Kitchen cabinets are one of the most visible and functional elements of any kitchen. The style of cabinet doors you choose can dramatically impact the look and feel of your kitchen. With so many options to consider, it’s important to understand the most popular kitchen cabinet door styles to find your perfect fit.

Shaker Style

Shaker style cabinet doors are a classic and versatile choice characterized by their simple, flat panel design. These doors consist of a flat center panel surrounded by a frame made up of four flat pieces. The clean lines and minimal ornamentation of Shaker cabinets allow them to work well in both traditional and contemporary kitchens.

Shaker style doors are available in a variety of materials including wood, painted metal, and thermofoil. Painted Shaker cabinets are also popular, offering a smooth and uniform look. Distressed Shaker cabinets provide a timeworn, rustic appeal.


  • Timeless and versatile look
  • Simple design highlights hardware
  • Wide range of finishes and colors
  • Budget-friendly price point


  • Lack of ornamentation not suited for formal, ornate spaces
  • Prone to showing fingerprints and smudges

Slab Style

Slab cabinet doors have a simple, sleek appearance consisting of a single flat panel. They have a modern, minimalist aesthetic free from any heavy ornamentation. The streamlined design highlights the wood grain or color of the door material.

Slab style doors work best in contemporary or modern spaces. They can be made from materials like wood, lacquered medium density fiberboard (MDF), or thermofoil. The lack of a frame provides an uninterrupted appearance.


  • Seamless, minimalist look
  • Emphasize rich wood grains
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Good for modern, minimalist spaces


  • Not suitable for ornate, traditional spaces
  • Limited color/finish options compared to framed doors
  • More prone to warping than framed doors

Raised Panel

Raised panel doors add dimension and detail with a central panel that sits higher than the surrounding frame. The raised center panel creates shadow lines and architectural interest. This timeless style works well in both new construction and remodeling projects.

Raised panel doors have a formal, ornate look well-suited to traditional home styles like Farmhouse and Craftsman. They are available in oak, hickory, maple, and other stain-grade woods. The frame-and-panel construction provides durability and stability.


  • Timeless, classic appearance
  • Dimension and architectural detail
  • Durable frame-and-panel construction
  • Broad style versatility


  • More expensive than flat panel doors
  • Ornate look not well-suited to modern styles
  • Frames can collect dust and dirt

Glass Cabinet Doors

Glass cabinet doors feature tempered glass inserts surrounded by a frame. Glass adds transparency, light, and displays prized dishware or decorative items. Etched, frosted, colored, and patterned glass offer privacy options.

Full glass doors work best in upper cabinets while lower cabinets often combine glass inserts with wood or metal panels. Contemporary, modern, and transitional kitchens can highlight glass doors to create an open, airy ambiance.


  • Allow light to fill cabinets
  • Create an open, airy look
  • Display prized items or collections
  • Variety of aesthetic options


  • More expensive than solid wood or panel doors
  • Less privacy than solid doors
  • Susceptible to fingerprints and smudges
  • Can rattle and be noisy when closing

Arched Cabinet Doors

Arched cabinet doors contain curved tops to add architectural interest and visual elegance. The graceful rounded shape softens the overall look and provides a unique focal point. They work best in cabinets flanking a range or hood.

Arched doors are common in European-style and traditional kitchens. Ornately carved arched doors can create an Old World feel. The curved shape can also soften the look of sleek, modern cabinets. Special hardware like brushed nickel pulls blend nicely with arched doors.


  • Unique focal point and shape
  • Softens look of kitchen cabinets
  • Decorative and ornate styles available
  • Works in traditional or modern spaces


  • Custom sizing often required
  • Limited interior storage space in arched area
  • Relatively expensive
  • Does not work with some cabinet styles


What are the most popular kitchen cabinet door styles?

The most popular styles are Shaker, slab, raised panel, glass, and arched. Shaker offers versatile simplicity. Slab has a streamlined look. Raised panel provides ornate detail. Glass creates openness. Arched offers unique shaping.

What factors should I consider when choosing cabinet door style?

Consider your budget, kitchen style (modern, traditional, etc.), color/finish preferences, how you want them to complement hardware and fixtures, durability needs, ease of cleaning, and whether you want an ornate or minimalist look.

What door material is best for kitchen cabinets?

Solid hardwoods like oak and maple are very durable but expensive. Engineered woods like MDF are affordable and withstand moisture. Thermofoil is waterproof and super easy to clean. Metal can provide a sleek, contemporary look. Glass is great for displaying items.

What is the most expensive cabinet door style?

Solid hardwood raised panel doors are generally the most expensive option. They require extensive labor for the carved raised center panels and intricate trim work. Exotic imported woods drive up costs further.

Which style of cabinet door is easiest to clean?

Slab style cabinet doors are the easiest to clean. Their simple, flat design has minimal grooves where dust and grime can build up. Just wipe with a clean, soft cloth. Glass inserts are also easy to wipe clean but require a bit more caution.

What style of cabinet door works best in a modern kitchen?

Slab style doors best complement the streamlined, minimalist aesthetic of modern kitchens. Their sleek, simple design provides a seamless look. Glass inserts also create lightness and transparency.


With this overview of popular kitchen cabinet door styles and their unique pros and cons, you can make an informed decision about the best option for your space. Shaker, slab, raised panel, glass, and arched doors all provide distinct looks ranging from clean-lined and minimal to ornately elegant. Consider how potential doors complement your overall kitchen aesthetic, durability needs, budget, and lifestyle when making your choice. The right cabinet doors can stylishly anchor your kitchen design for years to come.