Adding a double vanity to your bathroom provides convenience and style. With two sinks, mirrors and storage options, a double vanity allows two people to get ready at the same time. This week, we’re highlighting 7 inspiring double vanity setups that maximize functionality and aesthetic appeal.


A double vanity is a must-have for busy households and couples who share a bathroom. By providing each person their own dedicated space, it prevents bathroom hogging and ensures a seamless morning routine. Beyond the practical perks, a double vanity makes a stylish statement and serves as a focal point in the bathroom.

When selecting and designing a double vanity, there are a few key considerations:

  • Space and layout – Make sure there is adequate room for two people to comfortably use the vanity at once. Measure carefully.
  • Style – Select a vanity that aligns with your design sensibilities and complements other finishes in the bathroom.
  • Storage – Incorporate drawers, cabinets and open shelving to store bathroom essentials.
  • Materials – Popular options include wood, metal, stone and glass. Consider durability and maintenance.
  • Sinks – Vessel, undermount or integrated sinks impact the look and function.
  • Faucets – Widespread or centerset faucets work well for double vanities.
  • Mirrors – Opt for two mirrors or one large centered mirror. Lighting is key.
  • Organization – Trays, dividers and matching accessories promote an orderly vanity.

This week, we spotlight 7 standout double vanity designs to spark ideas for your next bathroom remodel.

7 Inspiring Double Vanity Setups

1. Modern and Sleek

This contemporary double vanity features a smooth white quartz countertop and angular floating wood cabinetry. The modern look is accentuated by the vessel sinks, matte black hardware and frameless mirrors. The centered mirror provides symmetry while the sconce lighting illuminates each sink. This minimalist design is fresh and timeless.

2. Rustic Farmhouse

The classic farmhouse aesthetic shines through in this double vanity. The wood cabinetry has visible grains and distressing for rustic charm. Arched mirrors, woven baskets and ceramic sinks nod to cottage style. The marble herringbone backsplash and turned legs add elegance to the farmhouse vibe. It’s the perfect blend of vintage and modern.

3. Bold with Black Accents

For drama and glam, this vanity pairs classic white quartz with inky black fixtures and detailing. The bold black base and legs make a statement. The black mirrors pop against the white marble backsplash. Open shelving provides display space for cherished decor. This look packs a visual punch.

4. Transitional Style

With its neutral hues, arched mirrors and elegant fixtures, this double vanity strikes a transitional look. The creamy marble top and soft gray cabinetry keep it light and airy. Designer sconces flank each oval mirror to evenly distribute light. The arched details and polished nickel handles give it classic appeal. It suits both traditional and contemporary aesthetics.

5. Spa Inspiration

Bring the spa home with this soothing vanity design. The creamy quartz countertop has a soft waterfall edge for a relaxing vibe. Paneled cabinets with woven textures feel organic. Floating teak shelves continue the nature theme. Round vessel sinks and X-framed mirrors echo the circular shapes found in spas. The overall effect is zen and peaceful.

6. Scandinavian White

This bright and minimalist double vanity embraces a Scandinavian aesthetic. The marble top, shaker cabinets and oak accents all have a matte white finish to evoke snowy landscapes and sunlight. Hidden cabinet hardware furthers the streamlined look. Round mirrors add softness while sconces make grooming easy. It’s both calming and functional.

7. Industrial Chic Style

Exposed pipes, dark finishes and architectural details give this vanity an industrial edge. The linear floating vanity has a rich walnut stain and black plumbing. Cage lights make a statement. Open shelves provide display space without concealing the pipes. The square sinks feel modern. It’s an urban look with rustic warmth.

Designing Your Dream Double Vanity

When designing your own double vanity, focus on creating a functional and stylish space that suits your needs. If you’re overwhelmed with options, collaborate with a bathroom designer to bring your vision to life.

Consider traffic flow, storage solutions and his-and-her preferences. Select high-quality materials that stand the test of time, like marble, quartz and wood. Include personalized details with monogrammed towels, decorative trays and accent mirrors. Lighting is also key – sconces or LED lights ensure everyone can see.

A double vanity takes coordination, but the results are well worth it. With two sinks and ample storage, you can get ready in style and comfort. Use these inspiring designs to create the double vanity of your dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the standard size for a double vanity?

The standard size for a double vanity is 60-72 inches wide to comfortably fit two sinks and allow enough leg room when standing. Standard depth is usually 18-22 inches.

How much space do you need for a double vanity?

Ideally, allow 4-5 feet of space between opposing walls/fixtures for a double vanity. This gives 2-3 feet per person when using the vanity together.

What is the most popular double vanity design?

Transitional style double vanities are currently most popular for their timeless blend of modern and traditional elements like marble, shaker cabinets, polished metals and oval mirrors.

Should double vanity sinks be the same or different?

This depends on personal preference. Many homeowners opt for identical his-and-her sinks and faucets to create symmetry. Others mix styles to reflect individual personalities. There’s no wrong choice.

What type of sink works best for a double vanity?

Undermount and vessel sinks are common choices for double vanities as they don’t occupy counter space. Vessels add style. Undermounts create a sleek look. Integrated sinks are also an option.

How can I add storage to my double vanity?

Incorporate drawers, cabinets, open shelving, woven baskets or trays. Wall-mounted cabinets provide additional space. Custom storage solutions can also maximize every inch.


A double vanity opens up a world of options for creating a functional, beautiful bathroom retreat. Use these 7 inspiring designs as springboards for your own vanity ideas. Focus on seamless traffic flow, adequate storage and his-and-her personalization to craft the ideal double vanity for your needs and style. With good planning and quality materials, your dream double vanity can be a daily source of enjoyment.