Kitchens are often described as the heart of the home, and for good reason. This is the space where families gather to share meals and memories while also meal prepping and cleaning up on a daily basis. Having ample and smart storage is key for keeping any kitchen functional and clutter-free. This week’s featured kitchen has a beautiful combination of crisp white cabinetry, warm wood accents, and cool gray tones. But it’s the abundance of storage space built into the design that really makes this a dream kitchen.

Clever Cabinetry Provides Plentiful Storage

The gleaming white cabinetry provides a crisp, clean backdrop for the space while also offering copious enclosed storage. The upper cabinets extend all the way to the ceiling, maximizing vertical space. The lower cabinets include a combination of standard cupboards along with deep drawers ideal for housing pots, pans, and other cooking essentials. A few of the lower cabinets even have built-in butcher block tops that provide additional counter space when needed.

Strategic Open Shelving Displays Dishware

In contrast to the enclosed cabinetry, open shelving along one wall provides display space for pretty dishware. The gray wood tone of the shelves pairs nicely with the crisp white cabinetry while also coordinating with the gray veining in the quartz countertops. The open shelves keep everyday plates, bowls, and glasses within easy reach while also preventing a cluttered look.

Drawers Built Into Island Offer Discreet Storage

The large kitchen island provides additional prep space, dining area, and hidden storage. Lower level drawers built into each side and end of the island offer accessible yet discreet storage for kitchen tools and gadgets. The single extra-deep drawer has a partitioned organizer inside as well, keeping baking sheets, cutting boards, and other flat items organized.

Custom Pantry Has Adjustable Shelving

Rather than using a standard floor cabinet, the designers opted for a custom built-in pantry with floor-to-ceiling shelving. The adjustable shelves can be moved or removed completely to accommodate various needs. Narrow shelves allow small items like spices and condiments to be seen easily. The depth of the storage means bulky items can fit as well, from giant boxes of cereal to entire cases of beverages.

Kitchen Desk Transforms Unused Space

Many kitchens have wasted space between countertops and appliances that ends up unused. However, this kitchen has transformed that narrow, orphaned space into a handy built-in desk area. Complete with file and utensil drawers as well as a cabinet with an adjustable shelf, it provides a perfect landing spot for mail, notes, cookbooks, and more. The desk chair tucks neatly under when not in use.

FAQ About White, Wood and Gray Kitchen With Lots of Storage

What are the benefits of a kitchen with ample storage?

Ample and smart kitchen storage provides many benefits:

  • Keeps kitchen essentials organized and easily accessible
  • Minimizes clutter on countertops for a tidy appearance
  • Allows you to buy in bulk and store inventory out of sight
  • Provides specific storage spots customized to your needs
  • Makes efficient use of all available space from floor to ceiling

What are some creative ways to incorporate storage into a kitchen?

Some creative storage solutions to try in your kitchen include:

  • Custom built-in pantries with adjustable shelving
  • Deep drawers built into kitchen islands
  • Open shelving to display dishes and glassware
  • Narrow spice racks mounted inside upper cabinets
  • Pegboards or racks to hang pots and pans on walls
  • Cabinet desk areas for paperwork, cookbooks, etc.
  • Pull-out vertical storage units for canned goods and baking sheets

What are pros and cons of open shelving versus enclosed cabinets?

Open shelving provides easy access and attractive display options but requires keeping items organized. Enclosed cabinets conceal contents and prevent dust but can hide items out of sight. Consider a balance of both. Use open shelves for dishware, glassware, and decorative items. Enclose bulky cooking gear and food staples.

How can you include wood accents in a mostly white kitchen?

Wood accents beautifully warm up white kitchens. Ideas include wood cutting boards, utensil handles, spoons and spatulas hanging from racks, butcher block counters or islands, wooden knobs and pulls on cabinets, open wood shelving, table/chair sets, and wood flooring.

What colors pair well with white kitchen cabinets?

White kitchen cabinets pair beautifully with almost any color. Try a crisp palette using whites, grays, blacks, navy, or even metallics like chrome or nickel. For contrast, add pops of color with red appliances, bright yellow accents, or deep green open shelving.


This gorgeous kitchen provides a stunning yet highly functional space thanks to abundant storage solutions incorporated throughout. Crisp white cabinetry maximizes vertical space while warm wood accents and cool gray tones keep the aesthetic inspiring yet livable. Clever customized storage built into a pantry, island, desk area, and open shelving means everything has a dedicated place. For those desiring both style and organization, this dream kitchen with tons of smart storage is sure to satisfy.