Giving the girls’ bathroom a colorful update can transform the space into a bright and uplifting environment. With some creativity and bold color choices, it’s easy to re-energize a tired or drab bathroom into a fun and vibrant room the girls will love. Here are some tips for adding color and personality to a girls’ bathroom makeover.

Select a Color Scheme

The first step is choosing an overall color palette. For a girls’ bathroom, bright, cheerful colors often work best. Consider a rainbow theme using bold primary colors like red, blue, yellow and green. Alternatively, pick a single vibrant color like bright pink, purple or turquoise to make a statement. Neutral walls and flooring allow the decorative accents to pop.

When selecting colors, consider the purpose of the space. In a kid’s bathroom where messes happen, durable finishings in gloss or semi-gloss are preferable over flat paints. Make sure the colors are uplifting but not overstimulating. For older girls, include some sophisticated neutrals for a more mature aesthetic.

Paint the Walls

Fresh coats of paint in the chosen color scheme can instantly rejuvenate the look and feel of a bathroom. Painting walls, ceilings, doors and trim allows for a cohesive effect. For whimsical impact, consider painting a bright color on one accent wall, or doing different colors on upper and lower halves.

If painting the entire bathroom is daunting, just painting one feature wall in a bright color works wonders. Opt for durable, high-quality paints that can stand up to moisture and cleaning. Make sure to properly prepare surfaces so the paint adheres well.

Add Colorful Fixtures

Replacing drab fixtures with ones in vibrant colors is a fast way to brighten the space. Look for sink basins, faucets, towel bars, shower curtains, shower caddies and other accessories in fun hues. A bright turquoise shower curtain can set the tone for the whole room’s palette.

For mirrors, consider framing out basic builder-grade mirrors with colorful trim, or replacing them entirely with a fun shaped mirror in a bright finish. Area rugs with colorful patterns can also inject liveliness underfoot. Make sure any accents you choose coordinate well with the overall color scheme.

Display Vibrant Artwork

Decorating the walls with vibrant artwork and prints is an easy DIY way to accessorize with color. Opt for uplifting themes and happy colors that appeal to girls’ tastes. Botanical prints, animal art, and collage galleries make great options. Place grouped collections on walls for a big impact.

Decals like wall stickers and removable vinyl art are very popular, allowing girls to redecorate at will. Murals can also make a dramatic colorful statement. Photos of friends and fun memories help personalize the space. Framing kids’ artwork for display adds a special handmade touch.

Add Pops of Color With Accessories

Even small doses of colorful accessories can enliven a bathroom’s look. Soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, storage containers, wastebaskets and other items come in a rainbow of hues. Consider adding a bright pop of color via towels, rugs, shower curtains, or a rug.

Plants like air plants or succulents add natural flair. A vase of fresh flowers can provide an inexpensive pop of color. Other fun touches include painting the cabinetry, switch plates or a shelf a bright complementary color for accents. Limit accessories to a few statement pieces to avoid clutter.

Consider Bold Patterns

Don’t be afraid to incorporate bold patterns and prints along with vibrant colors. Retro geometrics, abstract shapes, polka dot prints, and stripes all pair well with solid colors. Florals and organic prints help soften bold walls.

Patterns used sparingly make great accents on shower curtains, window treatments, area rugs and decorative towels. Wallpaper borders and large prints make artsy accent walls. Collections of colorful patterned frames create an eclectic gallery wall.

Add Whimsical Decor Items

Whimsical accents inject playful personality into a kids’ bathroom. Things like colorful bins and baskets for storage and organization add function as well. Floating shelves displaying fun knickknacks become a part of the decor.

For girls, theming with favorite characters or inspirations creates a space they’ll love. Butterflies, flowers and rainbows make popular motifs. Monogrammed towels and accessories add personalized flair. DIY touches like colorful ceramic tiles and hand-painted accents make it unique.

Use Lighting Creatively

Don’t forget about lighting fixtures when considering how to add pops of color. Vintage-style marquee lights make a cheerful statement. Paint or cover lampshades or light fixtures to match the color scheme. Swap out plain ceiling lights for colorful pendants.

Under-cabinet lighting illuminates work areas while contributing a wash of color. Night lights help transform the ambience for evening routines. Add accent lighting like wall sconces or strip lighting to highlight displays of artwork and collections.

DIY Touches

Part of the fun of decorating a kid’s bathroom is incorporating their creativity. DIY paint projects like stenciling shapes, patterns and murals are great for older kids to help personalize. Displaying favorite quote art, photos and mementos provides a sense of ownership.

Younger kids can have fun making colorful towel and wastebasket art, busy boards, and decorative soaps with adult supervision. Allowing girls to help select accents and accessories they love gives the space more meaning. Change things up seasonally or yearly for an evolving look.

Consider Maintenance

With lots of use, spills and moisture, a girls’ bathroom needs finishes and materials that are easy to clean and durable. Porous or highly textured surfaces trap dirt, stains and grime. Choosing high-gloss or semi-gloss paints avoids flat paint’s fast damage and staining.

Bathing essentials like non-slip rugs, water-resistant shower curtains and moisture-wicking towels make everyday routines safer and more hygienic. Proper ventilation and mold-resistant materials prevent damaging moisture buildup. Invest in durable storage options to minimize everyday clutter.

Taking time for proper prep work like sealing surfaces, using mold-resistant paint and caulk, and cleaning regularly helps maintain the bright, cheerful look. Making sure cleaning and bath products are stored out of sight keeps the space looking tidy.

In Conclusion

With some creativity and bold use of color, it’s easy to give a girls’ bathroom an uplifting, cheerful makeover they’re sure to love. Vibrant paint colors, fun replacements for dated fixtures, and playful accessories breathe new life into the space. Including girls in planning and accessorizing helps them feel ownership. Just be strategic in choosing durable, moisture-resistant materials that allow for easy cleaning and maintenance. The result will be a colorful, personalized bathroom space girls can happily call their own.

FAQs About Updating a Girls’ Bathroom

What are some good paint colors for a girls’ bathroom?

Some top paint color choices for a girls’ bathroom include bright pink, light purple, mint green, pale yellow, sky blue, and any other soft but vibrant hue. Neutral walls with a colorful accent wall is popular. Primary colors in high gloss finish also work well.

What kind of flooring works best in a kids’ bathroom?

Durable vinyl, linoleum or ceramic tile that can withstand spills and moisture are best for flooring in a kids’ or girls’ bathroom. Avoid carpeting or wood floors that can warp. Mosaics or patterns add colorful flair. Non-slip mats or rugs help prevent falls on slick surfaces.

What types of bathroom accessories do girls enjoy?

Girls tend to love colorful accessories like patterned shower curtains, art prints and framed photos on the walls, floral arrangements, scented soaps and candles, monogrammed towels, ceramic soap dispensers and toothbrush holders, wastebaskets, rugs and shower caddies in bright hues and patterns.

What maintenance tips help keep a girls’ bathroom looking its best?

  • Use semi-gloss or high-gloss paint for walls and surfaces that can be easily cleaned
  • Seal surfaces properly before painting
  • Apply caulk around sinks, tubs, showers to prevent mildew
  • Install a bathroom vent fan to reduce humidity
  • Wipe down surfaces after bathing to prevent moisture buildup
  • Use mold-resistant shower curtains, towels and bath mats
  • Store bath items in cabinets or containers to minimize clutter

Should girls help decorate their own bathroom?

Absolutely! Including girls in selecting the decor, accessories and art for their bathroom helps them feel ownership over the space. Let them pick paint colors, shower curtains, bins, wall art and other touches they love within reason. DIY projects like stenciling designs and displaying their artwork is fun too.


Giving a girls’ bathroom colorful updates is an easy and affordable way to create an uplifting space girls will be excited to use. With vibrant paint, lively patterns and prints, fun accessories, stylish fixtures and personalized touches, their bathroom can become a creative oasis that reflects their unique personality and style.