This week’s stunning kitchen renovation is sure to inspire with its warm, bright style and beautiful combination of wood and white elements. Let’s take a tour of this gorgeous space!


When the owners of this home desired a kitchen update, they sought a design that would feel fresh and modern yet retain the traditional charm of the rest of the 1925 English Tudor style house. The result is a beautifully balanced space that pairs clean, contemporary finishes with cozy vintage details.

Crisp cabinetry in a warm wood tone provides a rich backdrop for the primarily white color palette. Pops of brass hardware and lighting add just the right touch of metallic shine. Unique textural details such as the intricate tile backsplash and reclaimed wood open shelving infuse visual interest and dimension.

This brilliant kitchen remodel managed to enhance the functionality and flow of the space dramatically while maintaining a harmonious aesthetic consistent with the home’s original style. Read on for an in-depth look at this skillful renovation.

Highlights of the Design

Some of the most striking aspects of this kitchen’s design include:

Bright, Airy Color Scheme

The color palette focuses on soft whites and warm wood tones, creating a fresh, inviting ambiance. While the perimeter cabinetry is a light driftwood gray, the large kitchen island is wrapped in a reclaimed oak wood finish, adding organic texture.

Crisp white quartz countertops, a white herringbone backsplash, and white open shelving maintain the light, bright aesthetic. White shaker-style cabinetry keeps the look timeless and uncomplicated.

Rustic Touches

Several elements reference the home’s original 1920s style in a subtle way. The reclaimed wood of the kitchen island offers naturally imperfect texture and color variation.

Wrought iron light fixtures and brass hardware choices connect to traditional detailing. Glass-front cabinet inserts provide a glimpse of displayed china and glassware, reminiscent of old kitchens.

Clever Storage Solutions

This kitchen was thoughtfully designed to maximize every inch of storage space. The perimeter cabinets extend to the ceiling to accommodate frequently used appliances and serving ware. Deep drawers provide room for cooking tools and pantry items.

The reclaimed wood open shelving adds style while offering open display and access. The island provides additional cabinets as well as a spacious surface for meal prep.

Improved Layout and Flow

Several adjustments to the original kitchen footprint enhanced the functionality significantly. Widening the entryway improved traffic flow and allows easier movement between the dining room and kitchen.

Relocating the sink from an awkward corner location to the island also improved efficiency. The stove was shifted away from the work area to improve safety during cooking.

Kitchen of the Week: Reclaimed Wood Island

The sprawling kitchen island anchored by reclaimed wood is undoubtedly the focal point of this kitchen. The natural, organic finish of the aged oak pairs beautifully with the polished white quartz countertop. Let’s look more closely at how this unique island adds vintage soul.

Rustic Reclaimed Wood

The owners sourced reclaimed barn wood from a local Portland company that rescues and reuses old building materials. The dimensional planks add organic variation and texture, infusing warmth.

The naturally weathered oak finish provides subtle imperfections that evoke a sense of history. Grain patterns, knotholes, surface checking, and color differences make each board unique.

Custom Design

The island was custom built to suit the kitchen’s footprint and needs. At 10 feet long and 4 feet wide, it provides ample meal prep space, dining area, and storage.

The base consists of a solid oak frame in a transitional-style pedestal form. This open base maintains an airy, uncluttered look. Tongue and groove planks attached horizontally wrap the island sides and top.

Quartz Countertop Contrast

Crisp white quartz was chosen as the countertop material to keep the space feeling light and bright. The smooth white surface acts as a neutral backdrop, allowing the wood’s character to take center stage.

The countertop’s rounded edges mirror the soft shape of the island base, creating cohesion. A square integrated sink maintains the clean lines.

Functional and Flexible

While its generous surface area provides a perfect spot for casual dining, the island also offers smart storage solutions. The base hides two roomy cabinets and four drawers, keeping essentials easily accessible while cooking.

Open shelving on one end is perfect for cookbooks or displaying serveware. The island’s seating and surfaces transform it into the heart of the kitchen’s lively atmosphere.

Backsplash Spotlight: Intricate Moroccan Tile

One of the most striking details in this kitchen is the beautiful herringbone backsplash executed in intricate blue and white Moroccan tile. This area provides a lesson in incorporating personal style through well-chosen materials.

Handmade History

The distinctive tiles were crafted and hand-painted in Morocco using traditional methods that have spanned centuries. Each tile shape is unique, adding organic richness.

The blue and white color palette recalls vintage French kitchens. Yet the pattern provides an updated, modern feel perfect for a contemporary kitchen.

Bold Impact

Choosing bold tile with saturated hue and ornate texture amplified the visual impact of the backsplash area. The busy herringbone layout and shifting light patterns keep the eye engaged.

Centering the backsplash on the range hood area highlights this focal feature. The vibrant tile provides striking contrast to the surrounding white cabinetry.

Cohesive Color Scheme

While the tile itself makes a statement, the blue and white pairing coordinates seamlessly with the kitchen’s overall cool, serene color scheme. The blue draws out the undertones in the reclaimed wood finishes.

Matching blue glass pendant lights reinforce the color above the island. This cohesion keeps the daring tile from feeling disconnected or random.

Personalized Finishing Touch

For the homeowners, the vibrant Moroccan tile paid homage to their love of travel and injected personal style. The backsplash became the final touch that elevated the entire kitchen’s design to the next level.

This small area illustrates how infusing custom details and character through material choices can make a kitchen truly unique.

Q&A on This Warm, Bright Kitchen Design

To gain more insights into this brilliant kitchen renovation, here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What size is the kitchen?

This kitchen space measures approximately 15 feet by 20 feet, for a total footprint of 300 square feet. Widening the previous 25-inch entryway improved the flow.

What is the cabinets’ style and finish?

The cabinetry combines simplified shaker-style frames with recessed panel doors in a driftwood gray stain. The white perimeter cabinets have an acrylic matte paint finish.

What countertops materials were used?

The countertops utilize white quartz on the perimeter and a thick quartz slab for the island. The sleek white Quartzite material has a Carrara marble look.

What flooring works best?

The homeowners chose a natural white oak in a wire-brushed planked style for durability and style. The light finish keeps the space feeling open and airy.

What are some key layout tips?

  • Center the stove for convenient access from multiple workstations
  • Position the sink in or near the island for an efficient triangle
  • Allow a minimum 42-inch circulation path through traffic areas
  • Maximize vertical storage with tall cabinets to reduce clutter

What are smart lighting strategies?

Mixing task lighting, accent lighting, and ambient lighting ensures both style and function. Recessed cans provide overall illumination. Undercabinet lights aid food prep areas. Pendants define spaces and provide artistic flair.

Achieving This Look in Your Kitchen

If you’d like to emulate the warm, bright beauty of this white and wood kitchen in your own home, incorporate the following timeless tips:

Combine Crisp White and Natural Wood

Pair fresh white paint colors on walls, cabinetry, and countertops with warm wood island base or accents. White keeps the background light, while wood provides cozy contrast.

Add Pops of Metal

Hardware and fixtures in brass, chrome, or nickel introduce glossy accents against matte white cabinetry. Go for black wrought iron or bronze for a more vintage personality.

Include Special Handmade Touches

Details like encaustic cement tile or reclaimed building materials inject artisanal style. Visit architectural salvage shops to discover antique materials with bespoke patina.

Maximize Storage

Custom built-ins, drawers, organizational systems, and other smart storage solutions reduce visible clutter. Extend cabinetry to the ceiling and include drawer inserts.

Direct Lighting Purposefully

Use ample task lighting for key workstations combined with accent and ambient lighting for ambiance. Light the backsplash separately to create a focal glow.

Final Thoughts

This brilliant kitchen design takes a less-is-more approach for a bright, welcoming space that still has plenty of cozy warmth thanks to its wood and vintage-inspired accents. Clever material choices and custom details make this room feel personal and unique.

With its enhanced layout and abundant storage, the kitchen now provides exceptional functionality and flow to match its charm. The homeowners now have a freshly updated cooking space with both vintage soul and contemporary style.

This inspired renovation provides endless inspiration for those dreaming of their own warm, bright kitchen oasis that brilliantly combines the best of wood and white elements.