Choosing the right kitchen cabinet hardware can completely transform the look and feel of your kitchen. From modern matte black pulls to traditional brass knobs, cabinet hardware offers an easy and affordable way to update your kitchen’s style. Here we will explore some of the hottest kitchen cabinet hardware ideas to inspire your next remodel or renovation.

Types of Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Kitchen cabinet hardware refers to the handles, knobs, and pulls attached to cabinet doors and drawers. Here are some of the most common types of cabinet hardware to consider:

Cabinet Pulls

Cabinet pulls are attached horizontally to cabinet doors and drawers. They come in a range of sizes, from 3 inches up to 96 inches for extra wide drawers or large appliance garage doors. Cabinet pulls offer a very sleek, modern look and tend to stand out as a noticeable design detail.

Cabinet Handles

Cabinet handles are attached vertically to cabinet doors and drawers. They are more subtle and traditional than pulls, offering a simple accent rather than a striking design statement. Handles work well for more classic kitchen designs.

Decorative Hardware

Along with pulls and knobs, some other unique kitchen cabinet hardware ideas include decorative corbels, rosettes, and backplates. These pieces can add luxurious extra accents and details to create custom cabinetry. Ornate decorative hardware lends a furniture-like quality.


Knobs are attached through a single hole drilled into the cabinet door or drawer. Round knob styles are the most common, but knobs also come in fun novelty shapes and materials. Knobs work especially well for shaker-style cabinet doors.

Materials for Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Choosing materials like metal, wood, or glass for your kitchen cabinet hardware allows you to add more design elements into your kitchen decor. Consider what look you want before deciding on materials:

Stainless Steel

Brushed stainless steel pulls and handles provide a very sleek, contemporary look. Stainless steel matches well with stainless steel kitchen appliances. It offers a very clean modern style.

Matte Black

Matte black is the hottest trend right now in kitchen design. Matte black hardware looks elevated and chic. It pairs perfectly with black stainless steel appliances in modern kitchens. Go for an all-black modern look.


Brushed brass hardware offers a lovely traditional kitchen style. Unlacquered brass will develop a soft patina over time for an antique look. Or choose polished brass for shine. Brass pairs well with white cabinets.


Bronze cabinet hardware provides a unique, earthy look, complementing natural materials like wood cabinets beautifully. Bronze suits Craftsman, Tuscan, or Mediterranean style kitchens perfectly.


Satin nickel is an alternative to stainless that also suits contemporary kitchen designs. The soft grey sheen of nickel looks elegant against dark cabinet colors. Try nickel for a more subtle modern look.


Glass cabinet knobs enable you to add a colorful or artistic accent piece. Opt for carved or molded glass knobs to make a dramatic statement. Or choose sleek, clear glass for contemporary style.


Wood cabinet pulls add wonderful warmth and visual interest. Contrast bare wood hardware against white cabinets for a rustic or farmhouse feel. Or stain wood hardware to match your cabinets for a cohesive look.

Cabinet Hardware Finishes

The finishes applied to kitchen cabinet hardware offer another way to customize your kitchen’s design aesthetic:

Matte Black

As mentioned, matte black is a hot trend right now. The flat jet black finish looks elegant set against lighter cabinets. Matte black suits contemporary and transitional kitchen designs.

Brushed Stainless

Brushed stainless has a satin-like soft glow, muting the shine of stainless steel for a more subtle effect. Brushed stainless hardware appears refined.

Polished Chrome

Polished chrome offers a classic, mirror-like reflective finish. The bold shine of polished chrome hardware makes it a statement choice.

Oil-Rubbed Bronze

With an antique darkened patina, oil-rubbed bronze finish lends a timeworn, Old World feel often seen in Mediterranean style kitchens. The bronze develops a unique aging over time.

Unlacquered Brass

Unlacquered brass takes on a soft patina as it naturally oxidizes and tones from exposure to air and handling over time. The evolving look creates depth.

Satin Brass

With a smooth velvety texture, satin brass hardware has a muted shine. The medium-toned brass finish pairs well with both light and dark cabinets for balance.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Hardware

Here are some tips on how to select the perfect cabinet hardware for your kitchen:

  • Door style: Pay attention to door and drawer style. For example, shaker-style cabinet doors look best with simple round knobs versus flashy pulls.
  • Cabinet finish: Consider cabinet door finish like painted, stained, or thermofoil laminate and choose hardware in a coordinating or contrasting finish for the desired effect.
  • Modern vs. traditional: Modern kitchens tend to use more streamlined hardware like long stainless steel pulls. Traditional kitchens see more ornate hardware like antique brass knobs. Match classic or contemporary style.
  • Mix and match: Don’t be afraid to mix and match hardware finishes and styles to create interest. Contrasting metal finishes have a lovely eclectic effect.
  • Size matters: Hardware size should be proportionate to the size of the cabinet door or drawer front. Avoid hardware that overwhelms a narrow drawer front or looks skimpy on a wide cabinet door.
  • Nearby appliances: If your kitchen has stainless, black stainless or colored appliances, select cabinet hardware in a coordinating finish for visual harmony.
  • Budget: Cabinet hardware is very affordable and provides a simple kitchen update. Still, opt for high-quality solid metal hardware within your budget constraints.

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas

Here are some stylish kitchen cabinet hardware ideas from modern to traditional to give your kitchen a beautiful and functional facelift:

1. Black Pulls and Knobs

Black kitchen cabinet hardware is dominating kitchen design trends right now. From matte black to black nickel to galvanized black, black pulls and knobs look bold and sophisticated. Black hardware pops beautifully against light cabinets. Go for striking black pulls on drawers and sleek black knobs on upper cabinets.

2. Stainless Steel Bar Pulls

Long stainless steel bar pulls are a versatile contemporary choice that function well for both drawers and doors. Look for a width and length that fits the cabinet style. Position the bar pull vertically on doors and horizontally on drawers. Stainless steel has a very polished, upscale look.

3. Antique Brass Hardware

Antique brass has a wonderful timeworn patina and muted shine that feels rich and storied. Antique brass knobs complement traditional kitchen designs, from French Country to Tuscan. Use antique brass knobs and handles to convey an Old World style.

4. Hammered Bronze Pulls

For something a little more unique, go for hammered bronze cabinet hardware. Hammered bronze has a hand-crafted, artisanal feel with a rippled effect. The dark aged bronze finish and visible hammer marks give hardware so much personality and texture. Use hammered bronze on kitchen island doors for a decorator’s touch.

5. Matte White Knobs and Handles

Crisp, clean, matte white hardware offers a refreshing, modern look, standing out brightly against darker cabinets or a bold kitchen island color. Go for a classic white Shaker style kitchen by pairing matte white knobs and handles with white Shaker cabinets.

6. Wire Pulls

Give your transitional or contemporary kitchen an architectural edge by swapping out standard pulls for minimalist metal wire pulls. Often made from stainless steel wire, these pulls have an industrial chic style. Use wire pulls on lower cabinets and drawers where they will see the most use.

7. Crystal and Glass Knobs

For a little glam, crystal and glass cabinet knobs catch the light beautifully in an elegant kitchen. Opt for faceted crystal knobs or glass knobs with chrome accents. Using glass knobs is an easy way to make a glittering design statement.

8. Sculptural Hardware

Make a sculptural statement by selecting artistic metal pulls for a modern kitchen. Many hardware companies now offer unique handmade pulls in twisting shapes or nature-inspired designs. Custom sculptural pulls give creative flair.

9. Mixed Metal Finishes

Don’t stick with just one finish. Mixing metals create visual interest through contrasting textures and sheens. Try combining polished chrome with oil-rubbed bronze, or satin nickel with vintage brass. The mixed metal look is eclectic and chic.

10. Recessed Pulls

For a super streamlined modern kitchen, consider opting for discreet recessed pulls. These flat finger pulls are set flush into the cabinet door, maintaining a very minimalist, uncluttered look. Use recessed metal pulls for a Japanese-inspired vibe.

11. Textured Hardware

Rounded knobs and smooth handles aren’t your only options. Seek out hardware with interesting textures and organic shapes. Textured stone and wood knobs complement natural kitchen materials. Try twisted branch pulls or leather handles for something unexpected.

12. Two-Tone Hardware

Two-tone hardware mixes and matches finishes for extra personality. Try combining brushed brass with blackened steel accents or polished chrome with a colored crossbar. The contrasting mix feels fresh and自定义.

13. Vintage Inspired Hardware

Antique storage furniture often featured lovely bail pulls, keyhole adornments and cast iron hinges. Replicate the same timeworn charm with vintage-style hardware that looks like it came straight from a European flea market or antique barn door.

14. Knobs & Shape Variety

Have fun with your knob shape. Go beyond basic round knobs for novelty cabinet hardware designs. Look for molded glass, crystal and ceramic knobs in fun shapes like flowers, stars or gems. Introduce some whimsy.

15. Integrated Hardware

For a super minimalist look, opt for cabinets with integrated hardware. Doors simply open via grooves or indentations versus obtrusive pulls and knobs. The integrated opening mechanism maintains a sleek, seamless appearance.

Placement Tips for Cabinet Hardware

Proper handle and pull placement impacts the ergonomics and visual appearance. Follow these guidelines:

  • Consistent positioning: Position knobs and handles consistently across cabinet faces. Align them at the same height for harmony.
  • Minimal upper cabinets: For upper cabinets, opt for simple knobs only. Pulls and handles will be less functional.
  • Pull distance from edge: Install pulls approximately 2 to 3 inches from the door or drawer edge for the right visual balance.
  • Drawer pull length: Drawer pulls should be around 2 inches less than the actual drawer width so pulls don’t overhang.
  • Pull symmetry: Center the pull exactly in the middle of the drawer or door for great symmetry. Use a ruler.
  • Door clearance: Make sure cabinet door handles and knobs won’t clash with appliances when opening. Check clearances.
  • Child-friendly lower cabinets: Use knobs instead of pulls on lower cabinets for child safety.

Following these guidelines will help you install cabinet hardware in a way that maximizes function and aesthetics. Pulls and knobs will feel ergonomic and appear in perfect visual alignment. Take time to measure for symmetry.

Updating Existing Hardware

If you’re looking to update existing kitchen cabinet hardware, here are some tips:

  • Take your time removing old hardware. Use specialty pliers designed to easily grip and unscrew old screws.
  • Fill in old hardware holes with wood filler and let dry completely. Sand and finish drilled areas to match cabinet finish.
  • If reusing existing holes, place painters tape dots to mark old drill points before installing new hardware.
  • When drilling new holes, use sharp drill bits and drill slowly to avoid tearing cabinet doors.
  • Work in stages, doing just a few doors at a time. Don’t tackle all hardware in one arduous session.
  • Consider hiring a handyman or carpenter if you have many cabinets or limited DIY skills. Professionals can make the process easier.
  • Shop vintage and salvage stores for fun one-of-a-kind hardware at affordable prices to replace your outdated hardware.

The key is taking your time to fill holes properly and measuring carefully before drilling new hardware holes. Updated hardware can give your kitchen a brand new modern or traditional look with just a simple DIY update. Have fun exploring unique kitchen cabinet hardware ideas to enhance your space.

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas

Here are some more kitchen cabinet hardware ideas to inspire your kitchen remodel:

Aged Bronze Knobs and Pulls

The deep, dark patina of aged bronze hardware adds instant sophisticated character to kitchen cabinets. Pair with cream cabinets for stunning contrast. The depth and richness of the aged bronze finish brings cabinets to life.

Black and Brass Combination

For a powerful contrast, pair matte black hardware like knobs with unlacquered antique brass on pulls. The mix looks especially pretty on white kitchen cabinets for a striking color combination.

Etched Glass Knobs

Elevate your kitchen’s style by choosing glass cabinet knobs etched with decorative designs, floral motifs, or letter monograms. The etched details add so much personalized character. Use on upper cabinets to highlight the etched design.

Tortoiseshell Pulls

Make a bold high-contrast statement by pairing dark espresso cabinets with sleek blonde tortoiseshell resin pulls. The light and dark color pairing has drama and depth. Tortoiseshell looks chic and luxe.

Hammered Nickel

With an elegant sheen and artisanal hammered texture, hammered nickel hardware has visual interest while still matching stainless steel appliances. The variations in the nickel add depth and dimension.

Leather Wrapped Handles

Choose handles wrapped in high-quality leather for a super luxe look. Leather adds wonderful texture and feels amazing to the touch. Available in brown, black or cognac leather. Feel free to mix natural wood and leather textures.

Crystal Cloud Pulls

Conjure images of clouds and rainbows by using iridescent crystal cloud cabinet hardware. The whimsical pulls glitter subtly with internal fractures that reflect light as you move. Magical for a girl’s bedroom or glam kitchen.

Open Circle Pulls

These unique open circle pulls offer a minimalist, delicate look perfect for a Japanese-inspired kitchen. The slender stainless steel metal has a light appearance that enhances the simplicity. Float these small pulls on cabinet doors.

Contrasting Island Hardware

Make your kitchen island the star by choosing eye-catching hardware solely for the island. Opt for a contrasting finish like oiled bronze on the island and brushed nickel on the main kitchen cabinetry.

Pewter Pulls

Pewter is enjoying a revival, lending kitchens a very refined silvery look. The soft, muted sheen of pewter pulls adds subtle shine without strong contrast. Work well with white and gray schemes.

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware By Style

Hardware plays a big role in conveying certain kitchen design styles. Here are some style-specific hardware ideas:

Modern Kitchen Hardware

Modern kitchens demand clean, streamlined hardware. Good options include:

  • Matte black bar pulls
  • Stainless steel wire pulls
  • Recessed finger grips
  • Angular matte black knobs

Modern kitchen hardware should feel sleek and minimal. Stick with straight lines and simple geometric shapes.

Traditional Kitchen Hardware

Traditional kitchen hardware lends elegance through ornate detailing. Consider using:

  • Antique brass knobs and bail pulls
  • Elaborate backplates
  • Porcelain knobs with metal detailing
  • Crystal or glass knobs
  • Carved wood knobs

Traditional kitchen hardware has an ornate, almost jewelry-like sense of decor. Lean into the details.

Farmhouse Kitchen Hardware

Rustic farmhouse kitchens look best with durable, antique-inspired hardware. Great options include:

  • Black wrought iron pulls and handles
  • Distressed wood knobs
  • Galvanized metal buckets or cups as pulls
  • Vintage drawer pulls from antique stores

Farmhouse hardware should look aged and have rustic appeal.

Transitional Kitchen Hardware

For transitional kitchens, strike a balance by mixing traditional and modern elements:

  • Aged bronze hammered pulls
  • Satin brass knobs
  • Clear glass crystal knobs
  • Reeded glass knobs
  • Two-tone combinations like brass and nickel

Blend modern simplicity with some ornate touches for transitional style.

Contemporary Kitchen Hardware

Keep it simple and clean-lined just like the overall contemporary kitchen style:

  • Matte black pulls
  • Stainless steel bar pulls
  • Flat recessed pulls
  • Long angled pulls in metal
  • Acrylic or plexiglass pulls

Contemporary hardware makes a sleek statement. Stick with minimalist styles.

Adding Custom Character with Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Beyond just function, cabinet hardware offers the opportunity to infuse creativity and add your unique stamp to the kitchen. Have fun brainstorming ways to make your hardware selection special:

  • Monogram: Choose glass, crystal or ceramic knobs with your initialized letter for a personalized touch.
  • DIY: Make your own one-of-a-kind hardware using leather, wood beads, seashells or other creative materials.
  • Message: Opt for novelty hardware that conveys a message, like ‘eat’ for a pantry pull or ‘coffee’ knob for the coffee station.
  • Theme: Select hardware with a nod to your hobbies and interests, like sailboats for seafarers or dancers for ballerinas.
  • Location: Incorporate local flair with hardware reminiscent of architectural or nature elements unique to the area, like palm trees, mountains or beach scenery.
  • Tradition: For a family kitchen, use hardware