A kitchen backsplash can completely transform the look and feel of your cooking space. While classic subway tiles or granite countertops are popular choices, a bold and unique backsplash design can really make your kitchen pop. One eye-catching option is a chevron patterned backsplash using different materials and colors. Chevron designs have become a major trend, bringing visual interest and geometric flair to any home décor project. In this Kitchen of the Week, we will showcase one stunning kitchen featuring a striking chevron backsplash. We will cover everything you need to know to recreate this look in your own home, from materials and colors to installation tips and accents to complement your chevrons. With some strategic planning and a bit of creativity, your kitchen can become the envy of all your guests with a bold, contemporary chevron backsplash.

Why Choose a Chevron Backsplash?

Chevron patterns lend a modern, almost retro feel to a kitchen. The zig-zag design is bold and graphic, providing a focal point in the cooking space. Chevrons create visual motion and interest compared to traditional backsplash materials. The look is flexible enough to match any existing kitchen decor, from modern and sleek to rustic or farmhouse styles. Chevrons work great as a full backsplash or as a centerpiece behind the stove. The pattern can be subtle or made into a real statement, depending on your choice of materials and colors. Beyond aesthetics, the pointy shape and grout lines of a chevron backsplash have practical benefits too. The design hides corners and edges, preventing grime from getting trapped. The grout catches splashes and spills that can simply be wiped away. Finally, the eye-catching look draws attention up and away from potentially messy counters.

Planning Your Chevron Backsplash

To create the bold chevron backsplash featured later in this article, careful planning and preparation is required. Here are some tips to ensure your project goes smoothly:

  • Choose the right materials – Tile, metal, glass, and even wood planks can all be installed in a chevron pattern. Consider the look you want and your budget when choosing materials. Tiles offer the most color and pattern options in a budget-friendly material.
  • Decide on size and shape – Thin rectangular or square tiles between 1-4 inches work best to create sharp chevron points. Larger tiles can make the zig-zags look blunted and disjointed. Mosaic sheets with small tiles are another option for building a chevron backsplash.
  • Pick a statement color combo – Contrasting colors in your chevrons will make them pop. Dark and light, matte and shiny, natural and bold – selecting two complementary materials and hues is key.
  • Map it out – Since chevrons require custom angled cuts, carefully measure and sketch plans for your backsplash including tile sizes, grout lines, and the exact placement of each zig-zag point.
  • Prepare the surface – Remove any old backsplash and thoroughly clean the surface. Ensure the wall is smooth and dry so tiles will adhere properly.
  • Gather essential supplies – Having all the right tools, tiles, spacers, adhesive, and grout on hand makes installation much simpler.
  • Design accents – Consider painting or wallpapering the areas around your chevron backsplash to complement or contrast with the colors and textures.

How to Install a Chevron Backsplash

Once you have selected the perfect materials and colors, it’s time for the fun part – installing your chevron backsplash! Follow these key steps:

  • Mark the focal area and find the center point for your chevrons. Use a level to draw straight horizontal and vertical lines as guides.
  • Dry lay the first row of tiles starting from the center and working outwards. Use spacers to get clean grout lines and achieve the desired zig-zag angles.
  • Use a tile wet saw, handheld tile cutter, or grinder to custom cut the edge tiles to fit at the proper angle.
  • Mix tile adhesive and spread it evenly over the installation area using a notched trowel.
  • Carefully lay the first row of tiles into the adhesive, maintaining the chevron pattern. Gently press each tile so it adheres flat.
  • Build the chevrons row by row using tile spacers for consistency between the points. Let adhesive dry completely between rows.
  • Cut and install any specialty pieces like borders, accent tiles, or trim. Wipe away any excess adhesive.
  • Mix grout according to package directions. Apply grout over the tiles using a rubber grout float. Let it sit briefly before wiping away excess.
  • Clean thoroughly once the grout has cured. Use a damp sponge in circular motions to remove any haze or residue.
  • Finally, seal the grout lines with a penetrating sealer for extra protection and water-resistance.

Taking it slow and following these tips will help you achieve a flawless, professional chevron backsplash install. The eye-catching results will add wow factor to your kitchen for years to come.

Complementary Accents and Details

Beyond the chevrons themselves, consider these design details to complete the look:

  • Lighting – Use puck lights, under cabinet lighting or pendant lights to create a focal glow on your chevrons. Illumination makes the colors and textures pop.
  • Metal accents – Warm metallics like brass complement a chevron backsplash. Add metal bowls, sconces, cabinet hardware, or barstools for cohesion.
  • Countertops – Pair bold chevrons with neutral countertops like white quartz. For contrast, butcher block or concrete counters work nicely.
  • Appliances – Stainless steel appliances keep things modern. Or choose retro styled appliances in fun colors to accent your backsplash.
  • Fixtures – Try replacing outdated faucets, sinks, and handles with matte black or metallic models for a pulled together look.
  • Window treatments – Use sleek cafe curtains, roman shades, or patterned valances on nearby windows to continue the visual interest.

With the right accents and finishes, your chevron backsplash can be the dramatic focal point of your redesigned kitchen.

Maintenance Tips for Chevron Backsplashes

A chevron backsplash makes a stunning statement, but also requires some periodic care and attention. Follow these maintenance tips:

  • Seal grout lines annually with a penetrating sealer to prevent stains and mildew growth. Re-apply if water starts beading up rather than absorbing.
  • Use pH neutral cleaners to avoid stripping the grout or damaging natural stone or metal tiles. Avoid bleach and other harsh chemicals.
  • Clean backsplash tiles weekly using a soft sponge or microfiber cloth and warm, soapy water to remove grease and cooking residue before it builds up.
  • Immediately wipe away acidic spills like wine, coffee or tomatoes to prevent etching or discoloration of the grout or tiles.
  • Check for any cracked, missing or loose tiles. Regrout or replace them promptly to prevent moisture issues and further damage.
  • Use caulk rather than grout at the joints between the backsplash and countertops or cabinets. Caulk handles expansion and contraction better.
  • Consider applying a grout sealer annually to increase water-resistance and prevent staining or erosion of the grout lines over time.

Taking quick action when spills happen and regularly cleaning and sealing your backsplash will help it maintain its eye-catching vibrancy for many years. Contact a tile professional for repairs if needed. With some simple care, your chevron backsplash will continue looking bold and beautiful.

Kitchen of the Week: Bold Chevrons Showcased

Now that we have covered all the essentials, let’s look at a stunning real kitchen featuring a bold chevron backsplash design.

The homeowner wanted to create an updated, contemporary look for this transitional kitchen. They selected gorgeous 12×12 inch marble and glass subway tiles laid on a diagonal in contrasting colors. The gorgeous blue glass tiles provide brilliant pops of color against the matte white marble zig-zags behind the range.

Continuing the chevron motif, triangular mosaic tiles at the base of the backsplash mimic the direction of the larger chevrons behind. This creates the illusion of the sleek backsplash design extending all the way down to the countertops. The coordinating mosaic tiles then wrap around the walls of the breakfast bar for a cohesive look.

Crisp, clean white cabinets keep the focus on the chevrons without competing. Sleek metal barstools and pendant lighting also complement the backsplash. The colorful chevron tiles enliven and energize the entire cooking space with their bold presence. With smart material selections and precise planning, this kitchen backsplash achieves maximum visual impact.

The homeowners chose durable and easy-to-maintain materials – marble tiles and glass mosaic sheets – to create a forever backsplash. Using top quality construction adhesives and grout, the installation will last for many years to come. Annual sealing of the grout lines will help keep the white grout vibrant against the blue and white tiles. With minimal daily maintenance, this gorgeous chevron backsplash will retain its striking beauty while also standing up to heavy use.

This kitchen offers inspiration for anyone considering a chevron backsplash project. The dazzling design provides a focal point, while the use of color and geometric shapes brings energy and whimsy. Thoughtful material choices keep the installation durable and easy to care for daily. By starting with a well-conceived plan and design, you too can achieve a showstopping chevron backsplash that becomes the highlight of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about installing a chevron backsplash:

How difficult is it to install a chevron backsplash?

The installation process itself is similar to a standard subway tile backsplash, however cutting the tiles for the chevron points does require some skill and patience. Detailed planning and precise tile cuts are key for proper placement.

What mistakes should be avoided?

Don’t underestimate the planning involved – carefully measure and draw out a guide for placing tiles before starting. Use proper tile spacers to keep grout line thickness consistent. Take time cutting tiles so the chevron points line up evenly without lips or gaps.

What kind of tile works best?

Rectangular ceramic, porcelain, marble, or glass tiles from 1 to 4 inches in size hold a crisp chevron shape well. Mosaic sheets can also create the look nicely. Avoid large format tiles over 12 inches square – the chevron look doesn’t translate as well.

Should the tiles go all the way to the ceiling?

Not necessarily – a chevron backsplash can end after 1-2 feet from the countertop depending on your design. Take functionality into account, especially for a section behind the stove where splatters occur.

How do I cut the tiles for the chevron points?

Use a wet saw with a diamond blade, a manual tile cutter with breaker, or an angle grinder. Cut tiles slowly and carefully to get precise angles that match from row to row. Consider buying extra tiles to allow room for error.

Can the chevrons be installed vertically instead?

Certainly, orienting the chevrons vertically instead of horizontally gives a different look. Plan the layout accordingly based on personal preference and the dimensions of your backsplash area.

What color grout should I use?

Choose grout that contrasts well without competing with your tile colors. White or light grey provides separation with most colors and doesn’t show dirt as darker grout can over time.


Creating a bold chevron backsplash is one way to instantly give your kitchen an eye-catching focal point and contemporary visual style. With smart planning and strategic tile cutting, DIYers can install their own dramatic chevron backsplash and reap the benefits for years to come. Be sure to seal and regularly maintain your new backsplash so it retains its sharp, vibrant look. Get inspired by the gorgeous chevron kitchen showcased here, and create your own geometric work of art that makes a daily impact. Your inner chef will be motivated in a space that features your custom, creative chevron backsplash design.