This week we’re thrilled to showcase a gorgeous kitchen renovation that has created much-needed breathing room for a busy family in California. After living in their home for over a decade, the homeowners were eager for an updated cooking space where their family could gather. The new kitchen design provides ample storage, prep space, and flow, while keeping the cozy charm of the original 1920s bungalow.

A Dated Kitchen in Need of Breathing Room

When the homeowners first purchased their sweet California bungalow, the kitchen was very closed off and disjointed. The cramped galley layout didn’t connect well with the rest of the home and lacked character. After over 10 years of use, the space was quite dated and dysfunctional for the family.

The old kitchen had a peninsula that awkwardly jutted out, chopping up the room. Appliances were crammed along the walls, leaving minimal counterspace. Cabinets were builder-grade quality and lacked storage solutions. The homeowners constantly felt cluttered and crowded when cooking meals or spending time together.

Clearly, it was time for a full renovation to open up the kitchen and maximize every inch. The goals were to enhance storage, streamline the workflow, and create an inviting, livable hangout for the whole family. Breathing room was desperately needed!

The Design Process: Opening Up the Space

The homeowners collaborated with a local designer well-versed in bungalow-style homes. They wanted to retain the 1920s charm while gaining modern conveniences.

Key goals included:

  • Removing the clunky peninsula to open sightlines
  • Adding an island with seating for casual dining
  • Maximizing storage with pull-out cabinets and drawers
  • Expanding the footprint slightly into an unused pantry
  • Installing higher-end appliances and materials

Incorporating these wishes, the designer came up with a smart layout. The new floorplan provided additional square footage and fantastic flow between the kitchen, dining, and living areas.

Implementation: Light and Airy Details

To visually open up the space, the walls were painted a soft white. Crisp white cabinetry keeps the look light and bright.

The awkward peninsula was eliminated and replaced with a sizable island. White quartz countertops provide ample prep space and seating for four.

High-quality stainless steel appliances were arranged efficiently along the back wall. A gorgeous apron-front farmhouse sink was nestled below the window, creating a focal point.

Subway tile backsplash in soft blue adds a pop of color. Open shelving provides easy access to dishes and ceramics. The warm wood flooring ties the whole aesthetic together beautifully.

Storage Solutions: Maximizing Every Inch

Strategic storage solutions were integrated throughout the kitchen renovation. Pull-out cabinetry houses spices, pans, and other essentials right at your fingertips.

A built-in pantry with adjustable shelving is tucked next to the fridge, offering tons of food storage. Deep drawers keep vegetables, utensils, and more organized neatly.

The island provides extra workspace and concealed storage. Stools tuck right underneath when not in use.

A Family-Friendly Gathering Place

The completed kitchen remodel has been a game-changer for the homeowners. Where they once felt closed off and cramped, there is now an open, inviting environment with room to cook, dine, and relax as a family.

Having space to gather around the island for a casual meal or help kids with homework has brought a new energy into the home. The kitchen has become the hub for their busy family life, and the perfect spot for making memories.

Breathing room was the primary goal, and this gorgeous renovation certainly breathes new life into the home. It maintains the cozy bungalow charm while providing smart storage solutions and family-friendly flow.

This kitchen of the week proves that opening up walls, removing barriers, and taking advantage of every inch can transform a home. With good planning and design, even small older kitchens can gain the breathing room a family needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About This California Kitchen Renovation

Here are some common questions about this week’s featured kitchen remodel:

What year was the original home built?

The charming bungalow was built in the 1920s. The homeowners moved in over 10 years ago.

What was the main problem with the previous kitchen layout?

The cramped galley setup had an awkward peninsula that closed off the space. Appliances were crammed along the walls, leaving minimal prep room. Overall, the kitchen lacked breathing room.

How did they gain more square footage?

Knocking down the wall of an unused pantry allowed the space to expand slightly. This extra footage made a big difference.

What design elements helped open up the kitchen?

Removing walls, eliminating the peninsula, adding an island, and selecting light paint colors and finishes helped visually open the room.

What new amenities were included?

Higher-end stainless appliances, quartz countertops, subway tile, under-cabinet lighting, and strategically placed windows were added.

How was storage maximized?

Pull-out cabinets, built-in pantries, deep drawers, and other smart storage solutions were integrated throughout.

How does the new kitchen better suit the family?

The open layout, added seating, better workflow, and family-friendly gathering space made a huge difference in their daily life.


This kitchen of the week exemplifies a gorgeous renovation that enhanced a dated, cramped space. We love how breathing room was created through reconfigured layouts, light finishes, and smart storage solutions. Most importantly, the kitchen is now a livable, family-friendly hub for making memories. It maintains the cozy bungalow charm while providing modern function. This California kitchen makeover provides inspiration for opening up and maximizing smaller older kitchens. With good planning and design, it’s possible to gain the breathing room every home needs.