Using black in your kitchen design can create a dramatic, sophisticated look. Black works beautifully in both modern and traditional kitchens, adding elegance and visual interest. Here are 11 tips for incorporating black into your kitchen design:

Select Black Paint or Cabinetry

Painting your kitchen cabinets black is a simple way to transform the space. Black stained wood or laminate cabinets also make a striking statement. Consider painting just the island or lower cabinets black while keeping upper cabinets light. For a more nuanced look, use different shades of black on base and wall cabinets.

When selecting black paint, opt for a matte finish to minimize fingerprints and scratches. Soft black hues like charcoal or black coffee create a warmer, more subtle look than jet black. Lacquered painted finishes have a sleek, polished appearance.

Combine Black Countertops

Pairing rich black cabinetry with black granite, quartz or soapstone countertops creates a deeply sophisticated, seamless look. The natural patterning in stone surfaces adds visual texture and interest.

A more cost-effective option is laminate countertops in black. Matte black solid surfaces like Caesarstone are fingerprint-resistant and suitable for heavy use. Dark countertops won’t show crumbs or stains.

Add a Black Backsplash

Tiling the backsplash in black is an impactful way to incorporate this shade into any kitchen. Glossy black metro tiles have a mirror-like effect that amplifies light. Handmade black mosaic tiles add artisanal appeal.

For a three-dimensional look, opt for embossed black metal or rich black marble subway tiles. A black marble hexagon backsplash provides distinct flair.

Select Black Hardware

Sleek black hardware is the perfect finishing touch for dark kitchen cabinets. Look for knobs, pulls and handles in matte black, brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze or aged iron.

Ensure all the hardware finishes match – mixing metals can look disjointed. Keep lines and shapes simple to complement black’s bold, dramatic impact.

Use Black Kitchen Appliances

Today’s appliance manufacturers offer an array of black options. A black refrigerator, oven, dishwasher and microwave present a unified, upscale look.

Stainless steel appliances with black finish panels integrate seamlessly with black cabinetry as well. For a standout range, consider a professional-style model with black burners and accents.

Add Bold Black Lighting

Make a dramatic style statement with pendant lights, chandeliers and sconces in black finishes. Aged black wrought iron fixtures have an elegant, traditional vibe.

For contemporary flair, suspend multiple industrial-inspired black metal pendants over a kitchen island or dining area. Strategic accent lighting casts a warm glow.

Incorporate Black Kitchen Islands

A kitchen island provides additional prep space and storage while serving as a casual dining spot. Painting the island black instantly gives it presence.

Top a black-stained wood island with black granite for a luxe look. A black metal island cart feels lighter in visual weight. Include black barstools for cohesive styling.

Use Black Kitchen Stools and Chairs

Seating can make or break a kitchen’s design. Opt for black barstools and dining chairs to complement dark cabinetry. Black woven rattan stools bring natural texture.

Upholstered stools and chairs in black leather or fabric boost comfort. For traditional rooms, painted black Windsor chairs or upholstered Parsons chairs fit right in.

Add Black Kitchen Accents

Accent decor in black prevents an all-black color scheme from feeling flat and one-dimensional. Display black dishes or vases filled with bright flowers.

Hang a black and white gallery wall showcasing framed art and photos. Place black candles, trays and bowls throughout the space. Paint or decoupage bookcases black for a custom look.

Install Dark Flooring

Rich, dark flooring grounds a black kitchen and provides an elegant foundation. Dark hardwood planks offer a timeless look that suits both rustic and modern designs.

For easy-care flooring, opt for black porcelain or ceramic tile laid in a herringbone pattern. Black slate or travertine tiles lend an Old World vibe. High-gloss black laminate is affordable and durable.

Embrace Black Window Treatments

Frame kitchen windows with sophisticated black window treatments like roman shades, curtains or blinds. This envelops the space and amplifies the moody, cozy effect of black cabinetry.

Blackout curtains in flowing black fabric allow you to easily darken the kitchen. For privacy without shutting out light, hang sheer black curtains. Use black metal rods and matte black hardware for hanging.

Benefits of a Black Kitchen

Beyond making a fashionable style statement, designing with black kitchen cabinets and decor offers many benefits:

  • Black has a grounding, soothing effect that encourages decompressing and relaxing.
  • Darker cabinetry hides fingerprints, smudges and wear and tear better than light colors.
  • Black kitchen islands, carts and bars provide smart additional prep space.
  • Black reflects light well, making kitchens feel more open and airier.
  • Black appliances and hardware feel streamlined and modern.
  • Black counters and floors are easy to keep clean and sanitize.

Tips for Pulling Off a Black Kitchen

When executed thoughtfully, an all-black kitchen feels inviting rather than cold. Here are some tips:

  • Balance black with warmer metallics like brass and copper.
  • Incorporate textural materials like wood, marble, stone and linen.
  • Display fresh flowers and plants to soften the space and add life.
  • Add dimmable pendant lights to control ambiance and prevent a cave-like feeling.
  • Install large windows and skylights to let in ample natural light.
  • Use black in moderation and mix in pops of color with decor and dishware.

Frequently Asked Questions About Designing With Black

Here are answers to common questions about incorporating black into kitchen design:

Does black make a kitchen look smaller?

Black can actually make a kitchen feel larger by adding visual depth and contrast. Just be sure to include ample task and accent lighting. Mirrored backsplashes also help reflect light.

What colors go well with black kitchens?

Black pairs beautifully with warm metallic accents like brass and copper. Earth tones like brown, beige, gray and white create balance. Pops of colors like red or yellow provide an energizing contrast.

Should I do an all-black kitchen?

An entirely black kitchen can feel overwhelming. Mix in lighter woods, metals, marbles and painted accent walls for dimension. Use black for dramatic cabinets and islands, not necessarily for every element.

Can you have too much black in a kitchen?
Moderation is key. Black works best for statement features like cabinets and islands contrasted with sufficient lighter colors and materials. Too much black can seem dark and cavelike if not balanced well.

Should I get a black fridge?

A black refrigerator complements black cabinetry beautifully. Fingerprints generally show less on black appliances. Just be aware that black fridges can show dust more obviously. Keep surfaces clean for best results.

Is black flooring hard to keep clean?

Dark floors show less visible dirt, dust and foot traffic than light floors. Opt for darker grouted tiles to minimize staining between tiles. Durable porcelain, slate and laminate in black are fairly easy to sweep and mop.

What sheen is best for black cabinets?

A soft matte finish best minimizes fingerprints and water spots on black cabinets. High-gloss can work in contemporary spaces but requires diligent cleaning. Satin sheens offer a compromise between matte and glossy.


Black is a captivating choice for kitchen cabinets, islands, counters, backsplashes and decor. From dramatic to elegant, black kitchens make quite a stylish statement.

Balance the bold impact of black with plenty of lights, metallic accents, greenery and lighter colors like white. High-contrast designs feel crisp and contemporary.

With smart kitchen lighting and materials that are easy to wipe clean, black is an enticing, sophisticated color option that works in kitchens of all sizes. Just follow the design tips in this article to beautifully incorporate black into your kitchen.