Having a cluttered and disorganized bathroom can really put a damper on your morning routine. But with some simple decluttering tips and storage solutions, you can transform your bathroom into a serene, spa-like oasis. Here’s how to create a joyful, clutter-free bathroom that will help start your days off right.

Do a Deep Clean

The first step is to empty everything out of your bathroom – from the medicine cabinet to the cabinets under the sink. Give every surface a deep clean, scrubbing away any grime or buildup. This will create a blank slate so you can start fresh. Be sure to clean:

  • The tub, shower walls and floor
  • Inside drawers and cabinets
  • Behind and under the sink
  • Mirrors and glass surfaces
  • Flooring

Once everything is sparkling clean, it’s time to declutter.

Declutter Aggressively

Go through all of your bathroom items and get rid of anything you don’t use or need. Here are some tips for decluttering:

  • Toss out expired medicines and old makeup/skincare products. Check expiration dates!
  • Get rid of duplicate items, like extra bottles of shampoo.
  • Throw away old towels with stains or holes.
  • Remove clutter from counters by putting away non-essentials.
  • Go through the medicine cabinet and vanity drawers and remove everything you don’t regularly use.

Be ruthless about decluttering – the less stuff you have, the more organized your space will be.

Invest in Storage Solutions

The key to maintaining a decluttered bathroom is having a place to store everything out of sight. Here are some storage solutions to consider:

Under the Sink

  • Install pull-out cabinet organizers to neatly store cleaners, toilet paper and other supplies.
  • Use standing vertical organizers for spray bottles, so you can see what you have.
  • Use adjustable divider trays to corral all those little bottles and tubes.

In the Medicine Cabinet

  • Install extra shelves or small bins to categorize items.
  • Use a lazy susan for easy access to frequently used items.
  • Attach a makeup organizer inside the door for all your daily essentials.

On the Walls

  • Hang wall-mounted cabinets for ample hidden storage.
  • Install floating shelves or wall-mounted bins for rolled towels, toiletries and decor.

On the Back of Doors

  • Use over-the-door racks for extra towel storage.
  • Hang a multi-tiered organizer for toiletries and supplies.

With everything stored neatly out of sight, surfaces will remain clear.

Add Calming Touches

Once your bathroom is decluttered, bring in elements to create a relaxing vibe. Here are some ideas:

  • Fresh flowers or a pequeño plant add life.
  • Candles or reed diffusers emanate calming scents.
  • Soothing art prints or photos create ambiance.
  • Soft towels in your favorite colors feel spa-like.
  • A bluetooth speaker lets you listen to relaxing music.

Use your favorite colors and scents to design your dream bathroom retreat.

Maintain the Clutter-Free Feel

To enjoy your newfound bathroom bliss long-term, make maintenance a priority:

  • Put everything away in its home after each use.
  • Do a quick daily tidy of surfaces.
  • Do a deep clean weekly to prevent buildup.
  • Re-declutter monthly to avoid creeping clutter.
  • Refresh decor seasonally for a change of scenery.

With regular upkeep, you can savor your clutter-free bathroom oasis for good. Those stressful mornings scrambling to find your toothbrush will be a thing of the past!

Frequently Asked Questions About Creating a Clutter-Free Bathroom

How long will it take to declutter my bathroom?

Depending on the level of clutter, plan to spend 2-4 hours on the initial decluttering process. Schedule a block of time so you can fully focus.

How often should I declutter the bathroom?

Aim to do a quick declutter once a month, giving away or recycling anything you haven’t used in that timeframe. Do a deep re-declutter seasonally.

What’s the best way to declutter all the bottles and tubes?

Use vertical organizers inside cabinets to neatly stand bottles upright so you can see them. Lazy susans also make small items accessible.

How can I add more storage in my small bathroom?

Focus on wall storage with floating shelves, wall-mounted cabinets and over-the-door organizers. Also look for narrow vertical storage solutions.

What’s a fast way to give my bathroom a mini makeover?

Just by changing out your shower curtain, towels, soap dispenser and other accents, you can quickly give your bathroom a fresh new look.

How can I make mornings less chaotic in the bathroom?

Having a dedicated space for daily essentials you use in the morning will save you precious time. Store them together in easy-reach spots.


Transforming a disorganized, messy bathroom into a clutter-free oasis is possible with some commitment to decluttering, maintaining smart storage solutions, and adding calming design elements. By thoroughly decluttering and establishing new organizational habits, you can create a serene bathroom that feels like a spa. With renewed tranquility in your bathroom, you’ll start and end each day with a sense of peaceful calm.