This week we’re featuring a colorful and creative kitchen designed for a family of foodies. When this family purchased their home, the kitchen was drab and outdated. They wanted to transform it into a space that reflected their passion for cooking and experimenting with new recipes. The result is a vibrant, functional kitchen that inspires creativity and brings the family together.

A Splash of Color

One of the first things you notice about this kitchen is the use of color. The family chose a deep blue hue for the lower cabinets, which pop against the white upper cabinets and walls. Tile backsplashes in varying shades of blue accent this main color and add visual interest. Pops of brightness come from the yellow pendants hanging above the island and the red knobs and appliances. The color scheme is bold yet coordinated.

The colorful cabinets required some bravery from the homeowners. Many people stick with neutral kitchens to appeal to homebuyers down the road. However, this family decided to take a risk and inject lots of personality into the space. For them, creating an environment they loved was more important than playing it safe with resale value.

Creative Storage Solutions

In addition to aesthetics, the family needed storage solutions for their extensive cooking supplies and small appliances. They chose a combination of open and closed storage to strike the right balance. Beautiful glass-door cabinets display their vibrant dishware while providing dust-free storage. Deep drawers with dividers organize cooking utensils and tools. Adjustable shelves make the most of vertical storage space.

One inventive storage idea is the appliance garage. This pull-out cabinet hides the family’s stand mixer, blender, and food processor when not in use. Keeping these small appliances out of sight not only reduces clutter on the countertops but also makes them easily accessible for food preparation.

Functional Work Zones

With two avid home cooks in the family, creating functional work zones was a priority. The kitchen is thoughtfully designed to make cooking tasks efficient and enjoyable.

The spacious island provides ample prep space and doubles as a breakfast bar. It’s conveniently located near the refrigerator, sink, and a section of counter housing small appliances. This zone takes care of food preparation.

On the other side of the kitchen is an efficient cooking zone between the stove and ovens. A deep farmhouse sink is Useful for filling large pots with water. Overhead pot racks free up work space on the counters while keeping frequently used items within arm’s reach.

Bringing the Family Together

Kitchens are often referred to as the heart of the home, and this certainly rings true for this family. They wanted a kitchen that encouraged togetherness through shared meals and cooking activities. The island and breakfast bar have become a homework spot for the kids and a place for casual family meals.

When it’s time for more elaborate cooking, the family works side-by-side prepping ingredients and trying out new recipes. They view cooking as quality bonding time. Birthdays and holidays are celebrated with home-cooked favorite dishes. Whether it’s a busy weekday morning or a leisurely Sunday supper, this kitchen keeps this family connected.

Final Thoughts

This colorful, functional kitchen reflects the family’s passion for food, creativity, and time together. They were willing to think outside the box in terms of design and storage solutions. The result is a space that nurtures their love of cooking while providing much-needed functionality. This kitchen becomes the backdrop for everyday family moments and celebrations. Any home cook or family would thrive in this inspirational space.

FAQs about Kitchens of the Week

What makes a kitchen stand out as Kitchen of the Week?

Kitchen of the Week features kitchen designs that are creative, functional, and reflect the homeowner’s personality and lifestyle. Unique color schemes, clever storage solutions, layouts that promote togetherness, and top-of-the-line amenities are hallmarks of these inspiring kitchens. Kitchen of the Week kitchens make a statement while providing beauty and utility.

What are some popular kitchen design trends right now?

Some current popular kitchen design trends include mixed metal finishes, statement lighting fixtures, hand-painted tiles, bold use of color, personalized organizational systems, and “smart” appliances with connectivity options. There is also a movement toward more minimalism with hidden appliances and neutral color schemes combined with organic textures and materials.

How important is lighting design in the kitchen?

Lighting design is extremely important in kitchens. Task lighting ensures all work zones are properly illuminated for food prep safety. Under-cabinet lighting eliminates shadows on countertops. Natural light should be maximized. Layers of light, including pendants, accent lighting, and chandeliers create an inviting ambience.

What are some ways to create an efficient kitchen layout?

Arranging the kitchen into work zones, allowing adequate countertop workspace, incorporating easy-access storage solutions, and minimizing crossing patterns while cooking and prepping are great ways to maximize efficiency. A kitchen layout should allow multiple family members to work comfortably and avoid congestion.

What are some kid-friendly design ideas for busy family kitchens?

For family kitchens, incorporate a snack station at a lower counter, install unbreakable dishware, include child-height seating, and have accessible storage for everyday kid items. Have space for kids to do homework while parents cook dinner. Add a magnetic board for displaying art and memorabilia. Make clean-up easy with a closet for brooms, mops, and vacuums.

How can you include smart technology in kitchen design?

Smart technology is making kitchens safer and more functional. Options include refrigerators with touchscreens and cameras, ovens with self-cleaning technology, wireless temperature probes, tablet-like controllers for appliances, boiling water taps, and voice assistant compatibility for hands-free helpers when cooking. Automatic lighting and sensors that inventory food are also smart additions.


This colorful and creative kitchen design made for a family of foodies shows that kitchens can be both beautiful and highly functional. This Kitchen of the Week is sure to inspire readers to think outside the box for their own kitchen projects, ensuring a space that nurtures their lifestyle and brings joy. A kitchen should be an extension of one’s unique tastes and needs. With thoughtful layout and storage solutions, any kitchen can become the heart of the home.