Kitchen renovations can completely transform a home, turning an outdated or dysfunctional space into a warm, inviting heart of the household. This week’s featured kitchen is a wonderful example of how thoughtful design choices and quality materials can create a kitchen with timeless appeal. Located in a Vermont cabin, this kitchen features elegant cherry cabinetry and countertops that add a refined, yet cozy sensibility.

Overview of the Cherry Cabinets

The star of this kitchen is without a doubt the beautiful cherry cabinets. Their rich, reddish-brown stain has a classic look, and the wood’s visible grain provides organic texture. Cherry wood naturally exhibits a gentle reddish tint, which gives these cabinets a subtle vibrancy. The streamlined Shaker-style doors have a simple recessed panel design that allows the wood’s natural beauty to take center stage.

The cabinets feature polished bronze hardware in an understated barrel shape, which complement the wood without drawing too much attention. Subtle detailing like the raised panels on the upper cabinets and the angled legs supporting the peninsula add just enough interest. The restraint in ornamentation gives the cherry cabinetry an elegant, timeless appeal.

Countertops and Backsplash Enhance the Cherry Cabinets

The kitchen features honed absolute black granite countertops, which dramatically complement the warm, reddish cherry cabinets. The bold black stone provides pleasing contrast while keeping the look unified.

The backsplash is composed of rectangular off-white subway tiles arranged in a classic stacked pattern. The neutral tiles allow the cabinets and countertops to remain the focal point, while their high-gloss finish and beveled edges add subtle polish.

Additional Finishes Promote Cohesion

Several other elements tie this kitchen’s look together. The medium-toned wood floor harmonizes with the cabinet stain, enlarging the sense of space. Matte black plumbing fixtures quietly match the countertops as well.

Extra detailing can be seen in the open shelves flanking the range hood, which echo the raised panels of the upper cabinets. The shelves provide handy display space while continuing the Shaker styling.

Functional Layout Suits a Cozy Cabin

Though spacious and open, the layout feels intimate due to considered proportions. The cabinets along the back wall provide ample storage without appearing imposing.

Grouping the refrigerator, stove and sink along the same wall streamlines work flows. The peninsula is the perfect length to incorporate seating without congesting the kitchen.

Abundant windows flood the kitchen with natural light and tranquil views of the surrounding woods. Recessed can lights supplement when needed, providing task lighting over the peninsula.

This kitchen comes together beautifully, with the cherry cabinetry setting a warm, inviting tone. Timeless styling and a functional layout designed for a family gathering kitchen make this space truly shine. The custom cabinetry and quality materials were certainly an investment, but one that will pay dividends for years to come in added home value and enjoyment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cherry Cabinets

What are the benefits of cherry cabinets?

Cherry wood is valued for its attractive reddish-brown color and its durability. Cherry cabinets highlight the wood’s natural grain and color for a vibrant look. The dense wood resists scratches and stands up well to years of use. Cherry offers a refined yet welcoming look perfect for relaxed spaces like cabins.

What color granite goes well with cherry cabinets?

Granites in darker neutral shades like black, dark gray, or brown complement cherry cabinets nicely. The rich tones draw out the reddish tones in the cherry stain. Lighter granite can look washed out, so aim for dramatic contrast.

What backsplash is best with cherry cabinets?

White or off-white subway tile is a popular and classic backsplash pairing with cherry cabinets. The light tile contrasts the reddish wood while allowing the cabinets to stand out. Neutral stone like marble is also an elegant option.

What flooring works with cherry kitchen cabinets?

Wood floors in a similar stain as the cabinets can help unify the look. Darker colors like walnut can make the space feel intimate. Lighter stains like oak keep things airy. Tile in natural stone shades is another great option for durability.

What color walls go well with cherry cabinets?

Softer accent wall colors like sage green, light blue, or tan pair attractively with cherry cabinetry. Crisp whites keep the look bright and casual. Deeper shades can feel too dark and overwhelming, so aim for muted, earthy backdrops.


This Vermont cabin kitchen proves that the right wood and finishes can transform a kitchen into a welcoming retreat. The cherry cabinetry introduces natural warmth and elegance, while the sleek granite and subway tile provide appealing contrast. Thoughtful layout and abundant windows reinforce the light, open sensibility. Rustic refined details like the angled legs and open shelves reflect the home’s cozy cabin charm. Focusing on quality over quantity when selecting materials results in a kitchen with lasting distinction and beauty. The cherry cabinetry will only improve with age, ensuring that this kitchen will remain a beloved gathering spot for years to come.