The coast inspires so many interior design styles, from casual beach cottage to elegant Hamptons. This week’s featured kitchen combines the light and breezy feeling of coastal décor with crisp white cabinetry, pale blue accents, and warm wood elements for a fresh take on the style. Keep reading to learn more about achieving this airy look in your own kitchen remodel or design.

Overview of the Coastal Design Style

Coastal style combines casual comfort with nautical inspired elements for a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. Some key features include:

  • Light and neutral colors like white, sand, pale blue and green.
  • Weathered wood finishes and painted wood furniture.
  • Accents in shades of navy blue, sea glass greens and greys.
  • Natural textural elements like rattan, driftwood and woven textures.
  • References to the sea and beach through accessories, art and decorative items.

The overall feeling is casual sophistication – think a comfortable beach house meets a clean New England cottage aesthetic. It manages to feel simultaneously airy and cozy.

Incorporating White, Blue and Wood

This light and breezy kitchen uses a fresh color palette of crisp white, pale blue accents and warm wood tones. Here are some tips for achieving this look:

Crisp White Cabinetry

  • Choose cabinet doors with a recessed panel or flat slab design to complement the coastal aesthetic.
  • For bright white cabinets, opt for a painted finish rather than natural wood. Shaker style doors also pair well with the coastal look.
  • Consider white quartz countertops to continue the light and airy vibe. Quartz is an extremely durable option that doesn’t require sealing.

Pale Blue Accents

  • Incorporate pale blue through small appliances, kitchen utensils, dishware or glassware. Opt for a blue and white color palette.
  • Add blue tiled backsplash as an accent. Subway tile, glass tile and sea glass tile all complement coastal kitchens beautifully.
  • Use blue paint colors on one wall or on lower cabinets to incorporate more color in a subtle way. Soft aqua or sky blue work perfectly.

Warm Wood Finishes

  • Contrast the white cabinetry with wood accents and furnishings. Butcher block islands or dining tables bring warmth.
  • Wood plank ceilings or exposed ceiling beams can provide rustic contrast to the clean white cabinetry.
  • Opt for oak or driftwood stools, kitchen carts or open shelving to blend wood into the design.

More Coastal Kitchen Ideas

Here are a few additional tips for bringing the breezy coastal vibe to your kitchen:

  • Incorporate naval or nautical inspired elements like rope accents, anchors and ships wheels.
  • Display shells, starfish or driftwood as decorative accents.
  • Add rattan barstools, woven baskets or sisal rugs for natural texture.
  • Use weathered finishes like whitewashed or driftwood tables and open shelves.
  • Incorporate reclaimed wood furnishings like a salvaged wood dining table or kitchen island.
  • Add accent lighting like clear glass pendants or sconces for an airy, coastal vibe.

FAQs About Achieving This Look

What colors pair well with white in a coastal kitchen?

In addition to pale blues, sea glass greens, light grays, and neutral tans help create a coastal color palette. Navy blue also pairs nicely with white for a classic nautical style.

What kind of flooring works best for coastal kitchen style?

Wood and stone or tile floors suit the coastal aesthetic. Good options include weathered wood plank flooring, tile that looks like weathered driftwood, limestone, travertine, or porcelain tiles with a coastal inspired pattern.

What type of countertops complement a coastal kitchen?

Quartz in white or light natural stone like marble, limestone or travertine make great countertop options. Butcher block also fits the coastal look, as do concrete and wood composite countertops in tan or driftwood-inspired finishes.

What backsplash options work with a coastal design?

Subway tile, sea glass tile, glass mosaic tile, and ceramic tile with coastal colors or patterns all make excellent backsplash choices. Simple white subway tile is a classic option. Accent with pale blue, sea glass green or neutral tan/gray tiles.

What are good lighting options for a coastal kitchen?

Pendant lights, chandeliers, and sconces in clear glass, rope or nautical styles complement the coastal look. Other good options include wicker or rattan pendants andaged brass for a beachy vibe. Recessed lighting also helps keep the space light and airy.

What type of sinks and faucets fit with the coastal aesthetic?

Undermount sinks help enhance the clean lines and open feel of a coastal kitchen. Stainless steel, fireclay or composite sinks make good material choices. For the faucet, look for styles with straight, simple lines, often with two handles. Aged brass fixtures also complement the coastal look well.


With its fresh white palette accented by pale blue and warm wood tones, this week’s featured kitchen embodies a clean, coastal aesthetic that feels both beachy and sophisticated. Crisp shaker style cabinetry, blue tiled backsplashes, and natural wood counterpoints make for a light and airy space. Incorporate reclaimed furnishings, shell accents, and nautical inspired fixtures to complete the breezy, coastal vibe. With the right combination of colors, materials and details any kitchen can capture the casual coastal style.