Fall is right around the corner, and that means it’s time to start thinking about updating your home’s decor. This autumn, seating is taking an unexpected turn with creative, bold designs that add warmth and character to any space. From unexpected materials to eye-catching shapes, this season’s hottest seating trends are all about thinking outside the box.

Embracing Natural Materials

One of the biggest trends this fall is the use of natural materials like rattan, wicker, and wood for seating. These organic textures add cozy, earthy vibes and can warm up any decor.

Rattan and wicker are having a major moment right now. We’re seeing these woven materials used not just for outdoor furniture, but also as chic indoor accent chairs, loveseats, and even dining chairs. The natural hue pairs well with autumnal color palettes.

Wood seating is also hot for fall. Rich wood dining chairs, often with exposed frames, look sleek and modern. For living rooms, crafty woven wood chairs provide laidback boho style. Tree stump side tables and natural wood accent stools make unexpected additions.

Other natural materials appearing this season include linen, jute, seagrass, and leather. Think cozy director’s chairs revamped with autumnal hues and textures. The natural look blends seamlessly into fall decors.

Unexpected Shapes and Profiles

Fall seating is adventurous with eye-catching silhouettes. We’re spotting bold, geometric profiles and artsy shapes that make a statement.

Oversized spherical chair swings are predicted to be popular this autumn. Suspended from the ceiling with macramé or leather cords, these globes make bohemian-inspired features. Pair with plush pillows for ultra-cozy seating.

Egg chairs are also having a moment, showing up in luxe materials like velvet and leather. The oval shape and low profile create a womb-like cocoon effect that’s ultra-inviting. Funky mushroom stools and poufs offer similar appeal.

We’re also seeing a lot of crescent and curved seating. Chaise lounges with dramatic curved or sloping profiles add laidback elegance to living rooms. Half-moon settees and circular sectionals create fluid shapes.

Unexpected angles, like trapezoids and diagonals, are appearing on benches, ottomans, chairs, and chaises. These geometric designs pack visual punch.

Colorful and Expressive Fabrics

Fall fabrics are rich, colorful, and expressive. Velvets in jewel-toned emerald, ruby, and sapphire enrich sofas, loveseats and accent chairs. Likewise, deep oranges, mustard yellows and burnt umbers add autumnal appeal.

For boho flair, upholstery in vibrant global prints is on trend. Kilim patterns, ikat, suzani, and ornate Turkish motifs grace cushy sofas and loungers. Tribal designs in terra cotta, ochre, cream and black make bold statements.

Crochet and knitted textiles are also expected to surge this fall. Chunky woven throws and pillows provide cozy texture to seating. Macramé weaves and fringed details add artisanal, bohemian character.

Mixed and Matched Styles

Eclecticism reigns this autumn, with seating arrangements that fearlessly blend different materials, textures, colors and styles. The mix-and-match look keeps rooms feeling fresh and avoids matchy-match decor.

Try pairing antique, weathered wood chairs with sleek metal-frame accent seats. Natural linen or leather can offset bold geometrics. Or mix luxurious velvet lounge chairs with casual rattan sofas for an upscale but relaxed vibe.

Creating conversational groupings is also on trend – cluster plush patterned armchairs around a sculptural metal coffee table, for example. The mixed materials and shapes are visually compelling.

Final Thoughts

This fall, seating takes an adventurous turn with unexpected natural materials, bold shapes, and eclectic mixes. As you refresh your home for autumn, embrace these hot trends to create seating arrangements that are relaxed yet polished, cozy yet contemporary. With some creativity, you can fashion spaces that are warm, welcoming and full of character.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fall Seating Trends

What are some of the most popular seating trends for fall 2022?

Some of the hottest seating trends this fall include rattan, wicker, and natural wood materials; spherical, egg-shaped, and curved profiles; vibrantly colored and globally inspired fabrics; and eclectic mixed-and-matched styles.

How can I incorporate fall’s seating trends into my home decor?

Add a rattan pedestal chair or woven wood accent seat to your living room. Use boldly colored velvet on sofa cushions or get throw pillows in autumnal jewel tones. Try clustering mismatching chairs around your dining table for an eclectic look.

Are these seating trends just for indoor rooms?

Not at all! Many of these trends translate beautifully to porches, patios and outdoor spaces. Try a hanging rattan chair, cozy Adirondack loungers, or colorfully cushioned outdoor sofas.

What are some budget-friendly ways to try these fall seating trends?

Vintage and secondhand markets are great places to find unique seating silhouettes on a budget. New throw pillows or cushions in trendy fabrics can also easily refresh existing furniture. Or try simple DIY upgrades like painting chairs in bold colors.

How do I choose seating that will stand the test of time?

Opt for timeless silhouettes like classic wingback or club chairs in neutral hues like tan, gray or navy. Natural wood dining chairs in traditional profiles are also pretty evergreen. Then use throw pillows, cushions and accessories to incorporate trendier colors and prints as you update each season.


Fall 2022 seating trends provide lots of exciting opportunities to spruce up your home decor. From breezy rattan chairs to boldly shaped silhouettes, there are many ways to incorporate of-the-moment style into seating arrangements. Don’t be afraid to mix and match styles and colors for an eclectic look. As you shop for new autumnal pieces, focus on quality craftsmanship and enduring shapes that will serve you well for years to come. With some creativity, you can fashion a space that’s welcoming, stylish and uniquely you!