A modern bungalow kitchen beautifully combines simplicity and functionality with clean, contemporary style. These kitchens let you take advantage of small spaces with smart layouts and multipurpose elements, while still feeling airy and open. Achieve the light andbright modern bungalow kitchen of your dreams with these tips.

Choosing the Right Layout

The layout of your bungalow kitchen is key to maximizing your space while achieving a sleek, modern look. Here are some of our favorite layouts for small yet stunning kitchens:

Single Galley Kitchen

This simple linear layout is very common in bungalow style kitchens. Cabinets and countertops line up along one wall, with an aisle down the middle. The streamlined design limits visual clutter. Include a kitchen island to add extra prep space and storage without eating up floor space.

L-Shaped Layout

An L-shaped kitchen efficiently utilizes a corner and two adjoining walls. One leg of the L can house the cooktop and sink, while the other holds the refrigerator and more storage. The open leg of the L creates a handy nearby surface for setting down hot pans or staging ingredients.

U-Shaped Design

Want even more counters and cabinets? A U-shaped kitchen surrounds you with storage and workspace on three sides. It’s easy to reach items without taking more than a step or two. Add a kitchen island to complete the full work triangle.

Selecting Finishes and Materials

Clean, bright finishes give a bungalow kitchen an airy look and feel. Stick with a minimalist, neutral color palette and natural-looking materials to keep your compact kitchen looking as spacious as possible.

Paint Colors

Painting your kitchen cabinets, walls, and trim a crisp white or very light gray will make the space appear larger and reflect more light. For contrast, add visual interest with darker shades on the lower cabinets or kitchen island.


Quartz and laminate countertops are ideal for modern bungalow kitchens. Sleek quartz resists scratches, stains, and heat. Budget-friendly laminate comes in nearly endless colors and patterns for an easy update. Both keep surfaces clutter-free with smooth, streamlined profiles.


Vinyl plank flooring replicates the look of wood or tile floors with more affordable pricing and easier maintenance. Durable, waterproof, and soft underfoot, vinly plank flooring is an excellent choice for small kitchen spaces.


Stick with minimalist hardware like sleek stainless steel bar pulls on drawers and cabinets. They allow the beauty of the wood to shine through while adding a hint of polish. Matte black hardware also pairs well with white cabinetry for subtle contrast.


Don’t underestimate the power of lighting! Outfitting your bungalow kitchen with sufficient lighting keeps it looking bright and spacious. Use recessed ceiling lights, undercabinet lighting, and slender pendant lights above islands and peninsulas.

Incorporating Multifunctional Elements

With limited room to spare, a modern bungalow kitchen requires smart storage solutions and multitasking design elements. These features maximize your available space while embodying that signature bungalow resourcefulness.

Kitchen Island

A kitchen island squeezes in extra counter space, storage, and seating without claiming much floor area. Try a narrow console table-style design or smaller movable island with wheels. Opt for stools instead of built-in seating to save space.


Peninsulas function like mini islands attached to your kitchen counter on one side. The surface fits perfectly for casual dining while keeping the chef in the kitchen prep zone. Add lower-level cabinets or shelving below for expanded storage.

Pull-Out Shelving

Maximize vertical storage in base cabinets with pull-out shelving. Full-extension shelves bring items from the back of deep cabinets within easy reach. Consider tilt-out designs to better see and access contents.

Appliance Garages

Conceal small appliances like your toaster or blender inside dedicated pop-out cabinets or slide-out drawers. Close them up when not in use for a decluttered look. It also frees up valuable countertop workspace.

Pegboard Wall Storage

Pegboard panels mounted on walls or inside cabinet doors are ideal for hanging often-used kitchen tools. outline tool shapes with marker so everything stays in its place. Use pegboard above working areas or by the back door to store frequently grabbed items.

Open Shelving

A few sets of open shelving break up wall expanses while putting dishware and glassware decoratively on display. Try glass-fronted upper cabinets to continue the unobstructed feel while hiding away lesser-used items.

Choosing Small Yet Mighty Appliances

Compact appliances designed for small spaces help utilize every inch without cramping your bungalow kitchen’s style. Look for appliance features that multitask or slide out of sight.

Mini Refrigerators

Trade in a behemoth fridge for an apartment-sized model. Opt for a 18-24 inch wide counter-depth refrigerator to gain inches of floor space. Mini fridges are available with top freezer configurations to maximize fresh food storage below.

Compact Dishwashers

Run a 18-inch wide dishwasher to clean up dirty dishes without occupying your entire under-counter space. Look for models with adjustable upper racks and mid-cycle status lights. Portable dishwashers on wheels are also an option.

Combination Appliances

All-in-one appliances like a microwave-convection oven or an oven with a built-in microwave save space by combining multiple appliances into one. Look for models with air frying capabilities for added versatility.

Pull-Out Pantries

Similar to pull-out shelving, you can also find refrigerators and freezers with pull-out lower freezer baskets. These full extension roll outs make it easy to see and reach everything in the hard-to-access bottom area.

Induction Cooktops

Induction cooktops heat pans directly using magnetic technology—not hot burners. That means they’re cool to the touch for safety and easy to clean. Plus they boil water faster than gas while being more energy-efficient.

Slide-In Ranges

Slide-in ranges take up less visual space since they don’t have front-facing control panels. Without a backguard, they create a built-in look while fitting perfectly flush. Just be sure to allow for side ventilation.

Embracing Open Shelving

While closed cabinets certainly have their place, open shelving introduces breezy style to a small bungalow kitchen’s decor. Continue visual lines from the counter to the ceiling to make the space appear more expansive.

Styling Tips

Keep items on open shelves looking tidy. Take time to curate shelf contents and arrange items from largest to smallest. Include some greenery or decor items for flair.

Dishware Display

Show off your favorite patterned plates, stylish bowls, and unique glassware. Place plates upright and stack bowls to optimize vertical storage on shelves. Mix and match materials like ceramics, wood, or rattan.

Everyday Essentials

Use shelves near the cooktop or prep areas to store frequently used items like oils, spices, tea, and coffee. Keep things you reach for daily within arm’s reach to optimize workflow.

Elevate Microwaves and Toasters

Take bulky appliances off your counters by placing them on open shelves with outlets nearby. Not having to open a cabinet door also makes them quicker to access.

Bookcase Pantry

Turn a kitchen bookcase into a pantry for dry goods, with baskets or bins for categorized storage. Include hooks along the bottom for utensils and vertically-stored cooking trays.

Embracing Multipurpose Furniture

Transforming furniture saves space while serving multiple functions in your bungalow kitchen. These strategic pieces do double or triple duty exactly where you need them.

Banquette Seating

Build L-shaped bench seating into the corner. Banquettes are comfy spots for family meals that also incorporate extensive storage under the seats. Add removable cushions to access the storage space.

Bar Carts

A bar cart on wheels brings additional surface area, storage, and style anywhere needed. Use it as a movable island, prep station, or cocktail bar. Look for wheeled cabinets or utility carts from hardware stores to DIY your own.

Fold-Down Tables and Chairs

Mount a drop-leaf table or fold-out wall table to use when needed as prep space or casual dining. Fold-down chairs and step stools tuck discreetly below when not in use.

Mini Desks

Tuck a slim secretary desk or mini workstation into an empty corner for paying bills, food planning, or homework time. When closed up, it appears tidily out of the way.

Choosing the Right Sized Fixtures

Every modern bungalow kitchen deserves fixtures and extras scaled suitably for small spaces. Compact sizes allow you to include handy features without eating up your limited square footage.

Slim Dishwashers

Purchase the trimmest dishwasher that fits your needs, potentially only 18 inches wide. Narrow dishwashers mean you can potentially stack two into one standard under-counter cutout.

Shallow Sinks

Avoid giant double-basin sinks that dominate counter space. For a streamlined look, select a compact stainless steel model no deeper than 9 inches. Medium-sized single bowls are ideal.

Slim Fridges

Measure your kitchen’s cutout size for an exact fridge fit. Counter-depth models around 24 inches deep save several inches over standard depths. Columns styles maximize vertical storage.

Mini Stoves

Smaller stovetops like 30-inch widths or apartment-sized ranges maximize precious floor area. Look for models with front controls to save space. Induction cooktops fit into unconventional spots.

Skinny Pantries

Take advantage of awkward narrow spaces with skinny pull-out pantries no more than one foot wide. Store baking sheets vertically or stash cleaning supplies out of sight.

Clever Storage Solutions

Creative storage ideas take advantage of every cubic inch of available space in your bungalow kitchen. Make the most of what you have with these tips.

Cabinet Organizers

Leverage wasted space within cabinets with easy add-on organizers. Try cutlery dividers, tiered holders, pan lids racks, appliance garages, and rotating corner lazy susans.

Under Sink Storage

This easily overlooked space is prime real estate. Use caddies and sliding trays to neatly hold cleaning supplies. Suspend dish towels from pull-out drying rods.

Space Between Studs

Take advantage of a blank wall by inserting shelving between the wall studs. Gain hidden storage without losing floor space.These narrow shelves are ideal spice racks.

Vertical Space

Make use of vertical nooks by mounting slender storage ladders, rail systems, or wall-mounted pot racks. Great for stashing baking sheets, cutting boards, or utensils.

Drawer Dividers

Add adjustable dividers inside drawers to create custom compartments for utensils, servingware, or other clutter. Keep contents neatly organized.

Door Racks

Affix storage racks, mesh holders, or shelving units to the inside of cabinet doors to gain usable space. Great for cutting boards, cookbooks, foil, cleaning supplies, and more.

Alternative Pantry Spots

Don’t limit yourself to just the traditional pantry closet. Stash dry goods or appliances in hall coat closets, buffet cabinets, built-in nooks, or under stairwells.

Final Touches to Polish Your Space

Pull together all the elements of your modern bungalow kitchen with finishing touches that add beauty and visual appeal. These ideas complete the look with style.

Statement Lighting

Install a colorful pendant light or sleek linear fixture above your kitchen island or peninsula. It casts lovely lighting for tasks prepping food or dining while acting as a striking focal point.

Decorative Hooks

Coat hooks on walls or ceilings offer handy spots to hang coffee mugs, cooking utensils, towels, or keys. Search for charming hooks with unique shapes or architectural lines.

Fresh Floral Bouquets

A simple vase of fresh flowers adds a burst of color and natural elegance to your bungalow kitchen. Greenery instantly livens up any space.

Textured Accents

Introduce visual interest on backsplashes, accent walls, window valances, or table linens by mixing up materials and textures. Ideas include textured tile, woven shades, stone, brick, or exposed beams.

Artwork Display

Make the most of awkward wasted wall space by filling it with artwork or framed photos. Floating wall shelves that double as picture ledges are also a creative option.

Warm Textiles

Layer your bungalow kitchen with natural fiber accents to soften hard edges. Ideas include jute or sisal rugs, linen curtains, cotton towels, or cozy upholstered seating.

Frequently Asked Questions About Modern Bungalow Kitchens

What is a bungalow style kitchen?

A bungalow kitchen reflects the signature cozy style of Craftsman bungalow homes. It embraces natural materials like wood, focuses on efficient use of small spaces, and promotes an inviting, laidback feel.

How do you maximize space in a small kitchen?

Maximize space with smart layouts like a galley or L-shape, multifunctional island/peninsula, space-saving appliances, pull-out storage, open shelving, pegboards, and compact sinks/fridges. Vertical storage and converting unused spaces help too.

What colors make a small kitchen look bigger?

Sticking with light, neutral colors like white, off-white, light gray, or beige keep a small kitchen looking airy and spacious. Darker colors can feel overpowering and create visual barriers.

What flooring is best for small kitchens?

Slim profile options like vinyl plank, cork, or laminate flooring work well for small kitchens. They’re affordable, water-resistant, comfortable underfoot, and emulate the look of materials like wood or tile.

How do you arrange a kitchen with limited space?

Focus on an efficient work triangle between sink, fridge, and stove without overlapping traffic lanes. Place items you use most frequently within closest reach. Multitask islands serve multiple needs.

What small appliances are must-haves for a tiny kitchen?

Top small appliances for compact kitchens include a smaller fridge, microwave or toaster oven, induction cooktop, instant pot, air fryer, electric kettle, single-serve coffee maker, and compact dishwasher.


A beautiful modern bungalow kitchen is within reach for your small home. Clever layouts combined with space-saving fixtures, multifunctional elements, and smart storage solutions let you have both style and functionality. Maximize what square footage you have with lighting and colors that keep the area feeling open and inviting. With innovative thinking outside the conventional kitchen box, even the most modest floor plan can become an amazing space you’ll love entertaining and cooking in.

Modern Bungalow Kitchen