This week we’re exploring a stunning contemporary kitchen in Kansas that uses pops of orange to add personality and vibrancy. From the backsplash to the stools to the accessories, orange features throughout this space in exciting ways. Let’s take a look at how the homeowners have used this vivid shade to create an energetic and inviting cooking space.

Overview of the Kitchen’s Design

This kitchen was renovated as part of a whole-home update by the homeowners who wanted to give their dated, traditional kitchen a modern facelift. They worked with a local Kansas City interior designer to come up with a plan to open up and lighten the space while adding bold, contemporary style.

The new kitchen features a minimalist, streamlined aesthetic with sleek cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, a large island, and lots of impactful design details. Clean lines, geometric shapes, and simplistic forms give the space an airy, uncluttered look and feel. Pops of orange provide just the right amount of color and personality.

They also optimized the layout for better flow and functionality. By knocking out some walls and expanding the footprint, they created room for more prep space, storage, and high-end appliances while improving the connection to adjacent living areas. The result is a kitchen that’s as beautiful as it is highly-functional.

Using Orange Accents for Vibrancy

The predominant color scheme revolves around crisp whites and warm wood tones. Elements like the quartz countertops, white cabinets, and oak flooring provide an airy, welcoming backdrop. Punctuating this palette is a series of brilliant orange accents that infuse the space with energy and modern style.

Vibrant Backsplash Tiles

The main focal point is the stunning backsplash comprising handmade ceramic tiles in varying shapes and sizes. The predominantly white tiles establish the neutral foundation while the scattered orange ones provide pops of citrus. This kind of color-blocking effect allows the orange to really stand out. The organic, handmade quality of the tiles adds great texture and visual interest while the irregular application gives the backsplash personality and charm.

Sleek Bar Stools

At the large kitchen island, the homeowner chose sleek metal bar stools with orange vinyl seats. The other seats are a neutral gray, so the orange seats stick out and add another vibrant dash. The contemporary stools pair beautifully with the island’s marble countertop and add a fun, unexpected element.

Modern Accessories

Accessories like dishware, utensils, and decor items provide another opportunity to integrate the signature orange hue. For example, there are orange hand towels, dishes, and pans that complement the overall aesthetic. This shows how even small details like kitchen tools can be used creatively to embellish a color scheme.

Statement Light Fixtures

The kitchen features two suspended statement light fixtures with exposed bulbs and angular, sculptural shapes. While one fixture has a painted white exterior, the other is coated in a bold orange hue that pops against the ceiling. The colorful fixture gives a bold accent to the dining area and reinforces the orange theme.

Benefits of Using Pops of Orange

Implementing pops of orange in a predominantly neutral kitchen provides a range of benefits that support the overall design goals:

Adds Strong Visual Impact

Orange is inherently an attention-getting color, so it’s ideal for creating focal points in any interior. By implementing orange thoughtfully rather than everywhere, it catches the eye and becomes an accent. This lets you control the experience, leading the viewer to the most important areas like the backsplash.

Communicates Energy

The vibrant quality of orange makes it feel energetic, youthful, and upbeat. This suits the active nature of the kitchen space and brings a sense of liveliness and fun. The bright color scheme contrasts with more expected traditional khaki or brown palettes.

Provides Warm Contrast

The orange pops nicely against the cooler whites and natural wood tones. This contrast makes both the orange and the neutral colors stand out more and enhances each element. The orange brings warmth while the whites keep things airy and bright.

Fosters Creativity

Pops of color are always great for inspiring creativity and orange can stimulate mental activity. The unexpected and artistic color scheme encourages the homeowners and their guests to embrace ingenuity and find creative spirit in the kitchen.

Complements Stainless Steel

Stainless steel has a slightly cool tone that pairs nicely with warm shades like orange. The orange backsplash prevents the abundance of sleek stainless steel elements from feeling sterile or clinical.

Tips for Using Orange Accents Successfully

Implementing bold orange accents might feel daunting if you’re used to more neutral color palettes. Here are some tips for pulling it off successfully:

Use it Sparingly

The key is to apply orange judiciously as an accent rather than the main event. Too much orange can feel overwhelming. When used sparingly in key areas, it packs more punch. Let neutrals dominate and use orange to embellish.

Pair with Cool Tones

Light cool hues help bright oranges feel more sophisticated, while oranges bring energy to subdued cooler tones. Pair orange with crisp whites, gray, blue, stainless steel, marble, and wood. This provides balance while allowing both to shine.

Consider All Elements

Think about all the details that present an opportunity for orange accents from backsplashes to barstools to decor. However, aim for a coordinated look rather than going overboard. Not every component needs orange.

Be Strategic

Place orange accents strategically where you want to grab attention, like the backsplash. Use neutrals in spaces where you want a calmer look, like walls. This helps control the experience.

Select the Right Shade

Choosing the right shade of orange is key. Look for hues with a hint of red rather than yellow to make them feel vibrant but not neon or clownish. Deep bold oranges come across as sophisticated. Muted, peachy oranges can feel dated.

Final Thoughts

This contemporary Kansas kitchen proves that strategic pops of orange can transform a neutral space into something fun, energetic, and unique. Implemented in backsplashes, barstools, accessories, and beyond, it provides just enough color and personality without overpowering the clean, minimalist aesthetic.

For homeowners looking to invigorate a muted white and wood kitchen with some excitement, taking inspiration from this orange-accented remodel can kickstart your own kitchen revamp. With the right execution, you can use lively orange tones to create a one-of-a-kind cooking space that feels both stylish and welcoming.

Kitchen Trends That Add Personality to Kansas Homes

The heart of every home is the kitchen. This is the space where family and friends congregate, meals are shared, and memories are made. Kansas homeowners put extra thought into kitchen design to ensure this hub is both beautiful and highly functional. Beyond making improvements for practicality and convenience, many also seek to infuse personality and individual style.

The latest kitchen trends provide innovative ways for Kansas homeowners to put their own stamp on this vital space. Creative use of color, materials, layout and decor can help transform traditional, cookie-cutter kitchens into an interior design statement.

Let’s explore some of the top trends that can help add an extra dose of character and charm to your Kansas kitchen.

Colorful Appliances

Stainless steel appliances have dominated kitchen design for years. However, today homeowners are embracing bolder, more vivid appliance colors that make a strong style statement. Shades like cobalt blue, rich green, bright orange, sunny yellow and fire engine red are growing in popularity. This trend allows you to choose a hue that aligns with your own color preferences and palette. Mixing one or two colorful appliances among otherwise neutral stainless options is an easy way to add a pop of personality.

Custom Backsplashes

Backsplashes present a major opportunity to express personal flair. Many Kansas homeowners are moving beyond basic subway tile and utilizing backsplashes that feature custom materials, eye-catching designs, bold colors or handmade elements. For instance, some are doing mosaic-style mixes of materials like glass tiles, marble, and even sequins. Others opt for hand-painted tiles or ones that form a mural. Using organic materials like stone and wood also adds rustic charm.

Statement Islands

The kitchen island is the natural focal point, so taking some risks with the design makes a big impact. Instead of playing it safe with granite and stock cabinets, try using an attention-getting accent island. For example, try pairing ornate legs with a rich green or deep navy blue island base and glossy white marble top. Or design an island wrapped in textural tiles or with cabinets that display glassware and dinnerware.

Warm Metallics

Gleaming metals provide the perfect balance of glam and versatility in a kitchen. Warmer metallic tones like brass, copper, bronze and gold inject some sophistication and shine while feeling inviting and timeless. Incorporate these metals in fixtures, hardware, appliances, and accessories for an elegant yet lived-in look. Mixing metal finishes also adds dimension.

Natural Textures

Materials that showcase natural texture lend both visual interest and cozy appeal to kitchens. Stone surfaces like quartzite, travertine and marble make stunning countertops that feel ultra-luxe. Unfinished woods, exposed brick, corrugated metal and woven rattan offer rustic texture. Accent walls covered in wood planks or textural wallpaper also warm up sleek, modern kitchens.

Global Inspired Design

Homeowners are increasingly seeking to infuse global flair into the kitchen’s design. Elements from Tuscan, Moroccan, Japanese and Scandinavian style prove popular options. For example, intricate tile patterns mimic those seen in European villas. Natural materials echo Asian tranquil sensibilities. You can also integrate cultural elements through furniture, textiles, colors, lighting and decorative accents.

Geometric Patterns

Incorporating geometric patterns is an artistic and modern approach to kitchen design. Triangles, diamonds, hexagons and chevron lines provide eye-catching contrast when implemented in backsplashes, floors, walls cabinets and shelves. These angular designs grab attention when used either in neutral black and white or incorporated as colorful accents. The patterns feel energizing and contemporary.

Distinct Lighting Plans

Thoughtful lighting elevates a kitchen’s style and function. Develop a comprehensive lighting plan that layers ambient, task and accent lighting. Include stunning statement pendants above islands or dining tables and striking Under cabinet lights. Install dimmers to control different moods and lighting zones. Use smart technology and app-controlled systems for ultimate convenience.

Custom Storage Solutions

Strategic organization ensures kitchens are both beautiful and highly functional. Seek custom storage solutions that suit your space rather than defaulting to stock cabinetry. Have cabinet fronts designed to match your aesthetic. Include specialized drawers, pull-out shelves, and sliding racks to optimize space. Glass door cabinets elegantly display dishware or glassware collections.

Personality Boosting Touches

Beyond the major elements, small details provide opportunities to infuse personality. Choose barstools in a bold color or with a trendy silhouette like velvet upholstered seats, acrylic translucent stools or ones with sculptural metal bases. Artwork makes a statement, so does high-end hardware and unique decorative accents. The key is expressing your own style.

Today’s Kansas kitchen trends provide so many possibilities to transform ordinary kitchens into extraordinary spaces that showcase your color preferences, taste and spirit. Implement even a couple of these elements thoughtfully, and you’ll enjoy a kitchen that nurtures creativity, inspires you daily and wows guests. With a space this special at the heart of your home, you’re sure to create wonderful memories for years to come!

Design Ideas for Contemporary Orange Accent Kitchens in Kansas

Orange is having a major moment in home interior design. The vibrant, citrusy shade is popping up in trendy color palettes across all rooms of the house. But orange makes an especially bold impact when used thoughtfully as an invigorating accent color in contemporary kitchen designs.

Kansas homeowners aiming to give their neutral kitchen palettes a fun pop of personality are embracing this lively, on-trend approach. Using energetic orange as an accent can help create a cooking space that feels fresh, modern and full of charm. Here are some go-to design ideas for adding orange accents into your contemporary Kansas kitchen revamp or remodel.


Backsplashes offer a perfect canvas for implementing orange accents in an eye-catching way. Consider a handmade tile backsplash in varying organic shapes and sizes. Mix mostly white tiles with pops of brilliant orange ones sporadically placed. The colorblocking effect makes the orange really stand out against the crisp white backdrop.

Also check out backsplash designs featuring Moroccan tile patterns in white and orange. The geometric designs and intricate details provide plenty of visual interest while reinforcing the contemporary vibe. For a budget-friendly option, apply orange in a removable wallpaper backsplash.

Bar Stools and Kitchen Seating

Bar stools provide a natural opportunity to incorporate orange by using striking upholstery. Consider sleek metal stools with vinyl orange seats. Orange wooden stools also coordinate well with contemporary kitchen aesthetics. Look for stools with sculptural shapes and clean lines rather than ornate carved details.

For a bench or banquette seating area, use orange cushions or pillows. This allows you to switch up the accent color seasonally if desired. You can also paint the bench structure orange for a bolder look. Just keep the lines very simple.

Kitchen Islands

Using orange on a kitchen island base provides a great way to really make this focal point pop. Painting the lower cabinets in a bold orange hue contrasts beautifully with natural woods and marbles on the countertop. Also consider using orange on an accent island that serves as a bar area or prep zone.

Or if your main island has cabinets on the base, try just painting them orange on the inside or incorporating orange shelving. Open storage and glass door cabinets work well to put the orange accent on display.

Kitchen Accessories

Beyond the major structural elements and cabinetry, accessories provide small opportunities to integrate orange. Consider useful kitchen tools like appliances, dishware, utensils, towels, and cookbooks. An orange stand mixer, toaster, coffee maker or blender can provide a great accent. Have a set of orange plates and bowls for a colorful contrast when setting the table. Display oranges towels at the ready by the sink. Little decorative accents like jars, soap dispensers and organizers also come in orange hues.

Statement Lighting

Don’t underestimate the power of statement lighting fixtures to reinforce the orange kitchen motif. Try suspended modern chandeliers or sculptural pendants coated in orange. Opt for styles with clean shapes rather than ornate detailing to keep the contemporary vibe. Paint just one fixture orange and leave the others neutral for an asymmetric look. Under cabinet lighting in orange can also accent a focal area.

Final Touches

Consider other ways to work in the orange color scheme. Paint the insides of open shelves orange or use orange hardware and handles. Add modern orange barstools around a kitchen counter or breakfast bar. Use removable orange wallpaper to line the inside of glass cabinet doors.

Orange can feel daunting, but when used judiciously as an accent it brings so much energy and personality to a contemporary Kansas kitchen. With the right mix of materials, strategic placement and styling, you can create a cooking space that feels both inviting and straight off a magazine cover. Embrace the orange trend to give your neutral palette the jolt of vitality it’s been craving.

Invigorating Orange Kitchen Ideas for Kansas Homes

Kitchens are the heart of the home, so they should reflect the spirit and personality of the people who cook, eat and gather there. If your Kansas kitchen feels boring or dated, infusing color is one of the most effective ways to breathe new life into the space. Specifically, embracing vibrant pops of orange can give almost any kitchen an energizing facelift.

The appealing citrusy tone feels both cheerful and sophisticated. Orange injects warmth, energy and creativity. It serves as a welcoming accent while stimulating the senses. This makes it ideal for transforming mundane kitchens into inspiring spaces you’re excited to spend time in.

Here are some key ways Kansas homeowners can use invigorating pops of orange to upgrade their kitchen’s style.


The backsplash is the perfect spot to add a bold pop of orange since it’s a focal area. Orange backsplashes contrast beautifully against neutral cabinetry and stainless steel appliances.

For classic appeal, try a subway tile backsplash with some tiles swapped out for orange ones. Or get creative with shaped, patterned or handmade tiles in an organic orange mosaic design. Removable wallpaper is another backsplash option for infusing orange easily.

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands tend to serve as the main focal point and gathering spot. Painting your kitchen island base cabinets in a deep orange tone makes it a vibey accent. Top with crisp white quartzite or marble for contrast. For a more budget-friendly orange island look, just swap out the bar stools for ones with orange seats.

Pops of Orange Accessories

Accessories provide simple ways to sprinkle in orange accents throughout your kitchen’s design. Display orange pots, pans and cooking tools for a jolt of color while cooking. Choose an orange toaster, mixer or coffeemaker to brighten appliance zones. Use orange dishes or glassware to set off a tabletop. An orange rug runners grounds a seating nook.

Colorful Knobs and Handles

Replacing all of your kitchen cabinets’ hardware with coordinating orange knobs and handles creates an impactful look. Mixing metals is also on-trend, so try combining orange hardware with black, brass or white metals. Just swap knobs and handles on lower cabinets or drawers rather than every single one for a more restrained punch of color.

Statement Lighting

Orange lighting makes a gorgeous modern statement while also illuminating the kitchen beautifully. Try a pendant light or chandelier with orange glass globes over a kitchen island or dining area. Under cabinet lighting strips also come in orange hues to accent key prep zones. Let orange lighting cast a warm glow over your kitchen.

Artistic Accent Wall

Use orange in an artistic way by creating an accent wall that incorporates textural wallpaper, 3D tiles, geometric patterns