Patricia Urquiola’s Fjord seating collection for Moroso represents a contemporary take on classic Scandinavian design. With its clean lines and emphasis on exceptional craftsmanship, Fjord exemplifies Urquiola’s signature approach of blending tradition with innovation.

An Overview of the Fjord Seating Collection

Launched in 2013, the Fjord range encompasses armchairs, sofas, and ottomans constructed from wood and upholstered in leather or fabric. The name Fjord references the Scandinavian landscape, featuring deep U-shaped valleys formed by glaciers. Similarly, the Fjord seating exhibits precise indentations and gentle curves inspired by nature.

Urquiola designed Fjord to foster a sense of comfort and familiarity, evocative of traditional Danish and Swedish furniture. She sought to create an uncomplicated, elemental seating system with wide appeal. The result is a versatile collection with a nostalgic feel, yet thoroughly fresh and contemporary outlook.

Emphasizing Superb Craftsmanship and Materiality

Exacting workmanship and attention to materiality underline Fjord’s appeal. The wooden frame is stained in various finishes that allow the natural grain to remain visible. Meanwhile, the upholstery features top-grain leather or fabric options.

Fjord is handmade in Italy, reflecting Moroso’s dedication to quality. The upholstered components are stitched with visible seams that follow the contours of the chair. The visible stitching highlights the handcrafted essence of each piece.

A Marriage of Tradition and Innovation

While Patricia Urquiola references historical Scandinavian furniture with Fjord, she infuses the collection with original elements. The angular wooden legs offer a subtle geometric contrast to the flowing seat and backrest. Urquiola also eliminates excessive ornamentation in favor of a simplified aesthetic that feels both nostalgic yet current.

The sloped armrests exhibit sufficient width for comfort without dominating the overall silhouettes. The end result is a seamless marriage between tradition and innovation.

The Key Features of Fjord Seating

Flexible Modularity

A defining aspect of Fjord is its modularity. The collection centers around the armchair and sofa, available with low or high backs. Customers can select chairs with or without arms to create tailored configurations.

The seating elements connect via a discreet system of feet, resulting in streamlined profiles. Fjord can adapt to myriad spaces, from intimate living rooms to expansive lobbies.

Strategic Use of Geometry and Space

Patricia Urquiola demonstrates her mastery of three-dimensional form with Fjord. The indentations and curves create geometric harmony enhanced by the angular legs. The spaces in between the seat and back contribute negative space, forming a sculptural whole.

The curvature of the backrest and armrest provide ergonomic comfort. Yet the generous proportions prevent Fjord from feeling bulky or cumbersome. Urquiola strikes a thoughtful balance suited for contemporary interiors.


Moroso has long been at the forefront of environmentally responsible design in Italy. Fjord upholstery utilizes recycled polyester and responsibly sourced wool and leather. Furthermore, the wooden framework consists of renewable materials.

Even the packaging contains recycled materials, reflecting Moroso and Urquiola’s shared commitment to sustainability. Fjord proves that contemporary seating can work within the context of a circular economy.

The Designer Behind Fjord: Patricia Urquiola

Originally from Spain, Patricia Urquiola is an acclaimed contemporary designer based in Milan. She is renowned for her ability to fuse classic and modern sensibilities in her work for leading Italian brands.

Training and Early Success

Urquiola studied architecture and design in Madrid before moving to Italy to pursue graduate studies. After working briefly for Achille Castiglioni, she joined the studio of Vico Magistretti. There she contributed to projects for B&B Italia, De Padova, and Flos.

By 2001, Urquiola established her own successful studio. She quickly garnered international acclaim for her inventive, poetic approach to modern Italian design.

Prolific Collaborations

Patricia Urquiola has created iconic designs across numerous sectors, from furniture and lighting to accessories and textiles. She has worked extensively with Moroso, Cassina, Kartell, and Flos to produce award-winning seating, lighting, and surfaces.

Additional collaborations with prominent Italian tile companies Mutina and Florim resulted in bold new ceramic and stone collections. Urquiola also applies her design sensibility to commercial spaces, such as hotels for the Mandarin Oriental group.

Recognition and Influence

Urquiola’s prolific output and ability to push boundaries has earned her recognition as one of the most influential designers working today.

She has received numerous accolades, including Wallpaper* Magazine’s Designer of the Year and several Elle Decor International Design Awards. Urquiola also served as the International Talent Support mentor for young designers, offering guidance and inspiration to the next generation.

The New York Times referred to Urquiola as a “cross between Donatella Versace and James Dyson” for her amalgamation of Italian flair, femininity, and technical precision. This unique blend comes across beautifully in the quietly groundbreaking Fjord collection for Moroso.

The Enduring Appeal of Fjord Seating

Since its launch, Fjord has become one of Patricia Urquiola’s most memorable achievements with Moroso. The line possesses multiple attributes that contribute to its lasting relevance.

Timeless Profile

While clearly modern, Fjord contains a certain timelessness stemming from its Scandinavian references. The archetypal lines and contours eschew transient trends in favor of an enduring, holistic profile. Fjord sits harmoniously within both contemporary and traditional spaces.

Customizable Range

The extensive range of sizes, material options, and configurations enable nearly endless customization. From corporate settings to home interiors, clients can tailor Fjord to suit diverse needs. The modularity ensures long-lasting appeal and relevance.

Balanced Comfort

Fjord’s geometry delivers substance alongside style. The ergonomic shapes offer exceptional comfort and support without resorting to excessive padding or ornament. Fjord remains comfortable for the long haul.

Superlative Craftsmanship

The meticulous hand-crafting invested into every Fjord piece resonates with clients. In an era of mass production, the emphasis on artisanal construction makes a profound statement. Fjord’s craftsmanship only accrues more value over time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fjord Seating

Here are some common questions about Patricia Urquiola’s Fjord range for Moroso:

What Materials Are Used to Construct Fjord?

Fjord features wooden frameworks paired with leather or fabric upholstery. The legs are made of solid ash wood, while the seat and back contain plywood and recycled polyurethane foam.

What Colors and Finishes Are Available?

Fjord comes in a diverse palette that includes sophisticated neutrals like black, gray, stone, ivory and blue. Custom stain finishes on the legs are also possible for a bespoke aesthetic.

What Makes the Design Scandinavian-Inspired?

The Fjord’s flowing, unadorned look references a pared-back Scandinavian minimalism. The light woods and emphasis on crafted details are also hallmarks of Nordic furniture.

How Quickly Can Pieces Be Delivered?

Standard Fjord pieces usually ship within 6-8 weeks. More customized orders may take longer. Moroso partners with expert craftspeople in Italy to ensure premium quality.

Does Fjord Come with Guarantees?

Yes, Moroso provides a 2-year warranty on the structural components of Fjord. The company stands behind the collection’s structural integrity and durability.

How Should Fjord Be Maintained and Cleaned?

Gently wipe wooden legs with a soft damp cloth and mild detergent. Vacuum fabric upholstery regularly using an upholstery attachment. Professionally clean leather every 1-2 years.


With her Fjord design, Patricia Urquiola demonstrates how contemporary seating can reference historical influences in an original way. By blending Scandinavian minimalism with Italian craft and innovation, Fjord achieves a sophisticated versatility befitting myriad indoor settings.

The range exemplifies Moroso and Urquiola’s shared passion for sustainability paired with unparalleled quality. Each piece achieves structural and aesthetic balance tempered with human-centered ergonomic comfort. Fjord remains a benchmark of Urquiola’s thoughtful approach and Moroso’s dedication to delivering furnishings that endure for generations.