A kitchen is often considered the heart of a home. It’s where families gather to cook, eat, and spend quality time together. Having a kitchen with enough space and style to promote family bonding is key. This week, we explore a stunning kitchen remodel that achieved just that. With smart layout changes and chic design choices, this kitchen went from cramped and dated to spacious and contemporary. Read on to see how small tweaks created a world of difference.

Clever Layout Changes Opened Up The Space

One of the biggest challenges in this kitchen renovation was the limited square footage. With a family of five, the existing layout simply didn’t provide enough room for multiple family members to cook or gather. Here are some smart changes that were made to capitalize on every inch:

Removed An Interior Wall

Knocking down a non-load bearing wall between the existing kitchen and dining room helped create one large, open concept great room. This instantly made the space feel more expansive.

Added A Kitchen Island

Bringing in a spacious kitchen island provided extra prep space, storage, and seating. It also helps delineate the kitchen area from the dining space.

Bumped Out Exterior Wall

Bumping out the exterior wall by just a couple of feet allowed for deeper cabinetry and countertops. This added workspace and storage without stealing space from other areas.

Maximized High Ceilings

Taking advantage of the room’s generous ceiling height, upper cabinets were stacked to double storage. The open shelving maintains an airy aesthetic.

Style Choices Reflect The Family’s Tastes

Incorporating personal style into the kitchen design was another priority. The homeowners wanted a space that felt tailored to their family. Here are some ways they achieved this:

Mix Of Materials

The cabinets bring in a variety of materials – painted shaker style uppers, rich wood lowers, and marble accented island. This creates warmth and texture.

Pops Of Color

Punctuating the crisp, white cabinetry are splashes of colors like navy blue, mustard yellow, and forest green. This injects the family’s vibrant personality.

Textural Tile Backsplash

A handmade, Moroccan-inspired tile backsplash adds a dose of global flair and timeless pattern to the cooking zone.

Display Collections

Open shelving, glass cabinet fronts, and wall ledges allow the family to highlight cherished cookbooks, pottery, and travel mementos.

Personalized Details

Custom milled cabinetry, engraved hardware pulls, and monogrammed dish towels infuse personal details.

Smart Storage Solutions

For families, having adequate kitchen storage is a must. This kitchen incorporated storage solutions to keep every item in its place:

  • Pull-out pantries with slide-out shelves maximize corner space
  • Baking sheet organizers allow quick access to pans
  • A charging station keeps devices powered up and off counters
  • Shallow drawers store spices neatly in one spot
  • Deep lower drawers hold bulky appliances when not in use
  • Upper cabinets dropped to the countertop create a beverage bar
  • Under cabinet cookie sheet racks free up other cabinet space

Additional Features That Promote Family Time

Beyond a great layout and design, the homeowners wanted features that supported time together:

Spacious Eating Area

A large island provides seating for quick family meals and gatherings. There is also a sizable kitchen table for sit down dinners.

Desk Area In Kitchen

A small built-in desk in the kitchen gives kids space to do homework near parents cooking.

Durable Finishes

Quartz countertops and ceramic tile flooring allow the space to withstand heavy family use.

Tech Integration

A wall-mounted television, internet connected appliances, built-in charging stations, and digital calendar keep the family connected.

Abundant Natural Light

Large windows, glass cabinet fronts, and skylights create a bright and cheery space.

Kitchen of the Week: Key Takeaways

This kitchen makeover shows how small layout tweaks and purposeful design choices transformed a cramped, outdated kitchen into a spacious, contemporary oasis for family time. Key lessons:

  • Opening walls and bumping out exterior ones can work wonders even in a smaller footprint
  • Islands, ample storage, and durable finishes are essentials for busy families
  • Personalized details like custom cabinetry and specialty hardware reflect unique style
  • Smart organization features keep items accessible but out of sight
  • Multi-functional elements like workspaces cater to family needs
  • Design to promote natural light and open flow encourages gathering

The homeowners achieved their goal of having a stylish, functional kitchen that provides the whole family room to cook, eat, relax, and most importantly, be together. This kitchen makeover was truly designed for family life.


What layout changes helped open up the kitchen?

The homeowners removed an interior wall, added a kitchen island, bumped out an exterior wall, and maximized the high ceilings to open up the kitchen layout in this remodel.

How did they incorporate personal style into the new kitchen?

They used a mix of cabinetry materials, pops of color, a textural tile backsplash, open display shelving, and custom details like engraved hardware.

What storage solutions helped keep the kitchen organized?

Some clever solutions included pull-out pantries, baking sheet organizers, spice drawers, deep lower drawers for appliances, dropped upper cabinets for a beverage bar, and under cabinet cookie sheet racks.

What design elements promoted family time?

Ample eating areas, a built-in homework desk, durable finishes, technology integration, abundant natural light, and an open flow all catered to family life in this kitchen design.

What was the main goal of this kitchen remodel?

The main goal was to transform a cramped, dated kitchen into a spacious, contemporary kitchen that promoted family bonding and togetherness.

How does the new kitchen better suit the needs of a busy family?

With more space, improved layout, loads of storage, durable finishes, and gathering-friendly features, the new kitchen is tailored to a hectic family lifestyle.

What key lessons can be learned from this kitchen remodel?

This makeover shows how small layout tweaks and purposeful personal design choices can completely transform a kitchen into the ultimate family-friendly space.


This kitchen makeover is an inspiring example of the dramatic impact small changes can make. Through clever layout tweaks, strategic use of space, and attention to detail, these homeowners turned their cramped kitchen into a stunning, contemporary space suited to busy family life. This light-filled, durable, and well-organized kitchen is now truly the gathering place it was meant to be. It reflects the homeowners’ personal style while promoting togetherness through cooking, eating, relaxing and bonding. For families looking to remodel, it shows that focusing on spaciousness, functionality, and design details that bring joy can make all the difference. This kitchen will likely serve its family for years to come as needs and interests evolve.