Kitchens are often considered the heart of the home. This week’s featured kitchen is a colorful hub located in southern California that truly embodies the spirit of togetherness and comfort that a great kitchen provides.


This bright and lively kitchen designed by [kitchen designer name] is full of personality. Vibrant hues like sunny yellow, sky blue, and rich teal turn this cooking space into an inviting sanctuary for the homeowners to gather, cook, and connect.

Beyond just aesthetics, this thoughtfully designed kitchen also boasts high-end appliances, ample storage solutions, and an efficient layout made for entertaining and everyday living. The mix of materials from glossy tile to natural wood adds visual texture and depth. This California kitchen seamlessly blends contemporary elements with rustic charm.

Read on for an in-depth tour of this week’s beautiful and colorful featured kitchen. We’ll explore what makes this space so special from its playful decor touches to its functional features. Whether you’re planning your own kitchen remodel or just looking for inspiration, the colorful details and clever ideas in this southern California kitchen are sure to impress.

Overview of the Home and Kitchen

This cheery kitchen is located in a new custom-built home in [specific city], nestled in the foothills of southern California. The owners desired a home that was family-friendly, good for entertaining, and full of bright, welcoming spaces.

The kitchen itself is approximately 400 square feet and lies at the back of the home with views of the backyard through a wall of windows. It’s open to the living and dining areas creating one large great room but can also be closed off thanks to a sliding barn door.

Layout and Workflow

The layout is designed in a U-shape with refrigeration and storage lining one wall, a large central island, and cooktop and ovens along the exterior wall. This allows for multiple cooks in the space and easy movement from one area to the next when preparing meals.

The workflow is set up to maximize efficiency. The refrigerator is conveniently located next to the prep sink, allowing for easy transport of ingredients from fridge to countertop. The island provides ample room for chopping, rolling dough, and serving up buffet-style meals. And the cooktop is mere steps away from the oven and microwave for seamless cooking.

Multiple entrances make the kitchen accessible from both the dining room and living room. An exit leads out to the backyard patio expanding the entertaining space in warmer months.

Purpose and Use

As the owners have two young kids, the kitchen needed to work for busy family meal prep but also handle parties and holidays.Durability and easy cleaning were must-haves with little ones underfoot.

At the same time, the owners desired a kitchen where they could unwind and find joy in cooking. Plenty of storage, large countertops, and smart organization features allow the space to stay clutter-free. Vibrant colors and artful accents provide visual delight.

This kitchen achieves all the owners’ goals. It’s highly functional for real life yet still manages to feel like a cheerful oasis. The mix of materials stands up to messes while the cheery hues promote positivity. This is a kitchen made for creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Decor and Materials

This kitchen gets its lively ambiance from the creative mix of colors, textures, and decor. The homeowners took a risk by skipping classic white cabinetry in favor of vibrant painted fronts. This bold choice gives the space energy and spirit. Pops of color also appear in the tile, accessories, and modern light fixtures.

Color Scheme

While many kitchens stick to one dominant hue, this kitchen embraces color to the fullest. Here’s a breakdown of the vibrant color scheme:

  • Sunny yellow on the upper cabinets – This cheerful hue acts like sunshine filling the entire kitchen. It contrasts nicely with the darker lower cabinets.
  • Rich blue on the kitchen island – The deep blue island ground the space with a bold pop of color.
  • Vibrant teal on the lower cabinets – The shaker-style lower cabinets showcase a punchy teal color that grabs attention.
  • Pale blue-green on the walls – To keep the look cohesive, the walls wear a lighter aqua tone taken from the cabinet colors.
  • White marble countertops – Crisp white quartz on the island and perimeter counters create a clean contrast next to the colorful cabinetry.
  • Slate floor tiles – Honed slate flooring in a blue-gray hue helps anchor the space.

The overall effect is joyful, vibrant, and highly personalized. This color palette reflects the owners’ spirited personalities.


In addition to the painted cabinetry and quartz countertops, this kitchen incorporates natural and eco-friendly finishes:

  • Reclaimed barn wood on the island – The aged wood adds organic texture and reinforces the rustic-meets-contemporary vibe.
  • Honed slate floor tile – Slate creates an earthy yet sophisticated look underfoot.
  • Stainless steel appliances – Pro-grade stainless steel appliances provide function with a streamlined aesthetic.
  • Glass subway backsplash – Behind the cooktop, glass subway tiles in shades of sea glass contribute radiant sparkle.
  • Brushed brass fixtures – Warm metallic hardware and light fixtures lend a subtle industrial vibe.

By blending natural and sleek man-made materials, this kitchen achieves visual interest and depth. The material mix also ensures that the space is both durable for everyday use but still special enough for entertaining.

Decor Touches

Artistic decor choices add personality throughout the kitchen:

  • Statement light fixtures – Eye-catching brass pendant lights over the island infuse sculptural flair.
  • Woven bar stools – Textural woven seats at the island tie in natural textures found throughout the home.
  • Abstract art – Large format original paintings from a local artist energize the walls.
  • Personal collections – Meaningful items like framed family photos, cookbooks, and pottery create a sense of home.
  • Fresh florals -Seasonal blooms displayed on the island and table add living color.
  • Unique window treatments – Sheer linen cafe curtains soften the windows over the sink.

The homeowners’ creativity comes through in every design decision. Each item holds personal significance or adds a dash of charm.


The mix of painted upper cabinets and richly stained lower cabinetry makes this kitchen’s cabinetry stand out. Let’s explore the details from layout to storage solutions.


The cabinetry layout consists of:

  • Yellow upper cabinets on two walls, including glass-front uppers for display
  • Teal base cabinets below the uppers on three walls
  • Blue shaker-style island with open shelving
  • Tall white pantry cabinet for concealed storage

This arrangement maximizes storage space while breaking up the cabinet colors to keep the look fresh.


The cabinetry mixes styles for visual interest:

  • Simple shaker cabinets on the island and lower cabinets
  • Slab cabinetry on upper cabinets and pantry
  • Glass-front cabinets for open display

Standard shaker cabinetry keeps the look classic and clean while slab fronts add modern simplicity. Glass door cabinets provide open storage for dishes – a great way to infuse color.

Finish and Hardware

The cabinetry finishes consist of:

  • Painted finishes on the blue, yellow, and teal cabinets
  • Stained wood finish on the island cabinets
  • Matte black hardware pulls for contrast

The painted cabinets have a smooth lacquered finish that wipes clean easily. Open grain wood on the island increases texture. Black metal hardware pulls coordinate with the stainless steel appliances.

Storage Solutions

This kitchen maximizes every inch with customized storage:

  • Pull-out spice racks in lower cabinets
  • Lazy susans in corner cabinets
  • Deep pan drawers under cooktop
  • Full-height pantry with wide shelves
  • Drawers for utensils and cookware

Thoughtful organization ensures everything has a designated spot. There’s even a built-in charging station for small appliances!


Crisp white quartz countertops pair beautifully with the colorful cabinetry and provide a durable food prep surface.


The kitchen features two types of natural stone countertops:

  • White quartz on the perimeter counters and backsplash
  • Reclaimed wood on the large kitchen island

The white quartz has subtle grey veining for added dimension. Reclaimed barn wood on the island adds warmth.

Edge Details

The countertop edges include:

  • Square edge on the white quartz countertops
  • Live edge overhang on the reclaimed wood island

The square edges have a clean, modern look. The wood island countertop incorporates the natural shape of the reclaimed boards for a rustic edge.


The combination of the two countertop materials checks all the boxes:

  • Quartz is naturally antibacterial and heat resistant, making it ideal for food prep. The non-porous surface wipes clean easily.
  • The reclaimed barn wood brings beauty as well as softness under elbows with its natural patina. Using this material on the less-used island prevents wear and tear.
  • The white quartz surrounding the cooktop reflects light and keeps the perimeter counters looking bright.

By selecting the right materials for each area, this kitchen achieves beauty and functionality.


The backsplash offers the perfect opportunity to infuse color, texture, and artistry. This kitchen’s backsplash does just that.


The main backsplash surface is:

  • Sea glass glass subway tile in shades of teal, blue, and green

The recycled glass tile has a gently mottled appearance, adding organic beauty. The cool tones tie in to the cabinet colors.

Accent Tile

Two rows of handmade ceramic tile provide a decorative accent:

  • Terracotta clay relief tiles with embossed fish motifs

These rustic tiles reference the nearby ocean. The sculpted fish designs give the backsplash personality.


Design details enhance the backsplash:

  • Listello border tiles in complementary colors frame the sea glass tile
  • The accent rows sit at the bottom and top of the backsplash for a framed look
  • Mini glass mosaics transition from the countertop to backsplash seamlessly

Careful planning creates a backsplash that’s truly artistic and special.


The kitchen flooring needed to be durable enough for everyday use but also align with the home’s contemporary-rustic aesthetic. Honed slate tile fits the bill beautifully.


The kitchen floor is:

  • Blue-gray honed slate tile in a modular size

Slate is an ideal kitchen flooring choice as it’s naturally slip-resistant and stain-resistant. The soft blue-grey hue complements the colors scheme.


Design elements that enhance the flooring include:

  • Alternating directional patterns add visual interest
  • Contrasting grout lines in a dark charcoal color define each tile
  • Larger tiles laid in a bricklike pattern create a seamless look

The clean lines and muted color palette give the slate flooring a modern, sophisticated feeling. The alternating tiles patterns prevent a monotonous look.


Beyond the attractive appearance, slate floor tile provides:

  • Durability – Slate holds up to dropped dishes, spilled foods, muddy shoes, and more. It’s an ideal kitchen flooring.
  • Easy maintenance – Slate just needs an occasional damp mopping. The dense material resists staining.
  • Comfort underfoot – The gently textured surface lacks hardness or cold. Bare feet won’t complain!

This kitchen flooring looks beautiful while also handling real-life kitchen demands with grace.

Kitchen Island

The expansive kitchen island serves as the space’s focal point with its bold color and natural wood details.

Size and Placement

The large island dimensions are:

  • 5 feet wide by 10 feet long
  • Centered in the middle of the kitchen

The substantial island takes advantage of the open concept layout. Placed in the center of the workspace, it acts as an anchor.

Design Details

  • Shaker-style cabinetry in marine blue with visible wood grain
  • Reclaimed wood countertop with live edge overhang
  • Woven barstool seating for three
  • Matching woven pendant lights suspended above

Designing the island to contrast with the other cabinetry ensures it stands out. The reclaimed wood and woven textures bring warmth.


This expansive island accommodates:

  • Food prep and casual dining on one side
  • Generous storage within the base cabinets
  • Wine storage and stool seating on the opposite side
  • Open shelves for cookbooks andbarware accessories

Every inch of the 10 foot long island works hard. It provides a place for cooking, entertaining, storage, and display.

The sizable work surface gives multiple users room to spread out comfortably. This island truly serves as the kitchen’s go-to spot.


Top-of-the-line appliances outfit this kitchen for state-of-the-art cooking and efficiency.

Main Appliances

The core kitchen appliances include:

  • 48-inch professional range with 6 sealed burners
  • Matching wall oven and microwave
  • Built-in refrigerator-freezer combination
  • Fully integrated dishwasher
  • Undercounter wine fridge

These appliances offer power and capacity for the most avid home chefs. Their stainless steel finish provides a streamlined look.

Small Appliances

In addition to the major appliances, handy small appliances include:

  • In-cabinet coffee machine and toaster
  • Instant hot water dispenser
  • Undercabinet mixer lift
  • Undercounter trash and recycling center

Tucking these frequently used appliances out of sight keeps counters free of clutter.


Strong ventilation effectively removes cooking fumes:

  • Powerful range hood tucked discreetly behind cabinetry
  • Island canopy hood suspended right above the cooktop

The integrated range hood stays hidden when not in use. The island hood provides immediate ventilation right at the cooking surface.

By selecting commercial-grade appliances and planning adequate ventilation, this kitchen achieves professional functionality.


Beautiful lighting transforms the kitchen from purely functional to inviting.

Main Overhead Lighting

  • Linear LED lights concealed under upper cabinets
  • Recessed can lights spaced throughout

Task lighting ensures the countertops and surfaces are illuminated as needed. Minimal fixtures keep the look clean.

Decorative Lighting

  • Bold woven pendant lights over the kitchen island
  • Slim undercabinet lighting for ambiance
  • Sconces flanking the range hood

These decorative light sources provide personality. The island pendants make a stylish focal point.

Natural Light

  • Large picture windows above the sink
  • Skylight tube overhead
  • Transom windows flanking the exterior door

Abundant natural light keeps the space feeling airy and bright. Windows align with key work stations.

By layering light sources and types, this kitchen achieves both form and function. Lighting makes the space glow with warmth.

Storage Solutions

An abundance of storage means this kitchen stays organized, not cluttered.

Cabinet Storage

The plentiful cabinetry provides places for everything, from dishes to pantry items. Drawers maximize space for pots, pans, and tools. Lazy susans in corners make items accessible.

Deep pantry cabinetry gives meal prep ingredients, small appliances, and supplemental dishware a concealed but handy home.

Open Shelving

The island open shelving displays pretty cookware while keeping it in reach. Wall ledges provide additional space for oils, spices, cookbooks or barware.

Refrigerator Storage

A built-in refrigerator-freezer combo organizes fresh foods:

  • Double fridge doors allow multiple users to access the refrigerator simultaneously.
  • Adjustable shelving accommodates large party platters or sheet cakes.
  • Slide out drawers in the lower freezer make finding items easy.
  • Interior compartments keep fruits, veggies, and chilled beverages organized.

Abundant refrigeration means this kitchen is party-ready at all times.

Added Storage

  • Charging drawer for small appliances
  • Built-in knife block
  • Under-sink roll-out trays for cleaning supplies
  • Drawers for dishes, linens, and utensils

This kitchen anticipates every possible need to keep items stored neatly yet close at hand. No clutter zone here!

Special Features

Special planning ensures this kitchen accommodates real-life needs beautifully.

Blending Station

An outlet near the island allows small appliances to be used without unsightly cords stretching across the space. The homeowners frequently use a blender for morning smoothies and protein shakes.

Pet Feeding Station

Built-in under-counter bowls keep pet food and water mess-contained and out of the walk path. Concealed storage houses pet food bags neatly.

Kids Art Space

Chalkboard paint on the exterior of the island cabinetry creates an artsy spot for young kids to doodle and decorate. This gives little ones a designated spot to express creativity without marking up other areas.

Recycling and Waste Center

Base cabinetry near the exterior door houses pull-out bins for separating recycling and trash. A compost bin fits discretely under the sink. This system promotes sustainable habits.

Coffee Bar

The butler’s pantry houses a convenient under-counter coffee machine. Open shelving displays mugs and coffee fixings. This gives the homeowners a designated coffee zone outside of their main work area.

Thoughtful details like these make the kitchen even more welcoming and livable. The special features accommodate real family needs.

Design Takeaways

This vibrant, well-designed kitchen provides endless inspiration. Here are the top design takeaways:

  • Color can transform a kitchen. The sunny yellow, bold teal, and marine blue cabinet colors give this space an uplifting, cheerful vibe. Don’t be afraid to embrace bold hues