Choosing new cabinet doors is one of the easiest ways to update the look of your kitchen without a full remodel. With so many options for styles, materials, colors and hardware, cabinet doors give you an opportunity to showcase your personal taste and design aesthetic. Here is an overview of popular modern kitchen cabinet door trends to consider for your next kitchen refresh.

Clean-Lined Shaker Style

Shaker-style cabinet doors have a clean, simple design that pairs well with many kitchen styles from traditional to contemporary. They are characterized by a recessed center panel and a square frame around the panel. The straight lines and flat center panel give these doors a minimal, modern look. Shaker style doors are available in a wide range of colors and materials from painted wood to thermofoil. Their simplicity showcases hardware and makes them easy to mix and match with other door styles if desired.

Sleek Slab Cabinet Doors

Slab cabinet doors have a very streamlined, modern appearance because they feature a flat, solid door without any recessed panels or framing. The lack of detail puts the focus entirely on the beautiful material and color of the door. Slab style doors work best for contemporary kitchens and minimalist designs. They can be used on their own or combined with shaker or other simple door styles. Popular slab door materials include lacquered wood, thermofoil, glass and stainless steel.

Natural Wood Tones and Textures

Natural wood cabinetry introduces beautiful grain patterns and warmth into modern kitchens. Wood door styles like plank, shaker and slab highlight the uniqueness of the wood material itself. Light stains and bleached woods in pale blond and white-washed colors are popular modern choices. Unfinished wood in darker walnut and espresso tones also pairs well with contemporary designs. Distressed and wire-brushed finishes that bring out the natural texture of the wood add rustic flair.

Cool-Toned Paint Colors

Bold, saturated paint colors on kitchen cabinetry make a vibrant style statement. While white and gray have long been popular modern kitchen colors, we are now seeing more cool-toned blues, greens and purples mixed in. These colors have a calming effect and feel fresher than warm tones. Deep green and navy blue painted lower cabinets also pair beautifully with white uppers. Whether you opt for color on the entire kitchen or just an accent wall of cabinets, painted doors introduce an artsy, modern vibe.

Intriguing Mix of Materials

An eclectic mix of cabinet door materials and finishes creates visual interest in contemporary kitchens. Combining wood, painted, glass, metal and thermofoil doors allows you to highlight different functions creatively. For example, open glass cabinet doors are perfect for displaying serveware while solid doors conceal food storage. Mixing finishes like glossy and matte lacquer or textured wood also adds appeal. Using different door styles together counterbalances the simplicity of slab and shaker designs.

Integrated Glass Cabinet Doors

Glass cabinet doors easily lighten up heavy wood cabinetry designs for an airier, modern kitchen feel. Doors featuring frosted, patterned and colored glass inserts look especially intriguing and on-trend. Full glass doors also create an open, minimalist look perfect for displaying collections. LED lighting inside glass cabinets can beautifully illuminate their contents. Glass doors are a smart choice for wall cabinets above eye level since their transparency maintains an open sight line.

Simple, Minimalist Hardware

Hardware offers an opportunity to add visual interest on simple flat cabinet doors. Matte black, brass and nickel hardware in geometric shapes, delicate pulls and short bar handles have clean lines that accent without distracting from door fronts. Recessed hardware that sits flush with cabinet doors also keeps lines seamless for a very sleek effect. Leaving cabinets handle-less with hidden integrated opening mechanisms is another modern option. Overall, let the cabinet doors take center stage by keeping hardware subtle.

Industrial Wire Mesh Cabinet Doors

Wire mesh cabinet inserts and full doors provide texture and dimension in modern kitchens. Made from metal wire woven into a fine grid pattern, they have an edgy, industrial chic look. Use wire mesh behind glass doors just as an accent or install full wire mesh doors on their own. The transparent, neutral color of wire mesh also pairs well with many cabinet colors from bold hues to natural wood. Wire mesh is perfect for open shelving to securely contain items while maintaining airiness.

Blended Textures and Finishes

Instead of cabinets all sharing one consistent finish, current designs mix and blend materials, colors and textures to make each cabinet unique. For example, combine natural wood doors with painted ones or integrate wood cabinets with sleek lacquered units. Dual finish doors with a glossy lacquer perimeter and matte veneer center panel are also intriguing. Cabinet colors can be layered as well by using different tones and intensities of one shade. The resulting eclectic blend feels personal and artsy.

When approaching a kitchen remodel or refresh, think about how new cabinet doors could revamp the look while retaining your existing cabinet boxes. Keeping the boxes saves significantly on cost compared to a full cabinet replacement. Evaluate which door styles and finishes would best suit your kitchen’s layout, architecture and aesthetic goals. From painted shaker to minimalist glass doors, cabinet doors provide relatively easy access to today’s most popular modern kitchen trends. With inventive materials and bold colors now available, you can definitely find a door style that reflects your unique personal style.

FAQs About Modern Kitchen Cabinet Doors

What are some popular modern colors for kitchen cabinets?

Some of the most popular modern kitchen cabinet colors include various shades of gray, white, navy blue, green, black, and wood tones. Bold saturated colors in matte finishes are a trendy modern option.

What is the most modern look for kitchen cabinets?

The most modern cabinet look tends to be simple, streamlined slab doors in glossy lacquer, matte thermofoil, or wood veneer finishes. Handleless designs and uninterrupted expanses of cabinets also look sleek and contemporary.

What kitchen cabinet styles are in style?

Shaker, slab, flat panel, and wood plank or barn style cabinet doors are some of the most popular kitchen cabinet door styles right now. Glass inset doors and wire mesh doors are also on-trend modern options.

Should you mix cabinet door styles?

Mixing two or three compatible door styles in the same kitchen can add nice visual interest. Make sure to maintain a cohesive look by coordinating the finishes and colors. For example, combine shaker and slab door styles using the same stain or paint color.

What is the most affordable way to update kitchen cabinets?

Replacing just the cabinet doors and keeping the existing cabinet boxes is the most budget-friendly way to update your kitchen cabinets with a new style and fresh look.

What are the best handles for modern kitchen cabinets?

Minimalist hardware like recessed cup pulls, straight bar pulls, or geometric knobs suit most modern cabinet designs. For a very streamlined look, integrate openers so drawers and doors appear handle-less.


With so many options for materials, colors, and styles, updating your kitchen cabinet doors provides a relatively simple approach to achieve a modern, stylish kitchen. From natural wood tones to cool-hued paint colors, and clean-lined profiles to eye-catching textures, cabinet doors give you creative flexibility. Evaluate your current kitchen layout, architecture and aesthetic goals when selecting new doors to refresh just the look, or go for a full-on contemporary style transformation. With inventive doors as the foundation, you can showcase your personal taste and give your kitchen an of-the-moment modern flair.