Making a fashionista Christmas tree is the perfect way to add glamour and style to your holiday decor. As experts in all things fashion, we have gathered some fabulous ideas to help you design a tree that is couture-ready. Follow our guide to create a showstopping tree that will have your guests doing a double-take.

Selecting the Right Tree

The first step to making a fashionista Christmas tree is finding the perfect tree to decorate. Here are some aspects to consider when selecting your tree:

Height – A taller, slim tree has a more high-fashion look compared to a short, round one. Go for a tree that is 7-9 feet tall for the most glamorous statement.

Shape – Look for a tree with a conical shape versus one with full, round branches. The height and shape will allow you to really drape and hang ornaments in a dramatic way.

Color – White or silver trees are very on-trend and give you a blank fashionable canvas to decorate. Stay away from trees with heavy orange pine needles.

Pre-Lit vs. Unlit – Pre-lit trees will save you time, but opting for an unlit tree allows you complete creative control over the lights.

Real vs. Fake – Fake trees hold ornament weight and allow for intricate decorating. Real trees may limit heavier objects but do provide that classic pine scent.

Decorating for a Fashionable Look

Once you have the perfect tree, it’s time for the fun part – transforming it into a festive, fashion-forward masterpiece! Follow these tips and tricks:

Fabrics and Textures

Use an assortment of luxe fabrics like velvet, satin, lame, sequins, faux fur, and lace to make your ornaments. Cut fabric into abstract shapes or silhouettes for a modern look.

Metallic Accents

Incorporate plenty of gold, rose gold, silver, and matte metallics into ornaments and garlands. This will add lots of glamorous shine to your tree.

Jewel Tones

Rich shades like emerald, ruby, sapphire, and amethyst paired with icy metallics make for a striking, colorful statement. Velvet ribbons in these hues are perfect for ornate bows.

Natural Materials

For an organic feel, use wooden beads, pine cones covered in glitter, and poinsettia flowers to embellish. Dried oranges studded with cloves are also very chic.

Unique Silhouettes

Look for ornaments in interesting abstract shapes, animal shapes like peacocks and swans, or silhouettes of dresses, heels, and hats.

Eclectic Mix

Go for a mix of traditional, modern, and vintage-inspired ornaments. The key is creating an intentional eclectic look, not a haphazard one.

Focal Points

Incorporate statement pieces like large flowers made from tulle or lace, giant bows, or an oversized bauble ornament as a focal point.

Incorporating Fashion Themes

If you want to create a fashion-themed Christmas tree, there are endless ways to do it. Here are some fun ideas:

  • Runway Glam – Opt for lots of sleek gold, crystals, white flowers, and ostrich feather ornaments. Accent with strands of pearls and jeweled ribbon.
  • Winter Wonderland – Focus on silvers, whites, crystal ornaments, mini fur pom poms, snowflake decor, and pine cones. Give it an icy elegance.
  • Rustic Glamour – Mix rough wood ornaments with velvet bows, sparkling cranberries, and glittered pine cones for an organic yet glam vibe.
  • Couture Christmas – Adorn your tree with mini dress forms, fabric swatches, rhinestones, feathers, chains, and lace doilies.
  • Faux Fur Fabulous – Wrap your tree in white or silver faux fur garlands. Fill in with puffs of snowy fur pom poms and shimmery ornaments.
  • Gatsby Glam – Channel a roaring 20s theme with jewel tone ornaments, sequin and beaded garlands, peacock feathers, and gold accents.

Creative Ornament Ideas

The ornaments you select are key for achieving that jaw-dropping fashionista tree. Here are some DIY ideas you can make to take it up a notch:

Sequin Ball Ornaments

Cover basic round ball ornaments in layers of overlapping sequins using tacky glue. Finish off with an attachable ornament cap.

Felt Ornament Shapes

Cut abstract shapes like stars, circles, and triangles out of colorful felt. Embellish with buttons, ribbons, or stitching for texture.

Tassel Garlands

Make long strands of tassels out of yarn or metallic cord, then drape around your tree. Fun fringe for a boho chic look!

Glitter Pine Cones

Coat pine cones with decoupage or Mod Podge then roll them in glitter for some natural sparkle.

Fabric Flowers

Craft beautiful blooms out of old fabric scraps, lace doilies, or tulle. Stitch layers together and add pearl centers.

Pom Pom Wreaths

Glue pom poms cut in half onto Styrofoam wreaths forms in white, silver, or icy blue for a snowy shimmer.

Beaded Ornaments

Cover basic ornaments in gorgeous glass beads and crystals for some luxury shine. Apply tacky glue then layer the beads on.

These are just a few ideas to spark your creativity! Don’t be afraid to raid your craft supplies or even just wander around a thrift store to find unique pieces to embellish. The more eclectic and personalized your ornaments are, the better.

Lighting Up Your Fashionista Tree

You can make your tree even more striking with how you use lighting:

  • Try mixing the warmth of white incandescent lights with the cool sparkle of LED lights.
  • Outline your tree in strands of LED lights then weave more lights throughout the branches.
  • For drama, wrap LED light strands around vases, wreaths, and other decor pieces.
  • In addition to lights, place flameless candles in glass holders throughout your tree display.
  • Use a dimmer on your lights to create different moods from soft and romantic to bright and bold.
  • For the ultimate effect, hang wall-mounted spotlights above your tree to spotlight it from above.

By bathing your fashionista tree in gorgeous glows of light, the look will be even more striking and camera-ready!

Setting Up Your Dazzling Display

As a final touch, properly stage your fashionable tree so it steals the show:

  • Place your tree on an elevated platform so it is prominently displayed in your space.
  • Style the area around the tree base with winter florals, glass ornaments, and luxe holiday decor.
  • For photo-readyareas behind your tree, set up flocked garlands, hanging fabric backdrops, snowy branches, or craft paper fans.
  • Incorporate other trees or mini live trees on side tables to coordinate with your main fashionista tree.
  • Make sure your tree topper ties in with the theme and complements the overall look.
  • Adjust branch placement as needed to showcase ornaments. Facing them outward makes everything visible.

With the right setup and display, your glamorous Christmas tree will really wow and be party-perfect for the holiday season!

Top Tips for Decorating a Fashionable Christmas Tree

  • Choose a taller, slim tree versus a short, full one for a chic shape to decorate.
  • Incorporate plenty of luxe fabrics, sequins, metallics, jewels, and abstract shapes for ornaments.
  • Select rich jewel tones and icy silvers to really make colors pop.
  • Mix traditional and modern elements with vintage for an eclectic, curated look.
  • Make the tree avant-garde with silhouettes, chains, dress forms, and unconventional shapes.
  • Add height with tall toppers and elongate the look with vertical garlands and strands of beads.
  • Light the tree dramatically with warm white, cool LED, and accent spotlights above.
  • Finish off with an elevated display area and coordinated adjacent holiday decor.

With some glitter, glam, and creativity your fashionista Christmas tree will be a showstopper all season long!

Frequently Asked Questions About Fashionista Christmas Trees

What type of Christmas tree works best for a fashionable look?

Slim, tall Christmas trees around 7-9 feet work best to create a high-fashion look. Pre-lit artificial trees allow you to decorate creatively without worrying about ornament weight on real branches.

What are some good color schemes for a fashionable tree?

Rich jewel tones like emerald, sapphire and ruby paired with icy silvers and whites make for chic color palettes. Gold and blacks with metallics also looks avant-garde and glamorous.

How can I decorate a fashionista tree on a budget?

Use inexpensive supplies like duct tape, spray paint, pom poms, felt, and paint pens to transform bargain ornaments into fashion-forward pieces. Raid your craft stash or buy supplies at dollar stores.

What are the best lighting options for a chic Christmas tree?

Mini LED string lights are perfect for winding intricately through branches and outlining trees. Spotlights aimed above the tree create gorgeous dramatic lighting.

What are some good glittery alternatives to tinsel garland?

Tinsel garlands can look tacky. For shine, try beaded garlands or metallic fringe curtains cut into strands instead. Or make garlands out of linked paper snowflakes.

How can I make my fashionista Christmas tree look expensive?

Use luxe materials like faux fur, velvet, crystals, glass ornaments, and gold accents. Elevate it by placing the tree on a pedestal and decorating the surrounding area lavishly as well.

What unique ornaments work well for a fashion-themed tree?

Silhouettes of dresses, shoes, and handbags make cute fashion ornaments. Mini dress forms, fabric swatches, chains, and unconventional shapes also give a couture vibe.

Are there any fashion designers with their own Christmas collections?

Many designers like Dior, Chanel, and Tiffany & Co. release special holiday ornament collections each year. Displaying their signature looks on your tree is a stylish statement!

What should I use as the tree topper for a fashionable look?

A glittering oversized star, giant bow, peacock feathers, or glamorous chandelier-inspired topper will nicely finish off your high-fashion tree.


Decorating a glamorous, fashion-forward Christmas tree requires embracing luxurious textiles, interesting shapes, and dramatic colors. By following this guide and unleashing your creativity, you can design an absolutely stunning, magazine-worthy tree that will be the highlight of your holiday decor. The only rule? There are no rules – so have fun, think outside the ornament box, and fashion a festive statement with your tree!