Kitchen storage solutions have come a long way in recent years. Gone are the days of cramming pots, pans and food items into overstuffed cabinets and drawers. Today’s kitchens feature a range of innovative storage options like pullout shelves, drawers and racks that make items easily accessible and maximize every inch of available space.

The Benefits of Pullout Storage

Pullout storage offers a number of advantages over traditional fixed shelves and basic drawers:

Increased Accessibility

Items stored on pullout shelves or in pullout drawers are fully visible and within easy reach. There’s no more rummaging to find what you need, leading to greater efficiency in meal prep and clean up.

Maximized Space

Pullouts allow you to utilize the full depth of a cabinet or drawer. Pots, pans, baking sheets and other items can be stacked vertically and pulled out so nothing gets buried in the back.


Pullouts come in a wide variety of sizes, designs and materials so you can customize your storage based on your specific needs. Opt for deep drawers for large pots and pans or shallow shelves for spices.

Easy Cleaning

Spills and messes are easier to access and clean when using pullout storage. Simply slide out the shelf or drawer to thoroughly clean the interior. This helps keep cabinets cleaner.

Popular Types of Pullout Storage

There are several handy pullout storage solutions made to organize all different areas of the kitchen:

Pantry Pullouts

Pullout units for the pantry provide easy access to dry goods, canned items and boxed foods. Mounted on slides, they make it simple to see and grab ingredients. Some feature built-in dividers for separation.

Spice Drawers

Shallow spice drawer organizers keep herbs and spices neatly arranged side by side so you can locate what you need at a glance. Seasonings won’t get lost at the back of a cabinet.

Appliance Garages

Appliance garages are pullout compartments meant to conveniently store and protect small countertop appliances like blenders, stand mixers and coffee makers. Just slide them in and out as needed.

Waste Container Pullouts

Mounted under the sink, a waste container pullout provides a spot to sort recycling and trash. The pullout platform allows for easy removal of heavy bags.

Bakeware Organizers

Pullout metal racks allow you to neatly store baking sheets, cooling racks and cookie trays upright and separated for fast access. No more jumbled, scratched pans.

Pots and Pans Pullouts

Deep pullout drawers designed for cookware storage have pegs, racks or compartments to neatly arrange pots, pans and lids. Items will stay organized and are easy to grab.

Cutlery Drawers

Special cutlery drawers with built-in dividers keep utensils, knives and kitchen shears neatly separated for frustration-free locating. Smaller drawers are ideal for utensil storage.

Tips for Incorporating Pullouts

Ready to amp up your kitchen’s storage with some pullouts? Here are some tips:

  • Take measurements of your cabinets and drawers to find pieces that will properly fit the space.
  • Look for pullouts with full-extension slides for maximum accessibility to contents.
  • Consider your needs: What do you most want easy access to? Store those items in pullouts first.
  • Maximize corner cabinet space with lazy susan-style corner pullout units.
  • Opt for pullouts with soft-close technology so drawers and shelves glide silently and smoothly.
  • Choose durable materials like stainless steel, solid wood or heavy-duty plastic. Avoid cheap particleboard.
  • Install pullouts securely following the manufacturer’s instructions. They should hold substantial weight when fully extended.

Pullout Storage Projects for Common Kitchen Areas

Here are some pullout storage projects perfect for getting key kitchen spaces organized:

Entryway Pullout Pantry

Convert an empty space like the area under a stairway into a handy pullout pantry near the kitchen entry. Install floor-to-ceiling cabinetry with wide pullout shelves to hold dry goods, along with a few narrow pullout spice racks. Top with crown molding for a built-in look. Include closes and doors to conceal contents.

Pullout Cabinet for Baking Essentials

Designate a cabinet near the oven for baking essentials. Install two deep pullout shelves sized for cookie sheets along with a more shallow pair of shelves above for cooling racks, muffin tins and baking pans. A vertical divider in between keeps items separated.

Pullout Drawer organizer for Under the Sink

Get the space under the kitchen sink organized with a custom pullout drawer storage system. DIY or purchase a pullout to fit perfectly from side to side under the sink. Use vertical dividers to hold cleaning products apart from dish soaps. Install a built-in garbage can holder on slides at one end for easy trash access.

Pullout Pantry Storage

Take advantage of the full depth of reach-in pantry space with pullout cabinets. Use a combination of deep pullouts to hold bulk items and food boxes along with shallow shelves sized for canned goods. Incorporate matching cabinets and hardware for a built-in look. Pullouts can also be used in closet pantries.

Pullout Cabinet for Pots and Pans

Make pots, pans and lids easily accessible with a pullout cabinet organizer. Mount deep drawers sized for cookware storage and include pegs, racks or compartments to neatly arrange contents and prevent sliding around. Opt for full-extension drawer slides and soft-closing mechanisms.

Pullout Storage for Appliances

Designate a space for countertop appliances with a functional pullout cabinet. Install sturdy shelves fitted to the size of appliances. Choose a full height cabinet with shelves spaced to hold items upright. Use dividers to keep appliances separated and prevent shifting. Top with decorative crown molding.

Pullout Drawers for Utensils and Cutlery

Keep utensils, cutlery and kitchen shears organized in a dedicated drawer fitted with slim pullout trays made specifically for utensil storage. Choose pullouts sized to match the width and depth of the drawer to maximize space. Consider models with built-in dividers and knife slots.

FAQs About Pullout Storage for Kitchens

Still have some questions about incorporating pullouts in your kitchen? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Are pullout shelves difficult to install?

Pullout shelves are relatively straightforward DIY projects for intermediate to advanced DIYers. Some handy skills like careful measuring, screwing into wall studs and using a drill are required. Patience during assembly is also a must. Those uncomfortable with installation can hire a professional.

How much weight can pullouts hold?

Quality full extension pullouts are designed to handle up to 100 lbs when fully extended, while some heavy duty models can manage up to 150+ lbs. Always check manufacturer guidelines and weight ratings before loading up pullouts. Proper installation also impacts durability.

How much space do I need for pullouts?

Standard pullout organizers need a minimum of 22-24 inches of depth in order to fully extend. Measure your cabinet space carefully and read product dimensions to ensure enough depth. Also confirm you have adequate side clearance around corners or between cabinets for smooth opening.

Should I get plastic or wood pullouts?

Wood and metal pullouts are best for durability, but plastic systems are cost-effective options. Look for plastic organizers with steel slides and avoid cheap particleboard or thin plastic prone to warping. Also consider moisture resistance if storing close to a sink.

What???s the best way to organize my pullouts?

Pullouts stay neat longest when everything has an assigned spot. Use containers, bins and dividers to group like items. Label contents clearly. Dedicate deeper shelves to bulky items and shallower ones for small goods. Frequently used items should go in the most accessible pullouts.

Are soft-close mechanisms worth it for drawers?

Soft-close slides are worthwhile upgrades that prevent noisy slamming and make any kitchen feel luxurious. They gently catch drawers the last few inches and pull them in silently. Soft-close technology is ideal for heavier drawers and cabinets to prevent slam damage over time.

Get Organized With Pullouts

Incorporating pullouts is one of the most effective ways to maximize kitchen storage and organization. With everything easily visible and accessible, cooking and clean up are a breeze. Carefully planning your pullout needs and purchasing quality materials will ensure your new storage system benefits your busy kitchen for years to come. Say goodbye to cluttered cabinets and fully utilize your kitchen’s storage capabilities with the help of smart pullout solutions.


Kitchen Confidential: Amp Up Your Storage With Pullouts

Pullout organizers offer the ultimate in kitchen convenience by making contents fully accessible and easy to view. Built-in dividers, racks and compartments keep everything neatly arranged so items can be located quickly. Pullouts allow you to take full advantage of cabinet and drawer space, while features like soft-close slides add luxury.

With a few upgrades like pullout pantries, spice drawers, pan organizers and builtin garbage cans, your kitchen can become more functional than ever. Carefully measure existing cabinetry and choose high-quality pullouts to suit your specific storage needs. With a bit of planning and elbow grease, you???ll gain a kitchen that???s optimized for efficiency.