Kitchen renovations continue to be one of the most popular home improvement projects. With so many options for layouts, materials, colors, and appliances, designing your dream kitchen can be both exciting and overwhelming. If you’re looking for inspiration for your own kitchen revamp, one of the best places to find creative ideas is by taking virtual tours of recently designed kitchens.

We’ve rounded up 20 of the top kitchen tours from this year, showcasing a wide variety of styles from modern to traditional. Read on for a peek inside gorgeous, functional kitchens that are sure to spark your imagination and help you plan the perfect space for cooking, dining, and gathering.

Contemporary Kitchens

Contemporary kitchen designs are characterized by clean lines, minimal ornamentation, and a seamless blend of form and function. For those seeking a sleek, modern look, here are some stunning contemporary kitchen tours to consider.

All-White Luxury

This luxurious kitchen is a pristine palette of white lacquer cabinetry, white marble countertops, and white tile backsplashes. The only pops of color come from the display of fresh oranges on the marble island and the antique gold hardware and light fixtures. Recessed lighting and abundant windows keep the space bright and airy. With its high-end features and spa-like ambiance, this all-white kitchen makes a sophisticated statement.

All-white luxury kitchen

An all-white kitchen designed by Adam Kane incorporates marble, lacquer and antique brass accents. Photo from Architectural Digest

Industrial Chic

Exposed brick, metal finishes, and edison bulb lighting lend an urban loft vibe to this industrial chic kitchen. The cool gray cabinetry is offset by warm wood countertops and oak flooring. Open shelves provide decorative display space. Despite its warehouse aesthetic, this kitchen incorporates top-notch stainless steel appliances for modern function. This is a great look for city homes or for those desiring an urban oasis.

Industrial chic kitchen

Cool gray cabinetry and touches of wood create an industrial chic vibe in this Christopher Peacock designed kitchen. Photo from Houzz

Minimalist Retreat

For a pared-down modern aesthetic, consider this kitchen with glossy white cabinetry, black accents, and barely-there hardware. The sleek Cambria quartz counters and matching slab backsplash contribute to the seamless minimalist design. Large windows, a glass door, and an adjoining living area keep the narrow galley-style kitchen feeling open and airy rather than closed off.

Minimalist kitchen

This minimalist kitchen features glossy white cabinets and black accents. Photo from Houzz

Traditional Kitchens

Prefer a more classic style? Traditional kitchens emphasize decorative moldings, ornate hardware, and timeless materials like wood and marble. Here are some stellar examples of elegantly designed traditional kitchens.

Country Farmhouse Charm

This cozy kitchen brings all the charm of an old farmhouse to life with beadboard cabinetry, open shelves, and a distressed wood island on casters. Oil-rubbed bronze hardware and fixtures add to the timeworn style. Exposed ceiling beams, a brick fireplace, and French doors provide a seamless indoor/outdoor connection, perfect for casual dining.

Country farmhouse kitchen

Weathered finishes like beadboard and distressed wood lend this kitchen warm, farmhouse character. Photo from Houzz

Old World Opulence

For a more ornate take on traditional style, get inspiration from this kitchen brimming with custom cabinetry, carvings, and lavish detailing. Glazed cabinets with arched glass doors showcase china displays. An enormous range hood with intricate metalwork makes a striking focal point above the professional-grade stove. Honed marble counters and a butler’s pantry with wine fridge complete the refined old-world aesthetic.

Ornate traditional kitchen

Intricate cabinetry, metalwork and marble counters give this kitchen an opulent, old-world style. Photo from Houzz

Rustic Farmhouse

The hallmarks of rustic farmhouse style include reclaimed wood, vintage accents, and muted colors inspired by nature. This charming kitchen has all of those elements, from the wood plank island and ceiling beams to the sage green cabinetry. Open shelving displays pretty dishware. A large apron front sink and antique-inspired lighting complete the cozy, lived-in look.

Rustic farmhouse kitchen

Weathered wood, vintage details and sage green cabinetry give this kitchen rustic farmhouse charm. Photo from Country Living Magazine

Eclectic Kitchens

If your taste spans a mix of styles, an eclectic kitchen may be the perfect fit. Blending modern, traditional, rustic and other elements creates a uniquely personal space. Take a look at these creative eclectic kitchens.

Vintage Industrial

This kitchen seamlessly fuses industrial and vintage elements. The stainless steel counters, exposed ductwork and cage light fixtures add urban edge. Repurposed wood furniture like the island, hutch and ceiling beams provide warmth. An antique-style ceramic sink, distressed flooring and a brick backsplash contribute character. The diverse combination of materials and eras results in an eclectic, livable kitchen.

Vintage industrial kitchen

Blending stainless steel, reclaimed wood and vintage accents creates an eclectic vintage-industrial vibe. Photo from Houzz

Midcentury Modern Mix

The clean lines of this kitchen hint at midcentury influences, while unique combinatons of materials and pops of color keep it fresh and modern. The mix of white lacquer, walnut and marble cabinetry provide visual interest. Pops of green, black and gold enliven the mostly neutral space. Open shelves displaying collectibles and plants give a personalized, layered look. The result is a nuanced take on midcentury style.

Midcentury modern kitchen

A blend of materials in black, white and wood combined with pops of color give this kitchen a unique midcentury vibe. Photo from Houzz

Boho Eclectic

This kitchen brings together a free-spirited mix of colorful tile, exotic patterns, collected antiques and an abundance of plants. Pops of peach, turquoise and mustard enliven white cabinetry. Moroccan fish scale tile in the backsplash references world travel. An antique vanity serves as an unexpected island. Vintage barstools, macrame accents and reclaimed wood add to the eclectic bohemian style.

Boho eclectic kitchen

Vivid tile, collected antiques and plants create a colorful, bohemian kitchen. Photo from Houzz

Small Kitchen Solutions

Even the tiniest kitchens can be big on style and function with smart layout and storage solutions. If your space is limited, look to these small but mighty kitchens for inspiration.

Clever Galley Kitchen

This narrow galley kitchen maximizes every inch thanks to clever design details. The white cabinetry keeps things light and airy. Open shelves provide easy access to daily essentials. A marble tile backsplash and mirrored walls visually expand the space. The slim refrigerator tucks neatly out of the way, while the dishwasher is cleverly concealed behind a cabinet door. A floating café table saves on square footage.

Galley kitchen

Mirrored walls, concealed appliances and floating furniture maximize this petite galley kitchen. Photo from Houzz

U-Shaped Efficiency

Arranging the cabinets, appliances and workstations around three walls creates an efficient U-shaped workflow in this compact kitchen. The white Shaker-style cabinetry maintains openness, while glass cabinet doors and open shelving allow for display and easy access. A marble herringbone backsplash and brass accents inject style. The peninsula offers additional counter space without consuming too much square footage.

U-shaped kitchen

White cabinetry and glass doors keep this U-shaped kitchen looking spacious and airy. Photo from Houzz

Corner Magic

Tucking ample storage and prep space into two meeting corners makes excellent use of an awkward angled kitchen. The white cabinetry keeps things looking bright. Open shelving provides easy access to dishes and collectibles that would otherwise be buried in cabinets. A marble-topped peninsula creates a cozy dining nook. This kitchen proves even the most challenging floorplans can be fun and functional.

Corner kitchen

Built-in storage tucked into corners maximizes space in this petite kitchen. Photo from Houzz

High-End Luxury Kitchens

For the ultimate dream kitchen, look to these ultra-luxurious spaces showcasing top-of-the-line appliances, rare materials and impeccable craftsmanship. When budget is no limitation, the possibilities are truly extraordinary.

Spa-Inspired Serenity

This luxurious kitchen has the ambiance of a high-end spa with its tranquil color palette, abundance of marble, and Zen-like accessories. Gorgeous custom cabinetry provides ample storage. Exotic striated marble on the counters, backsplash, and extravagant range hood catch the eye. The professional-grade appliances are integrated for a sleek appearance. With its focus on craftsmanship and serenity, this kitchen provides a luxurious but relaxed cooking experience.

Spa kitchen

Integrated appliances, exotic marble and zen accents give this luxury kitchen a serene, spa-like feel. Photo from Houzz

Old World Refinement

This kitchen brings European old-world elegance to life. Custom cabinetry crafted of the finest rare woods depicts intricate carvings and inlaid designs. Gorgeous marble countertops and backsplashes gleam beneath elaborate iron chandeliers. The massive range hood appears plucked from a castle with its carved stonework. Artisan tiles behind the stove add a pop of cobalt blue. With its ornate handiwork and upscale materials, this kitchen is the epitome of refined luxury.

Ornate luxury kitchen

Intricate cabinetry, carved stone and marble offer old world luxury in this exceptional kitchen. Photo from Houzz

Ultimate Entertainer’s Kitchen

This enormous open concept kitchen has everything an avid home chef could dream of. State-of-the-art appliances include multiple ovens, a built-in coffee system, and an appliance garage to conceal the microwave and small appliances. A expansive island with bar seating provides acres of prep space and doubles as a table for casual dining. Custom cabinetry offers endless storage possibilities. With its professional-grade amenities and spacious design, this is the ultimate kitchen for cooking and entertaining.

Ultimate entertainer's kitchen

A expansive island, top-notch appliances and abundant cabinetry make this luxury kitchen ideal for home chefs. Photo from Houzz


What are some hallmarks of contemporary kitchen style?

Some key characteristics of contemporary kitchen style include:

  • Clean, minimalist lines
  • Lack of ornamentation
  • Integrated appliances
  • Use of manmade materials like quartz
  • Bold use of color or focus on neutrals
  • High-tech and energy efficient appliances
  • Open, airy floorplan

What helps make a small kitchen feel more spacious?

Some tips to visually expand a small kitchen include:

  • White or light colored cabinetry
  • Glass cabinet doors for open display
  • Mirrored surfaces like backsplashes
  • Uncluttered countertops
  • Recessed or natural lighting
  • Floating open shelves rather than upper cabinets
  • Multi-functional furniture like rolling islands

What are some characteristics of a traditional kitchen?

Hallmarks of a traditional kitchen design include:

  • Ornate moldings and corbels
  • Elaborate cabinetry detailing
  • Distressed or antique-inspired finishes
  • Use of natural materials like stone and wood
  • Prominent range hood as a focal point
  • Built-in hutch or china cabinet for display
  • Apron front sink and vintage-style hardware
  • Warm, muted color palette inspired by nature

What are some key features of a high-end luxury kitchen?

Some elements that