Creating a retro-inspired bunkroom for your kids can be a fun and stylish way to decorate their bedroom. With some key design elements, you can transform an ordinary kids’ room into a hip, vintage-style hangout space. From mid-century modern furnishings to groovy wall art, there are lots of ways to give your kids’ bunkroom retro flair.

Selecting Retro-Inspired Furnishings

The furniture you choose will set the overall aesthetic for a retro bunkroom. Look for vintage-style beds, dressers, desks and other pieces that feature clean lines, gently tapered legs, and a focus on natural materials.

Bunk Beds

What’s more retro than a bunk bed? Choose a metal frame bunk bed with simple ladder-style stairs to get that nostalgic camp cabin feel. Opt for wooden bunk beds with gently curving lines for a groovier vibe. Add colorful retro bedding with patterns like plaid, geometric prints or psychedelic swirls.

Modular Storage Furniture

Modular storage pieces like cubbies, shelving units and dressers allow you to customize the space. Seek out wooden storage furniture with hairpin legs, or painted metal pieces for an industrial edge. Make sure to include drawers and cabinets to keep clutter hidden away.


A compact desk with slim tapered legs and clean lines blends perfectly with a retro theme. Opt for a metal desk in a bright pop color or a natural wood desk with an organic shape. Include a retro desk chair, like an iconic Eames style or molded plastic seat.


Vintage-inspired accessories like wall clocks, lamps, and chairs with hairpin legs all lend a retro touch. Incorporate natural fiber or woven accents like jute rugs, rattan bins and wood crates for a earthy, bohemian spin.

Creating a Color Scheme

The colors you choose for a retro bunkroom should be vibrant, playful and slightly trippy. Aim for a color palette with bright primaries, pastels, and organic earth tones.

Primary Colors

Bold red, sunny yellow, and cobalt blue are perfect primary shades for a retro space. Paint an accent wall, desk or dresser in one of these high-impact hues. Mix and match primary colors by including accent pillows, bedding, curtains or rug in contrasting primaries.

Earthy Neutrals

Warm neutrals like tan, cream and light brown give an earthy, natural vibe. Use these organic tones on key furniture pieces like beds, shelving units and desks. Neutral walls also allow brightly colored accent pieces to pop.

Pastel Tones

Soft pastels like mint green, pale peach and lavender create a sweet, dreamy mood. Pastels work well on walls, bedding, curtains and upholstered seating. Pair pastels with contrasting brights or earth tones to balance the softness.

Incorporating Retro Wall Decor

Wall decor is key for creating vintage flair. Display eye-catching classic posters, hang up macramé wall hangings or painted wooden signs, and decorate with art prints in mod shapes and psychadelic patterns.

Band Posters

Vintage reprints of iconic concert posters from bands like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin or The Who make artful wall accents. Framed posters, prints or large canvas versions can create a music-loving vibe.

Macramé Wall Hangings

Macramé fiber wall hangings were a mainstay of 70s decor. Incorporate natural cotton or jute hangings to add an earthy, bohemian touch. Opt for abstract shapes or geometric designs.

Psychadelic Prints

Trippy optical illusion prints were ultra popular in the 60s and 70s. Search for reprints of bold geometric op-art, optical illusions, or retro psychedelic designs to decorate walls.

Wooden Signs

Another retro option is a custom message painted on a wooden plank, rectangle or circle. Display inspirational quotes, song lyrics or fun personal words. Distressed paint makes it look authentically vintage.

Including Groovy Lighting

Seek out lighting fixtures with sleek mid-century lines or colorful translucent lampshades to brighten up a retro space. Overhead track lighting or globe string lights add ambiance.

Pendant Lights

Hanging pendulum lights suit a retro bunkroom. Go for metal dome pendants, glass globe lights, or fabric drum shades in lively hues. Group multiples at varying heights for cool dimension.

Table and Floor Lamps

For chic retro lighting include a sculptural arc floor lamp in a corner or pair of round maple wood table lamps. Seek out styles with tapered legs, angled arms and cone-shaped shades.

String Lights

For playful overhead light, nothing beats string lights. Opt for classic globe bulbs or go mod with brightly colored pom pom strands. Crisscross lights across a ceiling or outline a window for a far out look.

Track Lighting

Minimalist track lighting packs retro appeal. Tracks can be oriented straight or in cool zigzag designs. Use adjustable spotlights to highlight display areas or direct overall illumination.

Adding Retro-Inspired Touches

It’s the details that give a bunkroom its retro personality. Have fun with throwback accessories, technology, bedding and art to complete the space.

Analog Tech

Incorporate classic tech like vintage radios, flip clock alarm clocks or rotary phones to add retro charm. Even analog faces on a digital device evoke the 70s.

Throwback Bedding

searched for vintage-look bedding to complete the retro theme. Plaid flannel sheets, brightly colored shag blankets, and groovy graphic prints all fit the bill.

Pop Art Posters

Search for reprints of iconic pop art like Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe portraits or Roy Lichtenstein’s comics-inspired prints. Framed pop art adds a burst of retro flair.

Memorabilia Displays

Make DIY shadowboxes to display personal retro memorabilia like vintage lunchboxes, containers, postcards or ticket stubs. This adds a custom retro touch kids will love.

FAQ About Creating a Retro-Inspired Kids’ Bunkroom

What are some key design elements for a retro bunkroom?

Some essential design moves for a retro bunkroom include choosing vintage-inspired furniture, using bright colors and psychedelic patterns, hanging macramé or band posters, displaying pop art reprints, adding globe string lights, and incorporating analog tech or retro memorabilia.

What types of beds work for a retro theme?

Great retro bunk bed options include wood-framed beds with gentle curves for a groovy look or metal bunks with ladders for a retro camp style. Bunk beds allow you to make the most of limited kid bedroom space.

What color palette fits with retro style?

Cool retro color combos include bright primary colors like red, yellow and blue mixed with earthy neutrals like tan, cream and light brown. Soft pastel hues also complement a retro palette.

Where can I find retro-inspired furnishings on a budget?

Check thrift stores and flea markets for vintage finds. Sites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are also great for finding used retro furniture. Add DIY refinishing to personalize pieces.

How do I decorate walls for retro style?

Retro wall decor ideas include hanging colorful macramé wall hangings, framing vintage band concert posters, displaying large pop art graphic prints, or painting inspirational quotes on wooden plaques.

Where can I buy affordable retro-style bedding?

Many big box stores like Target and Walmart carry retro-inspired bedding basics at lower price points. Search sites like Amazon, Etsy or eBay for deals on hip graphic prints and vintage bedding styles.


Decorating a kids’ bunkroom with retro style is a playful, budget-friendly way to add interest and create a hangout space they’ll adore. By focusing on bright colors, vintage-inspired furnishings, psychadelic accents and modular storage solutions, you can design a bedroom oasis with a fun throwback vibe. As you browse through thrift shops and online retailers, look for deals on key decorative items like macramé wall art, globe string lights, primary color bedding and mid-century furniture. Dress the room up with framed band posters, pop artprints, analog tech and memorabilia displays. With a little bit of imagination and some cool retro finds, you can easily transform an ordinary bunk bed area into a hip and happening chill zone.