Ginkgo biloba tree motifs have become an increasingly popular design element in interior decor over the past few years. The distinctive fan-shaped leaves and interesting branching structures of the ginkgo tree provide unique visual interest when incorporated into wallpaper, textiles, artwork, and other decorative accessories. Here is an in-depth look at how ginkgo motifs are growing within home interior design trends.

The Rising Popularity of Ginkgo Motifs

Ginkgo tree designs and motifs are cropping up more frequently in home decor, from subtle patterns on wallpaper to bold ginkgo artwork. This growth aligns with some major interior design trends:

  • Biophilic design – Bringing nature indoors through natural materials, patterns, shapes and colors. The ginkgo motif connects to this nature-inspired approach.
  • Bold botanical prints – Floral and plant motifs are surging in popularity, and ginkgo designs fit right into this plant-focused aesthetic.
  • Global inspiration – Ginkgo trees originate from Asia, so ginkgo motifs nod to far-east influences. Exotic, globally-inspired looks are on-trend.
  • Maximalism – The oversized fan shape and veined leaves of ginkgo work well in maximalist interiors crowded with eye-catching patterns.

The ginkgo motif stands out for its uniqueness and versatility. Designers appreciate having a plant-inspired pattern that goes beyond typical florals.

The Symbolic Meaning Behind Ginkgo

Beyond visual appeal, the ginkgo motif carries symbolic meaning that adds to its mystique and desirability.

  • Longevity – Ginkgo trees can live for thousands of years. The motif represents enduring grace and resilience.
  • Peace – In Japanese culture, the ginkgo is known as the bearer of hope and peace. It’s tied to tranquility.
  • Energy – Traditional Chinese medicine uses ginkgo leaves to promote energy flow in the body. The motif conjures up invigoration.
  • Memory – Ginkgo biloba has been used to boost memory retention and cognitive function. It’s connected to sharpening the mind.

These positive symbolic associations make the ginkgo tree a meaningful and aspirational icon in home decor. The motif goes far beyond superficial aesthetics.

Where to Use Ginkgo Motifs in Home Decor

Ginkgo motifs lend themselves to a wide range of interior design applications:


  • Subtle ginkgo background patterns on neutral wallpaper
  • Multicolored ginkgo feature wallpaper as an accent wall
  • Metallic ginkgo wallpaper brings shimmering flair


  • Ginkgo throw pillows for sofas or beds
  • Ginkgo upholstery fabric for chairs and headboards
  • Ginkgo print drapery panels or roman shades


  • Ginkgo tree canvas art or prints
  • Ginkgo silhouette murals as artistic statement walls
  • Ginkgo photography in natural wood or black frames


  • Ginkgo vases, planters or tabletop decor items
  • Ginkgo motifs on lamps, rugs or decorative trays
  • Ginkgo designs etched into furniture or mirrors

The fan-shaped leaves pair well with modern or traditional spaces. Go subtle with small repeats or bold with oversized ginkgo artwork – either way, this motif makes an elegant addition.

Style Ideas for Incorporating Ginkgo Motifs

Ginkgo prints provide versatility to adapt to a range of interior looks:


The graphic, bold ginkgo leaf design aligned with sparse, modern aesthetics. Use metallic ginkgo wallpaper on one wall or opt for simple ginkgo decor accessories.


The global nature of the ginkgo motif suits eclectic interiors with far-east influences. Layer ginkgo pillows and artwork with other exotic patterns for visual interest.


Muted ginkgo designs can provide a touch of botanical flair in casual farmhouse rooms. Try natural ginkgo throw blankets or linen curtains with ginkgo accents.


In formal, elegant spaces, go for sophisticated ginkgo details like damask wallpaper or ginkgo branches screen printed on drapes. Opt for neutral palettes.


Colorful ginkgo prints align perfectly with the free-spirited boho aesthetic. Use ginkgo motifs with other floral and paisley patterns on pillows and tapestries.

Design Details to Highlight Ginkgo Style

When incorporating ginkgo motifs, pay attention to these elements to maximize the impact:

  • Color – While ginkgo is often done in neutrals, don’t overlook bolder colors like emerald greens, blacks, and metallic gold.
  • Scale – Go oversized with ginkgo artwork to make it a focal point. Or repeat tiny ginkgo prints allover for subtle texture.
  • Layering – Pair ginkgo motifs with other prints and textures. Ginkgo combines well with delicate florals and global patterns.
  • Framing – For ginkgo prints or photography, choose frames that complement the art. Metallic, natural wood, and black provide contrast.
  • Groupings – Clustering ginkgo vases, candles, and decor items together amps up the visual impact.

Keep these tips in mind as you explore ways to welcome the elegant ginkgo motif into your home’s decor. Let this special tree inspire your designs with its timeless beauty and symbolic meaning.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ginkgo Motifs in Interior Design

What are some ways to incorporate ginkgo motifs in a subtle way?

For a delicate ginkgo look, consider wallpaper or textiles with small ginkgo background prints, ginkgo embroidery on pillows, etching ginkgo shapes on lamps or furniture, ginkgo branches in a vase, or other minor ginkgo accents.

How can you make ginkgo motifs really stand out?

Opt for oversized ginkgo artwork as the focal point of a room, choose bold ginkgo wallpaper for an accent wall, or cover a couch or headboard in eye-catching ginkgo fabric. Clustering many ginkgo accessories together also amps up the motif.

What colors pair best with ginkgo prints?

Classic color pairings include neutral creams, beiges and browns as well as shades of green that reflect the leaves. But don’t overlook bolder black and white ginkgo patterns or metallic gold accents. Blue and purple backgrounds also allow the motif to pop.

What style of home decor fits best with the ginkgo look?

Ginkgo motifs work in modern, global, traditional, eclectic, farmhouse and other styles. The versatile leaf shape fits with many aesthetics. Focus on your preferred color palette and scale to adapt ginkgo to your interior.

What are inexpensive ways to try out ginkgo motifs?

Affordable ginkgo decor options include patterned throw pillows, basic photo prints in simple frames, ginkgo-shaped vases, candles or tray decor, table runners and other ginkgo textile accents. Start small to experiment with the motif.


The ginkgo biloba tree, with its fan-shaped leaves and exotic origin, is an ideal decor motif to incorporate into home interiors. Ginkgo prints and artwork align with biophilic design and bold botanical trends and bring symbolic meaning related to longevity, tranquility and energy. Use ginkgo motifs creatively on wallpaper, textiles, artwork, accessories and more. With careful attention to color, scale and details, the ginkgo motif can enhance any decor style from contemporary to boho. Embrace this special tree shape to really make your rooms grow.