Kitchens come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, but this week’s pick shows how using just three colors in a thoughtful way can create a stunning space. Featuring a bold black island, bright white cabinetry, and pops of plum accents, this kitchen achieves a dramatic yet elegant look. In the following article, we will explore how the homeowners and designers leveraged black, white, and plum to craft a kitchen that feels cohesive, current, and full of character. From paint colors to tile choices, cabinetry to lighting, we will analyze the details that make this space shine. Whether you are undergoing a full renovation or just looking for ways to spruce up your existing kitchen with some strategic color, stick around for an inside look at this inspiring “Kitchen of the Week.”

Choosing the Three Main Colors

Black Island

The home’s spacious kitchen island painted in deep, dark black establishes an immediate focal point. Black can seem like a daring color choice, but in this open and airy kitchen with plenty of natural light, it feels bold yet sophisticated. The deep charcoal island grounds the space and adds striking contrast against the surrounding lighter cabinetry and walls. Using this color in a matte finish allows the island to stand out without feeling overly shiny or reflective. The black island creates impact without overwhelming the senses.

Bright White Cabinetry

Against the dramatic black island, bright white cabinetry helps lighten up the perimeter of the space. Crisp white painted Shaker-style cabinetry gives the kitchen a refreshed, modern feel. White cabinetry also serves as a neutral backdrop that allows the other accent colors to really pop. The clean white perimeter provides balance to the heavily weighted black island, letting both elements coexist beautifully. The homeowners’ decision to use white on both upper and lower cabinets makes this bright scheme feel cohesive and considered.

Pops of Plum Accents

Finally, vivid plum accent colors woven throughout the space in small doses provide vitality. Plum appears on kitchen stools, appliances, window treatments, and decor items. The deep, saturated jewel tone feels both elegant and fun. Plum gives this black and white kitchen personality and flair. Unlike the core island and cabinet colors, the plum accents can easily be swapped out over time to refresh the look. The plum accents feel invigorating now, but the homeowners could incorporate emerald, sapphire, or even orange accents down the road for a completely different vibe.

Paint Color Selections

Benjamin Moore Black Beauty (2133-10) – A rich black with subtle blue undertones; used on the kitchen island.

Benjamin Moore Simply White (OC-117) – A true bright white; used on perimeter cabinetry.

Benjamin Moore Wisteria (2115-50) – A deep, vivid purple with blue undertones; used sparingly on barstools, pendant lights, and decor.

Cabinetry Details

The homeowners selected a mix of stock and custom cabinetry from Wellborn Cabinets’ Select Semi-Custom line.


  • Made from Select’s Madison door style in the “Ebony Glaze” dark black finish
  • Features a waterfall side design that visually connects the cabinetry to the countertop
  • Large drawers provide an abundance of hidden storage


  • Constructed using Select’s Beckett door style painted in “Simple White”
  • Traditional Shaker-style design with recessed center panels
  • Brushed nickel hardware provides subtle contrast against the white
  • Glass door upper cabinets add visual interest and display space


The kitchen features two different countertop materials that complement the cabinet colors.


  • Rich black soapstone selected to match the dark island cabinets
  • Soapstone’s natural veining provides character
  • Durable and heat-resistant for an active kitchen
  • Softer matte finish contrasts the island’s painted lacquer cabinetry


  • Bright white quartzite called “Glacier White”
  • Crisp solid white appearance complements the light perimeter cabinets
  • Quartzite is very durable and scratch-resistant
  • Warmth and grouting with the white quartzite countertop helps it fit with the soapstone island


The kitchen backsplash features white hexagon-shaped ceramic tiles in a glossy finish.

  • Complementary crisp white color matches the perimeter cabinetry and quartzite countertops
  • Hexagon shape adds visual interest and a modern edge
  • Glossy finish contrasts nicely with the satin cabinetry and countertops, adding dimension
  • Grout lines create movement and keep the white backsplash from feeling flat


To anchor the space, the homeowners chose a grey washed oak floor in a wide plank style.

  • Oak’s natural warmth balances the cool tones of black, white and plum
  • Grey stain adds subtle variation while retaining a neutral, versatile look
  • Wide planks create an open, expansive look that suits the large kitchen
  • Durable enough for a busy kitchen space but still provides character


The kitchen features a mix of lighting that combines function and style.

  • Large chrome drum pendant lights over the island provide task lighting
  • Purple cords tie into the plum accents
  • Recessed lighting surrounding the perimeter brightly lights countertops
  • Undercabinet lighting illuminates the workspaces
  • Sconces flanking the range area provide additional illumination for cooking


Vibrant plum makes another appearance in the kitchen accessories.

  • Barstools are upholstered in a deep purple velvet, adding warmth and texture
  • The window shade behind the sink matches the barstool fabric
  • Small appliances like the stand mixer and toaster provide pops of color
  • Purple and white potted orchids relate to the color scheme
  • A purple glass vase filled with lemons adds freshness


The appliances were selected for both performance and aesthetics.

  • Wolf range with vintage style knobs fits the traditional cabinetry
  • Matching Wolf ventilation hood painted glossy white for brightness
  • Whirlpool refrigerator with custom black paneling to match island
  • Sharp purple microwave adds a fun jolt of color
  • Asko dishwasher chosen for its quiet operation

Final Thoughts

The designers and homeowners behind this “Kitchen of the Week” prove that three colors can strike the perfect balance. Black, white, and plum work together to create a space that’s dramatic yet serene, elegant but surprising. The black island establishes itself as the anchor, while bright white cabinetry provides an airy counterbalance. Vibrant plum accents woven throughout infuse energy and personality. Thoughtful paint colors, cabinetry selection, countertops, backsplash, flooring, lighting, and accessories all reinforce the three-tone color concept. This kitchen shows how going with an unconventional black island color can pay off in a fresh, unexpected way. We hope this deep dive provided insight into how intentional color choices and high-quality materials make this space shine.

Heading: Features of a Black, White and Plum Kitchen

A Kitchen of the Week featuring black, white and plum demonstrates how using just three colors in a thoughtful way can create a stunning space. Here are some key features to incorporate when designing your own black, white and plum kitchen:

Use Black on a Focal Point

Paint or stain an island or peninsula black to create an eye-catching anchor in the kitchen. Black adds drama and weight that balances lighter cabinetry. Matte black finishes work best for an island or lowers. Consider a deep charcoal black with blue undertones like Benjamin Moore Black Beauty.

Select White for Perimeter Cabinetry

Crisp white painted cabinetry surrounding the space keeps things fresh and bright. The clean look acts as a neutral backdrop that allows other colors to take center stage. Use a true white like Benjamin Moore Simply White on both uppers and lowers for cohesion.

Weave in Plum as an Accent

Use plum as an accent in small doses on bar stools, pendant lights, appliances and decor items. The deep jewel tone feels vibrant and elegant. Keep accents versatile by selecting enamel appliances and removable decor items in plum tones.

Combine Countertop Materials

Use rich black soapstone on the island and bright white quartzite on the perimeter to complement the cabinetry. Contrast glossy and matte finishes.

Incorporate a White Tile Backsplash

A glossy white ceramic hexagon backsplash adds brightness and energy against darker surfaces. The grout lines keep the white from feeling flat.

Choose Durable Grey Oak Flooring

Washed oak flooring with a grey stain anchors the space while providing natural warmth. Wide planks create an expansive look.

Mix Up Lighting

Incorporate task lighting, ambient lighting and accent lighting. Use pendant lights, recessed cans, undercabinet lighting and sconces. Repeat plum accents in pendant cords.

Accessorize with Color

Tie in plum through barstools, window shades, appliances, orchids and decor. Repeat black and white in paint colors, dishes, and art.

Heading: Design Ideas for a Black, White and Plum Kitchen

For homeowners looking to craft their own dramatic black, white and plum kitchen, here are some key design ideas to consider:

Island Design

  • Create ample surface area and storage with a large rectangular island
  • Incorporate waterfall edges and overhangs for seamless flow
  • Include a few plush black barstools for seating at the island

Perimeter Layout

  • Use white Shaker-style cabinetry with sleek hardware for timeless appeal
  • Incorporate glass front upper cabinets to break up solid cabinetry
  • Design a specific beverage station, butler’s pantry or coffee bar

Backsplash Concepts

  • Use a geometric or faceted tile like hexagons or diamonds
  • Extend the backsplash to the ceiling for a dramatic look
  • Consider materials like marble slab or embossed white ceramic

Floor Plan

  • Create work triangle between sink, stove and refrigerator
  • Ensure ample circulation area and walkways
  • Allow space for an informal dining area or desk zone nearby

Countertop Coordination

  • Select black soapstone slabs with dramatic veining patterns
  • Look for white quartzite with subtle grey and brown striations
  • Allow quartzite to spill onto the island as a secondary surface

Fixtures and Finishes

  • Incorporate brass, black or nickel fixtures and hardware
  • Choose matte black faucets and lighting for island, glossy chrome elsewhere
  • Use black window frames and interior doors to echo the island

Open Shelving

  • Flank the range with open black shelving for cookbooks and decor
  • Use iron brackets and black boards to relate to the island

Heading: Tips for Successfully Incorporating Black in Your Kitchen

Painting or staining kitchen cabinetry black may seem daring, but it can create a striking space when done right. Here are useful tips for successfully incorporating black cabinetry or an island:

Choose the Right Black Tone

Avoid flat, lifeless black. Opt for a deep charcoal or black with blue, green or brown undertones to give it dimension. Benjamin Moore Black Beauty is a popular black kitchen paint color.

Use it Strategically

Reserve black for an anchor piece like an island or lower cabinets only. Pair with light cabinetry to keep the kitchen feeling bright and expansive.

Consider Sheen

Matte and satin black finishes look refined, while glossy black can feel overly bold. Match nearby materials to create a cohesive finish.

Provide Contrast

Include light countertops like white quartzite or marble to prevent black cabinetry from feeling too dark and closing in the space.

Add Warm Metals

Brass hardware and fixtures along with warm wood flooring can offset cold black tones. Avoid pairing black cabinets only with stainless steel.

Allow Adequate Lighting

Ensure the kitchen has ample ambient, task and accent lighting. Try pendant lights over a black island or undercabinet lighting. Natural light is ideal.

Repeat Black Structurally

Tie black cabinets into other architectural elements. Use black window frames, interior doors or open shelving.

Watch Proportions

A small kitchen can feel unbalanced with a full black island. Consider just black base cabinets or a chili pepper red accent wall instead.

Heading: Ideas for Incorporating Plum Accents

Vibrant plum makes a gorgeous accent color to liven up a black and white kitchen. Here are creative ways to tastefully incorporate plum tones:

Bar Stools

Upholster round-back barstools in a lush plum velvet fabric. This adds warmth and sophistication.

Pendant Lights

Suspend glossy pendant lights over the island or sink for a pop of color. Pair with purple cords for extra impact.

Window Treatments

Hang cheeky Roman shades in a bold plum print or velvet plum curtains over the sink. This window will become a focal point.

Small Appliances

Look for a stand mixer, toaster, blender or other appliances in a deep plum hue. These portable items are easy to swap out.

Decor Items

Add purple glass or ceramic vessels, trays, vases and bowls. Display fresh purple flowers and fruits. Use in moderation.


Frame vibrant abstract purple and teal artwork to reinforce the accent color. Florals with purple hues would also be striking.


Introduce handmade pottery, glasses or dishes with a touch of plum or aubergine. Mix these in with solid white dishware.


Plum kitchen towels, oven mitts, placemats and aprons can all provide quick pops of accent color.

Heading: Black, White and Plum Kitchen Inspiration

For additional visual inspiration, here are some beautiful examples of kitchens successfully employing a color palette of black, white and plum:

Transitional Kitchen

This kitchen features a spacious black island and light perimeter cabinetry. Pendant lights, barstools and appliances in shades of plum add striking contrast.

Contemporary Kitchen

A sleek black peninsula anchors this contemporary space. The white Shaker cabinetry, backsplash and quartzite counters keep things fresh. Pops of purple show up in the glass pendants and decor.

Traditional Kitchen

The black island and soapstone counters ground this traditional kitchen. White cabinetry, marble backsplash and oak floors provide balance. Plum barstools and a Roman shade provide accents.

Eclectic Kitchen

This eclectic kitchen takes a unique approach by pairing black perimeter cabinetry with a white quartzite island. Pops of purple show up in the hardware and open shelving.

Farmhouse Kitchen

A matte black farmhouse sink and range hood provide contrast in this white farmhouse style kitchen. Bold plum barstools and window shade liven up the classic scheme.

Contemporary Kitchen

A sleek black peninsula anchors this contemporary space. The white Shaker cabinetry, backsplash and quartzite counters keep things fresh. Pops of purple show up in the glass pendants and decor.

Minimalist Kitchen

This minimalist kitchen employs modular white cabinetry and black soapstone counters. Plum stools, dishware and a stand mixer provide the only accents.

Heading: FAQs about Black, White and Plum Kitchen Designs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about designing and executing a kitchen with a black, white and plum color scheme:

What paint sheen should I use on black cabinets?

A matte or satin sheen is best for black painted cabinets. Glossy black can feel too bold and reflect too much light. Matte finishes feel sophisticated.

What kind of windows work well with a dark island?

Opt for windows high on the walls or skylights to allow ample natural light to balance a black island. Avoid low windows right above dark cabinetry.

Should I choose black or stainless appliances?

Stainless tends to feel cooler and more sterile. Black appliances better complement the black accents while white feels fresh. Go for vintage black stove and refrigerator options.

How do I transition my wood floors to a black island?

Use a gradient of three floor stains, lightest under white cabinets, medium under dining area, and darkest bordering the black island for a natural blend.

What backsplash colors complement a black and white kitchen?

Grey stone, white marble, or a checkerboard pattern of black and white tile are ideal backsplash options that will coordinate well.

How do I keep a black island from feeling too heavy?

Incorporate waterfall countertop edges, varied counter heights and sconce lighting to lighten up the aesthetic. Add lightweight wire barstools. Glass cabinet accents also help.


This inspiring “Kitchen of the Week” shows that combining just three strategic colors—black, white, and plum—can yield dramatic results. The dark, smoky island establishes a bold focal point while bright white cabinetry feels fresh and spacious. Vibrant plum woven throughout in accessories and accents injects personality and charm. From dramatic paint choices to luxe material finishes, each element reinforces the cohesive three-color narrative. Beyond admiring the successful execution, we’ve analyzed the thoughtful design decisions that make this kitchen shine. The concepts and tips provided can help guide homeowners in crafting their own black, white and plum kitchen that feels equally striking yet elegant. Whether planning a full renovation or just looking to refresh your current kitchen with some new paint and decor, keep this “Kitchen of the Week” in mind as inspiration for creating a memorable space that feels as impressive as it looks.