Embracing an earthy-chic aesthetic is a wonderful way to create a warm, inviting, and sustainable space. This down-to-earth style combines natural elements with vintage finds and recycled materials for a look that is both cozy and consciously curated. Follow these tips to get that effortless earthy-chic vibe in your home.

Choose Natural Textures and Materials

Incorporate plenty of natural textures like wood, rattan, bamboo, jute, cotton, linen and wool. These organic materials bring warmth and coziness to any space. Use them in furniture, rugs, pillows, throws and accessories. Distressed woods with natural staining and visible grains have an earthy, timeworn quality.

Incorporate Vintage and Upcycled Pieces

Give your space a collected, eclectic look by mixing in vintage furniture, lighting, art and accessories. Visit flea markets, antique shops and secondhand stores to discover unique retro finds. Upcycle salvaged materials like old crates, pallets and door knobs. Displaying items with character and history adds soul.

Select Neutral, Earthy Color Palettes

Stick to neutral earth tones like beiges, browns, tans, light grays, greens and cream. These understated hues complement the natural textures and materials. Adding in muted blues, greens and terra-cotta can bring in more depth. Use organic patterns and motifs like subtle florals, primitive geometrics, pinstripes or plaids in place of strong colors.

Incorporate Plenty of Plants and Greenery

No earthy-chic space is complete without abundant plants and greenery. Display a mix of leafy plants, succulents, air plants, cacti and herbs for a living element. Groupings of plants in natural containers like rattan baskets or ceramic pots blend right into the aesthetic. Addtrailing vines, hanging plants or mounted wall gardens.

Use Natural Light and Candles

Earthy interiors feel peaceful and grounded with plenty of natural sunlight. Open up the space and maximize light by using sheer curtains, removing heavy drapes and keeping window treatments light and airy. Use candles of all shapes and sizes to add warmth and atmosphere when natural light dims. Group candles together for impact.

Choose Sustainable Materials and Textiles

Embrace materials like organic cotton, linen, seagrass, jute and hemp which are more sustainable and eco-friendly. When possible, buy secondhand and make sure any new wood furniture is ethically sourced. Support fair trade and local artisans for handmade goods with character.

Display Collections of Found Objects

Make a creative display with collected natural objects like sea glass, seashells, pebbles, and driftwood. Gather interesting specimen like feathers, pinecones, or acorns. Display them in glass jars, bowls, or on wall shelves. This brings organic nature indoors.

Incorporate Handcrafted Pottery and Ceramics

Earthy, handmade ceramics like terra-cotta pots, mugs, bowls, vases and plates add artisanal appeal. The imperfect surfaces, muted glazes, and rough textures provide contrast to more polished materials. Use ceramics as holders for plants or kitchen/tableware.

Add Touches of Rustic Country Farmhouse

Blend in elements of rustic farmhouse style like galvanized metal buckets, woven baskets, ladder shelves, reclaimed wood signs or shutters. This adds character and a cozy cottage feel. Display quilts, checks, or cowhide rugs. Accent with chicken wire, tin, copper or brass metals.

Create a Nature-Inspired Gallery Wall

Make a gallery wall filled with art, photos and objects inspired by nature. Frame botanical prints, leaves or dried flowers. Display nature photography like woods, lakes, deserts or mountains. Add butterfly displays, wasp nests, seashells or antlers for organic interest.

Embracing earthy-chic style allows you to create a space that feels grounded, welcoming and in tune with nature. Keep the look authentic by sourcing unique vintage and handcrafted pieces. The rich organic textures, cozy natural materials and abundance of living greenery will instantly give your home an earthy, laid-back vibe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What colors work well for an earthy-chic aesthetic?

Neutral earth tones like beiges, browns, creams, tans, light grays, greens, and blues work beautifully. Muted reds like terra-cotta also complement the look.

What kind of flooring suits an earthy-chic style?

Wood, tile, stone, and concrete floors suit the aesthetic. Materials like bamboo, cork, jute, and woven seagrass rugs add warmth.

How do I incorporate an earthy-chic look on a budget?

Check secondhand stores, Facebook Marketplace and thrift shops for affordable vintage furniture and accessories. Upcycle and repurpose items you already own. Maximize use of inexpensive natural elements like plants, wood, rattan, etc.

How much color should I use?

Limit color mainly to muted neutral earth tones. Add in occasional pops of muted terra-cotta, light blues, greens, etc for accent. Avoid bright colors that clash with the muted palette.

What if I don’t have much natural light?

Use mirrors, reflective surfaces, and white walls to maximize light. Avoid heavy, dark window treatments. Add plenty of layered lighting with lamps, sconces and candles to make the space feel bright and airy.

How do I avoid a cluttered look?

Stick to a minimalist, “less is more” approach. Avoid overfilling the space. Maintain balance between decor and empty areas. Organize with plenty of storage baskets, shelves and cupboards.

Should I buy everything new to redecorate?

No, mixing new and vintage items helps create the collected earthy-chic look. Sourcing secondhand also keeps the space unique and budget-friendly.


The earthy-chic style is all about creating a soulful, sustainable and serene space using timeless, organic materials and textures. By thoughtfully repurposing vintage finds and using eco-friendly textiles and decor, you can craft an warm, welcoming home that feels connected to nature. Layer in lush greenery, natural light, candles and handmade accents for an earthy environment that speaks to your authentic spirit and conscious ideals.