Bathroom tile can completely transform the look and feel of your space. With so many tile options available, from shapes and sizes to materials and colors, the design possibilities are endless. This week we’re highlighting some of the latest visual tile tricks to make your bathroom shine. Read on for four fresh ways to upgrade your bathroom through creative use of tile.

Embrace Bold Contrast

One of the hottest trends in bathrooms is using very different tiles on the walls versus the floors to create striking visual contrast. Pairing a bold wall tile with a neutral floor tile, or vice versa, is an easy way to add drama and interest to your space. For example, you could use a vibrant patterned or colored tile on the walls, like a Moroccan fish scale tile in a popping teal blue. Then choose a muted tan porcelain or ceramic tile for the floors to complement without competing. The contrast will be eye-catching and give your bathroom a highly stylish look.

Get Creative with Shapes and Patterns

Unique tile shapes like hexagons, triangles, fish scales, and diamonds are having a major moment. Combining these creative shapes with classic squares or subway tiles allows you to add some flair without going overboard. Mix different patterns on the floors versus the walls for lots of visual appeal. Or create a geometric focal point by tiling one wall with a cool mosaic or interesting motif. Geometric black and white tiles arranged in graphic patterns is another trendy look that packs visual punch without dedicating your whole bathroom to it. Get creative and find ways to tastefully incorporate captivating shapes and patterns through your tile choices.

Accent with Bands and Borders

Adding tile bands or borders is an easy DIY project that can make a huge decorative impact. Horizontal bands along walls or vertical bands in showers create visual interest and divide space in a stylish way. For example, you could do a contrasting row of subway tiles horizontally across the center of a wall tiled in a different material. Or add a tile border along the top of shower walls, using a complementary color or finish to the main shower tile. Thin brick tile borders also look great above tub surrounds. Get creative with different colors, textures and materials to accent and accentuate with bands and borders.

Make a Dramatic Feature Wall

Devoting one entire wall to a gorgeous tile design is a fabulous way to create a stunning focal point. This is especially effective in small bathrooms where tile on all four walls might feel overwhelming. Some popular feature wall ideas include: a wall of ultra-detailed ceramic or porcelain tiles containing intricate scenes and imagery; a whole wall with penny-round mosaic tiles in shades of blue, for a soothing aquatic vibe; or an organic slate stone feature wall with gorgeous natural texture and variation. A feature wall done in tile is guaranteed to draw the eye and elevate your whole bathroom’s style.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the latest tile trends for bathrooms?

Some hot new tile trends include bold contrasts between wall and floor tiles, unique shapes like hexagons and fish scales, creative bands and borders as accents, feature walls with detailed designs, mosaics, and mixing different textures like glass, porcelain, and natural stone.

How can tile transform the look of my bathroom?

Creative use of tile can give your bathroom a whole new modern, glamorous or spa-like vibe. Choosing eye-catching colors, shapes, patterns and arrangements allows you to make a dramatic style statement.

What are some budget-friendly tile options?

Ceramic, porcelain, glass and some natural stone tiles tend to be more affordable. Mosaics and smaller tiles also stretch your tile budget further. Shop sales and clearance sections for deals.

How do I choose tiles that work with my existing bathroom?

Select tiles in colors drawn from your current decor – browns, blues, greens etc. For a cohesive look, maintain a similar color palette. Also consider finishing and sheen (matte, gloss, polished etc.) when pairing new and existing tiles.

What mistakes should I avoid with bathroom tile?

Don’t choose very slick tiles for bathroom floors, opt for some surface traction. Stay away from light grout with dark tile – discoloration will show. Make sure the tiles you pick are appropriate for wet areas. Install any intricate tiles very carefully to avoid alignment issues.

Final Thoughts

With so many options, installing new tile is an impactful way to upgrade your bathroom’s visual appeal. From bold contrasts and captivating patterns to eye-catching mosaics and feature walls, tile opens up endless possibilities. Use these latest tile tricks as inspiration when planning your next bathroom makeover. With strategic use of tile materials, colors, shapes and designs you can achieve any aesthetic you desire – from tranquil spa to urban chic. Let tile be your guide to bathroom nirvana.