Color can make or break a kitchen design. The right palette can transform the space, elevating it from drab to dramatic. When used strategically, color has the power to make a kitchen feel more spacious or cozy, bright or moody. This week, we look at four kitchens where color is the star ingredient in creating an inspiring and inviting space. From saturated hues to neutral tones, these kitchens demonstrate how impactful color can be.

Invigorating Turquoise Kitchen in Miami

This breezy kitchen designed by Alena Capra uses vivid turquoise on the cabinetry to electrify the space. The eye-catching color paired with brass accents and marble countertops creates a bold and elegant vibe.

Embracing the Tropical Climate

Located in Miami, this kitchen embraces the tropical climate with sun-drenched colors. The turquoise cabinetry evokes the hues of both the sea and the sky. This invigorating shade brings a touch of vibrancy to the room, while the marble counters and brass fixtures keep the look polished.

Complementary Tones for a Unified Design

To balance out the exuberant turquoise cabinets, the design incorporates lighter complementary tones. The white marble countertops, subway tile backsplash, and oak flooring temper the turquoise while providing visual interest through veining and grain. These neutral elements allow the aqua cabinetry to truly pop.

Optimal Lighting Showcases the Vibrant Hue

This kitchen features abundant natural lighting thanks to the surround of windows and glass doors. The daylight highlights the saturated turquoise cabinets, while the brass accents and fixtures add sunny glints. For supplementary lighting, stylish brass pendants illuminate the kitchen island. The ambiance is fresh and lively.

Achieving an Inviting Tropical Getaway

The vibrant turquoise paired with breezy neutrals achieves a relaxing tropical getaway vibe. Touches like woven barstools, rattan pendants, marble, and oak add natural textures. Despite the small footprint, the enveloping windows and exhilarating color palette make this kitchen feel expansive and airy. It’s a transportive, paradise-found interior.

Moody Dark Green Kitchen in Portland

Designed by Species Design, this Portland kitchen Revels in a moody, dark green palette. Layered green tones on the cabinetry, paired with wood and black accents, create an enveloping, sophisticated look.

Rich Green Hues for Drama

The cabinetry features variegated green hues from deep emerald to almost black green. The multi-toned, hand-glazed finish gives the cabinetry dimension and depth. Contrasting rough-sawn oak shelves and a textured green tile backsplash provide additional visual interest and texture.

A Cozy, Cave-Like Ambience

The dark green palette cultivates a cozy, cave-like feel. Black stone countertops and backsplash tiles ground the space, while the exposed wood beam ceiling adds warmth. The muted green tones evoke the colors of nature for an organic sensibility. Abundant plants and botanical art further the connection to the outdoors.

Thoughtful Task Lighting

Since the dark colors absorb light, the designers integrated lighting thoughtfully throughout. Sconces provide task lighting, while statement brass pendants make a striking focal point over the kitchen island. The mix of lighting ensures the beautiful green hues are illuminated.

A Sophisticated Jewel Box

By keeping the footprint compact, the enveloping green palette makes this kitchen feel like a moody, sophisticated jewel box. The glazed cabinets offer luminous depth, while the rich woods provide organic texture. Black accents and brass finishes give it a refined polish. Despite its small size, the kitchen makes a dramatic design statement.

Sunny Yellow Kitchen in California

This breezy kitchen designed by Heather Hilliard Design uses cheerful yellow to create a sunny, welcoming space. The buttery hue paired with white cabinetry and oak floors cultivates a light and casual California vibe.

Cheerful Color for Positive Energy

The vibrant yellow instantly infuses this kitchen with upbeat, positive energy. The sunny color paired with plentiful natural light makes the compact kitchen feel bright and airy. Yellow stimulates the release of serotonin and dopamine, encouraging happiness and optimism.

A Complementary Mix of Materials

To keep the energetic yellow from feeling overpowering, it’s thoughtfully balanced by neutral materials. The light oak flooring provides a warm, organic contrast, while the marble countertops and subway tile backsplash add refined interest with veining and texture.

Casual Styling for Laidback Living

The furnishings, fabrics, and styling achieve a casual, unfussy aesthetic that suits the sunny yellow vibe. Woven barstools, a sisal rug, linen curtains, and even the fruit bowl create a welcoming, laidback look. The ambiance is light and informal.

California-Inspired Coastal Charm

With its cheerful color, breezy fabrics, and relaxed styling, this kitchen channels the essence of coastal California living. The sunlit yellow paired with oak and marble creates a warm, unfussy elegance. Overflowing with positive energy, this kitchen feels like a slice of California paradise.

Soothing Blue Kitchen in Seattle

This Seattle kitchen designed by Palmer Lewis uses varied blue tones to craft a soothing, inviting space. Different shades of blue on the cabinetry, island, and ceiling offer a visually intriguing color story.

Calming, Cool Blue Tones

Varying intensities of blue on the perimeter cabinetry, kitchen island, and ceiling cultivate a soothing ambiance. The light and airy blue tones create a relaxing state of mind, helping reduce stress. Different blue pigments add subtle visual interest.

Blue Paired with Warm Woods

The cool blue palette is nicely balanced by warm wood accents. The oak flooring, open shelves, and ceiling beams provide an organic contrast to the crisp blue hues. The wood introduces rustic texture that complements the kitchen’s sleek surfaces.

Unique Ceiling Paint Color

Extending the blue to the ceiling is an unexpected touch that distinguishes the space. The sky blue ceiling color makes it feel like you’re dining al fresco on a sunny day. The ceiling blue is lighter than the cabinet colors, keeping the room feeling open.

A Restful Coastal Aesthetic

Varying tones of blue, accentuated by warm wood notes, achieve a peaceful, coastal vibe. The soothing color palette transports the senses like an ocean breeze. Clever storage solutions hide small-space clutter. Despite its modest size, this kitchen feels serene and restful.

Frequently Asked Questions About Colorful Kitchen Design

Color can make a powerful impact in kitchen design. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about using color effectively in kitchen spaces.

How do I choose kitchen cabinet colors?

Consider the mood you want to cultivate, the architecture, and the amount of natural light. Neutrals like white, gray and tan work universally. Bold hues make a dramatic statement. Go for blue-greens to evoke nature or yellow for sunshine. Always sample colors to see true undertones.

What are popular kitchen color schemes?

Popular options include all-white for a clean look, black and white for classic contrast, blue and green for coastal vibes, and navy blue with brass for nautical elegance. Monochromatic looks in tones like sage green or coral are also on-trend.

Should I paint upper and lower cabinets different colors?

This eye-catching approach can add visual interest. Stick with colors in the same family, like navy uppers and sky blue lowers. Neutral uppers with colorful lowers is also a safe yet playful look. Just be sure the color contrast makes sense.

How do I make a small kitchen look bigger with color?

Use light, bright colors like white, sunshine yellow or sky blue on cabinetry to reflect light and create the illusion of more space. Add mirrors and reflective metallic accents. Dark or saturated colors will make a small kitchen feel more cramped.

What are the best colors for a farmhouse kitchen?

Classic farmhouse kitchens use white, black, wood tones, and pastels like sage green, robin’s egg blue or buttery yellow. You can also use deeper colors like navy, olive or rust for a moodier farmhouse vibe. Add vintage-look fixtures.

How do I choose a backsplash color?

Consider a backsplash tone that ties in with your overall color scheme. Contrasting colors can make the backsplash pop. Neutral stone, marble or ceramic works with any cabinet color. Matching the backsplash and countertops creates a streamlined look.


A thoughtfully designed color palette can make all the difference in kitchen décor. Whether you opt for energizing brights or moody dark hues, color has the power to transform the ambiance. Always consider the light and architecture to select colors that harmonize with the overall space. Balancing colors through materials and textures also creates a unified, welcoming kitchen. With strategic use of color, it’s amazing how even modest kitchens can feel vibrant, joyful and serene.

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