Installing a bidet in your bathroom can transform your hygiene and improve your health. Bidets provide a cleansing water stream to wash rather than wiping with dry paper. This leaves you feeling truly clean and can help prevent health issues like urinary tract infections. There are several options for adding a bidet – a standalone bidet fixture, an attachable bidet seat, or a handheld bidet attachment. This guide will walk you through how to buy the right type of bidet for your bathroom and lifestyle.

Bidet Toilet Seat vs Bidet Attachment

The two main options for installing a bidet are a bidet toilet seat or a bidet attachment. Here is an overview of the differences:

Bidet Toilet Seat

A bidet toilet seat replaces your existing toilet seat with an integrated bidet. The bidet features are built into the seat and include both a water spray nozzle and an air dryer. The bidet seat hooks up to the fresh water supply line and to electricity.


  • All-in-one integrated unit
  • Warm water and drying options
  • Adjustable water pressure and position
  • Some include other features like a heated seat, night light, etc.


  • More expensive than bidet attachments
  • Requires electrical outlet access
  • Requires slightly more complex installation

Bidet Attachment

A bidet attachment is an accessory added to your existing toilet. It taps into the fresh water supply line and mounts under the toilet seat. The bidet attachment just has a water spray nozzle – no air dryer.


  • Very affordable option
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Fits any standard toilet


  • No warm water or dryer
  • Limited adjustable settings
  • Visible hoses may be less aesthetically pleasing

Types of Bidet Fixtures

In addition to the bidet toilet seats and attachments, there are standalone bidet fixtures you can purchase. These include:

  • Traditional Two-Piece Bidets: These are a separate bowl and require extra space in your bathroom. They are less common in the US.
  • One-Piece Bidet Toilets: An integrated toilet and bidet bowl in one fixture. Takes up the same space as a standard toilet.
  • Handheld Bidet Sprayers: A spray nozzle attached to the toilet or sink plumbing that you manually operate. Gives targeted cleansing.

Unless you are remodeling, the bidet seats and attachments are the easiest options to add to an existing bathroom. The one-piece bidet toilet would be installed if replacing your toilet completely. The handheld sprayer gives flexibility if you can’t replace fixtures.

Important Features to Look For

There are a few key features to evaluate when choosing the right bidet product:

Type of Water Connection

  • Dual knob connections allow you to adjust both water pressure and temperature. This gives you more control over the water stream.
  • Single knob connections only allow adjusting the water pressure. The water temperature will be the same as your supply line.

Dual knob connections provide a nicer experience, while single knob units tend to be more affordable.

Adjustable Nozzle Position

Look for a bidet with a nozzle you can adjust to point in the right direction. Adjustable nozzles make it easy to customize the water spray.

Self-Cleaning Features

Some bidet seats and attachments include self-cleaning capabilities that flush the nozzle to keep it hygienic. Models with antimicrobial materials also inhibit bacteria growth. These features enhance the sanitation of the bidet product.

Water Heating

Many electric bidet seats offer instant heating of the cleansing water. This allows a comfortable warm water wash. If warmth is important to you, look for a bidet seat with an onboard water heater.

Air Drying

Higher end bidet seats include an air dryer you can use after rinsing to dry off. This provides extra convenience.

Compare Bidet Products and Prices

There is a wide selection of bidet seats and attachments available at different price points. Here is an overview of some top options:

| Product | Type | Price Range | Key Features |
| Brondell Swash 1400 | Bidet Toilet Seat | $449-$649 | Heated seat, stainless steel nozzle, adjustable water pressure and temp, self-cleaning |
| Toto Washlet C200 | Bidet Toilet Seat | $447-$987 | Heated seat, adjustable nozzle position, pulsating water stream, air dryer |
| Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000 | Bidet Toilet Seat | $318-$699 | Hybrid heating, wireless remote, adjustable nozzle, night light |
| Tushy Spa 3.0 | Bidet Attachment | $99-$159 | Dual knob water control, self-cleaning nozzle, adjustable pressure and direction |
| Luxe Bidet Neo 120 | Bidet Attachment | $34-$59 | Single knob pressure control, self-cleaning nozzle, brass fixture |
| Brondell GoSpa | Bidet Attachment | $29-$79 | Dual adjustable nozzles, angled spray tips, pressure control valve |

This compares some of the features and price ranges for popular electronic bidet toilet seats and basic non-electric bidet attachments. There are more options available as well.

How to Install a Bidet

Installing a bidet toilet seat or attachment is a project a DIYer can tackle, with some key steps to follow:

Pick an Appropriate Location

Consider the location of your water supply line and access to an electrical outlet if installing a bidet seat. An outlet may not be necessary for a basic attachment. Ensure you have room for the bidet’s back mounting panel.

Turn Off the Water Supply

Turn off the valve supplying water to the toilet at the shutoff or under the tank. This is an important first step!

Remove the Existing Toilet Seat

Take off your old toilet seat and clean the mounting area thoroughly before installing the new bidet seat or attachment.

Install the Bidet Seat or Attachment

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for mounting the bidet product and connecting the water line(s). Be sure the water lines are sealed tightly.

Reconnect the Water Supply

Turn the water back on and check for leaks. Tighten any loose connections if needed.

Review the Product Manual

Read the user manual to learn how to operate the controls, adjust settings, and properly maintain your new bidet fixture.

Consider Hiring a Plumber

Although bidet installation is straightforward, you may want to hire a professional plumber if:

  • You don’t feel comfortable shutting off your main water line
  • Adjustments need to be made to your existing plumbing
  • Your bathroom has tricky angles or tight spaces
  • You want an expert opinion on selecting the best bidet option

A plumber can ensure proper installation and help you choose the right product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are bidets better for the environment?

Yes, bidets are an eco-friendly option because they significantly reduce the use of toilet paper. This saves trees, water, and energy used in paper production.

Do you still need toilet paper with a bidet?

You’ll use far less TP but can pat dry with some paper after using the bidet. Some bidets have air dryers to completely eliminate the need for TP.

Are bidets safe for pregnant women?

Yes, bidets are a safe hygiene option for pregnant women if used properly at a mild water pressure. The cleansing action can provide relief from common pregnancy discomforts. Discuss with your doctor.

Can bidets assist elderly or disabled individuals?

Bidets are very helpful for those with limited mobility as they allow self-cleaning. Look for units with safety grab bars and adjustable pressure settings.

Do you need an outlet to install a bidet attachment?

Basic bidet attachments don’t require electricity – just a connection to the toilet’s water supply line. Bidet toilet seats with heating, dryers, etc. will require a nearby outlet.

How do I convince someone to try a bidet?

Describe how much more hygienic bidets are compared to only wiping and how nice it feels to have warm water washing. Offer to install an inexpensive attachment so they can try it without much commitment or cost.

Will a bidet work with any toilet?

Most bidet attachments and seats are designed as universal models to fit all standard two-piece toilets. However, always check your toilet measurements against the bidet product specs for compatibility.

The Bottom Line

Adding a bidet can take your bathroom experience to the next level. Ditching dry toilet paper for a cleansing water stream provides superior hygiene and leaves you feeling refreshed. Bidet seats directly attach to your existing toilet while bidet attachments mount below the seat – both options very straightforward to DIY install. Compare different features and prices to select the best model for your needs. Installing a bidet is an easy project with the right preparations. Give bidets a try for a cleaner, healthier bathroom routine.