Ready-to-assemble (RTA) kitchen cabinets have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their affordability and customizability. As an authorized RTA cabinet dealer, you can tap into this growing market and establish a profitable business selling quality RTA cabinetry directly to homeowners, contractors, and remodelers. This guide will walk you through the key steps involved in becoming an authorized dealer for leading RTA cabinet brands.

Researching the RTA Cabinet Market

The first step is gaining a strong understanding of the booming RTA cabinet industry. Spend time learning about the major manufacturers, their reputation for quality and service, the warranties they offer, their available styles and finishes, their pricing structure, and their requirements for authorized dealers.

Some of the most popular RTA cabinet brands include:

  • Kabinet King – Known for durable maple cabinet boxes and a wide array of door styles. Offers fully assembled cabinet options.
  • Barker Cabinets – Focus on flexibility with mix-and-match design. Known for eco-friendly materials and practices.
  • EasyClosets – Leading manufacturer of RTA closet and storage solutions. Offers flexible modular components.
  • Kitchen Cabinet Kings – Best-selling shaker-style RTA cabinets made from solid wood. Known for quality craftsmanship.

As you research brands, make notes about which companies seem to be the best fit for your business model and target market. Pay attention to the warranties, support resources, and flexibility of ordering each brand offers so you can promote these perks to customers.

Choosing RTA Cabinet Manufacturers to Represent

Once you thoroughly understand the RTA marketplace, it’s time to choose one or more cabinet lines you wish to represent. Make sure to select brands that:

  • Offer quality materials and durable construction
  • Provide style and finish options your customers will want
  • Have affordable and flexible ordering and fulfillment
  • Offer strong warranties and after-purchase support
  • Provide useful dealer resources, training, and marketing materials
  • Have an excellent reputation among consumers and the trade

Limit yourself to reselling 1-3 lines at first so you can focus on really learning those brands inside and out. It’s better to represent a few manufacturers very well than carry numerous lines you can’t fully promote and support.

Becoming an Authorized Dealer

The authorization process varies somewhat between RTA cabinet makers, but typically involves these steps:

  • Submitting a dealer application – Complete the dealer account forms and provide business licensing, tax info, and credit references.
  • Ordering a starter package or sample cabinet – Some brands require purchasing a starter kit or sample to view quality.
  • Agreeing to terms – Sign any reseller agreements, dealer policies, and pricing documents.
  • Trying product display tools – Review available in-store displays, brochures, samples, etc.
  • Completing training – Go through orientation webinars or in-person training at headquarters.
  • Setting up branding – Get logos, use brand name in your store name/domain, and create needed assets.
  • Launching your dealership – Start promoting the brands and become familiar with the ordering systems.

Developing Your RTA Cabinet Showroom

To properly showcase and sell RTA cabinets, you’ll need to invest in an appropriate retail space. Ideally you should:

  • Secure a conveniently located storefront in a shopping district or commercial hub.
  • Design an open concept space allowing customers to browse.
  • Use several complete kitchen displays showcasing the cabinetry.
  • Get literature racks to provide brochures.
  • Utilize visual design tools like door/finish samples.
  • Display any accessories, hardware, organizers you sell.
  • Have a children’s area to occupy kids while parents shop.
  • Use good lighting and neutral décor that doesn’t compete.
  • Invest in durable flooring able to withstand heavy traffic.
  • Show before-and-after pictures of kitchen remodeling projects.

Building Out Your Website

An excellent website is crucial for promoting your RTA cabinet dealership and attracting web traffic. Your site should:

  • Use SEO best practices to rank well for relevant keywords.
  • Load quickly with an uncluttered, easy-to-navigate layout.
  • Educate visitors on RTA cabinet benefits and processes.
  • Showroom your brands with photos, videos, and descriptions.
  • Offer a visual cabinet design tool customers can use.
  • Provide an easy way for customers to contact you and order samples.
  • Highlight your warranties, service guarantees, and support offerings.
  • Feature testimonials from satisfied customers.
  • Link to your social media channels.
  • Blog regularly about kitchen design ideas and trends.

Marketing Your RTA Cabinet Business

Implement diverse marketing strategies to create steady sales opportunities:

Digital Advertising

  • Google Ads targeting kitchen remodeling and cabinet keywords.
  • Social posts showcasing your design expertise.
  • Retargeting ads that follow site visitors.
  • Reviews on Yelp, Facebook, Houzz, etc.
  • Design tutorials and cabinet FAQs on your blog.

Traditional Advertising

  • Print ads in home improvement magazines and newspapers.
  • Angie’s List and Houzz advertising.
  • Television commercials on local channels.
  • Radio ads on home renovation shows.
  • Direct mailers to homeowners.


  • Host in-store events for contractors and designers.
  • Network with remodelers, architects, and related businesses.
  • Sponsor relevant trade organization events.
  • Connect with interior designers to supply products.
  • Exhibit at home shows with great booth displays.

Providing Excellent Customer Service

As an RTA cabinet dealer, providing top-notch customer service is crucial. Make sure clients feel educated, appreciated, and confident in your knowledge and offerings.

  • Patiently answer all cabinet and design questions.
  • Assist with use of design software and samples.
  • Provide accurate quotes quickly.
  • Guide clients in selecting their desired styles.
  • Offer space planning and layout services.
  • Suggest creative storage solutions for their needs.
  • Upsell organizers and accessories that maximize functionality.
  • Recommend contractors familiar with installing RTA cabinets.
  • Clearly explain your ordering, delivery, and warranty policies.
  • Follow up after purchase to answer any issues.
  • Send thank you notes and customer satisfaction surveys.


By taking these key steps, you can successfully launch a specialized RTA cabinet dealership. Focus on forming relationships with quality manufacturers, investing in appealing showrooms and websites, using diverse marketing techniques, providing design expertise, and delivering excellent service. With hard work and commitment to the customer experience, you can grow a thriving authorized dealership selling these on-trend, affordable RTA kitchen and bath cabinets.