Modern RTA Cabinets is an online retailer specializing in ready-to-assemble (RTA) kitchen and bathroom cabinets. The company has been in business since 2005 and is based in Tennessee. Many homeowners wonder – is Modern RTA Cabinets a legit company? In this detailed guide, we will look at the legitimacy, quality, and value of Modern RTA Cabinets to help you make an informed decision.

An Overview of Modern RTA Cabinets

Modern RTA Cabinets offers a wide selection of RTA (ready-to-assemble) kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and garage cabinets in various styles, colors, and finishes. Their cabinets come with all the hardware needed for assembly and feature furniture-grade plywood construction and soft-closing doors and drawers.

Some key things to know about Modern RTA Cabinets:

  • Online Retailer: They sell exclusively online through their website This allows them to offer factory-direct pricing.
  • RTA Cabinets: The cabinets ship as flat packs that require assembly. RTA cabinets are typically more affordable than fully assembled cabinets.
  • Customization: They offer semi-custom designs, with size and finish customization options available. Fully custom cabinets are not an option.
  • White Glove Service: For an added fee, you can choose White Glove Delivery to have the cabinets assembled on-site by professionals.
  • Warranty: Modern RTA provides a limited lifetime warranty on their cabinetry.

Now let’s look at why many customers want to know – is Modern RTA Cabinets a legit and reputable company?

Is Modern RTA Cabinets a Legitimate Company?

When considering an online retailer for a large purchase such as kitchen cabinets, it’s natural to ask – is this company legitimate? There are a few key factors that point to Modern RTA Cabinets being a legitimate and reputable company:

Length of Time in Business

Modern RTA Cabinets has been selling cabinets online since 2005, putting their time in business at over 15 years. The fact that they’ve been selling cabinets for this long is a good indicator that they are a stable and legitimate company. Fly-by-night scam operations typically don’t last that long.

Registered Business Credentials

Modern RTA Cabinets is registered with the Secretary of State in Tennessee as Modern Wholesale Cabinets LLC. They are a registered and properly documented business entity.

User Reviews

Reviews from past customers can give you a good idea about a company’s legitimacy and business practices. Modern RTA Cabinets has over 850 reviews on Trustpilot with an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Most reviews praise their quality cabinets at affordable prices. This indicates a high level of customer satisfaction.

Responsive Customer Service

In researching Modern RTA Cabinets, their customer service team appears to be responsive and helpful according to reviews. Good customer service is an indicator that they stand behind their products and care about customers, which are marks of a legitimate company.

Valid Contact Information

Modern RTA Cabinets provides full contact information on their website including a phone number, email, business address, warehouse locations, and owner/CEO names. This level of public exposure shows they are a real business willing to be accountable and accessible to customers.

How Good is the Quality From Modern RTA Cabinets?

Beyond just being legitimate, Modern RTA Cabinets needs to provide high-quality products and services to be considered a good option for your kitchen or bathroom remodel. Here is an overview of the quality you can expect:

Kitchen Cabinet Construction

Modern RTA Cabinets indicates their cabinets are made using furniture-grade plywood rather than lower-quality particle board. They also feature solid wood doors, dovetail joinery, soft-close hardware, and adjustable shelves. This points to very good cabinet construction.

Wide Range of Styles

With over 30 door styles and a variety of finishes, their selection allows you to get a customized style for your space. They have traditional to contemporary designs to match varying tastes.

Semi-Custom Sizing

While not fully custom, they do offer adjustments to widths, depths, and heights to fit your exact layout. This allows for a more custom fit.

Color and Finish Options

Choose from popular colors like white, gray, espresso, and antique white. Finishes include wood veneers, thermofoil, and customizable painted colors for variety.

Positive Reviews of Quality

Reviews praise the quality of Modern RTA Cabinets, mentioning their sturdy construction, nice hardware, and ability to customize sizes. Quality issues are rarely mentioned.

Are Modern RTA Cabinets a Good Value?

Beyond legitimacy and quality, price and value are big considerations when purchasing new cabinets. How do the costs from Modern RTA Cabinets compare?

Factory Direct Pricing

By selling factory direct online, Modern RTA Cabinets is able to offer significant cost savings compared to purchasing through kitchen design showrooms or local cabinet retailers. There are no expensive showroom costs built into the pricing.

Affordable Compared to Competitors

Compared to other online RTA cabinet retailers, Modern RTA Cabinets tends to be very competitively priced. For example, their Shaker-style Maple cabinets run around $85 per linear foot, while competitors sell for $100-150 per foot.

Positive Value Reviews

The vast majority of reviews for Modern RTA Cabinets mention their products being a great value. Customers feel they receive high-quality cabinets at an affordable direct-to-consumer price point. This confirms the strong value proposition.

Frequent Discounts

Regular sales and discounts make Modern RTA Cabinets even more affordable. For example, they often run 15% off sales on all products. Signing up for the email list provides access to discounts.

Cost-Effective for Whole Kitchens

Rather than pricing each cabinet individually, entire kitchen packages are discounted when you purchase a full kitchen. This can lead to major cost savings on your project.

Overall, Modern RTA Cabinets provides nicely constructed RTA cabinets at very competitive pricing compared to alternatives. Customers repeatedly praise the level of value they receive.

What Are the Main Pros and Cons of Modern RTA Cabinets?

As with any product, there are both upsides and downsides to consider when purchasing with Modern RTA Cabinets:


  • High-quality construction and materials
  • Affordable direct-to-consumer pricing
  • Ability to customize sizes
  • Modern and transitional styles
  • Positive customer reviews and ratings
  • Lengthy time in business over 15 years
  • Responsive and helpful customer service


  • Requires assembly as RTA cabinets
  • Limited to online purchasing
  • Lead times around 4-6 weeks
  • Not fully customizable – limited to in-stock designs
  • Samples not available to see in person before purchase

For most homeowners, the pros heavily outweigh the cons, making Modern RTA Cabinets an appealing choice for upgrading kitchens and bathrooms. The quality and value are difficult to beat.

Frequently Asked Questions about Modern RTA Cabinets:

Is Modern RTA Cabinets a good brand?

Yes, Modern RTA Cabinets is considered a good brand based on their construction, quality materials, positive customer reviews, competitive pricing, and time in business. Their products offer good quality for the price.

Where are Modern RTA Cabinets made?

The cabinets from Modern RTA are manufactured in factories in Asia, which helps enable their affordable pricing. The exact locations of their manufacturing partners are not disclosed. All orders ship from their warehouse in Tennessee.

Do the cabinets come assembled?

Modern RTA Cabinets offers Ready-to-Assemble (RTA) cabinets. They ship flat-packed in boxes for customer assembly. As an optional add-on, you can pay for White Glove Delivery to have them professionally installed.

What is the cabinet construction?

Modern RTA cabinets feature plywood box construction rather than low-cost particle board. The doors are solid wood with dovetail joinery. Drawers include soft-close glides and cabinets have adjustable shelves.

What finish options are available?

Finish choices include laminates like thermofoil, wood veneers, and painted finishes in colors like white, grey, and espresso. Custom painted colors are also an option for an added cost.

How long do orders take?

Standard production time on orders is 4-6 weeks. Once shipped, delivery typically takes just 1-5 business days within the continental US. Orders ship from their Tennessee warehouse.

What payments do they accept?

Modern RTA Cabinets accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal for online orders.

Final Thoughts – A Quality Online Cabinet Retailer

In conclusion, Modern RTA Cabinets appears to be a legitimate and reputable company that provides good quality RTA cabinets at affordable direct-to-consumer pricing. Their many positive customer reviews, long history in business, and responsive support team add to their credibility.

For homeowners on a budget who want to upgrade their kitchen or bath with new cabinets, Modern RTA Cabinets is a company worth considering. Their combination of solid construction, customizable sizing, and lower factory-direct prices make them a competitive option in the market of online cabinet retailers. Just be prepared to take on some light assembly work, and you can end up with beautiful new cabinets that don’t break the budget.

5 Signs Modern RTA Cabinets is a Legitimate Company

  1. They are registered as a legal business entity with the Secretary of State in Tennessee under the name Modern Wholesale Cabinets LLC.
  2. Modern RTA Cabinets has been selling quality RTA cabinets online for over 15 years since 2005, indicating a stable long-term operation.
  3. They have abundant positive customer reviews on sites like Trustpilot with ratings averaging 4.6 out of 5 stars, showing customer satisfaction.
  4. Their website provides full contact details including a phone number, email, business address, and owner names, showing they are transparent and accountable.
  5. Their customer service team is responsive to questions and concerns based on reviews, demonstrating they care about customers.

Pros and Cons of Buying Kitchen Cabinets from Modern RTA


  • Affordable factory-direct pricing up to 50% less than showrooms
  • Good quality construction with plywood boxes and solid wood doors
  • Modern styles and plenty of customization options
  • White Glove Delivery service available for installation
  • Positive feedback from thousands of customers
  • Easy online ordering and factory-fast production


  • Must assemble cabinets yourself as RTA products
  • No in-person showroom to see before you buy
  • Limited to online-only purchasing
  • Lead time around 4-6 weeks slower than local stores
  • Not fully custom – limited to size/finish options

8 Tips for Assembling RTA Kitchen Cabinets

  1. Carefully review all instructions before starting. Also watch assembly videos from the manufacturer if available.
  2. Organize hardware like screws into labeled bags or containers to avoid confusion.
  3. Work on a soft, clean surface like carpet to avoid scratches.
  4. Use wood glue for stronger connections on cam locks and dowels. Let glue dry before loading weight onto cabinets.
  5. Pre-drill holes when needed to prevent splitting wood, especially on door frames.
  6. Tighten screws gradually in a crisscross pattern to pull cabinets square and plumb.
  7. Follow proper leveling procedures using shims under the cabinet base.
  8. Take your time and follow instructions closely for best results. RTA assembly is straightforward with some patience.

What Should You Know Before Purchasing Kitchen Cabinets Online?

  • Look for an established company with a history of good reviews. Newer vendors can be risky.
  • Understand return policies in case you need to send cabinets back.
  • Be prepared to assemble RTA cabinets yourself or pay extra for professional installation.
  • Review available sizes and finishes to ensure options will work for your kitchen layout.
  • Factor in lead times of 4-6 weeks typically. It takes longer than buying local.
  • Look for free shipping or thresholds to avoid hidden costs.
  • Request cabinet samples if available to view finishes in person.
  • Compare pricing and quality between a few websites before purchasing.
  • Read through all policies related to damages, warranties, and replacements.

What to Look for When Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Materials

Plywood vs. Particle Board: Plywood is stronger, more durable, and moisture-resistant. Particle board is prone to swelling and sagging over time. Look for plywood box construction.

Wood Species: Oak, maple, and cherry provide attractive solid wood doors and drawers. Thermofoil and laminate are lower-cost options.

Joinery Method: Dovetail joinery is strongest for drawer boxes. Cam/Lock is fine for cabinet boxes, but make sure the locks are sturdy metal.

Hardware: Look for soft-close glides on drawers to prevent slamming. Fully extending shelves provide full access to cabinet interiors.

Door Styles: Choose a timeless shaker style for longevity or opt for sleek modern designs. Personalize with glass-front cabinets.

Finishes: Painted cabinets are most popular for a bright, updated look. Stained wood provides a classic style. White is ideal for small kitchens to open up space.

How to Create a Seamless Look with Semi-Custom Cabinets

  • Use filler panels to make cabinet sides appear frameless for a sleek modern aesthetic.
  • Select extended height uppers to carry the look from base to ceiling.
  • Choose matching interior stains or paints for inside cabinet visibility.
  • Use crown molding and trim to streamline transitions between cabinets and ceilings.
  • Continue backsplashes behind ranges and refrigerators for a cohesive look.
  • Use same species of wood or matching laminates on cabinet exteriors and interiors.
  • Add mirrors, glass doors, and lighting to break up any towering cabinet sections.

Common Mistakes to Avoid with RTA Kitchen Cabinets

  • Not thoroughly reading instructions which leads to improper assembly
  • Forgetting wood glue which results in weaker cabinet connections
  • Not pre-drilling holes which can split wood around screws
  • Loosening cam locks too much so they lose holding power
  • Over-tightening screws resulting in stripped threading in the wood
  • Forcing doors or drawers closed on misaligned cabinets
  • Loading cabinets before letting glue fully cure over 24 hours
  • Not leveling cabinets which makes doors and drawers crooked
  • Moving or lifting cabinets by doors/drawers instead of box frames
  • Not using shims to level cabinets, leading to rocking and sagging

How to Plan Lighting for New Kitchen Cabinets

  • Use recessed can lights around perimeter for ambient glow during tasks.
  • Under-cabinet lights brightly illuminate countertops in work zones.
  • Pendant lights define kitchen islands adding style while directing light downward.
  • Light interior cabinets with battery-powered strips to see contents.
  • Dimmer switches allow adjusting light levels for different needs.
  • Layer lighting for depth – overhead general lighting paired with task lighting.
  • Choose warm light temperatures around 2700-3000K for homey appeal.
  • For glass cabinet fronts, install interior lighting to illuminate and showcase contents.
  • Follow kitchen lighting guidelines placing fixtures every 2-3 feet.

Cost Comparison: RTA vs. Home Center vs. Custom Cabinets

| Cabinet Type | Avg. Cost Per Linear Foot | Total 10×10 Kitchen |
| RTA Online | $100-$300 | $3,500-$10,500 |
| Home Improvement Store | $200-$500 | $7,000-$17,500 |
| Custom Cabinetry | $300-$1000+ | $10,500-$35,000+ |

RTA Online: Most affordable option, starting under $100/linear ft. for basic styles from direct-to-consumer websites. Offering best value overall.

Home Improvement Stores: Mid-range prices, normally between $200-$500/linear ft. Convenience of local availability but lower quality.

Custom Cabinets: Most expensive but fully customized with best materials. Superior quality and precision fit for a premium price over $300/ft.

Achieving a High-End Look with RTA Kitchen Cabinets

While RTA cabinets are affordable, the right choices create a luxe built-in look:

Styling Choices:

  • Integrated refrigerator cabinetry
  • Matching pantry cabinetry
  • Contemporary slab door style
  • Two-tone designs with contrast interiors
  • Glass front display cabinets
  • Brass or black metal hardware

Design Upgrades:

  • Full-height backsplash
  • Decorative range hood
  • Upper cabinets to ceiling
  • Dimmable under-cabinet lighting
  • Waterfall edged countertops
  • Built-in banquette seating
  • Crown molding additions

With thoughtful styling and upgrades, RTA cabinets offer high-end designer appeal on a budget!

Avoiding Damage When Shipping RTA Cabinets

  • Pack cabinets in original boxes with all included packaging
  • Wrap doors and drawers separately to prevent scratches
  • Use furniture pads on cabinet faces and corners
  • Securely stack boxes on a pallet and wrap entirely
  • Add “fragile” labels on all sides of boxes
  • Work with freight company experienced in furniture shipping
  • Purchase shipping insurance in case of damages
  • Take pictures before packing to document condition
  • Unpack and inspect immediately for concealed damage
  • Keep all hardware packed inside cabinets during shipping
  • File damage claim with shipping company promptly if needed

Top Tips for Installing New Kitchen Cabinets Smoothly

  1. Measure space carefully and order cabinets to fit precisely.