in lush layers.
  • Arrange an artful vertical column of framed prints marching up the wall for a museum-like feel.
  • Create height with a faux plant trellis or branches attached to the wall behind the bed. Adorn with string lights.
  • Mount floating shelves in a staggered formation to display decor and add visual steps leading upwards.
  • Extend wallpaper, panels or wood planks from ceiling to floor seamlessly to exaggerate the height.

Design Considerations

When brainstorming and installing your over-the-bed decor, keep these tips in mind:

  • Choose lightweight decor options that can be safely secured to the wall with nails, Command strips or similar hardware.
  • Account for needed clearance so pieces don’t bump or brush against the headboard.
  • Arrange lighting fixtures centrally instead of hard-mounting to provide sufficient overhead illumination.
  • Select durable decor elements that can tolerate moisture andsteam from bathrooms if placed above beds in those rooms.
  • Consider easy-to-clean surfaces like glass and metal that won’t trap dust and allergens. Or place out of reach for cleaning convenience.
  • Opt for flame-resistant, non-flammable materials if incorporating fabrics, woods or dried botanicals.
  • Check on codes and regulations for wall attachments in rental units before putting holes in the walls.

One-of-a-Kind Bedroom Statement

The wall space above your bed presents the perfect canvas to exhibit your design style. Whether you prefer global accents, modern graphic flair or organic materials, there are endless ways to make this area distinctly yours. Thoughtfully curated decor displayed artfully over the bed creates visual impact and transforms an often overlooked spot into an eye-catching bedroom focal point.


What are some quick easy decor ideas for above my bed?

Some quick and easy decor ideas for above the bed include:

  • Hanging a large piece of artwork, tapestry or textile
  • Displaying a mirror or set of mirrors
  • Creating a photo gallery wall with framed pictures
  • Applying large, removable wall decals or patterned washi tape
  • Mounting floating shelves to hold decor objects
  • Hanging string lights or fairy lights
  • Arranging a collection of treasured objects

How high should I hang decor over my bed?

Ideally, decor over the bed should be hung so there is 8-12 inches of clearance between the top of your headboard and the lowest point of the wall decor. This prevents items from bumping against the headboard. For safety, all heavy decor should be securely attached to wall studs.

What should I avoid when decorating above my bed?

Avoid hanging heavy mirrors or shelves directly over your head while sleeping. Also refrain from attaching large decor pieces solely with Command strips which may not be reliable long-term for heavier items. Candles, smoldering incense or open flames present a hazard above beds. Finally, avoid overly cluttered displays that appear visually busy or distracting.

What type of decor works well in a small bedroom?

For small bedrooms, streamlined and versatile decor tends to work best above a bed. Some good options include a large piece of minimalist art, a decorative mirror or two, a floating shelf with tidy objects, or a cozy string light arrangement. Avoid bulky furniture pieces and opt for decor that makes the space feel airy and bright.

What should I know before drilling holes in my wall to hang decor?

Always check first for studs using a stud finder before drilling into walls for hanging decor above a bed. Use screws or molly bolts anchored firmly in the studs for heavy items. Be aware of electrical lines and pipes before drilling. If renting, get approval before putting holes in the walls. Use spackle to patch holes during move out.

How can I decorate my high ceiling bedroom walls?

To decorate tall bedroom walls and ceilings, install floor-to-ceiling draperies, stagger floating shelves up the wall, affix tall branches or a trellis, arrange framed artwork in vertical columns, or hang pieces with extended curtain rods or cables from the ceiling. The goal is to draw the eye up and accentuate the sense of height.


Decorating the blank space above your bed is an opportunity to personalize your bedroom and give it a gorgeous focal point. Whether you opt for an abundant textile display, curated gallery wall or intriguing 3D elements, choices are endless for creating visual impact. Consider your room’s style and dimensions, use reliable mounting hardware, and decorate with care for a safely secured, meaningful display. With creativity and thoughtful selection, this overlooked wall area can become a stunning showcase that makes your bedroom truly one-of-a-kind.