A powder room serves as a functional, yet stylish space for guests to freshen up in. Though small in size, a powder room presents the perfect opportunity to showcase your design style and creativity. When it comes to selecting wallcoverings for powder rooms, you need not play it safe. Feel free to get bold with fun patterns, striking colors, and eye-catching textures to make a stylish statement.

This week, we’re highlighting five daring wallcovering ideas that will transform your powder room from basic to beautiful. Whether you want to make a vibrant splash or opt for a more subtle, textural approach, these on-trend powder room wallcovering looks are bound to impress your guests. Time to break free from mundane wallpaper choices and explore bolder territory!

Vibrant Floral Wallpaper

Nothing perks up a powder room quite like a vibrant floral wallcovering. Bold, colorful blooms lend an instant energy and vitality to the space. Opt for a lively floral print in shades of fuchsia, vermillion, turquoise, and gold to create a glamorous, feminine vibe. More modern and graphic floral patterns in black and white also pack a visual punch.

When working with a vibrant floral wallpaper, keep the other elements pared back and plain. A glossy black vanity, crisp white wainscoting, and polished chrome fixtures allow the floral print to truly sing. For lighting, sconces or an overhead fixture with Edison bulbs enhance the feminine charm.

Floral wallpaper brings a garden freshness to powder rooms of all sizes. Make a statement with oversized blooms or try a repp floral with closely arranged flowers for intricate detail. With so many stunning floral options, it’s easy to cultivate an eye-catching powder room bloom!

Wood Paneling

For a rich, refined look, wood paneling lends natural beauty and timeless appeal. Handsome raised-panel wainscoting framed by trim molding gives the powder room a stately charm, while shiplap planks exude rustic farmhouse coziness.

Darker wood tones like espresso brown and charcoal gray evoke a sophisticated, luxe ambiance. For a lighter, casual vibe try ash gray, weathered oak, or whitewashed pine panels. Mixing wood stains and alternating grain direction also creates intriguing visual interest.

Pair wood paneled walls with vintage-inspired fittings like a wall mount sink, sconces, and an antique mirror. Natural textures such as baskets, ceramic bowls, and woven towels enhance the organic style. With easy-install peel-and-stick options, wood paneling offers an elegant, inviting backdrop for powder rooms of every size and décor theme.

Bold and Sultry colors – Emerald Green, Deep Blue, or Black

Make a daring color statement in your powder room by coating the walls in a rich, sultry hue. Deep green, blue, and even black may seem unconventional color choices, but they create an instantly moody, elegant space.

For a look of dark romance, try emerald green or peacock blue walls paired with glimmering metallic accents and candlelight-style lighting. Or make a bold, modern statement with matte black walls and sleek lacquered cabinets. Moody powder room colors feel lush and cocooning, perfect for taking a quiet moment to refresh and regroup.

When using a deep, dramatic wall color, stick to a color palette of just one or two complementary shades. Too many competing colors will overwhelm the space. Keep fixtures and fittings clean-lined and let the gorgeous colored walls do all the talking.

Graphic Retro Tile

Vintage-inspired graphic tile lends eye-catching geometric flair to powder room walls. Mid-century motifs like zigzags, starbursts, and concentric circles offer artistic retro appeal. Use just a few statement tiles for impact, or cover entire walls in a cool geometric design.

Pair graphic tile with Scandinavian-inspired furnishings like an Oval mirror, oversized pendant light, and wooden shelving. Clean lines allow the tile pattern to take center stage. For extra flair, coat the vanity or an accent wall in a glossy lacquer paint that reflects the motif.

Graphic retro tile adds artistic ambiance and vintage character to any powder room. Choose bold colors like sunshine yellow, bubblegum pink, or grass green to amp up the cheer. Or opt for classic black and white for timeless geometric dazzle.

Natural Textured Stone

Rustic slate, weathered limestone, or hand-cut stone tiles bring an earthy, elemental feel to powder room walls. Natural stone’s variegated colors, cracks, crevices, and random fossil patterns exude organic charm.

Offset a textured stone wall with glass vessel sinks, iron light fixtures, and eucalyptus accents for an industrial-chic vibe. For a more modern look, pair with sleek lacquered vanities and understated ceramic or porcelain sanitaryware.

Textural stone makes a striking alternative to standard wall tiles or wallpaper. Let the stone stand out by keeping the rest of the powder room décor minimal. Use large-scale stone slabs or a mosaic pattern for two very different looks. For small powder rooms, also consider wrapping the entire space in soothing, spa-like stone.

With endless options from slate grays to creamy travertines, textured natural stone brings vitality and nature-inspired zen to any powder room.

Design Ideas and Inspiration

Now that we’ve covered five on-trend wallcovering ideas, let’s explore how to implement these bold looks in your powder room designs. Combining wallcoverings creatively with fixtures, lighting, and accessories takes these powder rooms from ordinary to extraordinary.

Modern Graphic Floral

  • Jet black wallpaper with oversized cream and gold flowers
  • Glossy black hexagon tile flooring
  • Round frameless mirror mounted vertically
  • Floating dark wood vanity with under lighting
  • Black and gold sconces flanking mirror
  • Vessel sinks with black taps

This elegant powder room balances rich, moody drama with the vibrancy of modern floral prints. The bold scale florals make a statement against the dark walls, while clean-lined mid-century-inspired elements keep the look feeling fresh and contemporary.

Rustic Wood Paneling

  • Weathered oak wood planks run vertically
  • Distressed wood laminate flooring
  • Farmhouse pedestal sink with chrome legs
  • Round mirror framed in oak barrel staves
  • Galvanized metal pendant light
  • Woven willow branch basket for rolled towels

The rustic wood paneling and floors exude cozy farmhouse charm in this powder room. Vintage-country details like the stave-framed mirror and woven willow basket enhance the warm, organic style.

Sophisticated Emerald Green

  • Matte emerald green paint on walls
  • Marble hexagon floor tile in white and green
  • Floating vanity with emerald green drawers
  • Oval mirror mounted horizontally
  • Double sconces in black nickel
  • Glass knob pulls on drawers

The rich emerald walls and marble tile create a feeling of refined luxury. Metallic black accents pop against the green, while quality details like glass knobs make this a powder room fit for royalty.

Retro Graphic Floor and Wall Tile

  • Black and white concentric circle tile on floor
  • Yellow starburst tile as graphic wall accent
  • White subway wall tiles
  • Black pipe shelving mounted vertically
  • Industrial cage pendant lighting
  • Round white vessel sinks

The retro graphic patterns on the floor and wall add artistic flair to this industrial modern powder room. Bold yellow starbursts provide a cheerful pop of color to balance the sleek black and white palette.

Rustic Stone Walls

  • Textural slate stone tile on walls and floor
  • Square undermount sink with metal legs
  • Barn door slider in dark wood
  • Galvanized metal wall sconces
  • Woven seagrass bowl on vanity

These rich slate stone walls exude natural warmth and elemental texture. Iron, wood, and woven accents enhance the rustic-chic style while keeping the space airy and zen.

Tips and Considerations

Ready to deck out your powder room walls with one of these daring looks? Keep these tips in mind to ensure your bold design vision comes to life:

  • Consider the size of your powder room. Bold patterns and dark colors tend to work best in small doses for powder rooms. Choose bolder prints and more coverage for larger spaces.
  • Look at light exposure and brightness. Darker colors and busier patterns need proper illumination. Add lighting and mirrors strategically.
  • Sample wallpaper and paint swatches. Colors look different on a full wall than a small swatch. Order samples first.
  • Use peel-and-stick wallpaper or tile for easier application. This also allows you to potentially remove and reuse pieces.
  • Hire a professional installer for specialty materials like natural stone tile. Their expertise allows for a flawless finish.
  • Include bold accents but keep fixtures/furnishings simple. Let your statement wallcovering shine.

With the right prep work and design choices, your bold powder room can make a stunning stylish impression without overwhelming the space. Mix colors, patterns, and textures carefully and light the room effectively. Then get ready to see these eye-catching powder room walls infuse your home with vibrant energy and guest-impressing style.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some good bold colors for a small powder room?

Dark and saturated colors like emerald green, navy blue, charcoal gray, and even black work well in small powder rooms. The dark colors feel enveloping and intimate. Just be sure to have adequate lighting.

What wallcovering is most low maintenance?

Peel-and-stick wallpaper, wood paneling, and ceramic or porcelain tile are easy to keep clean. Avoid delicate wallpapers prone to tearing or natural stone and grout that requires sealing.

How do I make a floral wallpaper pop?

Choose a vibrant, large-scale floral print in bold colors like fuchsia, orange, or electric blue. Pair with glossy black fixtures and accessories to make the colors shine. Add Edison bulb sconces or pendant lighting for a soft glow.

Can I install wallpaper or panels myself?

Yes! With peel-and-stick wallpaper and easy tongue-and-groove paneling, DIY installation is totally doable. Just watch manufacturer’s videos first and have a helper for larger pieces. Hire pros for specialty materials.

How do I pick tile or wallpaper quantities needed?

Measure the total wall surface area you plan to cover. Add 10-15% extra to account for pattern matching and waste. Order all tile or wallpaper at the same time to ensure color consistency across dye lots.

What lighting works well with bold powder room walls?

Sconces, Edison bulb pendants, and Hollywood style vanity lights enhance bold walls without competing. Add natural light with a window or skylight. Dimmer switches allow you to set the perfect moody ambiance.


A powder room presents the perfect opportunity to showcase creativity with fun, eye-catching wallcoverings. Vibrant floral prints, wood paneling, moody colors, graphic tile, and textured stone offer options limited only by your imagination. By keeping other elements clean-lined and simple, these bold wallcovering looks sing.

When designing your bold powder room walls, carefully consider the size and lighting of the space and complement your wallcoverings with the right color palette, fixtures, and accessories. With proper planning and expert installation, you can craft a showstopping powder room that wows your guests.

So go ahead – have fun, get bold, and make a dazzling powder room statement! These five on-trend wallcovering ideas offer inspiration to turn wasted wall space into a stylish focal point full of life, color, and artistic flair.