Fashion design is often a family affair, with iconic designer dads passing down their talents, connections, and brands to the next generation. Some famous father-child duos in fashion have continued their legacy while others have forged their own path. Let’s look at some of the most iconic designer dads and their talented kids making waves in the fashion world.

Ralph Lauren and His Children

The Ralph Lauren fashion empire was built by the iconic Ralph Lauren, who got his start designing neckties in the 1960s. He went on to build one of the most recognizable global fashion brands.

Andrew Lauren

Ralph’s oldest son Andrew Lauren has made his mark as a film producer in Hollywood. He founded the production company Lauren Entertainment and has produced films including The Squid and the Whale, Begin Again, and Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close.

David Lauren

Ralph’s younger son David Lauren joined the family business in 2000 as Chief Marketing Officer and currently serves as Chief Innovation Officer and Vice Chairman of the Board. He oversees brand marketing and advertising and has led initiatives to expand the company’s e-commerce presence.

Dylan Lauren

Ralph’s daughter Dylan Lauren founded Dylan’s Candy Bar in 2001, which has grown into a sweets empire with locations across the U.S. She also has a lifestyle brand focused on bringing sweetness to lives.

Giorgio Armani and His Niece

The celebrated Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani built a fashion powerhouse along with his business partner Sergio Galeotti. While Armani has no children, his niece Roberta Armani carries on the family legacy.

Roberta Armani

Roberta Armani has worked alongside her uncle at his eponymous company for over two decades. She is currently a board member and oversees the brands Armani Junior, Armani Baby, and Emporio Armani EA7 sportswear line. She ensures the company stays true to her uncle’s original vision.

Calvin Klein and His Daughter

Calvin Klein is an iconic American fashion designer who founded the hugely successful brand Calvin Klein Inc. His daughter Marci Klein has achieved success in the entertainment industry.

Marci Klein

Calvin Klein’s only child, daughter Marci Klein, has established herself as a television producer. She worked on comedy shows Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock, winning multiple Emmy awards. She carries on her father’s creative legacy through television instead of fashion.

Karl Lagerfeld and His Godson

The late, great Karl Lagerfeld left an indelible mark on Chanel and Fendi as creative director. His godson Hudson Kroenig occasionally walked the runway alongside him.

Hudson Kroenig

Lagerfeld’s godson Hudson Kroenig started modeling for Chanel as a child. Into adulthood, he continues to walk in Chanel shows and serves as a brand ambassador, keeping the legacy alive after Lagerfeld’s passing.

Paul Smith and His Son

British designer Paul Smith built one of Britain’s biggest fashion brands synonymous with classic menswear with a twist. His son Paul Smith Junior is also finding success in fashion.

Paul Smith Junior

Paul Smith’s son Paul Smith Junior studied fashion before joining his father’s eponymous brand in 2000. He is now Creative Director and oversees the Paul Smith clothing line. Father and son work side-by-side to uphold the brand’s reputation for eccentric, British-inspired design.

Tommy Hilfiger and His Children

American designer Tommy Hilfiger built an iconic all-American fashion brand, and two of his children are following in his fashionable footsteps.

Ally Hilfiger

Ally Hilfiger, one of Tommy’s daughters, has collaborated on capsule collections for Tommy Hilfiger and worked as a fashion consultant. She’s also authored books and pursues various creative projects that embody the bohemian Hilfiger spirit.

Richard Hilfiger

Richard Hilfiger, Tommy’s son, worked for Tommy Hilfiger for several years leading initiatives like positioning the brand in the digital landscape. He’s since founded his own luxury clothing line called Hooch.

Michael Kors and His Niece

Michael Kors is synonymous with American jet-set style and one of the most recognized designer brands globally. His niece Samantha Kors continues the family’s creative legacy.

Samantha Kors

Michael Kors’ niece Samantha Kors grew up surrounded by fashion and is now making her own mark as a shoe designer. She launched her brand Samantha Kors (formerly Samantha K) that offers luxury heels with trendy details.

Tom Ford and His Son

Legendary designer Tom Ford, known for revitalizing Gucci and launching his eponymous brand, is passing down his impeccable style sense to son Jack Ford.

Jack Ford

Tom Ford’s 7-year-old son Jack Ford is already displaying model behavior by posing for brands like Tom Ford Kids. It looks like he has inherited his father’s appreciation of cutting-edge fashion. Only time will tell if he pursues a career in the family business.

Additional Notable Mentions

Some other famous designer dads and their stylish kids include:

  • Jeremy Hackett of Hackett London and his DJ son Guy Hackett
  • Josie Natori of The Natori Company and her architect daughter Miya Natori
  • Bob Mackie and his designer daughter Catherine Mackie
  • Tommy Hilfiger’s daughter Elizabeth Hilfiger, who launched a fashion line called BooHo
  • Pierre Cardin and his nephew and heir Rodrigo Basilicati Cardin

The threads connecting these iconic designer dads and their talented kids are creativity and passion for style. Though some directly continue their family legacy, they all make their mark through meaningful contributions across industries like fashion, film, and beyond.

Key Takeaways

  • Iconic designer dads like Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, and Calvin Klein have passed down fashion empires or creative talents to their children.
  • While some kids join the family fashion business, others choose different career paths in areas like film, TV, architecture, and more.
  • Famous designer fathers include Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, Karl Lagerfeld, Paul Smith, Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, and Tom Ford.
  • Their talented offspring include Andrew Lauren, David Lauren, Dylan Lauren, Roberta Armani, Marci Klein, Hudson Kroenig, Paul Smith Junior, Ally and Richard Hilfiger, Samantha Kors, and Jack Ford.
  • Even if they don’t directly succeed their fathers, these kids embody creativity and style from growing up immersed in fashion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about iconic designer dads and their talented children:

Who is Ralph Lauren’s most famous child?
Ralph Lauren’s most famous child is his daughter Dylan Lauren, who founded Dylan’s Candy Bar, a sweets empire with locations across the U.S.

What does Calvin Klein’s daughter Marci do for a living?
Calvin Klein’s daughter Marci Klein is a television producer who has worked on shows like Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock.

Who did Karl Lagerfeld consider like a son?
Karl Lagerfeld’s godson Hudson Kroenig walked in Chanel shows as a child into adulthood and serves as a brand ambassador.

What Paul Smith’s son do to carry on his legacy?
Paul Smith Junior, son of designer Paul Smith, is the Creative Director for his father’s eponymous fashion brand.

Who is Michael Kors’ most fashionable niece?
Michael Kors’ most stylish niece is Samantha Kors, who has her own designer shoe line called Samantha Kors.


The iconic designer dads discussed here built fashion empires and passed down creative talent to their children. While some offspring join the family business, others forge their own paths that embody the passion for style instilled by their fathers. These multigenerational fashion families demonstrate that impeccable design sense runs in the blood. It will be exciting to see how the next generation continues to shape fashion and culture while putting their own twist on their fathers’ legacies. Whether following directly in their footsteps or branching out, these talented kids stay true to their heritage of innovation, artistry, and individuality.